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Part 29 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Mallik’s and Gupta’s were very happy for Riddhima and Armaan’s engagement, they enjoyed a lot and Armaan Riddhima were sitting among them being shy and happy in heart.

It was so random that they need time to digest the fact that they are engaged now and this feeling was making them excited. She shyly look towards him and he pass a smile sitting on stage.

“Armaan bhaiya abhi dekhne dikhane ka session over ho gya ho to lets proceed for dinner” Nikki said and Armaan pass her a glare.

“Ha aur babaji ki kasam badi bhook lagi hai mujhe to” Muskaan said and they laugh.

“Tujhe to har time bhook hi lagi rahti hai” Rahul said and she become angry.

She was about to reply when her eyes fall on Radhika standing beside him, she ignored them and get up to go for dinner.

“Ise kya hua hai?” Rahul murmured.

They were having food together in happy environment and Rucha sit beside them taking her plate, Riddhima smile.

“Thanku so much Rucha for this wonderful surpriseful occasion, thanku” Riddhima smile.

“Bhabhi, infact I’m thankfull for you for saving my life, is se badi khushi kya hogi ki meri zindagi barbad hone se bach gai wo v aap ki wajah se” Rucha said and she smile blinking her eyes.

“Bas ab ek aur baar thanku bola to mai baat nhi karungi tumse, I mean we want your happiness and a best guy for you not any random cheater to tumhe bachana to tha hi hame, maine Dad se pahle hi bol diya tha, wo ladka kisi aur ladki k sath aisa karta to v mai yahi karti aur yaha to baat tumhari aa gai thi Rucha how could I stay silent for that” Riddhima said.

“Riddhima bhabhi, I’m really impressed waise to aap bahut shant rahte ho but you are strong enouh to handle any situation” Radhika said and she smile.

“But mai ye akele nhi kar pati agar Armaan aur Dad mere sath nhi hote to” she said and Armaan smile looking towards her.

“Yaar, khana v kha lo ab aap log” Nikki said and they laugh and have their food.

Rahul went to take water near stall and saw Daljeet and Anurag standing there he pass a smile and they also did the same.

They were talking with each other and accidently Rahul heard that.

“Daljeet ji, Muskaan ki v studies complete ho gai hain ab aap uske liye v ladka dekhna shuru kariye, Riddhima k baad usi ka number hai” Anurag said and Rahul’s hand stop near his lips.

“Ha sahi bol rahe hain aap” Daljeet said and rahul look towards them being shocked.

He don’t know why but he don’t like the fact that Muskaan will be getting married with someone and moreover he don’t want to think about Muskaan being with any other guy.

“Apne kahi baat chalai?” he asked.

“Nhi abhi to nhi, abhi ham pahle Riddhima k liye dekhna chahte the” Daljeet said.

"Hmm" Anurag said.

“Ab ham dekhna shuru karte hain, koi ladka ho apki nazar me to bataiyega” Daljeet said.

“Ji jarur, waise ek ladka hai meri,,,,,” Anurag was saying.

“Uncle, itni jaldi aap kaise Muskaan ki shadi k liye soch rahe hain aur chachu aap v apko pata Muskaan aise kisi ladke k liye ha nhi bolegi” Rahul came suddenly surprising them.

“Are Rahul, ham bas baat kar rahe hain, ladke dekhna shuru karenge tab hi to kahi baat chalayenge” Anurag said.

“Arey lekin itni kya jaldi hai, uncle thoda time dijiye use” Rahul said and left being confused why he was saying all these.

“I think Rahul sahi kah raha hai, abhi agar Muskaan ki shadi ki baat hui to wo bahdak jayegi” Daljeet said.

“Mujhe to kuch aur hi lag raha hai, apne dekha Rahul kaise Muskaan ko leke bol raha tha, use kyu ajeeb lag raha hai?” Anurag said thinking that.

“Ha ye baat v sahi hai lekin hua kya hai rahul ko” he said.

“Pata nhi lekin jo mai soch raha hu agar waisa hai to ye bahut achhi baat hai hamara ek nhi do rishta ho jayega” Anurag said smiling.

“Kya, sach me aisa soch rahe hain aap” Daljeet said and smile understanding what he meant.

They hugged each other and try to get what they exactly want.

Everyone gather after dinner and they were talking about leaving when Vansh come being sleepy.

“Dad, ham kab chalenge mujhe need aa rahi hai” 

“Aww, mera baby need aa rahi hai, come sit here” Prerna said and Vansh went towards Riddhima.

“Mom mai bhabhi k paas hu, aap plz dad ko bolo jaldi chale” Vansh said and sit beside Riddhima keeping his head over her lap and she pat him slowly while others smile.

“Tu ja raha hai” Radhika said holding Rahul’s hand.

“Thank God ja raha hu warna tu mujhe pagal kar degi” Rahul said.

