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Part 25 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan reached his room and lie down being lost in Riddhima’s touch, he remember his sudden confession and smile like an idiot, how he randomly said being so emotional at that moment but it was for the best coz that made Riddhima’s confession out too.

He sleep slowly smiling on his beautiful life and feel blessed to have everyone in his life who means a lot for him.

Riddhima was smiling with closed eyes on bed, that moment when she enter, she touched Armaan and his hug , the way he make her feel special, her heart beat was still fast remembering Armaan’s confession being in her arms. She felt shy now how she kissed him and ran down, she was blushing hard and treid to sleep.

Next day,

Riddhima get up and took shower, she did puja as it was her daily routine and went on terrace for suryanamaskar puja with jal in her hand. 

Billy came there and smile looking towards her, he smile and blessed her when she come towards him after doing puja. They sit there for few minutes talking about Riddhima’s hobbies and what she want to do further. Riddhima smile how thoughtfull Billy is for everyone, he wants his childrens to be free and do whatever they want to but rooted with their culture and be controlled.

“Riddhima beta, mai neeche ja raha hu, tum chaho to kuch der yaha ruk sati ho kyunki abhi koi utha v nhi hoga” Billy said and left.

Riddhime too get up and smile looking around coz little foggy morning with dim light was making the environment so energetic and soothing, she smile and stood near railing looking at Delhi from terrace and her mind was lost somewhere else.

Armaan came back after jogging and was about to enter in his gym when his eyes falls on Riddhima, she was standing with closed eyes inhaling the morning breeze looking so fresh in that lovely morning.

Armaan’s feet move towards her involuntarily and he stood beside her looking at her face. He so wanted to touch her face and lost when Riddhima feel his presence and open her eyes slowly. She look towards him and smile lightly but his lost expression make her blush, she bend her eyes down and Armaan came back to reality when he feel Riddhima bend her head down.

“Ummm, Good Morning” he said looking here and there.

“Good Morning” she said slowly and smile on his act.

“Itni jaldi uth gai” he said.

“Aap v to” she said looking towards him.

“Hmm, mai jogging k liye gaya tha so, anyways tum neeche chalo yaha thand hai thoda mai aata hu gym se” Armaan said and she smile how he care for her.

“Hmm” she replied looking towards him and move away.

She move towards exit and her dupatta flew over Armaan’s face making him smile how he always get lost in her whenever she come around him.

He move towards gym and work out for sometime, Rahul joined him and he smile coz Rahul rarely join him in gym.

“Kya baat hai aaj yaha?” Armaan smile.

“Ha soch raha tha thoda body bana lu” Rahul said and Armaan smile.

After sometime, 

“Armaan, chal na ab bhook lag gai yaar” Rahul said and Armaan laugh on his antics.

“Chal” he get up and Rahul too joined him.

They came down when Armaan was about to go in his room again.

“Arey kuch khana hai sona nhi hai Ammy” Rahul said.

“Rahul, mai bas shower leke aa raha hu, 5 minutes” Armaan said and he make weird faces on his rountine.

“Theek hai” Rahul said sitting on bed while Armaan left to washroom.

They reached down when every other family member start sitting at dining table.

“Mom, bahut bhook lag rahi hai, thak gya mai” Rahul said sitting down and Armaan smile.

“Kyu sahabjade aaj apko subah subah bhook kyu lag rahi hai?” Billy said looking towards him and Muskaan too pass a look to him.

“Tauji, galti se Rahul bhai ne Armaan bhaiya ko join kar liya hoga gym me” Nikki said and everyone burst out laughing.

“Ha theek hai theek hai, kabhi kabhi join krta hu to bhook to lagni hi hai na” Rahul said and Muskaan chuckle.

They start their breakfast and Armaan look towards Riddhima who was eating slowly, they didn’t talk properly after their confession. He wanted to talk with her, ask her so many questions but always forget everything whenever they meet and get lost into each other.

“Billy ji, aaj hame nikalna hoga” Shashank said and everyone become sad.

Armaan and Riddhima look towards each other at same time and become sad, she bend her head down and Armaan look at his plate trying to digest that Shashank want permission to leave.

“Arey itni jaldi kyu jana hai apko?”Billy look towards him.

“Meeting v ho gai aur yaha puja v achhe se ho gai, ab jana to padega na” Shashank said.

“Ha to theek hai jaiyega lekin aaj ruk jaiye na” Anurag said.

“Lekin Anuragji,,,,,” Daljeet said but he was cut by Billy.

“Aap log ko jana to hai hi lekin agar aaj ruk jate to achha hota, ab to ek family hain ham aur pata nhi kyu mann nhi ho raha hai ki aaplog itni jaldi jaye” Ananya said and Padma hold her hand soothing her.

“Ha wo to theek hai lekin,,,,,,”Shweta tried to say when Anurag cut her.

