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Part 31 : And we are made to be one

It’s been a few days now to that incident where she got to know her real identity, where ridhima became Ridhima Gupta or she was Gupta before becoming Malik.

Ridhima chose to keep Shashank under illusion of her being Ria only for some time before she gets emotionally stable herself to take upon her papa's emotional outburst

Now it’s routine for ridhima that she attend every need of Shashank till the time he close his eyes for the day ridhima walks in freely into Armaan's room also. Knocking on the door, peeping for eyes safety, looking for a reason to walk in was all gone talking along the hesitation. Now it’s like she doesn't care for damn permission it's her husband's room.

As the new routine was scheduled unsaid there was the foremost important thing that might come last in the day according to you but it came first for them. And it’s nothing but the old memories Armaan would simple unfold in front of ridhima while she create her own imaginative world hearing him. A world which she was decorating for her mother, father and sister.

It doesn't include only them for her but even Armaan was coming into that world along with them. She knows they will be left into that imaginative world of her but she doesn't want to lose him there only. She wants at least one person from her imaginations to walk out holding her hand and whisper "I AM AND I WILL BE WITH YOU"

He would tell her about anything and everything related to the ladies who were in his life once.

Talking about them they would sleep in his room only. It was a bit awkward for the then first day as they both slept on either side on the bed where their hands were in a grip of each other as they were promising this friendship bond will remain between them and slept next moment.

But gradually this awkwardness fly away from the window to no-where never to return back. Now they fell asleep in his room holding hands making one or other promises every single night just to have that hand of the other person into their hand.

In Morning Everyone get ready in the house in their own rooms taking their own sweet time. once they are ready they step out of their room coincidently at the same time, Men joining in the breakfast table while both the girls in the house move to the kitchen and come back in half an hour with the hot ready to serve breakfast to all.

Once the breakfast is done with happy faces they all move towards the door. Driving to their destination Armaan drop Shashank at his friend's house for the day while the rest three move towards the office.

Once they all are in office ridhima sat in her cabin opening the dairy of Ria.

Kismat bhi kitni ajeeb hoti hain na. Aaj mein ne armaan ke sath ek naya rishta banaya hain jaisa maa hamesha chahti thi. Par dekho kismet ka khel meri shaadi dekhne se pehle hi Bhagwan ne maa ko apne pass bula liya. Par armaan hamesha mera saath khada raha meri life ke tough phase mein bhi usne mera sath nahi choda kabhi. Par jaane se pehle maa kuch kehna chahati thi mujhe par mein samjh nahi paai pata nahi kya bolne wali thi maa. Par mein khush hun ki aaj meri maa ki last wish mein ne puri kar li hain apne armaan ke sath ek naai shuruwat kar ke.
Aab mein aur armaan hamesha sath rahenga. Shaadi ke attut bandha nein bandchuke hain hum. Aur armaan ina acha hain ki papa ko bhi hamare saath le aaya taaki papa kabhi akele na rahen aur na mein dukhi rahun papa ke liya. Mein promise karti hun maa apse ki aab apni saari jimedari ache se nibhaungi. Aapki achi beti toh hamesha bani rahi aab ek achi bii bhi ban ke dekhungi.

Another Entry
Jindagi ka bhi kehl anokha hain. Aaj mein janti hun ki mera aandar ek naai jindagi janam le rahi hain. Aaj mera andar koi hain jo saaseine raha hai jo mujhe maa kehyega. Par kya mein uske muh se maa sun paungi. Kya mein usko baada hote dekh paungi…
Ek nai Jindagi toh aane wali hain hamare jindagi mein par kya meri Jindagi rahegi us nanhi si Jindagi ko dekhne ko.
Aaj mein doctor ke pass gai thi aapna test karwae. Doctor ne bataya ki mein maa banne wali hun par meri Jindagi ko bahut baada khatra hain is nanhi si Jindagi ko jeevan mein lane ke liya. Par mein jaanti hun armaan kitna khush hoga sun kar ki uska apna pariwar shuru hone wala hain.. mein uski khushi aadhi nahi karna chahati. Mein is nanhi si Jindagi ko duniya mein laungi apne armaan ke liya.
I love you Armaan.

