Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Part 30 : And we are made to be one

Three of them enter in the house, girls were laughing over something whispering to themselves while Armaan came behind them holding his bag locking the door behind while both the girls moved to Shashank hugging him.

He smiled at them hugging them while Armaan sat on the couch tired from all the happening. They were talking when shashank’s eyes fell on the locket ridhima was wearing. Firstly he was confused and kept on staring it, when ridhima happen to look at him.

“Kya hua papa…” ridhima asked him.

“Wo beta ye locket… ye kahan se aaya beta aapke pass.” Shashank asked pointing it point to her neck.

“Vo ye… ye toh mera pass bahut time se hain… Bachpan se hi hai mera pass” she spoke in flow then realize that she is not ridhima for him. For him she is ria and ria might not have it with her, biting her tongue she was about to rectify her words but Shashank cut in. 

“par Tumhare pass toh iska other half tha na…. i mean jitna mujhe yaad tha you had its right half part of it….” Shashank spoke up confusing her.

“Iska ek aur part hai… I mean this is the half locket but ye toh kabhi bhi adhura nhi laga papa” ridhima asked getting all curious.

“Haan… ye locket Padma Ko bahut pasand aaya tha jab hum apne bache ke liya first shoping karne gaye the. I means jab Padma was just expecting her baby to come to the world tab humne ye liya tha locket. Aur tab socha tha ki ye toh two piece mein hai aur hum do ka kya karenge. Par bbhagwan ne humein un do locket ke liya do pyaari se gudiya de di.” Shashank said getting all teary eyes.

"Do" Armaan exclaimed..!

"Haan Ria Ki ek twin behan bhi thi... dono hamesha saath rahti thi, kabhi bhi alag nahi rah pati thi dono. Kuch bhi karti saath karti thi. Ria toh thodi shararti par hamari dusri beti bahut shaant. Ria agar apni saari baat manwana janti thi toh vo hamari saari baat maanti thi. agar ria ko kuch pasand aa jata tha toh ridhima aati thi mujhse bolne ki 'papa ria ko na vo cheej chaiye aap la do na papa' aur vo itna pyaar se bol jati thi ki mein kabhi mana nahi kar pata tha." shashank spoke with tear in his eyes.

"Toh phir apki dursi beti kahan gai uncle" muskaan asked.

"Pata nahi" shashank sigh sayiing so.

"Matlab" ridhima butt in.

"Meri Dono Betiyan KG mein thi… Mujhe aur padma ko bahar Jana the Bi ko tum dono ke pass chod kar hum chale gaye. Hamara jaan jaruri tha par dono bachon ko nahi le ja sakte the…
Hamare piche se Kuch Lutera ghar aaye unhone bi ko behosh kar diya aur tum dar ka chup gai(ria) thi aur vo chup nahi paai... aur vo logo hamari dusri beti ko bhi aapne sath le gaye aur phir hum ne bahut dhunda par vo kahin nahi mili humein. Saalo tak koshish ki par ek din pata laga ki vo bhagawn ke passs…." shashank exhale the breath he was holding from long before continuing. "Tum dono ek eyes ke nich dimple ka farak tha...." shashank stoped in middle seeing the same dimple on ria's face who was actually ridhima not ria.

"Ria beta ye tumhare eyes ke niche... Aisa toh tumhari behan ke...." shashank left in middle being confused.

Everyone was silent trying to settle the new found truth in their system. This day was surely holding a lot in its store. What is happening to them they aren't understanding, the whole day is filled with hell lot of surprises.

When Shashank wasn't getting any answer from he was expecting to be ria but was ridhima he looked at Armaan.

"Vo papa... accident ke baad... vo accident mein chot ke karan ye vo dimple...." armaan tried to make some sense.

"ohh...!!" is all he can word out.

"Uncle aap aram kar lijiye.... Kal Baat kartein hai hum... hmm aur itna mat sochiye please....." Muskaan tried to bring the thick atmosphere down.

Nodding his head he left the living room to take rest surely remembering the old memories isn't best for his health surely not that set of the past for sure.

Muskaan looks towards ridhima who was totally lost. She was about to reach ridhima when all lost ridhima moved away without acknowledging that her best friend was trying to reach her.

Robotically Ridhima went to her room she gave a deaf ear to every cal from muskaan or Armaan. Knowing her friend have gotten a total shock of her own identity making her numb to every other thing.