“Aise kaise ja sakta hai tu, kal tujhe aana hai subah” Radhika said looking towards him.

She winked him and he smile remembering something “OK, fir to mai jarur aaunga don’t worry” Rahul said and she hugged him then run towards her room.

“Pagal” Rahul said shaking his head and move forward.

Muskaan saw everything as she was present there, some one asked her to call rahul and she was searching him when her eyes fall on rahul she came towards him but stop listening Radhika’s voice. She felt hurt don’t know why but she don’t like Radhika being so close to rahul.

She left her thoughts and move towards others as they were calling her.

“Achha ham chalte hain” they left taking permission.

Vansh slept there only thus Prerna took her with him when they reached home.

“Chalo bachho ab aaplog v change kar k so jao, kafi thak gaye hoge” Billy said and left to his room.

Armaan move toward his room and Riddhima to went with Nikki, Muskaan was feeling angry and ignored Rahul.

“Ise kya hua hai?” Rahul murmured “Oye Muskaan baat sun?” he called her.

She stop on stairs and he run towards her “Ha bolo kya hua?” she asked.

“Tu theek hai?” he asked touching her forehead.

“Ha to mujhe kya hua hai?” she asked looking away.

“Are matlab bahut chup ho tum aur aaj koi ladai v nhi ki na hi koi argument” he asked coz he don’t like her being silent.

“Oh! Bahut jaldi yaad aa gaya tumhe Rahul Mallik mai shant hu, yeah afterall ab free hue ho sabse to bologe hi” Muskaan taunt him and he didn’t understand what happened.

“Are baba mai to aa raha tha but Radhika ne bula liya kal uske,,,,,” Rahul was saying when she cut in middle.

“You know what Rahul I’m really not interested in talking about her and you so please excuse me” she said and left.

“Yaar ise kya hua hai? Itna gussa kyu hai ye?” Rahul murmured and left towards his room “Ek to uncle aur chachu ne shadi ki baat karke dimaag ghuma diya hai upar se ye alag gussa hui padi hai” he said changing his clothes.

He lie down after changing and tried to sleep after a hectic day but Anurag and Daljeet’s talk make him restless, he himself don’t know why he was feeling so.

Muskaan slept feeling sad coz Rahul’s closeness with Radhika bother her and why she also don’t have answer for that.

Armaan change into night suit and come outside in balcony and smile looking towards moon, their connection with moon was getting stronger day by day, he thought and smile. 

“Hmm, thanku so much for being with us aur abhi v mujhe aisa lag raha hai ki kahi na kahi riddhima v apko hi dekh rahi hogi” Armaan said looking towards moon and smile.

He was murmuring in himself when he heard some movement nearby, he turn and saw Riddhima coming in balcony of Nikki’s room, he hide himself behind a pillar between two balconies, and smile looking towards her.

She came and look towards moon “Thanku” she just said this and smile beautifully which make Armaan lost in her smile.

Her hairs were left open which was flying over her face hiding it from Armaan, he so wanted to remove those fringes from her face, she smile looking towards the ring which Armaan make her wear today. 

Unknowingly Armaan’s hand also touch his ring revolving it in his hands. Riddhima sit on railing as it was quite broad and keep her legs up, she rested her face on her knees looking towards the ring smiling in herself.

Armaan look towards her face and smile as she was happy which make him happy.

Armaan slowly move inside and text her.

“Chand se baatein ho gai ho aur ring ko dekh k mann bhar gaya ho to thoda sa time apne fiancée ko v de do” Armaan text her and she came out of her thought when her phone beep.

She read Armaan’s msg and her face color changes, she become shy and get down from railing looking here and there but he was no where to be seen.

Armaan smile how impatiently she was searching him, he smile slowly and went down, sitting on swing downstairs in garden he text her again.

“Idhar udhar mat dhoondo I’m waiting for you in garden, I hope itna haq to hai ab mera ki mai tumhe bula saku milne k liye” he smile shyly looking towards sky and closed his eyes.

Riddhima read the msg and smile shyly keeping her phone near her chin and slowly move outside.

Armaan lit the fire as it was slightly cold there, sleep was far away from their eyes as it was their engagement ofcourse unplanned and random but still they feel happy and connected with each other.

She came down and look towards Armaan, he add more wood to fire and sit nearby where a mat was lying down.

She look towards him and he signed her to sit.

Riddhima bend her head down feeling shy and sit beside him looking towards the fire.

“Congratulations” Armaan said and Riddhima look towards him being confused “For engagement” he said and she smile.

“Apko v” she said and look down.

He hold her hand into his and touch the ring “I really can’t believe that hamari engagement ho gai hai Riddhima, I mean aaj maine bola tha after that ladies incident and see you become my fiancée now” Armaan said.

