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Part 26: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Everyone went to their room so that they can relax for sometime, Riddhima took shower and feel fresh, she was wearing a simple yellow suit which was of full length and net dupatta giving her a gorgeous look. 

“Nikki, Muskaan chalo na bahar dekhte hain kitni achhi jagah hai” Riddhima said but they were lying down like lifeless.

“Bhabhi feeling sooooooo tired” Nikki murmured.

“And you Muskaan?” she look towards her.

“Mai kya abhi mera mood sahi nhi hai, sone de thodi der” Muskaan said and cover her face with comfortor.

Riddhima sighs coz she knew both were in no mood to roam around and she can’t go alone, Rahul was also not there and she can’t go with Armaan like that may be others won’t like it.

Riddhima came out and see Armaan moving here and there in hall talking on phone she smile and move towards kitchen.

Padma and Ananya were there talking with each other sitting near the window and and two maids were preparing food for night.

“Are Riddhima, aao beta kuch chahiye tumhe? Tum v aaram kar leti thodi der” Ananya said when her eyes fall on Riddhima.

“Mom! Aaram to apko v karna chahiye but aap v to yaha hain na” she said taking a glass and pour water into it.

“Arey ham to bas discuss kar rahe the kal k function k bare me, kya karna hai” Padma said and she smile.

“Riddhima bĂȘte tum kal Rucha se milna” Ananya said and Riddhima look towards her in confusion “Arey Kishan ki beti Rucha uski hi to sagai hai kal” and Riddhima smile getting her point.

“Okay Mom” she said.

They smile and came outside, gents were sitting in outer compound of haveli talking with peoples those who are coming to meet them, since they came after a long time peoples were so happy.

“Billyji, sach me apne yaha k logo k liye bahut kuch kiya hai” Daljeet praise him and he smile looking towards him.

“Arey aisa kuch nhi,,,,” he was saying when Mohan cut him in middle.

“Kya kuch nhi, aaplog ko pata nhi hai inhone yaha k logo k liye sabkuch kiya hai, school, college, hospital sab banwaya jiski jimmedari yahi uthate hain aur ek factory v lagai hai jaha pe log kaam v kar sake aur seekh sake” Mohan said and Shashank and Daljeet smile being happy on this.

“Kya Mohan tum v” Billy said and ask “Chalo bhai sabke nashte ka intezaam karo, kab se baatein kar rahe hain” he said and Mohan went inside.

“Nashta hazir hai” after few minutes he came back with some snacks and tea, they enjoy the snacks alongwith other peoples and talk happily.

“Riddhima Bhabhi” Vansh tapped her shoulder when she was peeping outside to see what’s going on and jump being scared by sudden tap.

“Vansh, you scared me” she said and Vansh smile.

“Aap yaha kya kar rahi hain?” he asked.

“Kuch nhi, mai to bore ho rahi thi” Riddhima said and Vansh smile.

“Bahar chale?” he asked.

“Ha lekin kisi ne kuch bola to?” she asked.

“Arey ham jaldi aa jayenge” Vansh said dragging her alongwith him.

They came out from different side of house and smile looking back to haveli, it was indeed very old and beautiful. She loved this place, specially the art.

“Bhabhi, wo dekhiye garden” Vansh pointed towards a garden.

“Woww, Vansh it’s so beautiful” she exclaimed and they move towards it.

“But Vansh ye ksika garden hai?” she asked.

“Pata nhi but Armaan bhaiya bolte the ki haveli k thodi dur pe ek garden hai apna bahut sundar” he said and Riddhima smile.

“May be yahi ho” she said and they enter inside.

It was very beautiful and amazing garden with lots of flowers and trees, swings were also there and a pond in middle giving it a royal look.

They were enjoying in park, since it was slight dark but still light were there but being an isolate place just few peoples were there.

They look towards her being surprised coz she was new for them.

“Beta aap log kaha se aaye hain?” one of them asked.

“Wo, ham,,,,” Riddhima was about to say something when Vansh continued.

“Mai Vansh Mallik hu, son of Mr. Anurag Mallik” Riddhima smile at the way he introduced himself.

Although they don’t understand his English but his surname was enough to introduce him there.

