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part 3 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

armaan and riddhima came out of each others' embrace after some time and before armaan could say or do anything else, riddhima spoke

riddhima:  armaan i think i should get going.. have to prepare for a surgery i have to perform tomorrow

armaan : look i am sorry again.. i didn't mean to say that or hurt you in any way.. as i said earlier, i just wanted to let you know the truth..

riddhima: initially i was upset, i didn't know mom was going about spreading my story to everyone, i thought she was only going to add to my embarrassment by doing this, but now i get why she did that.. i realize you can be trusted.. thanks for being there for my mother for me.. it really means a lot to us..

armaan just smiled at that, and watched her leave the house.. he went back to his room and thought about the coffee he had just shared with riddhima...this was certainly not what he had expected from this coffee.. he didn't know why he had brought that topic up, when he was very well aware of the fact that it would just increase her sorrows.. he didn't know why he wanted to let her know the truth.. but he was actually happy to know that she was not in love with that joker.. and then, when he had just heard her side of the story, he felt like giving her a hug and telling her that he would be there with her and help her with this revenge plan of hers.. but then he thought of it again.. revenge? She clearly had a very big heart and for all you know, she would just see him infront of her and forgive him, after coming all the way from france to take revenge... he chuckled at that thought..  and then went ahead to change for the surprise padma aunty had planned for riddhima tonight.. this would certainly be an amazing night he thought.. afterall, he had helped padma aunty for all the arrangements.. and his plans never failed..

at sanjeevani

padma: dr.sid , you are incharge of the interns tonight,i have to leave right now as my daughter has returned and we are throwing a party for her tonight with all her close friends and family.. (looking at him, she continued) i would have loved to call all of you but doctors can never say no to patients right..

sid: yes dr.padma.. but isn't dr.keerthi supposed to be incharge of the interns?

Padma: dr.keerthi is on leave for the next month Dr.sid, and her place will be taken by my daughter.. she is joining tomorrow.. so tonight, the interns are your responsibility

 True as it was , Dr.sid was a good doctor and could have easily taken dr.keerthi's place for the next month and not just tonight, but padma being a mother first, could have never taken such a step.. she couldn't trust him after what he had done to her daughter.. she wished she could have thrown him out of the hospital the same night, but remembering riddhima's words " mom, do whatever you want to him, but don't remove him from his job.. he needs the money to support his family" she didn't do that.  She still wondered why riddhima wanted him and his family to do well even after what he had done to her, anyone in her place would have asked her to throw him out.  Did she still love him? "No could never that fool again" she said to herself and left the hospital, to go home and meet her daughter

Sanjeevani ' general ward

Muskaan : yaar ye nayin doctor kya bhagwaan hai, jo uske aane se pehle itni tayari kar rahe hai sabhi

Atul : lekin muskaan, woh hai hi aek bohot achi doctor, suna nahin tune? Sanjeevani ko uski bohot jarurat hai

Muskaan : jarurat hogi sanjeevani ko lekin hum kyun itni pareshaani jhel rahe hai?

Atul : muskaan woh padma maam ki daughter bhi hai.. aur tu bhool gayyi kya, ke intern of the month aur humare final reports padma maam likte hai? Uski beti ko impress karna matlab padma maam se acche reports le jaana

Muskaan : reports ki to aisi ki taisi.. maine itna kaam zindagi mein nahin kiya hoga.. jitna main aaj kar rahi hoon

Rahul : woh to dikhta hai

Muskaan : kya kaha tune?

Atul : rahul muskaan chup yaar tum dono.. kahin bhi shuru ho jaate ho..

Rahul : tu mujhe bol raha hai.. woh tab se bak bak karte jaa rahi hai aur tu mujhe bol raha hai?

Muskaan : to kisse  bolenga? Teri chipkali ki jaisi girlfriend ko?

Rahul : teri toh.. tujhe mujhse problem hai to mujhe insult kar na.. baat baat par uspe kyon jaati hai?

Muskaan : tujh se toh baat karna hi useless hai

Rahul : jaise tujhse baat karna indagi ka sab se achha kaam hai

Atul : main har roz tum dono ke beech mein phas jaata hoon.. pata nahin god kis janam ka badla nikhal rahe hai

Muskaan and rahul : issi janam ka

Person 1 : tumhari fight se nikhal kar mujhe bhi aek baar dekh lo

Muskaan, rahul , atul turn to see sapna standing at the door smiling at them looking like the happiest person in the world

Muskaan : sapna!!

Sapna: hi muskaan.. kya haal chal hai?

Muskaan and sapna start talking to each other, while rahul and atul leave the room, to give rest to their ears,, and go away from the two of them, who seemed too excited to meet each other, after what has been 3 days?

Atul : yaar ye 3 din ke baad waapis aayi hai, lekin aise behave kar rahe hai jaise 3 saal ke baad aayi hai

Rahul : mujhe toh woh patients ki chinta hai, woh unke waje se uth gayye

Atul : waise tuh muskaan ke sath itna kyun fight karta hain?

Rahul : kya karoon yaar.. chahta hoon ke naa karoon.. lekin wo bolte hi mera mann kehta hai ke isko apni jaga dikhayun

Atul : kyun?