Riddhima look towards him and smile how happy Armaan was feeling by this engagement, she also feel same but her expressing skill was quite weak.

“Pata hai riddhima mujhe hamesha se hi aisi ladki chahiye thi jo mere family ko samajh sake aur tumne na sirf unhe samjha balki unhe apnaya v hai, har tarah se” Armaan said and she smile.

“Wo v sirf isliye kyunki aap mere sath the, apne mujhe hamesha comfortable feel karaya aur mujhe kabhi laga hi nhi ki apki family ya meri family jaisa kuch hai, mujhe day one se connection lagne laga tha” Riddhima said slowly making Armaan smile and she look towards his dimpled smile.

He slowly took her hand upto his lips and kissed her ring slowly while Riddhima bend her eyes down feeling shy.

Armaan gets up and she was feeling so shy to look towards him in that time of night, she was feeling happy yet simply shy.

Armaan hold his guitar as it was the best way to convey how happy he was feeling to be with her in his life, he turn and look towards her then smile holding guitar carefully.

He start with tune in guitar and Riddhima look towards him being surprised, thankfully they were slight away from home in a corener of garden where no one can listen the tune of his guitar.

Armaan sing coming towards her slowly and she gets up smiling on his voice as it was for her only.

Na Hai Yeh Pana
Na Khona He Hai
Tera Na Hona, Jaane
Kuyn Hona He Hai.

He came close to her and sing going behind her and she smile shyly, she was about to leave when Armaan hold her hand and she stop there.

Tum Se Hi Din Hota Hai
Surmayi Shaam Aati Hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Har Ghadi Saans Aati Hai
Zindagi Kehlati Hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Na Hai Yeh Pana
Na Khona Hi Hai
Tera Na Hona, Jaane
Kuyn Hona Hi Hai.

He make her sit on swing and sit besides her holding her hands and she look towards him with lots of love.

Aankho Mein Aankhe Teri
Bahoo Mein Bahe Teri
Mera Na Mujh Mein Kuch Raha
Hua Kya
Baton Mein Batein Teri
Rate Saogate Meri
Kuyn Tera Sab Yeh Ho Gaya
Hua Kya.

He squeeze her hands slowly and she look into his eyes getting lost.

Mein Kahin Bhi Jaata Hun
Tum Se Hi Mil Jatha Hun
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Shor Mein Khamoshi Hai
Thodi Si Behoshi Hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi

He get up and forward his hand towards her and she gladly accept his invitation keeping her hand into his. They get up and he swirl her around.

Aadha Sa Vada Kabhi
Aadhe Se Zyada Kabhi
Jee Chahe Karlu Is Tarah
Wafa Ka
Chode Na Chute Kabhi
Tode Na Toote Kabhi
Jo Daga Tum Se Jud Gaya
Wafa Ka.

He leave her hand and Riddhima swirl around him happily and he smile looking towards her.

Mein Tera Sarmaya Hu
Jo Bhi Mein Ban Paya Hu
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Raaste Mil Jate Hai
Manzile Mil Jati Hai
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi.

He again hold her and they dance slowly while Armaan was singing, she kept her head on his chest and they just move their feet holding each other.

Na Hai Yeh Pana
Na Khona He Hai
Tera Na Hona, Jaane
Kuyn Hona He Hai

She smile when he stop after ending the song and Armaan was smiling hugging her tight in his arms they were feeling so happy and blessed at that moment.

“I Love You Armaan” she whisper slowly and Armaan smile being like that.

“Kitna?” he asked being naughty.

“Matlab?” she said looking into his eyes being confused by his question.

“Matlab kitna pyar karti ho?” he asked looking towards her.

“Armaan, ye kaisa question hua?” she said.

“Ab mera question hai to mujhe answer chahiye” he said and leave her.

“Umm” she think hard what to say “I don’t know I just know that you are special in my life and I really do care for you, trust you and can do anything and everything for our relation and family to clear hai na I love you so much.” She said and Armaan smile.

“Hmm, quite convincing but still so much me kitna?” he asked and she smile on him as his mischeivious look make her smile.

She move quite away from him and open her hands to both side which was totally covered with her dupatta and she swirl around him showing by extending her hands to both side.

“Itna, itna aur is se kahi jyada” she said moving around and Armaan smile how she express that.

“Achha ji, ek minute ruko mai v batata hu itna kitna hota hai?” Armaan said coming towards her and she ran away from him.

“Armaaan, nhi please” she said running away.

“Aise kaise Riddhima, don’t you want to know” he said coming behind her.

“Nhi nhi, I know very well” she said running around fountain and Armaan tried to chase her.

“But I want to tell na” he said.

“But I don’t want to know” she said laughing and run inside.

Armaan stood there coz now he can’t chase her in house thus he stop there smiling on her cute antics “GOD! I so love her” he said looking upwards and went towards his room to sleep.

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