Thursday, 17 May 2018

part 29 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

It’s been nearly a month still Armaan was ignoring interaction with everyone including his own family excluding ridhima. He wasn’t talking to anyone but ridhima wasn’t letting him be in his shell, she keep trying to talk to him and in lone time when she talk to him he have started to respond her in somewhat normal way but when she try to indulge him in conversation in presence of third person he kept his silence. She even tried to take him down to have some family time thinking he will eventually come out of his shell but it never happen, he do sit with her holding her hand but it was always in a way that clearly spoke to others that he isn’t comfortable with them around him that surely hurt everyone to know that.

One Such day ridhima once again took Armaan with her down even if Armaan showed no sign of improvement ever since but she can’t give up. She knew he will take his own time and she is ready to give him his time with her support along. Soon they both were sitting on the couch with Armaan holding onto Ridhima’s arm not letting her move away from him seeing others too settling down around them. They all kept sitting in living room without speaking anything when keerti take the opportunity and played some random movie coming on the Television. They all merge themselves in movie it have just started few minute back the first half of the movies was 3 people particularly John, Katrina and Neil, who are college going who have their own share of fun pranking playing partying and a little bit of studying too. But what happen after an intermission brought a shout in their living room.

It doesn’t have the need to hire a defective for, it was a clear sound for them to hear it was Armaan who have shouted. The scene after intermission have just started causing Armaan to shout out loud “Close the dam TV.” Shouting so he hide his ears from his hands hiding his face in his legs rolling like a ball within himself.

The scene that have flashed on Television was John being tortures in the prison but the authority men severely. They have been watching New York Movie that released in 2009 but no one have seen it yet so they ever changed it before hand to avoid such reaction from Armaan. But nothing can be done now to redeem what have already happened those scene have brought back the memories of the torture days he have gone through which he have started to forgot with Ridhima’s care and support. But it once again got refreshed with the same kind of maltreating he just witnessed on the screen. Ridhima tried to pacify him trying to make him believe that his days of torture are really over. That he is with her already with his own family, that now no one will be there hurting him. Nearly after half an hour Armaan was relaxing with Ridhima’s caressing his back and hairs. Sipping some water from the glass that ridhima had forwarded to him that was kept on the table in front of them he was calming down.

Others were only watching the couple not know what they should do at this moment. They aren’t supposed to keep out of it as they are his family but they are even not meant to indulge in it knowing Armaan is still in his shell after everything.

But the mother’s heart can’t have that strong grip on her emotions so as to not move and console her child who seems totally broken. Nandani came up to him, settling down on floor on her knees beside Armaan. She raised her hands to keep them on Armaan’s knees wanting to console her broken son, to ensure him that nothing with happen to him this point forwards as his mother is with him who will take every bad omens on her if it comes in his ways. But Armaan moved his legs even before she can put her hand on him, moving away he stood at some distance not letting her touch him. Ridhima was still sitting on the same place as before, she wasn’t shocked or surprised by his action she knew something like this while happen and it will keep happening till the day he take out his anger, his frustration, his pain. His torture and the betrayal he felt. She hope today is the day it all come out, she know that will be in worst way  and too ask for it was the worst of all but it have to be happening to bring him back to the life he was living.

Ridhima tried to hold onto Armaan who have moved away so that she can make him understand. She tried to pull him back to the place trying to make him see the reality but he wasn’t giving any dam to her efforts even, today. Nandani have fallen back on floor sitting with her hands fallen lifelessly on couch after he got up on the place where Armaan was sitting while back. Everyone have stood up by now in shock sing Armaan’s rudeness.

