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Part 23 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan Riddhima spend quality time with each other while sitting there talking with each other. 

Armaan look towards her when she was saying something looking towards the mountain indicating something and he was all lost in the eternal beauty sitting beside him.

Riddhima feel his intense gaze over her face and realization struck her mind, she looks here and there feeling shy and Armaan enjoy her color change, he smile cutely when her cheeks become red by his gaze.

“Armaan, umm,,, ham chale ab” Riddhima said looking away from him.

He sigh looking towards the watch, it was quite late now and they were talking without having anything, he thought to have lunch somewhere and gets up being agree on her words.

“Okay, lets go” he said and she smile.

She was about to get up when Armaan forward his hand towards her, she smile and hold his hand to get up but stumble coz of wood.

She hold him tightly and Armaan tried to look why she stumble, her heels was struck in between wood and she was trying to remove that when they lost balance and fall inside the cold water.

She become shocked and when realization struck her mind, she look here and there to see Armaan who was laughing loudly.

Riddhima saw him first time like that but she become confuse why he was laughing on their condition.

“Armaan, we fell in water and all wet, aur apko hasi aa rahi hai” She said being confused on his behaviour.

“You know what Riddhima, mai jab yaha aaya tab se soch raha tha ki is baar aisa kuch na ho jiski wajah se pani me jana pade, aajtak kabhi aisa nhi hua hai ki mai yaha aau aur bina pani me aaye wapas jau, kisi na kisi wajah se ya to mai pani me gir jata tha ya fir mera koi saman jiski wajah se mujhe pani me aana padta tha but is baar aisa kuch nhi hua and we were about to leave but see mera record nhi toota” Armaan said with a smile and Riddhima too smile looking towards him.

“Pagal” she said and try to come out of water.

Armaan hold her hand when she was about to leave and slowly drag her towards himself.

She was shivering being so close to him and her wet hairs were lying here and there on her face, water droplets on her face were making her more tempting and her shivering lips were making him go crazy for her, he don’t know which feeling took over his mind and he pull her close to himself.

Riddhima look towards his face and his eyes were showing so many emotions and she was not able to look into his eyes for more time thus bend her head down being shy.

Armaan slowly move her hairs away from her face and tuck it behind her ears, she close her eyes feeling his touch and Armaan slowly care her face.

Riddhima ‘s mind become naughty and she splash some water on Armaan’s face bringing him back to reality.

Armaan feel what she did and become surprised by her this side, he thought to play along and both spend some time in water throwing it on each other.

After sometime, Armaan feels Riddhima was shivering in that cold water thus he hold her hand and tried to come out of water.

They reached outside water and he look towards Riddhima, her dress got stuck with her body and Armaan don’t want anyone to see her like that.

“Umm, I’ll get some cloth for you, then we’ll go anywhere else.” Armaan said and she look towards him.

“Aur apke liye?” she asked being confused.

“Wo kya hai na, mere car me kapde rakhe rahte hain, being a workaholic mujhe kab kaha kitna time lag jaye kuch fix nhi rahta" Armaan said and she nodded.

“Ok” she replied.

Armaan took his clothes from car and both stand opposite to each other being car in between them, Armaan was about to remove his shirt when Riddhima turn around feeling shy.

He look towards her once and smile knowing she would do this thing.

“Don’t be so shy, I’m not infront of you” Armaan tease her.

“Armaan, stop it” she scold him and he chuckle.

Both were becoming free with each other slowly but cutely for the best.

“Chalo” Armaan said sitting inside.

Riddhima still stand outside being confused.

“Kya hua?” He asked looking towards her.

“Armaan, my dress is all wet, how could I sit there it,,,,,,,” Riddhima said and Armaan smile.

He came out and open back door of car, he pick one plastic seat cover and place it on front seat.

“Chaliye madam, apki seat ready hai” Armaan said bending little down.

Riddhima smile and sit happily moving her hand in Armaan’s hair and he smile.

They drove towards the city and Armaan buy a dress for her of his choice and came back when remember something and again went back to mall and get few things. Riddhima was waiting for him in car getting bore but she can't go out like that all wet.

Suddenly, few guys come and saw her alone in car.

“Oye wo dekh kya mast ladki hai” One said and others look towards her.

“Ha bhai, ye to kamaal hai, aur bheegi v hai” other boy said and they winked looking towards each other.

Riddhima was feeling uncomfortable and search for Armaan, she tried to call him when heard a voice.

“Any problem guys?” Armaan’s heavy voice came from behind making them startle.

They look towards a guy standing with bags and passing them a deadly glare, they gulped hard in fear looking towards his muscular body and his look was enough to make them realize what blunder they did.

One guy recongnise him being THE ARMAAN MALLIK and look towards his friends.

