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Part 24 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Although Armaan never sing infront of others coz he was a reserve type guy who become free only with his family and few friends. Here also only his friends were present who know him very well and the girls were basically Nikki and Rahul’s friend. They also tried their luck for Armaan but he treat Nikki’s friends like Nikki only thus they have brotherly feelings for him and Rahul’s friends were crazy like him thus he can’t help.

Armaan look towards Riddhima whose eyes were fixed on him and he smile slowly, she bend her eyes down smiling shyly when Armaan look at her.

He hold the guitar and stood keeping his one leg at chair, everyone look at him eagerly waiting for the song coz he was going to sing after a long time.

He again pass a sweet look towards Riddhima and sing fixing his gaze at her while Nikki come towards Riddhima and hold her from other side.

Chand aasmano se laapata ho gaya
Chal ke mere ghar mein aa gaya, aa gaya.
Main khush kismat hoon bakhuda is tarah
Ho jaye poori ik dua jis tarah.

Riddhima smile looking towards him, she knew his eyes were fixed on her every move thus she avoid eye contact and smile cutely looking towards Nikki.

Tere bin meri jana kabhi
Ik pal bhi guzaara nahi,
Teri aarzoo ne khud se begaana kar diya…..!!!!
Chand aasmano se laapata ho gaya
Chal ke mere ghar mein aa gaya, aa gaya….!!

Muskaan come from behind and shake Riddhima who was lost in Armaan’s words and Armaan smile how easily she become lost in his voice.

Maine tujhe tohfe mein yeh dil diya
Tune mujhe badle mein yeh jahaan diya,
Main hi janu, tu hi jane jo hai darmiyaan
Tujh se hai meri jana ghar yeh aashiyaan….!!!!
Tere bin meri jana kabhi
Ik pal bhi guzaara nahi,
Teri aarzoo ne khud se begaana kar diya….!!
Chand aasmano se laapata ho gaya
Chal ke mere ghar mein aa gaya, aa gaya….!!

Armaan turn behind singing the song smiling on the words and living the moment through it, Rahul and Muskaan smile and come towards Riddhima, they said something and Riddhima laugh slowly but her ears were fixed on Armaan.

Tune mere raston ko manzil kiya
Tujhe paake zindagi ko hasil kiya
Tere liye hai yeh saansein, tay kar liya
Tu hai toh hai yeh kahani, mere sathiya,,,,,!!!

He was singing when Rahul bring Riddhima on stage and push towards Armaan, she was shocked by the sudden push and bang on Armaan’s chest. She looks down being shy and Armaan smile at her then sing.

Tere bin meri jana kabhi
Ik pal bhi guzaara nahi
Teri aarzoo ne khud se begaana kar diya…!!
Chand aasmano se laapata ho gaya,
Chal ke mere ghar mein aa gaya, aa gaya..!!!

Riddhima tried to come out of his grip but he forget to leave her, she look towards him and found him lost she blush.

Everyone clapped for Armaan and he came out of his trance, he smile and leave Riddhima while she move away feeling shy infront of so many people.

“Wohoooo Ammy you nailed it bro” Rahul came and hugged him and he smile.

“Okay, so this was for my super awesome bhabhs, we love you” Rahul said looking towards Riddhima and she smile.

Everyone praised Armaan coz he make them forget everything and they just enjoy his song.

They meet his friends together and smile on their compliments coz they were really made for each other couple.

After sometime, Armaan get busy with his friends coz he met them after long time and Rahul was busy pulling Muskaan’s leg among his friends but she was not less than him and she made his friends to her side in just few minutes and now they were fighting for that.

Nikki went with her friends at food stall and enjoy with them.

Armaan look towards Riddhima and sign her to come but she shook her head in no, he tried to come towards her but his friends hold him and he can’t escape.

Riddhima smile looking towards everyone, they were happily enjoying and Rahul Muskaan’s tom and jerry fight make her laugh.

Since, she was not much party girl thus she get bored in few minutes and look here and there when she found a pool beside the hall, she hold a glass of soft drink and move towards the pool.

She sit near pool keeping her legs under water and sipped her drink looking towards moon, slow music was making the environment musical and she close her eyes feeling the moment, a beautiful smile adore her face when she remember Armaan singing for her.

Armaan get free from his friends and look for Riddhima but she was not present there.

He asked Rahul but he also don’t have any idea.

Armaan become worried when Muskaan said “Armaan, use itni parties pasand nhi hai, yaha pe jo silent soothing place hoga wahi hogi wo” 

Armaan smile and somehow he knew where she would be “Thanks Muskaan” he said and hold a plate with some food and move towards the pool.