Rahul : ya to woh gaate reh ti hai, ya bolte rehti hai.. jab woh gaati hain toh lagta hain kaan phat jayengi.. aur woh bolti hai toh lagta hain ki gaana hi better tha

Atul : lekin ye sapna ki toh shaadi ho gayyi na.. toh woh waapis kyon aayi?

Rahul : wo 3 din ke chuti pe thi shaadi karne ke liye.. phir dr.keerthi ne use waapis bula diya

Atul: itne doctor ke saath karenge kya ye log?

Rahul: accha hai na.. night duty to nahin milengi ab se..

Atul: woh toh hai

@ sid's cabin

Sid was in his cabin, holding a photo frame in his hand and talking to himself

"i am so sorry riddhima.. mujhe pata hai ke mein galat tha.. galat tha jab maine tumhe wo saare promises karne ke baad shaadi pe nahin aaya.. galat tha main.. aur meri zindagi ka har din mein apne aap ko issi ke liye kosta raha.. mujhe pata hai ke main maafi ke layak bhi nahin, lekin maine bohot koshish ki.. koshish ki maine tumhe dhundh ne ke liye.. tumse maafi mange ke liye, lekin tum mujhe mili hi nahin.. maine mumbai ka kona kona dekha, yehi umeed main ke tum mujhe mil gayunga aur mein tumhe sorry kahunga.. lekin tum nahin mili.. aaj bhi main tumhe dhoond raha hoon, lekin tum mujhe abhi bhi nahin mili.. i hope.. i just hope you can forgive me for my mistake riddhima"

Sid puts the photoframe back on the table and starts reading his files, when abhimanyu enters his cabin with a cup of coffee

Abhimanyu : hey sid, night duty huh? Here.. coffee to keep you awake, while i go home and sleep peacefully

That was Dr. abhimanyu, who never left any opportunity to tease sid, but when anyone needed help, he would be the first person to go ahead, without even thinking twice... his mood swings and anger were unpredictable, and thus, everyone preferred to stay away from him

Sid: padma maam you know.. dr.keerthi went on leave, and idhar meri band baj rahi hai

Abhi : thats life sid.. this is just the start.. just image the workload you will have to face when i go on leave

Sid: waise abhi this new doctor is coming tomorrow.. toh workload kum ho jayenga.. phir main aaram se ghar jakar sounga

Abhi : in your dreams mister.. nayi doctor keerthi ke jaisi hitler hogi toh in your dreams only

Sid: tu keerthi se itna darta kyun hai? Woh teri boss nahin hai.. hum teenon same level pe hain

Abhi : same level pe hain, lekin phirbhi nazar rakhti hain yaar.. har roz puchti hain.. auisa lagta hain jaise mein intern hu aur har roz usko report kar raha hoon

Sid: waise, ye baar ke interns acche hain na.. thode natakbaaz hain, lekin kaam accha karte hain

Abhi : haan kaafi acche hain.. lekin woh friend wala equation nahin hain humare aur interns ke beech main.. i mean unse baat karne ko darr lagta hain kabhi kabhi.. pata nahin kab jhagda start ho jayega

Sid: tu toh sabse darta hai

Abhi : nahin

Sid: nikki , mere aur shubhankar ke alawa ofcourse

Abhi : ye nikki beech main kaise aa gayyi?

Sid: jaise tujhe pata nahin ke wo tujhe kitna pasand karti hai

Abhi : sid not again yaar.. woh sirf aek intern hain aur ye baat bohot clear hain.. phir tu baar baar ye kyun bolta rehta hain?

Sid: tu jo bhi bol, lekin koyi connection to zarur hai.. i can feel it

As he said that, abhi got up and left the cabin, giving sid a deadly glare.. which sid was used to by now.. the 3 of them, sid, shubhankar and abhi shared a very friendly relationship.. they were competitors , but had a healthy competition, to say the least..

At riddhima's house

Riddhima was lying on her bed, thinking about the series of events that took place today, from her dashing into armaan, then the coffee she shared, the hug, the suprised look on his face when he saw her in the salwar khameez.. how could she forget that, that was probably the best part about the day.. the way she closed his mouth and the way he looked at her when she did that... but what she was thinking about the most was why this meeting was affecting her so much.. why this particular guy was refusing to leave her thoughts.. and why did she go back to change into what he wanted to see her in.. she had never paid so much attention to anyone in her life.. so what was so special about this armaan mallik? Yes she had to admit his looks could kill, but this was not the first time she saw a good looking guy.. this was not the first time she shared a coffee with someone, but she had certainly never enjoyed a coffee so much in her life.. and that smile of his.. it could capture the world.. OMG stop thinking about him and his smile for gods sake she said to herself, and went downstairs to busy herself in something and get this armaan mallik out of her mind

 She went down to see her mom in the kitchen and her excitement then knew no bounds.. she had just met her mother after 3 years and she was jumping in joy.. she went ahead and hugged her mother, when she saw someone hiding in the kitchen, when she turned her face a little to see who it was ......she saw the same person who she was trying to forget .............ARMAAN MALLIK

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