“Dekhiye ab aaj to aaplog nhi jane wale, ek - do din aur hamare sath ruk jaiye” Anurag said and they smile.

“Theek hai”Shashank agree being pressurized by Mallik’s.

“Yess” Nikki shouted being happy and hugged Riddhima and Muskaan while others smile.

“Lekin karna kya hai aaj” Daljeet said.

“Uncle plan to turant banenge don’t worry” Rahul said and everyone smile.

Armaan smile on their talk moreover he was happy that they will stay, suddenly he get a call and move out excusing himself.

“Hello” he received the call.

After few minutes,

“Kya hua Armaan, kiska call tha” Billy asked.

“Dad wo Ramgarh se Kishan Uncle ka call tha, unki beti ki sagai hai kal subah unhone bulaya hai sabko, card send kiya tha unhone but shayad pahucha nhi aur kafi jaldibazi me hua ye sab isliye time nhi mila.” Armaan said and Billy think about it.

“Lekin,,,,” Anurag was saying something when Billy said cutting him.

“Ye to achhi badi achhi baat hai, Shashankji hamari ek haveli hai waha Ramgarh me hamsab wahi chalte hain, waha sagai v attend kar lenge aur thoda ghumna v ho jayega ek sath, apko waha bahut achha lagega” Billy said and Armaan smile coz he haven’t went Ramgarh haveli since long time.

"Aur wo Chachu se gussa v hain kyunki unhone baat nhi ki unse idhar beech, so be prepared chachu" Armaan said and Anurag sigh coz now he can't be saved.

“Lekin Billyji aise apke rishtedaro k yaha bina bataye” Shashank was feeling a bit hesitated.

“Arey aap Kishan k bare me jante nhi hain na isliye, aap bas haveli chaliye apko khud pata chal jayega” Anurag said and Billy smile.

“Wohoooo,,, means function v, ghumna v aur masti v” Nikki said being excited.

“Ha aur hamara ek aur trip” Rahul said and they laugh.

“Chalo then get ready fast, hame jaldi nikalna hoga” Armaan said and everyone rush towards their room.

Shashank was feeling little uncomfortable to go there without being invited but once Billy said he become somehow relaxed.

They left Mallik Mansion in their van enjoying happily with each other. Vansh was very excited getting so many pampering and love from Riddhima and Muskaan.

He wants both of them to stay with him and he always say that but everyone ignore his words taking it lightly.

“Mom, ham waha kya pehanenge?”Nikki asked.

“Lo shuru ho gai iski tension” Prerna said and they laugh.

Armaan was sitting holding his phone but his mind was fixed on Riddhima and he was thinking something about her with a cute smile on his face.

“Bhabhi, apko nhi lagta Armaan kuch jyada hi smile kar raha hai wo v khud me hi” Rahul murmured near Riddhima’s ear and Riddhima look towards him and smile slowly.

“Tumhe koi problem hai us se” Muskaan patted his shoulder and he become scared by her sudden voice and she laugh.

Armaan look towards them hearing Muskaan’s laugh and smile how Riddhima hit her when she laugh loudly.

“Bhabhi kaha se mil gai hai ye apko” Rahul said and Riddhima glared him while he chuckle and Muskaan hit him.

“Muskaan, chhodo v ye Rahul bhaiya ki aadat hai mujhe v aise hi chidhate hain” Nikki said and Muskaan smirk.

“Chalo ham v dikhate hain Rahul Mallik ko prank kise kahte hain in Ramgarh” Muksaan said and Nikki too look towards her with a smile.

After sometime everyone feels bored and Vansh go towards Armaan who was sitting looking towards the scene outside.

He pull Armaan’s shirt and he turn towards him.

“What happen Vansh?” Armaan asked ruffling his hairs.

“Armaan bhaiya one song pleasshhhhhh” he said cutely and Armaan look towards Rahul yesterday he forced him to sing now Vansh.

“Ha Armaan gao na bachhe, bahut din ho gaya” Ananya said and Nikki laugh silently without being noticed by her.

Armaan glared her and Billy too insist along with others.

He hold his guitar and smile looking towards Riddhima then blink his eyes while she smile.

Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le
Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le
Hum Ne Bhi Tere Har Ik Gam Ko
Gale Se Lagaya Hai
Hai Na.

He look towards others they were smiling on the song and Armaan continue.

Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le
Ae Zindagi.

Rahul too joined him in song and everyone smile how he can’t control himself when it comes to Armaan.

Hum Ne Bahane Se Chhup Ke Jamane Se
Palkon Ke Parde Main Ghar Bhar Liya.
Tera Sahara Mil Gaya Hai Zindagi
La La Lala La La Lala La La La
Tera Sahara Mil Gaya Hai Zindagi….!!!

He look towards Armaan and he continue the song while Nikki make Vansh swirl around.

Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le
Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le
Hum Ne Bhi Tere Har Ik Gam Ko
Gale Se Lagaya Hai
Hai Na
Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le
Ae Zindagi…!!!