“Achha aap Mallikji k ghar k hain, bahut achhi baat hai, beta aaplog jyada der mat rukna yaha, andhera hone k pahle chale jana, akele bahar rahna sahi nhi hai itni der tak” that man said and left.

“Vansh just one more round okay, then we’ll leave” Riddhima said and he nodded.

Riddhima was sitting near a shrub and Vansh was running behind butterflies being happy, Riddhima smile as he was happy being in natural environment.

She thought to call Armaan and tell him where they are but her finger stop on his phone when she heard a voice behind herself.

“Kya baat kar rahe ho tum? Tumhe lagta hai mai us se shadi karunga wo v puri life k liye, hahaha,,,,,,, dream on, mai bas us se paise k liye shadi kar raha hu, ek baar shadi ho jaye fir to puri property meri aur mai aisa gayab ho jaunga uski life se ki ye log khojte rah jayenge, mai to seedha America wo v apni Niti ko leke. Nhi nhi mai bahar aaya hu waha pe kaise baat karta tumse, mera aur niti ka passport ready rakhna” that person was talking to someone and laugh like devil the cut the call.

Riddhima shiver listening that “don’t know who is he aur kis ladki ki life barbad karne wala hai, kya kru” 

She was about to move but he left the place before that, she slowly follow him and saw a tattoo over his wrist when he was keeping his phone in pocket.

Riddhima was about to go behind him when she realize Vansh was also there, she turn back and search him.

“Bhabhi ye bahut achhi place hai, I loved it” he said and Riddhima tried to smile.

“Ha Vansh wo to theek hai but ab late ho raha hai and remember wo beard wale uncle ne kya bola tha yaha jyada der tak nhi rukna hai” she said and they came out of park.

It was little dark now and she open her phone light when they bumped into someone.

Armaan sense her presence and smile holding her.

“God! You guys left the home without informing anyone, kitna pareshan ho rahe honge sab kyunki unhe lag raha tha ki tum log aaram kar rahe ho” Armaan said and Riddhima Vansh stood there keeping their head bend in guilty.

“Sorry” they said together and Armaan suppress his smile sowehow on their cuteness.

“No need, chalo ab” he said and dialed Ananya’s number.

“Mom, yeah don’t worry wo dono mere hi sath hain, yeah ok, aate hain ham” Armaan said and cut the call.

“Armaan bhaiya sorry” Vansh pull his shirt and he look away.

“Sorry na Armaan, wo sab log so rahe the isliye ham bahar aa gaye thodi der k liye, I know it’s wrong please” she said and Armaan look straight.

“Bhaiya mai leke aaya tha bhabhi ko, unko to yaha k raste v nhi pata the” Vansh said and Armaan frown on how he was defending Riddhima.

“Aur jaise apko to sare raste pata hai, right Vansh” he gave him a look and he stop bending his head down Riddhima wonder why he said like that “Khud to pahli baar aaya hai yaha pe aur rasta bata raha hai” Armaan said with a smirk and the laugh lightly looking at their sad and funny faces.

“Bhaiya mai to” Vansh was trying to say something.

“Vansh, it’s okay bachha but kisi v new place pe aise akele nhi jate ok” he said Vansh smile nodding his head.

“And Mrs. Would be Riddhima Armaan Mallik, apka kya kare?” he look towards her being mischievious.

“K,,,,kya kare matlab, sorry bola to maine, ab nhi jaungi na please kisi ko mat bolna ki ham dono akele aa gaye the” she said making cute face and Armaan smile on her antics.

Armaan hold her hand slowly and shyness came back to her realizing how kidiish she was behaving infront of Armaan but feel happy also coz this was the proof that she was getting free with him in her natural self.

“A,,,,Armaan” she said slowly.

“Shushh, chup chap chalo dono” Armaan said and hold Vansh’s hand in his one hand and Riddhima’s hand in other.

They reached haveli, everyone gather near a bonefire talking and laughing with few peoples and look towards them when they reach there.

“Armaan” Billy called him in a serious tone.

He look towards him then towards Riddhima and Vansh then suppress his smile on their cute bechara faces.

“Yes Dad” he look towards him.

“Kaha the tum?” Billy asked.

“Wo Dad, actually thoda bahar gaya tha fir Vansh jid kar raha tha isliye ye log v sath me chale gaye garden tak” Armaan said and they felt reliefed by this and Riddhima look towards him being thankfull while he ignored her.