He enter in pool area and saw a figure sitting near the pool and he smile how he gussed right.

He took a dupatta from their belongings and move towards her, Riddhima was feeling cold due to water and cold breeze but still sitting there coz the moment was making her relax.

Armaan move towards her smiling and kept plate to a side then wrap her with dupatta and she become startle by the touch then look towards the person. A smile creep on her face when he kept dupatta over her she mumble a thanku while ARmaan smile.

He took off his shoes and sit beside her keeping his legs under water too and put plate over his lap.

“Hmm, so you are enjoying the scene alone, not fair Riddhima” Armaan said and she smile on his complain.

“you were busy with your friends na and I don’t want to disturb you” she replied with a smile.

“Don’t ever think that you’ll disturb me” he said warning her and she smile.

“Ok, Sir” she said and giggle.

Armaan smile and loved how she become kidish sometimes.

“Ok, chalo lets have food now” he said and they tore a morsel then forward to each other.

Armaan smile and eat from her and she too, they eat in one plate and smile talking about some or other thing, they felt happy with each other and love to spend time there.

“Tum yaha kyu aa gai?” Armaan asked keeping the plate aside after having food.

“Aise hi, mujhe jyada parties pasand nhi hai so, yaha aa gai” she said and he smile holding water bottle from side stand.

“Hmm, parties mujhe v pasand nhi hai but Rahul ko rokna impossible hai aur kafi time baad mai mila friends se isliye wo chhod hi nhi rahe the mujhe” Armaan said and Riddhima smile.

He forwards her bottle and she hold it, after drinking water she look towards Armaan and sing him to remove a rice stick near his lips, he tried but didn’t succeed.

“May I ?” Riddhima said and he nodded.

She move her hand towards his lip and remove the rice slowly while Armaan was lost in her face, her hair strands flying over his face.

Suddenly a loud music start and Riddhima startle and hugged him out of sudden fear, her heart beat was fast coz of music and Armaan notice her reaction.

But he loved when she hugged him and hold her carefully, but it was seem to be any fault coz other moment song change back to normal.

They were sitting like that and Riddhima open her eyes feeling Armaan’s skin as she hugged him near his chest which was left open slightly.
Armaan feel their closeness and hope that time stop there, Riddhima slowly come out of his hold and her eyes were down coz of proximity. She feels Armaan’s gaze fixed on her and slowly she look towards him. 

Time stops at the moment she look towards him, they get drowned into each other eyes forgetting the world. They tried to grasp the love their heart hold for each other, without any confession they love each other so much and the purity of their relation increase their love day by day being blessed by whole family. Armaan slowly move towards her and their breath mingle with each other, they don’t know how they leaned towards each other.

Someone called Armaan but he didn’t listen that, Riddhima noticed this and came out of dream and move slightly away from him. Armaan feel cold when she move away from him and came back to reality, he look towards her being confused and she look here and there.

“Wo, apko koi bula raha hai” she said and get up.

She wear her sandal and move inside controlling her heart beat “Riddhima tujhe kya ho gaya hai, can’t you control your feeling, aise kaise tu Armaan k itne kareeb,,,, I mean kya soch rahe honge Armaan tere bare me” she murmured to herself and search Muskaan and Nikki.

Armaan was still lost and slapped himself mentally “Armaan what was that mann! How could you loose you control, kya soch rahi hogi Riddhima tere bare me, tune abhi tak confess v nhi kiya hai uske samne aur itna close, no you should have to control” he said and get up feeling guilty.

He enter inside meet his friend, he look towards Riddhima awkwardly feeling guily on his act and Riddhima wonder what happened?

They meet everyone and party ended after sometime, everyone thanked Rahul for the party and they too become normal coming out of their awkward zone. They were happy and specially Muskaan coz she danced so much which she loved to and Rahul too accompanied her.

They move towards Mallik Mansion Nikki put on her ear plugs and closed her eyes putting her head to back seat feeling tired while Rahul Muskaan sit alongwith Nikki at back seat and Armaan Riddhima to the front seat.

A song play on FM and they feel song so close to their heart, at the present situation.

Dekha Jo Tum Ko Yeh Dil Ko Kya Hua Hai
Meri Dhadkanon Pe Yeh Chhaya Kya Nasha Hai..!!
Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye Deewana Kho Na Jaaye
Sambhalu Kaise Isko Muhje Tu Bata,
Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye Deewana Kho Na Jaaye
Sambhalu Kaise Isko Muhje Tu Bata,,!!
Dekha Jo Tum Ko Yeh Dil Ko Kya Hua Hai
Meri Dhadkanon Pe Yeh Chhaya Kya Nasha Hai…!!!!