Sometimes even Muskaan would join Ridhima while they both read dairy.

"Ridhima ye Ria Tumse kitni alag thi na" Muskaan asked one day while reading Ria's dairy.
"Kyun... aise kyun lagta hain tumhe muskaan" Ridhima asked.

"Dekh na Ria bachpan mein kitni jidi hua karti thi jaise uncle ne bataya tha, ki vo hamesha tujhe bolti thi papa se kuch chaiye hota tha toh nahi toh muh bana leti thi. Aur uncle ne bataya tha tu bilkul jid nahi karti thi" Muskaan said
"haan toh kya hua mein uski behan thi vo mujhse kuch bhi bol sakti thi" ridhima said as if defending her sister.

"haan toh mein kahan mana kar rahi hun aur dekh ek aur baat. Tu abhi bhi apni behan ke liya defencive ho rahi hain jab ki, ria ki entries mein usne likha hain ki jab tak Armaan se nahi mili thi vo tab tak auro pe blame dal kar bhag jaya karti thi" muskaan said while laughing.

"Haan toh vo toh ek keel(clincher) se bhi tyre flat ho sakta hain jo raste mein padha ho." ridhima once again defended her sister.

"Come-on ridhima ab toh maan lo ria ne khud likha hain ki vo keel usne khud lagai thi car mein taki uncle na jaye" muskaan said laughing.

"Haan toh papa ko hi toh rok rahi thi" ridhima wasn't taking muskaan words against her sister.

"Cool down ridhima kyun itni defensive ho rahi ho. par you see tum direct bol deti ho cheejen and Ria indirectly" muskaan laughed once again.

"Shut up muskaan" ridhima huffingly went away taking the dairy along with her to Armaan's cabin while muskaan follow her. Its been a lunchtime nearly now when ridhima enter's his cabin.

"Armaan dekho na muskaan ko...." ridhima stop in middle seeing few people standing there in front to Armaan's table listening to what he was telling them to do.

Getting embarrassed on herself ridhima said "Uhhh... I Am sorry I will come later." ridhima was about to exist when Armaan spoke up. "No wait." he looks in his watch and it lunch time already. "So Guys let’s just take a lunch break then we will continue."

Everyone went out from the cabin and muskaan burst out laughing "Hahahahah Ridhima... “Hearing muskaan laugh at embarrassed ridhima, even Armaan passed a hearty smile.

"Shut Up," ridhima told muskaan frustrated of her constant laughing on her and went to settle herself on the couch kept in his cabin.

"Kya hua" Armaan asked whispering to muskaan.

"Arye kuch nahi i was teasing her" muskaan said hugging ridhima while Armaan stood to admire them or say admiring her.

"Chalo Lunch karen" Armaan said diverting the topic as he saw ridhima staring him while he was admiring her. All three had lunch together talking about one or the other thing. Soon after they all get to work.

At night when they return home, muskaan was still on her teasing session while Armaan just keep admiring her. Getting all irritated to the core ridhima left to her room banging the door on muskaan face, locking it from inside not letting muskaan enter in. While laughing muskaan turn around to see Armaan smiling with lost expression. It’s been day’s muskaan has been noticing Armaan and his behavior, it was nothing out of place but for sure he is harboring some feelings for Ridhima.

“Armaan” muskaan called him getting his attention. “Yeah...” He said coming out of the zoned out zone. “What is happening?” Muskaan asked him making him confuse.

“What… What’s happening?” He asked back confused.
“Have you seen the way you are looking at ridhima now a days” muskaan but in.
“What way...! I was just looking how soon she get irritated and then make cute faces” Armaan said smiling looking at muskaan, as if it was nothing much to be noticed.

After a moment of silence Muskaan asked “Ek baat Puchun mein Tumse Armaan”.
“Haan pucho na.” Armaan said.

“Tumhea Ria mei Kya pasand Tha.” Muskaan enquire with hidden motives.
“Kya pasand tha matlab.” Armaan was confused once again with her sudden question on Ria.

“Matlab tumhe aise kya cheej thi jo ria mein achi lagti thi” muskaan elaborated.