"Rahne do Use thodi der armaan... abhi usse kuch samjh nahi aa raha hoga kya kare kya nahi.... Kal tak aapne aap theek ho jayegi" muskaan said but armaan didn't buy her words.

"Nahi muskaan Kuch sahi nahi hoga... Kya Mein ridhima se akele meiin baat kar sakta hun." Armaan asked her for permission. Though he didn't need it indirectly he was asking her if she would stay back letting him go to the room Girls were sharing.

Nodding to him she moves to the couch with her mobile in her hand. Knowing she has nothing to do neither her any effort will be fruitful for now.

Armaan moved behind ridhima, he gently knocked on the door but there was no response from the other side. He peeps in before walking in, he saw ridhima standing to look out of the window staring out lost look in her eyes.

He moved behind her, debating for some time he put his hand on her shoulder trying to gain some attention from her, but nothing helped.

he doesn't know where he should start to leave alone the start he doesn't know what to say. He has never been in the situation that might bring him those emotions, He has never found any of his lost relations. he has lost them forever never to come back. He has seen his parents die, he has seen his Bi (Nanny) die, he has seen His wife Ria die, he has seen his unborn baby die and he has never gotten them back in life. he don't knows how it feels to get back the one you have always carve for.

Leaving his own debating thoughts away he called her "Ridhima"

"Armaan aaj mujhe apni family mil gai armaan.... meri apni family... jinke liya mein bachpan se tadap rahi thi vo aaj mujhe mil gai." ridhima spoke with all excitement.

"Kitna Miss kiya mein ne apne rishton ko... ek papa kjo meri har demand puri karte, ek maa jo meri saari baat bin kahe samjh jati aur ek behan jiske sath mein apne sare toys share karti aur sath mein hum dono khub masti karte....." all her excietment was coming down when the reality was sinking.

"Un gundo ne sirf mujhe hi nahi meri puri family ko dukh diya hain, unhone ke maa-baap ko apni beti se, ek behan ko apni behan se aur ek bachi ko apne ghar se itna dur kar diya armaan.... Armaan i have always been asking God why was I born when my parents never wanted me when they didn't want me then why mother took this pain to bring me to the world. I... I at the time spoke badly for them... I abused one who brought me to life.... I.. Armaan this feeling at this moment that i am having is making putting so much weight on my heart." ridhima said still looking out clutching her kurta's neck near her heart in pain with tears slipping out of her eyes.

"Mein bahut buri beti nikli armaan, jinhone mera liya itna pain saha mera ko is duniya se milya mein ne unhe hi itna ulta seedha bola tha... Jo mera liya itna pain le rahe the mein unke hi bare mein kya kya nahi sochti thi. aur dekho bhagwan ne kya saaja di hai mujhe mein apne hi ghar aa gai phir bhi nahi aa pa rahi hun."

"Mein apne hi papa ke samne hun unhe apne samne apne liya hi rote hua dekh rahi hun phir bhi kuch nahi keh sakti ki hai papa mein hi hun apki vo beti jo kho gai thi.... bahut badkismat hun mein armaan.

Armaan aaj hi mujhe apni family mili hain aur aaj hi apni maa aur behan ko khone ki bhi reality pata chali hain. mujhse badkismat koun hoga jisse saalon baad apni family mili aur vo bhi aise."

"Ridhima hum beete hua kal ko toh nahi badal sakte par aapne aane wale ko ko jarur badal sakte hain. Manta hun jo hua vo nahi hota toh aaj sab ki life kuch aur hi hoti, padma maa bhi apni dusri beti ko kitna pamper karti jitna vo ria ko karti thi. padma maa bahut hi loving thi mujhe bhi unhone itna pyaar diya hai hamesha se phir tum toh uni beti thi tumhe toh bahut pyaar deti vo. aur papa vo toh ria ki koi bata nahi talte the even meri baat bhi aise puri karte the ki jaise mein unhi ka beta hun bahut pyaar kiya hain dono ne mjujhe jab se mein ne unhe jana hai..... Ria se bahut pyaar kiya hai mein ne , ek vo hi toh thi jo bina kisi bhed bhaw ke mera sa baat karti thi varna koi bhi mera se baat nahi karta tha... bahut miss karta hun Ria ko... Vo toh chali gai aur sath mein mera ek iklouta dost bhi saath le gai...." hearing ridhima breaking down even armaan let loss his ropes those were tying his sorrow deep down.