“Ye Businessman of the Year hai yaar The Armaan Mallik, don’t even dare to say anything, khairiyat isi me hai ki maafi maang k nikal le” he murmured and they become worried now what to do.

“Sorry bhai, maaf kar do hame, galti ho gai, please maaf kar do” they look down and said.

“Jise bole ho us se maafi mango” Armaan said rudely and they ran towards Riddhima.

“Hame maaf kar dijiye please, we are really sorry” they said feeling guilty on what they said.

“If you are really sorry then please don’t treat anyone like that, jaruri nhi ki aap jise jane uski hi izzat kare agar aap sach me izzat karna jante hain to sabki karenge.”Riddhima said and they left saying sorry again.

Armaan smile on what she said and respect her much more, he open the door to sit inside and tried to lighten the environment.

“Ye lo, tumhare liye” Armaan handed few bags to her and Riddhima become surprised.

“Armaan, ye itne sare bags kyu?” she asked looking towards him.

“Ohoo, its for you only” he said and move his car away.

Since, he don’t want anyone to see Riddhima like that so he move towards outer side, they found a old hut and stop the car.

“Riddhima, I think tumhe car me hi change kar lena chahiye, I don’t feel safe there, kitna purana hai” Armaan said looking towards the house.

“Armaan, koi baat nhi, bas change karna hai mujhe, don’t worry” she said and they move inside.

It was all vacant and few things were kept there, he place bags over there and look towards her, signing her to change and turn around to leave the room when Riddhima hold his hand.

Armaan look towards her with question eyes and she pleaded him to stop there.

Armaan sigh and she look down, he knew she was feeling scared alone. Armaan look here and there and found a long piece of cloth, he smile and took it.

He tied one end to a side and other end to other side now both were standing infront of each other with that cloth in between them.

“Riddhima, kafi late ho gaya hai, tum change kar lo jaldi” he said and turn around.

Riddhima smile shyly and change her dress, Armaan got a beautiful red dress for her and a beautiful matching ear ring also alongwith a pair of sandals and braclet, he went to buy these things. Riddhima smile and get ready, she turn towards him and slowly untie the cloth.

Armaan was looking towards his phone when she called him.

“Armaan” he turn towards her and get lost in her beauty.

He come forward near her with a dreamy smile and look at her face, she look down feeling shy. These days they feel some different sensation being near each other, her cheeks were blushing on his look. and their eyes were enough for all the talk their heart wants.

Armaan move away her hairs and tuck it behind and lean forward, she look towards him while he kissed her forehead. Riddhima smile closing her eyes.

He was about to say something when his phone vibrate,it was Rahul.

“Ha Rahul bolo” he recive the call and Riddhima smile, she took her wet dress in a bag and they left the house, keeping them in car they sit inside.

“Kaha ho mere bhai, kab tak aaoge?” Rahul asked and Armaan smile.

“Bas ham raste me hain, tum aa gaye court se?” he aksed.

“Kab ka aa gaya aur bore ho raha tha isliye ek plan bna liya, aaj sham me party hai aur wo v sirf hamlogo ki, elders not allowed.” Rahul laugh and Billy stare him.

“Rahul, be serious” Armaan said.

“Are serious hu yaar, see don’t know kab ye log ready ho jaye jane k liye isliye sham me ham bahar ja rahe hain, maine Nikki ko inform kar diya hai aur Dad se permisiion v mil gai hai, bas tum log aa jana time pe, mai ja raha hu Mom log ko pick karne” Rahul said and cut the call.

“Pagal” Armaan murmured and start the car.

“Kya hua?” Riddhima asked.

“Kuch nhi, pahle lunch kare” Armaan said and she smile.

They had lunch in Armaan’s favorite returant and Riddhima too liked it. Armaan observe her genuine smile and become happy coz she was comfortable with him and indeed they were enjoying each other’s company.

“Armaan, hame sabke paas chalna chahiye” Riddhima said as she don’t want others to feel that they left them.

“Okay, jaisa aap kahe” Armaan said and she smile.

Both left the place and reach at mall where ladies were busy in shopping till now.

“I’m dead sure abhi tak inki shopping khatam nhi hui hogi aur Rahul laal peela ho raha hoga Mc.D me baith k” Armaan said coming out of car.

“What? Nhi aisa nhi hoga” Riddhima said shaking her head.

“Aisa hi hoga, dekh lena” he said and they enter inside.

They tried to find others but didn’t get anyone, thus they move towards Mac Donald’s, Riddhima was surprised to see Rahul murmuring to himself sitting with burger and colddrink.

Armaan gave her a “I TOLD YOU” look and move towards him, he took cold drink from his hand and Rahul look towards him being shocked.

“Kitna bolta hai Rahul” Armaan said sitting infront of him sipping the cold drink and Riddhima smile.

“Hain?????, tujhe sunai diya kya? Mujhe laga mai to apne me hi bol raha tha” Rahul said looking towards him.

