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Part 28 : And we are made to be one

part 1 -27

Next morning

Armaan found Ridhima waking him upholding the coffee in her hands with a smile playing on her lips.
Armaan didn't question her for that passing her smile he took the cup from her hand as his head was already it hell to ignore as he did tons of work last night.

Soon he found Ridhima ordering him of his carelessness for himself as he slept last night without even changing or having food that was kept ready for him.

He kept listening to her but never raise his voice to oppose her or to stop her.

Not getting any response from him she looks at him as earlier she was cleaning the room placing the things on its own defined places. "What happen aise kya dekh rahe ho" she asked him but instead of giving her answer he just shakes his head indicating nothing.

Once the room is clean Ridhima moved out to see Shashank already sitting in his chair near the window in living room with a newspaper in his hands. "Good morning papa" Ridhima greeted him from behind while hugging him around his neck.

Shashank smile at his baby while greeting back "Good morning beta.... Pata hai Aaj newspaper mein aaya hai...." Shashank voice fades away who was updating Ridhima about day to day when the scene shifts from them towards Armaan.

Armaan after having his coffee gets up for having a bath when his phone started ringing.
Picking up the phone he greeted the person "Hello Armaan here" but the next voice just shakes him up.

While later he was on another call saying "The damage has been done Atul. Now I want this procedure to be halted right this moment. I don't fear lose we faced but, the consequence might come to my personal front and I don't want that at any cost. Do whatever you want to but just stop all this please Atul." in the start he was all hyper, ragging in anger but as the reality was settling in his voice became soft.

"Don't worry sir, i will do my best to keep things under control you don't have to worry. And about personal front chinta maat karo Armaan mein hun na tera saath sab dekh lenge hum... Hmmm" Atul encourage Armaan before ending the call.

Muskaan who was awake came to his room when he shouted before on the call so without a doubt he knew she might have heard him talk as her worried face said it all.

"Armaan.... Kya vo sab sid" muskaan asked only that much to gain Armaan’s response with the nodding head.

"Mein kya karun kuch samjh nahi aa raha" Armaan asked getting frustrated and sat on the edge of the bed.

Mukaan moved into the room and after thinking for like 10 minutes she declared "Mera pass ek idea hai, Ridhima hi hamari help kar sakti hai"

Armaan looks at her in the confusion that how Ridhima can help them when she doesn't even know the situation. Even if we feed her about the happenings still she doesn't know these business tactics that how she will be helping them. So putting a stop to his brain he raise his voice "Vo Kaise, usse toh business ke baare mein kuch bhi nahi pata toh help laise karegi Ridhima hamari"

"vo tum mujhpe chod do, aabhi tum office jao shaam tak result tumhare haath mein hoga. Worry not aur haan aaj meri leave consider kar lena" muskaan said with a proud feeling remembering her idea.

"Hmm... Chuti nahi aaj tumhare field work kar ke absence notice ho jayegi. Par muskaan tum karne kya wali ho aur Ridhima ka in saab mein kya lena dena." he asked getting curious.

But muskaan knew if she will tell him about her idea, about how Ridhima will help them then she knew, he will deny that idea then and there without even giving a second thought. In all these months she knows him least this much that, he is a man who would never take disrespect of anyone as his arm to gain something, leave alone the person close to him.
"vo tumhe shaam ko pata chal jayega abhi tum office jao aur chill hoke apna kaam karo. Baki sab mein dekh lungi" she kind of order Armaan.

"But" before he can say anything Muskaan cut his words.

"Chill Armaan I will handle it" she ensures him softly this time to which he just sighs. Before leaving to start his day he turns around to say "Muskaan mujhe nahi toh Atul ko bata dena he will help you guys in anything you want."

Muskaan just nodded her head acknowledging his thoughts thinking 'Yeah... Atul will be the right person to do that small part of my plan at least'

All the four meets on the breakfast table. After which Armaan left with a small nodding head in muskaan direction to which Ridhima look at her but before she could have asked muskaan any question, muskaan said "uncle vo aaj meri chuti hai kya mein aur ria kahin ghum aaye"

Shashank smiled "haan kyun nahi is mein puchne ki kya baat hai jao dono enjoy karo" he gave his permission to them. Getting all happy muskaan said while moving to her room "ria get ready by 11 sharp. Humein pehle kahin kaam se jana hai then we will have fun around the city" and with that muskaan just closed the door behind her leaving Ridhima in thoughts.

Getting ready in no time muskaan took Ridhima out saying bye to Shashank.

Ridhima was just following muskaan as she wasn't getting any answers out of her. Soon muskaan hired a taxi and asked the driver to take them to the police station.

Hearing it Ridhima’s ear stood in attention "What...! Police station but why. What happened? Will you tell me something muskaan?"

"Ridhima just chill, I will explain you everything but not right now" muskaan said trying to make Ridhima calm.

"Chill... Seriously muskaan. Out of nowhere you are dragging me to the police station not even letting me know why. And here you are asking me to chill out" Ridhima shouted in anxiety at her.

Muskaan was just calmly hearing her shout not opposing or making any attempt to explain the situation to her, that make Ridhima’s anxiety reach to peaks.

"Will you say something or keep staring at nothing sitting like an idiot" Ridhima tried to make her talk but nothing came out of muskaan's mouth.

"Will you wait for some time to let me explain things," muskaan said hinting towards the driver of the cab telling Ridhima with her eyes to shut up for the moment then later she will explain it to her everything.

Hack. After all, she doesn't even have an option that she could make choice out of that. It’s needed to be told off to her that why and what they will be doing once they reach the destination.

Seeing muskaan indicating her to stay silent for some time till they are alone Ridhima sat back in her seat relaxing for a while before muskaan drop the bomb on her looking out of the window.

