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Part 27: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Muskaan went back to her room and sleep after sometime coz her mind was disturb and yet she don’t want to stress it more, she thought she was giving so much attention to this particular thing.

Next day Riddhima gets up first as it was her routine and she was feeling happy and exciting being at haveli, she wanted to explore everything there but that wasn’t possible as they came there first time and probably after marriage she can visit Ramgarh and enjoy.

She took shower and did puja, since it was quite village area thus most of the servants were awake and Mohan kaka smile when he saw her in haveli’s temple. Riddhima was praying and get up after completing her puja and gave aarti to those who were present there. 

“Kush raho bachha, bhagwaan hamesha tumhari raksha kare” Mohan kaka blessed her and she smile.

Ananya came just now and smile feeling happy to see Riddhima doing puja, she also took aarti and blessed her.

“Riddhima bachha itni jaldi kyu uth jate ho” she said and Riddhima smile.

She kept aarti thaal in temple back and come towards her “Mom, itni achhi jagah hai ye, slow breeze and sweet chirruping birds made me get up, fir mera dil hi nhi lag raha tha room me, mera bas chale to mai pura Ramgarh ghoom lu” Riddhima said smiling and Ananya smile how kiddish she act.

“Hmm, jagah to mujhe v bahut pasand hai ek kaam karte hain tumahri shadi k baad ham yaha ghumne aayenge wapas kyunki kuch puja hame yaha v karni hai” she said and Riddhima blush on the word of marriage.

“Kya hua? Tum to abhi se blush karne lagi, you know what Riddhima Nikki aur Rahul se bach k rahna, kyunki shadi k baad ye dono tumhe bahut tease karne wale hain. Armaan to fir v shy hai tumhari tarah” she said and Riddhima smile.

“Itne v shy nhi hain Armaan” she murmured under her breath and Ananya didn’t heard that.

“Ji Mom” she replied shyly.

“Beta, tum dono ki life ka ye bahut important phase hai, ye moments tumhe wapas nhi milenge isliye khushi khushi raho, samjho ek dusre ko taki aage kabhi v koi misunderstanding ya koi v choti moti fight tumhare rishte ko hila na sake, hamesha apne relation ko majboot bna k rakhna aur buri nazro se chhupa k” Ananya said taking her hand in her own hands and she smile looking towards her with teary eyes.

“Kya hua?” Ananya asked and she hugged her.

“Thanku Mom, thanku so much and thanks to God, coz unhone mujhe ek aur maa de di” she smile being in her embrace and Ananya kissed her forehead tapping her back.

Padma wiped her tears as she was witnessing the scene while coming down and smile feeling happy for Riddhima, she was going to be a part of an amazing family who love each other selflessly.

She make herself normal and comes down, sitting beside Riddhima she said “Ladkiya to shadi k baad apna maayka bhoolti hain but ye to abhi se hame bhool gai” she said in a complaining tone and Riddhima look towards her smiling in tears.

“Mom” she hugged both of them sitting in between them and they smile “I love you both” she said and then get up to see whether breakfast is ready or not.

“Mom, mai kuch help karu?” she asked.

“Nhi, achha sun ja Armaan ko jaga de” Ananya said and look at the colour change of her face.

“Whatttt? M,,,,Mom mai kaise?” she said stammering and Ananya Padma laugh on her reaction.

“Hehe, dekho jara isko, abhi itni sharam aa rahi hai but shadi k baad to karna hi padega na” Ananya said and Riddhima look away being shy.

Mom, aap v tease kar rahe hain” she said and Padma hugged her.

“Ha, aadat pad gai hai in log ki” Ananya said winking at Padma and they laugh “Achha mai jaga k aati hu” Ananya said.

“Kisko jagane ja rahe ho aap Mom?” Armaan asked coming back from jogging.

“Lo, mai to bhool hi gai thi is ladke ko v kaha neend aati hai, ye to subah subah jogging k liye gaya tha” Ananya said tapping her forehead and he smile.

Armaan’s eyes fall on Riddhima who was standing beside Padma, moving spoons here and there and smile coz she was feeling shy infront of him and their elders.

“Mom, my orange juice?” Armaan asked deviating his mind from her somehow.