Armaan look towards Riddhima slightly and she was lost somewhere but her smile convey that she was lost in song looking out of window. She feels Armaan gaze and look towards him feeling shy, Muskaan notice this and nudged Rahul, she look towards her with question eyes and she pointed towards them.

Bheegi Bheegi Alko Se 
Chori Chori Palko Se 
Kyon Mera Sapna Churaye
Jhuki Jhuki Ankhiyon Se
Dheeri Dheeri Batiyon Se
Kyon Mujhe Apna Banaye
Meri Nazron Pe Chhaye
Khushboo Ke Jaise Aaye
Mera Tan Mann Mehkaaye
Sasoon Mein Yeh Pal Pal 
Jaane Kaise Hulchul
Kuch Bhi Samajh Mein Na Aaye….!!!!!

Rahul smile looking towards Muskaan how she become happy for Armaan and Riddhima but don’t think about herself as he was enjoying her company , her madness which resembles him.

Sharat Ho Na Jaaye, Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye
Sambhalu Kaise Isko Muhje Tu Bata
Sharat Ho Na Jaaye, Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye
Sambhalu Kaise Isko Muhje Tu Bata…!!!!

Rahul was looking towards Muskaan as her eyes were fixed on Armaan Riddhima smiling cutely listening the songs. Feeling Rahul’s gaze on herself she look towards him and raised brows up asking what cooking in his mind and he shook his head in no.

Meri Hai Yeh Mushkil
Ab To Yeh Mera Dil
Bas Mein Huzoor Nahi Hai
Itna Bata De Mujhe
Kaise Samjaaon Tuje
Mera Yeh Kasoor Nahin Hai
Chaahe Hum Chaahe Bhi To
Pehre Lagaye Bhi To
Kaise Din Raat Ko Roke
Aag Bina Yeh Jale Zor Na Koi Chale
Kaise Jazbaat Ko Roke….!!!!

They were all lost in the songs feeling something different for each other but Armaan Riddhima steal gazes silently while Rahul and Muskaan ignored it assuming it just an attraction.

Yu Chaahat Ho Na Jaaye Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye
Sambhalu Kaise Isko Muhje Tu Bata..!!!
Dekha Jo Tum Ko Yeh Dil Ko Kya Hua Hai
Meri Dhadkanon Pe Yeh Chhaya Kya Nasha Hai.
Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye Deewana Kho Na Jaaye
Sambhalu Kaise Isko Muhje Tu Bata…!!!!!

They were lost in song and reached Mallik Mansion till the song end, Armaan stop the car yet they were lost in words and still under the effect of it.

Nikki open her eyes slowly and look at them, Rahul was looking towards front still lost while Muskaan was smiling with closed eyes. Armaan looks at Riddhima and she was staring her palm smiling in her own.

Nikki wonder what happened and look outside, they reached home.

“Ahem Ahem!!! I think ghar aa gaya” Nikki said and they came out of trance.

“Arey ha, ham ghar pahuch gaye” Rahul said and came out of car while Muskaan too came out.

Armaan scratch his head smiling cutely and came out of car, Riddhima too joined him.

They enter inside, elders had their dinner and they left for their room to sleep as it was quite late, Nikki was sleepy thus she left wishing “Good Night” to everyone.

Rahul move towards his room and Armaan too while Riddhima and Muskaan move towards Nikki’s room.

They change into comfortable clothes and lie down, Rahul slept soon and Muskaan was blabbering about how they danced so much and slept feeling tired.

Riddhima smile and cover them properly, she smile remembering ARmaan and he was lying over his bed trying to sleep but it suppose to be impossible.

Every time he closed his eyes, Riddhima’s face came infront of him and he open his eyes, he don’t know why he was feeling restless just by remembering she will leave next day, don’t know when coz it was not decided yet but this feeling was making him sad.

He was not getting what to do thus he went to terrace and walk for sometime in night looking towards the moon feeling cool breeze but nothing was helping him out.

He texted Riddhima “Come to terrace please” 

Riddhima was lying tapping her phone waiting for Armaan’s call or msg and smile looking towards his name but his msg make her frowned.

“Kya ho gaya Armaan ko, abhi to aaye hain fir yu” she think for few minutes and leaving her thoughts away she came out of room and shut the door slowly and went towards terrace.

Armaan was looking towards moon and remember the moments they share with each other, when they were so close and just few inches away, that desire to feel each other not of lust but that was pure love to feel each other, having their right to other person was making him feel how much he love her. Although he was yet feeling guilty to be so close to her without her conset but don’t know why it seems to be right, since that what was Armaan think but Riddhima will she also feel the same?