"Armaan mujhe aur bataoge maa ke baar mein... Kitna ajeeb hain na mein apni hi maa ke baar mein puch rahi hun par kya karen kismat.. Anyway tum bataoge na ki kaise thi meri maa.... kaise pamper karti thi tumhe aur ria ko.. aur kya pasand tha unhe...." ridhima asked with tear filled eye looking at him turning around.

Seeing that desperation in her eyes to know about her mother, Armaan nodded his head, after all, it was her right to know about her mother. "aur ria vo kaise thi... tum log kaise mile sab batao ge na mujhe" ridhima asked once again to him. All he could do was nod. Armaan told ridhima how he meet ria and how they became friends bringing his outter world to exit just by being with her.

"Baki sab Kal ko araam se sab kuch bataunga, par aabhi tumhe bhi araam ki jarurat hai ridhima. Ridhima too nodded her head at his words. But before he can move away she spoke.

"kitni ajeeb baat hain na armaan, mujhe life mein pyaar hua bhi toh apni hi behan ke husband se. aur apne hi pariwar ko bachane ke liya tum is hi ghar ki beti ko le ke aa gaye." ridhima laughed a hollow laugh.

"Ridhima mein janta hun shayad mein tumhara pain nahi samjh sakta kyun ki mein ne sirf apne karibi logo ko marte dekha hain kabhi unhe wapas pane ki khushi nahi jana par ridhima agar tum chaho toh papa ko sab bata sakti ho...." armaan told her.

Ridhima looked shocked at him. Wasn’t she here just because they can’t tell Shashank about ria’s death then why he want to let her tell Shashank about her real self.

"Mujhe Galat mat sajhna Ridhima par mein ye isliye keh raha hun kyun ki tab jo humne jhuth bola tha vo jaruri tha kyun ki tab papa ke pass koi apna nahi tha... unhse sach chupana padha kyun ki jab unhe pata chalta ki unki beti bhi unhe chod ke chali gai aur koi nahi jisse vo apna kahen toh vo tut jate aur unki vo condition nahi thi. Par aab tum ho ridhima.... unki ek beti na sahi dusri beti toh hai na..." armaan tried to clear his mind to her.

"Kyun armaan" ridhima asked.

"Kyun...!! Matlab" armaan asked all confused at her question

"Papa ke pass tum toh the... Toh tum kaise keh sakte ho ki Papa ke pass koi apna nahi tha. Armaan jitna pyaar tum papa se karte ho na, jitni respect aur apna-pan  tum mein hain papa ke liya shayad mein hoti toh mein bhi nahi kar pati." ridhima said

"Ye sirf kehne ki baat hain ridhima. Tum papa ka bahut ache se khayal rakhti." armaan said

"Nahi armaan... Jab Insaan ke pass sab hota hai na tab insaan ko uski karad nahi hoti. aur rahi baat papa ki toh i know tumne hamesha aapne se pehle papa ko rakha hai. nahi toh tum kabhi bhi vo sab nahi karte jo tumne kiya. papa ke liya mujhe ria bana kar khada kar diya, khud ko ghumm mein dubaye rakha lekin papa ko gum ki bhanak bhi nahi lagne di, khud roz tutte rahe par papa ko sambhal kar rakha tutne nahi diya." ridhima tried to reason with armaan.

In all this they forgot what the real issue was. Ridhima keep making Armaan understand that what he didn't isn't a cup of tea of anyone, while Armaan keep saying that he wasn't doing anything extra ordinary it would have been done by anyone if they have been at his place.

After sometime armaan make ridhima sit on the bed adn himslef sat on the ground near her feet. Ridhima first oppos him from doing so but then let it be when he didn't hear her.

"Ridhima Mein Janta hun tumne bachpan se ek family ka sapna dekha hain. Aur aaj us family ka adha hisa hain tumhare pass janta hun maa aur Behan ko kho diya hain tumne par vo dono aaj bhi yahin hain hamare dil mein hamare sath. Aur phir papa aur Muskaan bhi toh tumhare hi apne hai na...” Armaan tried to make her feel better.

"Aur tum... Kya tum bhi mera sath ho" ridhima asked him looking straight in his eyes.

"Pata nahi ridhima... mein as friend hamesha tumhare saath hun par tum agar ye naye relation ke baare mein aagar puch rahi ho toh pata nahi” Armaan speak his heart out.

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