“Ha aur Mom ko pata chala ki tu unki shopping time pe comment kar raha hai to,,,,,” Armaan said.

“Are chup kar yaar, kuch nhi bola maine” Rahul said and they laugh on this.

Nikki and Muskaan came and join them and they become surprised to see girls.

“Ye dekho, akele akele shuru hai” Muskaan said and took burger from his palte.

“Are maine abhi liya ye, ruk to,,,,,,” Rahul tried to hold but she start having it till then.

“Sorry ha bhook lag gai hai yaar” Muskaan said and pass it to Nikki and she too eat that.

“Ruk jao bhukkado, mai aur leke aata hu” Rahul said getting up and Armaan Riddhima denied coz they had lunch few minutes back.

“So, guys sham me ready ho jana” Rahul said sitting back with burger for all and cold drink for Armaan Riddhima.

“Yes, aur party achhi honi chahiye warna I swear I’ll kill you Rahul Mallik” Muskaan said and he smile.

“Shauk se” Rahul murmured and she ignored him while others were busy in themselves.

“But maine party dress to li hi nhi” Nikki said pouting.

“Kitni dresses legi Nikki, tera cupboard v rota hoga itne load se” Rahul said and Nikki glared him.

“Very funny bahi, ab party apne rakhi hai na to dress to leni hi padegi wo v ham teeno k liye” Nikki said and Rahul look towards her being shocked.

“Abe lutwayegi kya?” he said.

“Ha” Muskaan replied and they laugh.

“Chal bhai Armaan, udhaar de de yaar” Rahul said getting up and they smile on his antics.

They shopped for party, Riddhima was denying but they didn’t pay heed to her and bought beautiful dresses for them.

Till then ladies finished their shopping and both cars get full by the bags.

“Aaj to mall wale khush ho gaye honge” Rahul taunt.

“Kyu?” Prerna asked.

“Wo kya hai na chachi, aaj unka load halka ho gaya” Rahul said and she hit him playfully.

They reached Mallik Mansion and rest for sometime coz they had to leave for party soon.

Armaan order for some security at party venue coz it was a common place for some VVIP’s so he don’t want any unwanted spoilt brat there when girls also present there with them.

Girls get ready and came down, they were wearing gowns, elegant yet simplicity pour out of Riddhima’s face,she was looking so innocent and Armaan feel happy to get her. she was wearing a shining blood red color full length gown which was making her so gorgeous and little make - up increases her beauty to many folds.

Nikki was bubbly girl and looking beautiful in blue gown while Muskaan in black, they were all ready to leave and gents also don’t mind coz they were going out with Armaan and Rahul, but the thing they don’t know that Rahul invited few special friends of His, Armaan and Nikki to introduce Riddhima.

They reached there and Armaan smile coz guards were present there, they enter inside and smile looking towards the decoration.

“Kaisa laga Riddhima Bhabhi?” Rahul aksed and 
she smile.

“Bahut achha hai” she smiled and he move forward leaving them alone.

They wonder why he left them alone here, Nikki and Muskaan also not there.

“Armaan kaha gaye sab log” she look towards him.

“Don’t know Rahul is behaving strange” Armaan said “I think we should go inside” and they move forward.

It was all black inside and Riddhima become nervous what happened suddenly, she hold Armaan’s hand tightly and he smile.

“SURPRISE” suddenly light came and some people shout making them close there ears.

Armaan took few seconds to register then become happy coz his friends were present there but Riddhima was still shocked to react.

Nikki and Muskaan came towards her and introduce her to her friends she was about to move when they heard Rahul on stage.

“Guys Guys, silence please,,,,,,,, thanku,,,, So, leaving the couple everyone know why I held this party so can we have our couple on stage please” Rahul said and everyone clap for Armaan and Riddhima.

They came towards him, Armaan was smiling feeling loved for his brother and Riddhima was shying beside him.

“So, here is my beautiful Bhabhi who stole my brother’s heart and I know I know aap log ko v ye couple bahut pasand aaya hoga but jaisa ki yaha present har ek insaan janta hai that THE ARMAAN MALLIK is only workaholic and my sweet innocent Bhabhi don’t know about it. So, aaj Armaan Mallik will show his one different side to us for Riddhima Bhabhi, can we have guitar please” Rahul said and Riddhima look towards him with a perfect smile on her face.

“Rahul kya kar raha hai tu, I don’t want to” Armaan said glaring Rahul.

“Ammy, ab to chahe tu ghar chal k maar lena mujhe but aaj to tujhe ye karna hi padega” Rahul said and move towards Riddhima “Chale Bhabhi” he said forwarding his hand and Riddhima smile looking towards Armaan mumbling "Good Luck" then towards Rahul “yes” she left with him and stood infront of Armaan down stage.

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