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part 3 : With U

With U : will they meet


Armaan thinking about ridhima, atul is introduced, rahul and muskaan meet for the first time and they have a fight on the basket ballcourt

After rahul and muskaan  had their big fiasco on the basket ball court the scene shifts of to a beautiful house the gupta resistence we see two sweet angels sleeping both snuggling into the blackets, but the alarm went on the loud ringing gave both headackes

Anj  :ridhimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa close the alarm plz

Riddz :diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .

Ridhima woke up and close the alarm she rubbed her eyes and she saw the time


Anjali woke up and sat down she saw riddz scared : ridhima kya hua kyu chilaya tumne

Riddz : di its 8:00 am

Anjali :WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riddz :di quickly we only have 1 hour left to get ready are internship starts at 9:00

Riddz and anjali quickly had a shower ran downstaires where shashank and dadi were talking about how shashank should get married

Shashank :ma mujhe shadhi nahi karni

Dadi :lekin shashank tumhe shadhi karni hi padegi

Then riddz and anjalicame running in

Anjali :goood morning dadi {hugging } good moring dad

Riddz :good moring dadi hi papa

Anjali and riddz quickly started having breakfast stuffign everything in their mouths

Dadi :anjai ridhima dheere dheere khalo

Shashank :haan eat slowly

Anjali and ridhima looked at their father shocked they hit their heads playfully and laughed

Shashank :why r u guys laughing

Riddz :papa I think u forgot that its mine and di's  first day in internship and.................

Anjali :and ur getting late aswell cause dad we all need to read at the hospital in 30 mins

Shashank :KYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only 30 mins

Shashank started to stuff all the food in his mouth dadi anjali and ridhima couldn't stop themselves from laughing

Shashank quickly got out of his chair

Anjali :dad i'm comming with U

Shashank and anjali quickly and sat in the car and left. Ridhima came running out

Riddz :GUYSSSSSSSS U LEFT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But ridhima was to late they left

Riddz :ab mei kya karu? .......................... ram rammmmmmmmmm

Ram :jeeeeeeee beti

Riddz :ram dhadi bhahar nikal aur mujhe sanjeevani chodo plzzzzzzzz

Ram :jeeeeeeeeeeeeeee beti

Ridhima sat in the car and the left

While all this was going around in the gupta resisdence the same thing was happening in the maliik house  the scene shifts off to the malik resisdence. We see the besutiful house

we see this guy sitting inside the pool his eyes closed , he had no top on he was shirtless and he had a heart shape earing in his hand he kept on thinking of who the girl might have been thinking thinking .he heared someone come

Then we see a girl wearing

 coming towards him. Pic of tia on the front page

Girl : armaan bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Armaan opened his eyes

Armaan :hi tia sweeety

Tia :armaan bhai tia is getting late plz come out of the pool plz armaan bhai {chooooooooooooooo sweet}

Armaan had to agree not because even he was getting late but lookign at his sis he couldn'e help to see how cute she looked in the yelllow dress.armaan came out

Armaan :toh tia is geting late

Tia :haan bhai

Armaan put his hand around her

Armaan :so where is tia gettign late for

Tia :bhia tia is getting late for college

Tia and armaan had their brother and sister talks they reached the dinning room where his mother and father were siting and talking .{armaan's mom and dad's pic on the first page}

Sonia :yeh lo arman aur tia ah gaye

Armaan :good morning mom good morning dad

Tia :good morning everyonne

Sonia and suyesh :gooood morning

They sat around the table they all had breakfast

Tia :ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh {screamed}

Suyesh :kya hua

Tia :papa tia late hai quickly papa tia late hoyayegi

Suyesh quickly got up and got the car out tia went in and sat down

Tia :byeeeeeeeeeeee bhaiiiii

Armaan :byeeeeeeeeeeeee

Sonia :armaan its 8:30

Armaan :WHAT!!!!!!!!!!

Sonia :haan quickly ur gonna be late

Armaan quickly got out the car  and left

Well today luck wasn't there on ridhiam or armaan's car as if they weren't enough late

While driving armaan was on full speed he knew he was gonna be late ,while with ridhima she was sitting on the back stressing out

Riddz :ram plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ghadi aur tezz chalao

Ram :beti hum bohot tezz hi chala rahe hai

With  armaan

Armaan :mein toh phele hi din per late honga

Armaan :ab kya kary kya excuse dhooga, sirf 20 mins bhaki hai kya karu

Well nothing was going right for armaan or ridhima well armaan heard a crash and so did ridhima, wow armaan and ridhiam both crased into each other

In armaan's car

Armaan :OH NO ab kya hua ..................

Ridhima's car

Ridhima :ram ram kya hua

Ram :beti lagta hai accident hua hai mein dekh kar aata hoon

Ram went ouside and saw armaan's car crashed into his car , ram started screaming at armaa's car. Armaan got mad and got out of his car and walked to ram

Armaan :look it wasn't my fault your car into my way

Ram :humhari galti, galti toh apki ti

Armaan :meri app ki ghadi ke vaja se mein ajj late hone wala hoon

Ram and armaan continued arrguing, ridhima got tired of sitting in the car

Inside Ridhima' car

Ridhima :yeah ram ko itni late kya ho rahi hai

Ridhima got out of the car, once she got out and saw him the whole world stooped for her, ridhima's eyes fell on him seh checked him got as he was speaking or shall we say arruguing with ram.ridhima looked at how he was dressed

She saw him with no buttons done up, ridhima stood there checking every part of his chest she felt like going up to him and kissing every part of him.