“Ohoo! I thought tum so rahe hoge isliye nhi banaya ruko do minute abhi deti hu” Ananya said and Armaan nodded.

“Mai bahar garden me hu” Armaan left the kitchen.

“Ok” Ananya said and Riddhima look towards him when he turn around to go.

She smile looking towards him and at the same time Armaan too turn back and winked at her while she was like hawwww but control her voice as Padma and Ananya were present there. She look towards other side being shocked and spoon fall from her hand.

“Arey Riddhima kya hua beta?” Padma asked.

“Tum theek to ho?” Ananya asked.

“Ha, Mom, W,,,wo,,umm,,,, mai abhi aati hu” she said and rush towards the room while Armaan move out smiling on her act.

“Ise kya hua?” Padma asked looking towards Ananya.

“Pata nhi, achanak se?” she said and they shruuged off their shoulder getting busy in preparing breakfast for everyone with servants.

Riddhima enter in room and shut the door, she stood there being shy holding her heart as her heat beat was so fast and her cheeks were changing color automatically, she feel so shy in herself, how Armaan just,,,,,,,. She can’t even think and lie on bed remembering Armaan, his mischevious smile and that look which was rare to be seen.

Ananya send juice to Armaan from one servant and he smile remembering Riddhima and wonder how he did that. He was sipping juice but mind was struck at the moment when he winked at her, he didn’t planned that and nor he wanted to do anything like that but the moment he turn back to get a glass of water and Riddhima was looking towards him only, he smile on her coz she look at him immediately when he turn to go not before that and her eyes were like a bundle of so much emotion care love and she was about to turn her eyes back to something else and Armaan don’t know what to do just to get her attention, so that her eyes be in contact with his, he just winked and that was it. Riddhima become shocked by his act and spoon fell down from her hands, she was just unable to say anything and left kitchen without giving any excuse but Armaan noticed the colour change and he chuckle by her act.

“Kya soch k itna smile kar rahe ho Ammy” Anurag said coming towards him and he smile.

“Kuch nhi Chachu” he said.

“Riddhima k bare me bare me soch rahe ho” he said.

“Apko kaise pata?” he said suddenly and then look towards him “I mean n,,nhi” he said.

Anurag smirk on his white lie and hit his head lightly “Chacha hu tumhara, bachpan se sari harkate dekhi hain maine aur tu mujhse jhoot bolega” Anurag said and Armaan smile looking down.

“Chachu mai bas,,,,,” he was saying when Anurag cut him in middle.

“Armaan tum dono ka rishta bahut pyara hai and you know what tum dono ek hi tarah ho, just like each other to tumhare married life me to problem nhi aane wai hai aur agar kabhi aaye v to use ek dusre k sath suljhana warna rishte ulajh jayenge” Anurag said and he smile nodding his head.

“Achha chachu apne Rahul ko dekha kya?” Armaan asked.

“Nhi, but Mohan kaka bta rahe the ki wo subah hi chala gaya Kishan k ghar” Anurag said.

“Radhika na achhe se badla le rahi hai kyunki Rahul uska bday bhool gya tha” Armaan said and they laugh on this.

“Aur tumne use yaad kyu nhi dilaya” Anurag asked.

“Arey maine bola tha but wo meri baat hi nhi sun raha tha koi, apna hi bolne me laga tha isliye use samajh me nhi aaya ki mai kya bol raha hu aur kyu, ab bhugte” ARmaan said and Anurag smile.

Armaan get a call and smile, he talked for few minutes and gave address.

Prerna came there and give juice to Armaan and Anurag, she look at his smile and asked “Bade khush lag rahe ho Armaan” 

“Hmm, ek surprise hai” Armaan said smiling and she look towards him.

Armaan saw Riddhima walking towards them with Ananya and Muskaan, he ask them to be silent and look at the gate “Sabke liye hai” he whisper in Prerna’s ear and sign her to keep silent.

Nikki came alongwith Vansh and Padma holding frams so that they can have it in garden with others.

“Woww, Nikki you are too good” Muskaan said.

“Thanku” she smile and they start eating.