“Achanak se ye kyun puch rahi ho tum muskaan” Armaan asked.
“Bus aise hi batao na” muskaan insisted.

“Hmm… She was selfless… Hamesha apne se jayada auro ke bare mein sochti thi… kabhi jid bhi nahi karti thi…. Koi bhi Cheej lati thi toh Sab Se pehle Mujhe dikhti thi… Jab bhi Hum koi Horror movie dekhte the toh vo Dar ke mera haat tham leti thi….. Har choti Cheej ya effort ko khub appreciate karti thi….” Armaan said lost in thoughts while describing her.

“Armaan ek baat bolun…” muskaan asked him bringing him out of his revive.
“haan bolo na.” Armaan gave her permission.
“Shayad tumne realize nahi kiya armaan par ye jo sab tum bol rahe ho na. Ye sab Tum Ria ke nahi Ridhima ke bare mein Bol rahe ho.” Muskaan said smiling.

Hearing muskaan Armaan was shocked and puzzled. “Ria Ko toh horror movies bahut pasand thi…! Aur ria Ko Har Cheej Mein surprise dena pasand tha, toh vo kaise sari cheejen dikhati thi.”

Giving a break to him muskaan continued. “Abhi jo kuch bhi tumne bola vo sab ridhima ko describe karta hain ria ko nahi. Ek baar Thande dimage se time lo aur socho Armaan Ki kya jisse tum imagin kar ke Ye sab bol rahe the vo ria hi thi, kahin aisa toh nahi ki tum ridhima ko hi image karne lage ho. Kyun ki waise bhi dono twins thi toh face is same but all the things and habbits are different. All those words of yours put forward ridhima’s personality not ria’s”

Putting Armaan into fix muskaan went away to the room. Armaan was left in the couch sitting in his own thoughts fighting with his own mind and heart wanting it to be ria but after an hour his heart said ridhima have taken that place in his heart there is no ria anymore in that active part of his heart.

Next day
Ridhima came out of her room to See Armaan sleeping there in the living room on the couch in the same sitting position as last night. Muskaan followed her out of the room watching him as well.

“Ye Armaan ko kya hua aise yahan kyun soya hai” Ridhima murmured to herself but muskaan heard her.
“Shayad kuch soch raha ho ya kisi ke bare mein soch raha ho” muskaan said confusing her.
“Matlab” ridhima asked looking at her standing beside her.
“Kuch nahi.. Mein Breakfast banati hun…. Tum Armaan ko utha do.” Muskaan said before leaving them alone.

Ridhima shrug off whatever muskaan said and went towards Armaan to wake him up.
 “Armaan” ridhima shake him while calling his name.
“Hmm” humming a bit Armaan turn to change his position but since he was on Couch he fell down with ridhima under him as she tried to hold him from falling in sleep.

Due to fall his sleep broke but seeing ridhima first thing in morning under him made his sleep vanish and heart did a flip flop. He keeps looking at her lost initially ridhima try to move but then seeing Armaan lost in her she too fell deep in his eyes.

First time it was never Ria who Armaan looked for it was ridhima herself he was looking at and he knew this in heart. But when his mind told him the same he was shock so tried to get up all hurriedly. I Process his feet slip once again on the rug and fall back on her this time in presence of muskaan and Shashank.

Muskaan Just Joked “Armaan you guys can go to the room.”
Never turning back Armaan just left the hall while ridhima moved towards kitchen trying to hide herself. Muskaan followed her in while Shashank just shake his head before proceeding to the dining table with his paper in hands.

“What was that for muskaan you know I am not the actual ria” ridhima try to reason her.
“But you are his wife” muskaan answered
“But he don’t consider me so” ridhima said bit with sadness.
“But he have defiantly fallen for you. And this is not just assumptions I know this.” Muskaan said with confidence. But before ridhima could ask something from her muskaan left the kitchen.

Today Armaan left office without saying anything to anyone not even taking ridhima muskaan along with him. Shashank felt his behavior will muskaan just smile in herself knowing Armaan have realize his feeling but he don’t want to accept it this soon. While ridhima was confused for what muskaan said and seeing how Armaan left without words.

wiz lots n lots of luv
Aayushi & Anamika

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