He was not getting grip over his condition, his feeling, they were just mingling with each other, one side feeling of being close to Riddhima accepting their feeling and other side that Riddhima will leave next day he was emotionally weak that time and Riddhima enter.

He feels her presence, Riddhima look towards him, he was looking towards the moon being lost and his sad expression was noticed by Riddhima.

She come close to him and keep her hand over his shoulder “Kya hua Armaan?” she asked.

Armaan came back to reality and turn towards her, he look into her eyes while she saw his teary eyes coz he was struggling with his feelings, he want her close to himself and yet didn’t said anything, he feels his right over her but don’t know her views all these things were making him go crazy.

At that moment he don’t know what Riddhima will think he just hold her from shoulder and hugged her tightly, releasing his every stress, his emotions, feeling calm under her embrace.

Riddhima wonder what happen she just move her hands in his hairs trying to calm him down, why he become so restless suddenly, it was all fine till they reached home.

“Armaan aap,,,,,,,” she was trying to say something when stop suddenly listening his voice.

“I LOVE YOU RIDDHIMA, I love you so much” he whisper holding her close to himself and Riddhima become rooted on her spot.

She never imagined Armaan would say something like this suddenly, making her shocked, she don’t know what to do, although they both knew that feeling but those words make her, shocked, thrilled, surprised and a beautiful smile adore her face after few seconds and she become shy under his hold.

He also came out of hug and look towards her blushing face “I,,,I know ye bahut jaldi hai shayad but I don’t know all these, I can’t control my feeling and you’ll leave this feeling was making me restless I don’t know what to say so I just,,,,,” he stop blabbering these things and Riddhima smile how cutely he proposed her and that too being confused that she will not like it thus these random excuses.

He smile cutely making him smile, he just hold her hand when she tried to move away from him, he mingle his little finger to hers and she stop.

“Armaan” she whisper his name slowly.

“Maine kuch bola mujhe reply to de do” he said smiling to her.

“Armaan, chhodiye na please” she tried to free her hand but ARmaan don’t allow.

“Pahle answer” he said.

“Apne koi question hi nhi pucha” she said slowly and Armaan become surprised on her answer.

“okay” he turn towards her and she looks down being shy.

He kneel down and look towards her “Miss. Riddhima Gupta, Mai Armaan Mallik apni puri life tumhare sath bitana chahta hu, har khushi har gam me tumhare saath rahna chahta hu, tumahre sath chalna hai mujhe har safar me jo aane wali mazil ko aur v khoobsurat bana dega, kya tum mera sath dogi meri zindagi k safar ko khoobsurat banane me, would you give me honour to join my name with you would-be Mrs.Riddhima Armaan Mallik?” Armaan said forwarding his hand towards her and Riddhima smile how innocently he describe his feeling and it was the most precious moment of her life.

She was on cloud nine hearing his confession, she keep her hand over his and he look towards her being happy, she too sit down to his level and hold his face in her hand, came close to him and kissed his forehead. Armaan smile on her sweet gesture and his dimple become deeper when she confessed.

“I love you too Armaan” she said and hugged him.

Armaan hugged her more tightly that was the passionate one, feeling each other presence and their emotions got they way to express themselves and now they did that, they accept the feeling which pour out of every way, every talk, every gesture just everything.

They came out of embrace and look towards each other feeling happy and their eyes were conveying their happiness.

Armaan sit near a stand and make Riddhima sit comfortably near him, she smile.

“Armaan, aap ye kyu sochte hain ki ham dur ho rahe hain, mana ki mujhe jana hai but hamara rishta to dil se hai na?” she said looking towards him.

“Hmm” ARmaan hold her hand and kissed it “But I don’t feel good when this thing came in my mind” he said and Riddhima smile on his cuteness “And Riddhima sorry wo aaj k liye, that pool incident” that point was making him feel guilty.

“Armaan, don’t be sorry” she said.

“I should, ek to tum kal chali jaogi aur aaj maine aise,,,,,” he said not getting words.

“Armaan, mai jaungi tabhi to aap mujhe lene aayenge na?” she said looking towards him.

Armaan tried to register what she said and the moment till he finally get what she meant, she gave him another shock. She just kissed his cheek slightly and ran away saying “Good night”

Armaan left surprised by her act, all his guilty his fear, his restlessness flew out don’t know where, he stood smiling to himself and scratch his head smiling cutely. He just keep his hand on his cheek and left towards his room.


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