“Hahaha,,,, bolo Daljeet kaisa tha ye?” Billy laugh and look towards him.

“Bilkul yaha ka taste tha” he said and they laugh.

“Matlab?” Armaan asked.

“Arey kuch nhi, ye log jara dekhna chahte the ki mai ab v gussa karta hu ya nhi” Billy laugh indicating few people and look towards Riddhima “Koi baat nhi beta, garden me hi the na pareshan kyu ho rahe ho, jao fresh ho jao fir dinner karte hain” Billy said Riddhima Vansh went inside smiling.

Armaan sit alongwith them and talk for sometime.

“Ye Rahul nhi aaya abhi tak?” Armaan said.

“Radhika uski jaan chhodegi tab na aayega” Billy said and they laugh.

Girls were keeping food containers near bonefire as they decided to eat there and Muskaan stop suddenly on what Billy said.

“Babaji, is suspense ko open kar do ab bahut ho gaya aur nhi socha jata mere se aur sochungi to sar dard hoga mera fir to ye Rahul Mallik ka murder ka dena hai mereko” Muskaan murmured in herself when Armaan stop looking towards her.

“Kya hua Muskaan?” he asked her.

“K,,Kuch nhi” she said.

“Pakka?” he asked.

“Ha, ye apka pagal bhai kaha gayab hai aaj” she asked him not able to stop herself more.

“Wo to kishan uncle k sath gaya hai, Radhi,,,,” he was saying when Billy called him and he went back excusing himself.

“Arey yaar, chhaddo mainu ki” she said and went inside.

After sometime, others left, asking to meet next day in function.

Everyone gather there and Armaan called Rahul to ask if he was coming for dinner. 

“Kya hua?” Billy asked when he cut the call.

“Kitna shor karte hain sab, Radhika ne phone receive kiya tha she said that he won’t go till he finish her work, ab pata nhi usko kitna time lagega, but khana kha k aayega usne bola” Armaan said.

Now this Radhika mystery was getting on nerves of Muskaan and she control herself somehow, don’t know why but she don’t like that Rahul get busy with some other girl leaving her.

They sit around the bonefire and had their dinner together after a long time, Billy made Mohan kaka and his family to join them in dinner. The taste of food cooked there was different and delicious.

Riddhima look towards Armaan but he ignored her knowingly, Riddhima feel Armaan is still angry on her that she went without informing anyone.

After dinner everyone left and Riddhima sit on swing busy in her own thought feeling sad when Billy come to her.

He put his hand on her head and she look towards him, she smile getting up.

“Dad, aap” she think that now he will certainly scold her.

He smile and sit on the swing asking her to sit there too.

“Beta mai ye nhi chahta ki tum bas mujhe Dad bulao I want you to feel connected with me like you are with Shashankji, mujhe bahut achha lagega and don’t worry Armaan tumse gussa nhi hai, wo ho hi nhi sakta. Aur use maine hi msg kiya tha jab tum aur Vansh bahar nikle the to” he said and Riddhima look towards him being surprised.

“Aap” she said.

“Ha jab tumlog nikal rahe the tab maine dekha tha aur mujhe pata tha baki sab so rahe hain aur tum bore ho rahi ho, and I won’t mind you and vansh exploring places here, fir tum thi uske sath to kis baat ka darr leking tumhare liye v jagah nai hai isliye maine sham hote hi Armaan ko bola jane k liye” Billy said and she smile how much he care for her.

“Sorry Dad” she said hugging him “And Thanku too” she said while Billy smile.

“Arey bachha rote nhi hai, hmm” he said and she smile.

“Thanku so much Dad” she said and he blessed her.

“Umm, dad mai ye soch k bura feel kar rahi thi that Armaan ne jhoot bola meri wajah se” she said.

“Riddhima wo tumhare hone wala pati hai aur agar wo tumahre liye stand le raha hai to is se badi baat kya hai, usne jhoot v bola to isliye kyunki use pata tha tum sahi ho aur mujhe to sab pata tha na fir usme kya sochna, bas jo log waha pe the wo kya sochte iska idea nhi tha isliye usne aise bola” he said and she smile feeling blessed.