“Shukar manao Muskaan abhi Rahul nhi hai yaha warna use to ulta hi jawab dena hota hai tumhare baat ka” Anurag said and they laughed.

“Achha hai nhi hai, warna hamare liye chhodta v nhi kuch” Muskaan said and they smile on her “Waise wo hai kaha raat me to aaya tha” she asked.

“Tumne dekha tha use? Mujhe to laga ki aaya hi nhi” Ananya said.

“Ha wo mai raat me pani lene gai thi tab hi aaya tha wo” Muskaan said and she nodded her head.

“Uski halat kharab hai Muskaan kuch nhi kar sakta wo apni marzi se jab tak yaha hai, wo bas hamare sath yaha aata hai uske baad to Radhika hi bhagati rahti hai use” Armaan said and others smile while Muskaan again frown on this name.

Nikki look towards her facial expression and wonder what happen.

“Kya hua Muskaan?” she asked.

“Kuch nhi, ye Radh,,,,,,” she was saying when Armaan utter in between.

“Here you are” he said looking towards the gate and Muskaan thinks it’s Rahul she turn around to see but he was someone with a big bag.

Everyone look towards him with a question eyes while Armaan smile looking towards them.

“C’mon guys don’t stare him like that, use aane to do” he said and Anurag laugh.

Riddhima look towards Armaan coz she was also staring him with a frown, Armaan smile looking towards her and she bend her head down remembering his act in morning and look away hiding her blush. Armaan just loved that sight.

“Thanku so much for delivering all these on short notice” Armaan said and shake hand with him.
“It’s our duty sir” he said and they smile.

“Okay, guys lets move inside and Nikki Mohan kaka se bolo inke liye kuch thanda laye” Armaan said and she went nodding her head while others went inside the hall.

“Armaan kya hai ye sab beta?” Padma asked.

“Thodi der rukiye mom sab pata chal jayega” Armaan said.

“But Armaan ye hai kaun aur ye bag?” Ananya asked.

“Um, Mai,,,,,” that man was trying to say something but Armaan stop him in middle.

“C’mon Mom don’t be so impatient” ARmaan said and Ananya glared him while others chuckle.

Riddhima was watching how he was trying to stop questions regarding that person and stuffs, she don’t know what he was planning but she was sure that everyone will love whatever he was trying to do.

“Lo betaji, sharbat piyo”Mohan kaka gave him a glass and he smile saying thanku.

“So, ladies aap log ko aaj function me jana hai and I know it was a sudden plan and no one get time to buy anything isliye maine ye sari cheeje order kar di thi kal and now it’s here, waise to I choose for everyone but in case agar kisi ko v pasand nhi aata hai to he also have few extra pieces so you can exchange” Armaan said and everyone wonder what he ordered.

“But ARmaan ye hai kya?” Shweta asked.

“Dresses” finally the person said who bring the parcel “aur mai iski delivery karne aaya hu” 

“Wowwww, bhaiya you are great” Nikki jump in happiness and hugged him while he smile on her sudden happiness.

“But apne ye order kab kiya?” she asked.

“Kal bus me, yaha aate time” he said and everyone smile how thoughtful he is.

Although they have certain dresses which they could wear here but being ladies one or other thing remain missing.

Delivery boy open the bag and start showing dresses.

“Ye Ananyaji k naam wala slip hai” he take out the dress and look towards them.

Ananya open it and smile as it was a very beautiful yellowish orange saare with beautiful work and few matching jwelleries alongwith it, she smile looking towards Armaan and he blink his eyes, he knew Ananya liked it.

“Woww ye to bahut sundar hai” Nikki said and they smile.

“Ye Padma ji k lie, ye Prerna ji aur ye Shweta ji k liye” he pass the packets and they were in aww as they don’t have words to describe it was perfect for everyone.

“Armaan, beta ye bahut sundar hai thanku so much” Padma said.

“Mom, ya to beta hi bol lo aap ya thanku hi bol lo” Armaan said and Riddhima smile looking towards his pouting face.

“Achha baba sorry” she said and he smile.

“Aap log ko kuch change karne hai isme to,,,,” Delivery boy was saying when they cut him in middle.