Ridhima called him out seeing he is not even responding to her gestures “Armaan”. For one Armaan looked at her but then once again he diverted his eyes towards his family who was looking at him with broken emotions before looking somewhere staring in Space. Nandani called him in crying broken voice “Ar…Armaan…..Bache Listen to me… Armaan”

“Don’t… Just don’t call me that” he said in anger refereeing to the term ‘Bache’ nandani used trying to make him listen to her. “Dot do this drama anymore. I have already came to know how much you all love me how much care you all have for me. I have seen it in this past one year. You people didn’t even take an effort to see me or find ridhima. I have been torture severely but you people give no dam about me or ridhima but conveniently went back to your own life. There I was seeking some help from them but I forgot when my own family abdomen me than why those people who were unknown will help me. I keep begging them to let me go or just try to locate ridhima, I told them every single minute I got to see them till I have strength to speak even a single word. The torture they made me go through didn’t break me as much as you people not coming up for rescuing me and ridhima did. Just for once dad send Rahul and Shaurya to help me but they wasn’t able to do it as there visa was detained so you took it as your excuse to not come up with something to get to us in that hell. You say I am your son the pain you are showing now where it have gone back than when I was rotting in there.”

Armaan shouted with his tears flowing continuously along with him every family member was crying. With a painful slow voice he once again continued sitting down on couch. “The Scene you just saw was me living them in these past one year. They made me sleep on the ice bricks, such high electric shocks that made me mad with the intensity of the volts, I was made to hang up side down and they beat me all day to make me confess the guilt I haven’t committed, they peed on my head, they put cuts on my body making more blood flow out and then closed me in room with snakes with no lights, I was so lifeless to even move my fingers. And if that was not all the physical pain was I have emotionally too, even if I haven’t done anything to ridhima but I blamed myself for leaving her alone for that bloody meeting that she was kidnapped and suffered herself. Topping it all my family have abdomen me. Their physical torture just weaken me in health but your absence in providing any help broke me inside. This physical pain is healing and with time it will be gone but the broken me will never be able to get back to what I was before as broken things do get fixed up but the crack always remains which broke once again with slight pressure.”

No one have the courage to speak to Armaan after hearing him but ridhima tried to approach him to make him understand the things he still unknown too. He didn’t knew the threats his family received, he didn’t know the efforts they made which failed badly. Result didn’t matter the intensions of doing something matter, and they took their efforts which failed miserably. “Armaan at least for once listen to maa.” Ridhima tried to reason him but in return he look at her with hurt in his eyes that seems different from this pain for the past, it was hurt like being betrayed “Ridhima please you too don’t leave me betrayed… please I won’t be able to take it.” Armaan confessed his feelings that his face was reflecting. Ridhima was in fix now she neither want his misunderstanding to create rift in their family nor she want to make him feel that even she didn’t stand beside him with him.

“When my family didn’t needed me back then, than why should I stay here with them…” with some more words in the silent screen but the back drop dramatic music was seen with family members talking. After sometime armaan rushed out of the house without giving dam about anyone’s call for him. Ridhima looked at every family member in the house before rushing back at Armaan with Karan’s silent agreeing towards her silent questioning look nodding her head she make a run behind Armaan, with car keys in her hands. As she reached out she saw Armaan moving out of the main house gate jerking away the security man. Ridhima settle in the car starting it she peddled the accelerator seeing which the guard open the gate saluting her. She reached up to slowing down then speed she rolled the window glass down and saw Armaan who was walking lost in his own thoughts.

Breaking on the speed she stopped the car moving out of it she came in from of him, making him halt. “Armaan Lets go home Na we both can sort things please…” But Armaan just shake his head in no. “I don’t want to go there ridhima”. Ridhima tried once again “But Armaan you can’t just walk away like that. Where will you go” she tried to reason with him but he wasn’t able to listen to her “I don’t know but I am not going back in that house” with no other way left she tried negotiating with him “Okay… if you are not coming back home then I will be coming with you.” Ridhima told him confidently “Where you will come with me ridhima. Tis not safe for you. You go back home.” Armaan tried to send her back considering her safety.

“If I have to go back home than you are coming with me or else I will be coming with you no matter where. Choose one” Armaan was in though hearing ridhima he can’t let her out at this hour of night but he can’t even go back it breaks him apart to be around everyone who betrayed him according to his half-filled knowledge. Armaan started walking forwards as he was walking before, but this time ridhima hold his hands stopping him in his place. “Ridhima I am not coming back you please go” he said without turning back. “Okay we won’t go home but you are coming with me. That’s final no more word.” She said with finality Armaan tried to speak “Ridhima….” But was cut short by her “Shush…”
Finally ridhima was able to make him some with her. Making him sit in the passenger seat  she take hold on the wheels, accelerating to get some speed she made her way towards he own parental house. A house where they got engaged, where they took vows together.