Ananya smile and hugged Riddhima sidewise and they smile on their bonding, Armaan pinch Nikki’s cheek and sing.

Chhota Sa Saya Tha Aakhon Main Aaya Tha,
Humne Do Boondon Se Mann Bhar Liye.
Humko Kinaara Mil Gaya Hai Zindagi
La La Lala La La Lala La La La
Humko Kinaara Mil Gaya Hai Zindagi…!!!
He smile looking towards them and now everyone join him in song and Riddhima enjoyed he knew Armaan had that precious talent which make everyone smile.

Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le
Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le
La La La La La La Lala La La La
Hain Na?
Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le
Gale Laga Le
Gale Laga Le
Gale Laga Le
Ho, Gale Laga Le.

“Wohoooooo” they clapped once song finished and everyone praised them a lot.

Soon they reached Ramgarh and Riddhima smile looking towards the place, they enter in that area and so many trees covering the road giving a beautiful look. She smile and look different small palaces.

It was quite village area but yet so beautiful attracting Riddhima and Armaan watch her beautiful smile, he knew she like the place, their van enter inside haveli through gate and everyone feel aww, it was so beautiful palace perfectly arranged, garden small temple, rope swing and many other things giving traditional yet comfortable look.

They came out of van and welcomed by few ladies and gents by garlands and flowers, everyone was happy and they feel glad as it was arranged by the care taker of haveli, they respect Mallik’s a lot and feel happy coz they came after a long time.

“Kaise ho Mohan?” Billy asked and he fold his hands saying namaste.

“Ham achhe hain sahab, bahut din baad aaye aap” he said and Billy smile.

“Ha waqt nhi milta tha, inse milo ye hamare samdhiji hain, Armaan k hone wale sasur aur unka parivar” Billy introduced him to everyone and he become too haapy.

“Armaan k roop me apko heera mila hai” Mohan said and look towards Riddhima she was smiling shyly.

He move towards her and keep his hand on her head “Ye hai na Armaan ki hone wali dulhan” he said and they become surprised.

Riddhima touch his feet to take his blessing and he feel happy.

“Apko kaise pata chala Mohan kaka” Rahul said and he smile.

“Bas pata chal gaya, bahut pyari hai” he said.

“Mohan, is haveli me pichle 10 saal se hain aur hamara dusra parivar hai” Anurag said and they smile looking towards him.

“Chaliye andar chalte hain” Prerna said and they enter inside.

Servants shift their luggage inside and they relax there looking towards beautiful haveli.

“Mohan, suna hai tumhare ghar koi aaya hai?” One man enter inside and ignore Billy.

“Ha sahab, aaye hain lekin aap kyu gusse me hain” Mohan asked coming towards him.

“Ha bhai ab ham kyu gussa honge bade logo se, hamara kya haq” that person said.

Gupta and Chadhha’s were surprised by the sudden arrival of that person and Mallik’s were smiling slowly.

“Are aap itna kyu gussa kar rahe hain Uncle” Armaan come towards him.

“Armaan, ek tu hi hai jis se mai kabhi gussa nhi ho sakta aur baki log to kuch jyada hi busy hain” he said taunting.

“Are maaf kar de bhai, sach me thoda busy ho gaye the” Anurag said and he took his hands off from his shoulder and took blessings of Billy.

“Lekin mai fir v gussa hu” he said.

“Ohoo, Kishan bas karo kitna gussa karoge” Billy said and he look towards him while others feel relaxed as he was Kishan Thakur.

“Mil v le yaar” Anurag said and he look towards Billy.

“Bhaisahab aa gaya hai ye isliye maaf kiya” he said and hugged Anurag.

“Tu bahut kharab hai” Kishan said and he smile.

“Arey inse milo pahle, ye hamare samdhiji” Anurag introduce him to Shashank and Daljeet.

“Matlab Armaan” he said and Anrag nodded.

He hugged them and smile, he was happy to meet them.

“Beti ki sagai Mubarak ho Kishanji” Shashank said and he smile.

“Aap log aaye meri beti ko aashirwad dene ye hamara saubhagya hai, aplog ko v aana hai kal sablog ko aur please koi formality nhi hame v apna parivar hi samajhiye” Kishan said and they smile.

“Ji jarur, sach me Billy ji apne bahut achha kiya jo hame yaha le aaye” Shashank said coz his hesitation flew away, he knew that he get a best family for his daughter.

“Aur Rahul tu abhi chal raha hai mere sath warna apni jaan bachana Radhika se ham kuch nhi kar payenge” Kishan said and Rahul become shocked.

“Nhiiiii, mai chal raha hu na Uncle, chaliye, mujhe itni jaldi nhi marna hai” Rahul gets ready instantly.

Muskaan look towards him being confused but he was too scared by the name and ran out with Kishan. She don’t feel good to ask anyone why Rahul behaved so.


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