“Nhi ji, hame ye bahut pasand hai aur upar se ye Armaan ne choose kiya hai to change karne sawal hi nhi” Prerna said and he smile.

“Aur hamare liye?” Nikki and Muskaan came forward.

“Oh No!” Armaan touch his forehead.

“Kya hua?” Nikki asked.

“Mai to tum dono k liye order karna,,,,,,” he stop in middle.

“Ye kya baat hui Armaan, hamare liye order karna kaise bhool gaye” Muskaan said and he suppress his smile.

Riddhima saw this and sign Muskaan to stya silent but how could she.

“Tu kya ishare kar rahi hai, kyu chup rahu mai, aise kaise bhool gaye,,,,,” Muskaan was saying when Armaan look towards Riddhima, he knew she noticed his smile.

Armaan hold two packets and forward towards them to shut their mouth.

“Hain,,,,, ye mere liye” they both said at same time and jump in happiness.

“Dekh lo shay,,,,,,” Armaan was trying to say something but they already open the dress and start looking towards each other holding that “inko bbolne ka koi matlab nhi hai” Armaan murmured under his breath.

“Wowww, I loved it” Muskaan said and he smile.
“And we don’t want any changes” Nikki hold her packet and sit on nearby sofa checking her jwelleries.

“Ahem ahem, Armaan ab Riddhima ka v dress dikha do” Prerna said while teasing him and he smile shyly looking away from her.

Riddhima become beetroot red as she was center of focus now.

“Ha wo, usme” Armaan stammers.

“Ohoo, sabke time me shyness nhi aai aur Riddhima ka naam lete hi aawaz band” Shweta said and he smile.

Riddhima feel so shy coz they were teasing him infront of her and she decided to leave when Prerna hold her hand “Aap kaha chali madam, pahle apna dress to dekh lo kya pata pasand na aaye” she said and Riddhima smile looking down.

“Chalo Armaan uska dress leke aao” Ananya said.

Armaan hold a packet and forward it towards Ananya, she didn’t hold it then he look towards her with question eyes.

“Mera dress mere paas hai, jiska hai use do” she replied and Armaan frown on how they were hell bend to enjoy his shyness and were teasing him so much.

Armaan move towards Riddhima when Muskaan and Nikki said from behind “Kya scene hai” he shake his head on their nautanki and forward the packet towards her.

“Thanku” she whisper slowly and he smile.

“Chal Ridzi ab open kar na, hame v dekhna hai” Muskaan said and she glared her.

“Aankhein baad me dikha lijiyega bhabhi” Nikki said she open the packet.

“OMG!” it was Nikki and Muskaan.

“Beta bahut sundar hai” Padma and Ananya said.

Riddhima look towards him with thankful eyes and he smile coz he knew she liked it.

“Sundar?” Nikki said and they look towards her being surprised “Mom, it not just sundar, it’s best, bhai I loved it but for Bhabhi” Nikki said and he smile.

It was a beautiful red lehanga with traditional work and delicate beautifully worked red net dupatta, actually he liked it at first sight and was not getting occasion to buy it for her, and when they left Mallik Mansion and Nikki said that they didn’t shopped for enagement ceremony he smile getting chance to buy that dress for her. He ordered beautifull dresses for everyone and Nikki, Muskaan and Riddhima get the traditional lehanga’s and beautiful jwelleries, pattern of their lehanga were almost same but that red colour was for Riddhima.

“Bhaiya” Vansh who was sitting silent from few minutes pull his shirt and Armaan look towards him.

“Ha Vansh kya hua?” he asked sitting upto his level.

“Sari cheejein inke liye, hamare liye kuch nhi” he said pouting.

“Aisa ho sakta hai kya ki mai tumahre liye kuch na lu” he said and Vansh smile.

Armaan look towards him and sign to give other packets, he order traditional kurta’s with set for gents and a beautiful indo-wetsern for Vansh. They loved it and he smile that now he did what he wanted to do.

he also bought few things for Mohna kaka and his family.

Rahul called him and he smile “Ha Rahul bol” he said and Muskaan look towards him.

“Bhaiya aaplog nikalna thodi der me, mujhe time nhi mil payega to mera dress lete aana yahi pe mai change kar lunga, aur sabko pasand aaya?” he asked.