“Dad, ummmm, ek aur baat hai jo mujhe bother kar rahi hai” she said and Billy look towards her.


“Actually Dad, jab mai waha garden me thi to,,,,,,” she told him everything and he become angry on that guy.

“Kaun tha wo ladka, tumne dekha use?” Billy aksed.

“Nhi Dad, mai aage gai thi but tab tak wo nikal gaya maine bas ek tattoo dekha uske wrist pe” Riddhima said “Dad agar usne shadi kar li to us ladki ki zindagi barbad ho jayegi, kaise roku mai, mujhe to kuch v nhi pata na ladke k bare me na ladki k bare me” Riddhima felt helpless.

“Don’t worry we’ll do something, kal k function me sab log aayenge tum waha careful rahna, agar wo yaha ka hai to jarur aayega kal” he said getting up.

“ji Dad” she replied.

“Aur tum jab tak chaho yaha ruk sakti ho, haveli k andar koi nhi aayega, I know tumhe natral beauty jyada pasand hai” Billy said and she smile.

She felt relax after sharing this with Billy, she felt blessed to get him as father-in-law.

Billy left and she roam around for sometime then sit again on swing wondering what to do next day to catch that man. She was lost in her though when someone drape a shawl over her as it was quite cold there.

She look behind being shocked as she realize that she was sitting alone at that time of night but felt reliefed at it was Armaan only.

“Yaha kya kar rahi ho” he asked sitting beside him.

She ignored him as he ignored her during evening.

“Riddhima what happen? I’m asking something.” He said.

“Really aap mujhse puch rahe hain, sham me to ignore kar rahe the” she said and Armaan smile on her cuteness.

“Kyunki ignore nhi karta to apni smile chhupa nhi pata” Armaan whisper near her ear and she blush on his words.

“Armaan” she was trying to control her blush and remember what Billy told her “Aur apne mujhe ye v nhi bataya ki apko Dad ne bheja tha waha, aap kitna jhoot bolte hain Armaan” she said showing fake anger and look away.

“Yaar ye Dad na, khud mana karte hain aur khud hi bata dete hain”Armaan murmured and Riddhima smile slowly then make straight face again and said “I heard that” 

“I know” he said and look towards her and she too look at him and they smile together coz they were just pretending to be angry and truly they love each other a lot and trust was the main point which hold their realtion tightly.

Riddhima smile and look towards moon, she get up and start walking slowly while Armaan look towards her why she get up, he saw her going away and smile looking towards moon, then get up and follow her keeping his hands in pocket smiling on the moment they were sharing.

“To ye jagah kaisi lagi?” he asked.

“Bhaut achhi jagah hai Armaan, I really loved this place” she said being happy.

“Mujhse jyada?” Armaan asked in middle and she look away feeling shy.

“Armaan please” she whisper slowly and he loved her this side.

“Ok Ok Sorry, continue please” he said looking away from her face coz whenever his eyes get fixed on Riddhima he forget to come back and Riddhima start feeling shy but he want to talk to her that’s why he was trying his best to make her comfortable.

“Sach me jagah bahut achhi hai, yaha ka environment, ye mitti se jude hue log aur inke andar jo dusro k liye respect hai wo baatein is jagah ko bahut special banati hai” she said and Armaan look towards her with a perfect smile coz he also love that place for the same reason.

“You know what Riddhima, hamari thinking almost same hai and I really feel happy that aage chal k life me hame compromise nhi karna padega coz we know that we’ll always be truthful for each other aur shayad yahi sari baatein aage chal k hamare rishte ko aur pakka aur gehra banayengi” Armaan said and Riddhima smile looking towards him.

She felt so blessed to have him in her life coz he understand her silence also.

“Accha chhodo ye sab, ye batao garden kaisa laga? Dad ne use banwaya yaha k bachho k liye so that they can play freely there” Armaan said.

“Bahut achha tha Armaan you know Vansh was running behind butterflies and,,,,” she stop coz her mind was again covered by that person his words whom she saw in park.

“Kya hua Riddhima?” he asked looking towards her.

“Armaan apko ek bahut impotant baat batani hai” she said holding his hand instantly and Armaan smile looking towards her.

“Kya?” he asked and they sit down on grass.