Soon they reached their destination. Moving down they moved to the cafe opposite to the police station ordering for two latte (coffee) muskaan took Ridhima to the seat in the extremely safe corner.

Ridhima sat down tapping her feet on the floor staring at muskaan making tiny eyes. Not her words but her look said it that if Muskaan didn't start with her explanation right then and there then she will be dead meat in no time.

Gulping down a bit scared seeing Ridhima’s expression muskaan soon started with reciting the situation in hand and the plot he has made in her mind to trap the person causing all this destruction.

"What...! He is doing what..." Ridhima in shock shouted a bit loudly gaining the attention of the few people present in the cafe at this odd hours.

"Yes... Actually.... “muskaan stopped in the middle when she saw the waiter approaching them with their order. Keeping it on the table the waiter when away when Atul came in joining the girls.

Muskaan once again explain her plan to the both of them. "par muskaan is mein Ridhima ko lane ki kya jarurat hain. Hum koi aur rasta bhi toh dhundh sakte hain na. Aur phir Armaan ko pata chalega toh bahut dara hungama ho jayega" Atul tried to reason her.

"I know Atul, ki Armaan nahi maanega is sab ke liya par Atul we don't even have a choice. Being in these legal matters due to my work I know that he have trapped Armaan into something unbreakable. So this is the only way to get out of this mess" muskaan put forward her concern

"Atul... I guess muskaan I right. We should follow what she has planned, aur rahi baat Armaan ke ghussa hone ki toh tum chinta maat karo vo samjh jayega ek do din mein" Ridhima but in as she was lost in her thoughts before.

"Par Ridhima hum is mess se toh nikal jayenga par, par ko hamare is plan ke karan problems hongi uska kya" Atul asked

"koi problem nahi hogi Atul" Ridhima said

"Ridhima you are to understanding the gravity of the situation. Chalo maana hum ne abhi case kar diya, do you know us case ke chakar mein ye problem toh solve ho jayegi par ek nai problem khadi ho jayegi. Jo case tum karna chahti ho vo case alag se run hoga tum samjh rhi ho iska matlab" Atul tried to bring some sense to both the girls.

"ye mein ne socha hi nahi aab kya karen." muskaan asked him

"vo hi karenge jo karne wale the " Ridhima said

"par Ridhima " muskaan tried to question her

"nahi muskaan aab soch liya hai toh aab puche nahi hatenge. Aur waise bhi tab Armaan hoga sab handle kar lega vo i know him" with the finality in her voice Ridhima stood up.

Both muskaan and Atul tried to give her one or other situation to think about but Ridhima has already made her mind. So leaving it all she just moved towards police station with muskaan and Atul following her.

Armaan was sitting in his office thinking about the call he received in the morning and then the conversation he had with Muskaan. More than the call that made him imbalance for a while the thought that muskaan had a plan where ridhima can helped them made him restless.

He don’t know what this is happening to him but it’s not letting him rest in peace or think straight about the damage that needs his immediate attention. He have called the meeting with finance team and the marketing team to take the advice on the cause.

Sid have claimed that he have owned 50% of the company, owning to the hug some amount of money he took from Armaan. He have done a fraud instead of making Armaan sign plenty of money that Armaan believed to be stamped in papers., Sid made him sign the partnership rights in the company.
Getting such a right he have done business in his own personal profit degrading the company's finance status in share market but even Armaan’s image for doing fraud with the other company.

Here the teams are sitting together looking into marketing and finance to bring back the company to where it was a night back, but they aren't able to figure out the plan to get this mess clean as Sid have played his cards well. He have left no loop holes in between. And how will he, he was trained in AR company for the same at managing.

Armaan was all frustrated when the police walked in asking for Sidhant modi.

Inspector - Mr. Malik, hi i am Inspector.Rajan Dave. I am sorry to disturb you in the meeting but we wanted to know about Mr.Sidhant modi.

"Sidhant, what about him Inspector" Armaan was confused why all of sudden Police is interested in him while it’s him and his closed one are the only people known to this issues root cause is none other than Modi.

"Mr. Malik actually your friend Ridhima have come this morning to our police station with complain that Mr.Modi have done pressurized you to sign the company papers owning him 50% against saving her from harassment and threat of death. She claims that it wasn’t you will to sign them but he made you sign them again the tip of the gun. So we are having his arrest warrant" Inspector informed Armaan baffling him.

"What....!!! Dekhiya inspector apko koi gatalfami hui hai. aisa kuch bhi......" but Armaan was cut shot in the middle by inspector.

"Hum jante hai aap koi bhi case nahi karna chahate the kyun ki court mein apki friend ko bulaya jayega, par aise agar hone laga toh kisi bhi mujrim ko koi saja nahi hogi aur na hi unhe sabak milega." Inspector teies to advise him while Armaan was somewhat confused and concerned when he heard inspector saying that ridhima would be dragged in court for this.

"Aap samjh nahi rhe hai...." Armaan was again cut shot

"samjh toh aap nahi rahe hai, aap ko ye hi pareshani hai na ki apki friend ko sab ke samne court mein bulaya jauega toh ap chinta mat kariya mein private room court ke liya appeal kar wa dungi prosecution se." Instector suggested

"Par...." this time Armaan was cut short by muskaan "Sir, Mr.Sidhant ki humne video bhi dikha di hai inspector ko about how he was manhandling ridhima so case is strong. And inspector apko Mr.Modi ki sari information unke System se mil jayegi. unke passwords and travelling sab save hongi Company server mein."

"Mr.Khanna." Muskaan called her Assistant "Aap Inspector Dave ko Mr.Modi ka system dikha di jiye aur phir unko jo help chaiye de dijiyega."

Nodding to each other inspector went with Mr. Khanna while muskaan turn around to face Armaan.

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