“Ha sabko pasand aaya” he was talking with him and ladies get busy with discussing how they liked it, Muskaan was passing by him when Armaan stop her “Muskaan tumhe pasand aaya na dress?” Armaan asked and she look towards him with confusion.

“Ha, kyu?” she asked.

“Wo actually jab mai select kar raha tha dress, to ye Rahul ne choose kiya tha” Armaan said.

Muskaan smile slightly then look towards ARmaan and signed him to keep quite “Oh! To us kankhajure ne choose kiya tha tabhi mujhe laga apne kaha se utha li ajeeb si dress” she said and Armaan control his laugh.

“Bhai, use pasand nhi aai, jane do mai rakhta hu phone yaha milte hain” he cut the call and Armaan smile how he become sad.

“What was that Muskaan?” Armaan asked

“Kuch nhi, apka bhai jayada busy hai na, ek call v nhi kar sakta to mai kyu bolu ki dress achha hai” she and Armaan laugh.

Everyone get ready soon and gather in hall, they were waiting for Armaan as he will take them to Kishan’s home.

Riddhima was smiling shyly correcting her dupatta, she was looking so beautiful and delicate, no one can take their eyes off from her, Padma put black dot on all .

Armaan was coming down talking with someone on phone correcting sleeves of his kurta which was matching with Riddhima’s dress and she smile being lost in him, he was looking so handsome and dashing, she bend her eyes down coz till then Armaan’s eyes were fixed on her.

He stop in between and stop on his spot looking towards her, a beautiful smile adore his face and he come down being lost in the beauty standing down waiting for him, he was just lost totally lost, neither he can hear anything nor can think, just Riddhima was standing there and every other thing fade down.

Riddhima was looking down being shy coz she knew his gaze was fixed on her and she was trying to suppress her smile shyly, Armaan was enjoying the red coour of her cheeks when he heard someone’s voice and came back to reality.

“Ye Armaan kaha rah gaya” Ananya said and turn behind “ye lo aa gaya, chalo beta jaldi we are getting late” she said and Armaan look toward her and nodded.

They were coming out together and Padma smile looking towards them “Kitne sundar lag rahe hain na dono sath me” she said.

“Hmmm, made for each other, kabhi kisi ki nazar na lage inhe” Ananya said and she smile.

They reached Kishan’s home soon and everyone welcome them happily, Muskaan was smiling and was trying to search Rahul but he was no where to be seen.

They meet Kishan’s family and went to see Rucha as she was getting ready for her engagement.

Armaan got a msg and move towards a room where rahul took the packet from him and changed his dress, Armaan noticed his sad face and asked but he ignored his question saying he was feeling tired. Armaan left to meet others and rahul came out.

Muskaan was looking here and there and was moving behind the ladies and get lost in crowd, they move towards a room where Rucha was present and she was left behind in corridor, she wonder in which room she should go.

“Ek to kabhi kisi k liye kuch pasand nhi kiya to aaj achanak se kaise use pasand aa jayegi kisi aur ki choice, koi nhi Rahul beta better luck next time, aaj to wo pehan k aane se rahi itna gussa thi” Rahul was moving forwards murmuring to himself when colloide with someone and hold her.

It was Muskaan she look towards him being shocked, he was looking charming and Rahul look towards her and smile as she was wearing the same dress.

“Arey chhodo mujhe, aise kya ghoor rahe ho” she said coming out of his hold.

“Tumne to dress pehna hai” he said.

“Ha to, nhi pehan na tha kya?” she asked.

“Nhi matlab, maine suna tumhe bolte hue that you don’t like the dress” he said.

“Ya, but it was much better than some suits so I wore it, kyu achhi nhi lag rahi kya?” she asked.

“Nhi bahut achhi lag rahi hai” Rahul smile.

“Thanku, arey ha tum jao na, tumhe to kaam hoga, jao warna kya naam hai uska yep, Radhika wo tumhe bahut maregi na” she said and he realize what she said.

“O shit, ha yaar mai to bhool hi gya, pakka maregi, anyways tum us room me jana waha Rucha hai” Rahul said and ran to a side.
Muskaan glared him angrily and went towards the room.

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