“Armaan apko pata hai waha garden me, I saw a guy I mean I haven’t seen him properly but he was talking to someone on phone and I just saw his tattoo while he was busy in making evil plan’s to destroy a girl’s life” Riddhima said and Armaan become alert what happened and she told him everything.

“What?? How could anyone bend to such cheap level just for the sake of money” he said getting angry.

“I know, and I was going behind him to know who was that person but then I thought about Vansh being alone and went towards him, I missed that guy coz he left form there.” Riddhima said.

“Don’t worry, koi galat karne ki koshish karega to God khud punish karega use aur agar tumhe uske bare me pata chala hai to ho sakta hai ki tumhare through hi wo sabke samne aaye, we’ll see tomorrow” ARmaan said and Riddhima smile.

“Hmm, I won’t leave him” she said and Armaan smile coz there he find a confident Riddhima.

“Waise tumhara ye side v achha hai” ARmaan said and Riddhima wonder why and smile shyly when she get his point.

“Hmm, wo jab koi cheej sach me buri lagti hai to feelings bahar aa hi jati hain aur yaha pe to kisi ladki k puri life ka sawal hai. Apko pata hai Armaan mai itna darr gai thi us time ki jab maine apko dekha to laga ki jaan me jaan aai and I felt safe around you, I was about to hug you coz my mind was struggling with many thoughts but Vansh v waha pe tha and you were also angry so” she said slowly and Armaan smile.

“To ab kar lo” Armaan whisper near her ear and she feel shy on his words.

“Armaan, kuch v bolte hain aap” she said and tried to leave from there but he hold her finger with his finger and she keep her hand on her heart to control her heart beat closing her eyes.

“Kya kuch v” he come towards her slowly.

“Armaan chhodiye koi aa jayega” she tried her last attempt.

“Really?” he came deadly close to her from behind and whisper near her ear “Riddhima itni raat me is time yaha kaun aa sakta hai?” he asked and she slapped herself mentally and look down being shy.

“Chhodiye” she said pushing him a little and ran away.

But to her bad luck she stumble due to mud and was about to fall when Armaan hold her hand, she closed her eyes in fear of falling but Armaan hold her hand tightly and pull towards himself. She banged directly on his chest and it was not really planned.

Armaan just hold her to save her from falling and she didn’t open her eyes thus he drag her towards himself and she banged on him being so delicate.

She was still standing with closed eyes near his heart and he smile how something just happens without giving them time.

“See, tum bhaag rahi thi but he planned to stop you here” Armaan said looking towards sky and Riddhima slowly open her eyes and look towards the sky and smile slowly.

“Good Night” she said and ran away from there leaving him surprised and he smile once she left.

Riddhima went to her room and lie down to sleep while Armaan too went to sleep. After sometime Muskaan get up and look towards the watch, she wonder whether Rahul came or not.

She get up drink water but jug was empty, she went to fill water and was sleepy when she heard someone’s footstep. She wonder who might be there and being suspicious she hold a stick kept there in kitchen and move towards the moving figure in hall.

She was about to hit him but he hold her moving towards her suddenly and she was about to shout when he closed her mouth with his palm.

“Arey kyu chilla rahi hai yaar, tune mujhe marne ka plan bna liya hai kya?” Rahul said removing his hands from her mouth and she look towards him being shocked.

“Tum? Apne ghar me kaun choro ki tarah ghusta hai ha?” she asked and he sigh being tired.

“Arey yaar, sab log so rahe honge na isliye slowly aa raha tha. Tum kyu jag rahi ho?” he look towards her and smile.

“Mai pani lene aai thi kitchen me tabhi dekha” she said and move away from him.

“Oh! Theek hai yaar so ja, kal v bahut kaam hai” he said and she look towards him.

“ha kyu nhi tum to jyada busy ho na, sari responsibility tumhi ne to uthai hai” she taunt him but he was too tired to reply her back.

“Pata nhi yaar, ye Radhika ki bachhi ko mujhse kya dushmani hai” he said and drink water taking jug from her hand then return back.

“Chhodo ye sab, jao so jao” he said and move towards his room slowly.

He was too tired to read questions which was clearly visible in Muskaan’s eyes and she feel sad that Rahul was busy so much that he don’t have time to talk.

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