While armaan was arruging with ram his eyes fell on ridhima. He felled like he has seen her before. He looked at her dressed

Ridhima remember :isn't him the same guy who i dansed last night ? ridhima's thoughs were killing her he looked so fit yesterday and today he looks tooooo sexy. She couldn't help herself she wanted to talk to him but she knew that he wouldn't have remembered her cause of the mask, she had to get away from him or she wouldn't be able to stp herself

Armaan couldn't stop himself from looking at ridhima, ridhima slowly came out of the car and stood right in front of armaan, armaan and ridhima were staring into each others eyes . ram was totally confused of whats happening

Ram :yeh ho kya raha hai {looking from armaan to ridhima and ridhiam to armaan}

Armaan slowly reached inside his jeans pocket and slowly took out the earing and got it to ridhiam's ear, ridhima looked away as fast as she could.ridhima quickly took ram and sat inside the car

Ridhima :ram quickly or i'll be late ridhima's excuse of getting away from him

Ridhima's car left with armaan dumbstruck.Armaan realised that he is gonna be late and he has only 15 mintues left to get to sanjeevani.

Out side sanjeevani we see a guy who is driving a cycle well it's no other than our sweety and cute atul.

just when atul was about to park his cycle a scooty coem and parks brfore him.

Atul :ohey i was about to park here first

The person took  their helmet off.we see a girl with a hair starightened down and loookin reallly beautiful, well this person is our sweet and bubbly muskaan.

Muskaan :oh i'm realy sorry i never meant to. Woh bus mein late ho rahi ti na isleye

Atul :its ok

Muskaan gave Atul space to park his cycle. They introduced themselves while they were walking into sanjeevani a car came right in front of them, Muskaan got really mad

Muskaan:  ohey dekh kar ghadi nahi chala sakta

Then shashank and anjali came out of the car

Shashank :i am realllly sorry

Saying that shashank went really quickly cause he knew that he was going to be late. Then we see a girl really cute but scared on her first day and she ahs crully hair its anjali

Atul stood there for 3-5 minutes checking out anjali, since he saw anjali he couldn't take his eyes of her he looked at her shoes right up to her face
Muskaan : hi {to anjali}

Anjali :hi i'm anjali

Muskaan :hi me muskaan

Atul was just standing there looking at anjali

Anjali :{to atul} hi i'm anjali

Atul was in cloud 9 when anjali came next to him

Anjali :hi helllo!!!!!!!

Atul came back to sense

Atul :hi hi i'm atul

Anjali :hi atul, toh andar chale

Atul anjal and muskaan walked inside. Once muskaan walked inside they heard an annocement saying for all the interns to meet in dr kreeti's office. When they all reached inside dr kreeti's office Muskaan was in complete shock with what she saw

Muskaan to herself :yeh toh wohi ladka hai omg that idiot jerk yaha bhi pouach gaya.That ugly thing

Rahul looked at muskaan they both that hatered in their eyes for each other

just then dr kreeti came in

Dr kreeti :INTERNS

Once atul anjali rahul and muskaan heard dr kreeti they got really scared

Dr kreeti :intern right no time.i hate late comers i'm glad taht ur on time

Kreeti looks around and saw 2 interns missing. It looked like she was gonna explode any second. But right on time ridhima came running in

Ridhima :i'm soooooooooooooooooo sorrry dr kreeetiiiiiiiii

Dr kreeti :DR RIDHIMA ur late

Ridhima :i'm sooooo sorry woh accident ho gaya tha isleye

Dr kreeti :accident i hope ur ok now, but don't ever be late next time

Ridhima went and stood next to anjali

Dr kreeti :lekin we r missing another intern

Now we see armaan getting out of his car with no buttons of his shirt done up,all the nurses were about to faint once the saw armaan. Armaan knew he was in grave trouble he ran in quickly and right into dr kreeti's cabin

Armaan :i'm soooooooooooooooooo sorry dr kreeti woh mein

But then armaan's eyes fell on ridhima he couldn't take his eyes of her. He knew that there was some connection between that girl last night and this girl. Ridhima looked at armaan his eyes were just stuck to her

Dr kreeti :dr...................

Armaan :dr armaan.

Dr kreeti :well dr armaan ur late i hate late comers.i hope ur not goning to be late again

Armaan went and stood next to ridhima.

He slowly touched he hand , ridhima let out a gasp, now armaan knew the truth.

Armaan to himself :i knew it, she is the same girl i danced last night. The same girl she gave the same gasp as she did last night

Armaan stood there in silence as a naughty smile speard across his face.

Armaan moves closer and closer. Ridhima closses her eyes as he knew that he was gonna do it.


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