Their ride came to a halt outside the house. The guard there on the gate came out from his cubical with the torch to see who the visitor is at this hour of clock. Seeing ridhima in driving seat with armaan beside her he greeted her and armaan but armaan just did a small nod to acknowledge his greetings while ridhima greeted him perfectly. “Bhaiya How are you. How is Mauli and Malti” name of his daughter and wife respectively. “Everyone is goof Didi ji. Mauli came the few times to meet you but you have been away from year so she return back. Asking me to tell her first of all whenever you comeback. Even the kids from Orphanage use to come and ask about you and sir.” The guard told ridhima with happiness to see her after year time to which ridhima replied “I will meet Mauli and kid very soon as I am here.” Guard smiled at her “If you would have told me you will be coming home I would have cleaned the place Didi ji.” Guard told her “it’s okay. I will take care of it” she smiled at him, all this while armaan was sitting silently, with final greetings he finally went to open the gate for her to drive in.

Parking the car ridhima armaan came out, walking to the door ridhima looked at the lock at the door then biting her own tongue she looked towards armaan who shake his head with small smile on his lips. Working her mind up she called the guard to open the lock of the house with the keys she have provided him with for safety purpose. Guard open the lock letting ridhima armaan inside. “Thank you Bhaiya.” She thanked him for the help and then as he was gone back to his duty she locked the door from inside with armaan standing looking around the place that was covered with the white sheets all over the furniture. Ridhima turn around after the door was securely locked from inside to see the place along with armaan. Hanging the car keys on the key stand near the door she moved in, removing the sheets from the couch and tables. Armaan who was looking at covered furniture and her removing it all initially came to help her. She was removing the covering from living room so armaan moved in the kitchen to uncover the utensil stand, opening the gas supply from the pipeline, switching the fridge. Ridhima have removed extra clothing so she turn around waving away the dust that  filled the air near her due to all the shift of year earlier things “Armaan you sit down I wi….” But she saw no one was standing there, at the place where armaan was while ago. She moved to look for him she thought to look in the room but she saw door of the rooms still closed so he wasn’t there for sure. So she was searched him when she head the water sound from kitchen. Moving in there she saw armaan was re-filling and keeping some bottle inside refrigerator to bring them to cool. Ridhima stood there leaning on the Doorpost smiling little at him.

Coming here may be was the best thing that happen today of all the event that have occurred. May be some lone time with her around can make him feel at peace, may be it will rejuvenate his soul, give him space to think more clearly moving ahead in life a bit. Her thoughts broke with Armaan’s voice “I... I was just filling the bottles with fresh water for us.” Armaan said as if he was scared she will chide him for touching thing in her house without asking her. Hearing his voice with sound as a confession one from a small scared child she smile at him “It’s okay armaan why are you getting scared. I am not going to chide you for this. But thank you for helping me in” hearing her he passed a nodding head gesture to her. Moving outside passing her he settle down on the couch looking here and there trying to see if he can do something or other to cut his time for now or may be trying to figure out where he can lay down. He might have heeled much in his physical aspects but the inner strength is still lacking someone. He got tired even in this smallest of work he did in kitchen, he have lost his abilities in these one year which he was trying to regain with Ridhima’s care and support. But I will surly take time as they saw it ‘Weakness comes with in a click of figure but it goes away in long time’ that was happening with armaan too.

Armaan lay on the couch resting his head on the cushion that was supported with the hand rest. He saw still looking here and there with certain things running in his mind with eyes searching for something that can hold his interest in. Ridhima came out after looking for something to eat when she found Maggie packets, so putting them on the gas she walked outside with 2 plates laid with hot steamy Maggie. “Why are you lying here armaan” she asked him out as he was already looking at her, as soon as she stepped out of the kitchen with plates the yummy smell already reached making his stomach grumble out of hunger announcing his demand to have something inside him. Ignoring her question he got up settling in one end he took the plate from her to relish Maggie. Having one spoon full in his mouth already he saw ridhima still standing so she with eyes ask her to sit and have hers too with noodles still in his mouth some hanging some inside.


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