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Part 32 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan resume his work alongwith Anurag and Rahul alongwith Billy, Vansh and Nikki back to their school and college routine. Everything was like earlier but the change was they never miss to talk with Riddhima Muskaan and family, it become the routine of their day to talk with Gupta’s and Chadhha’s.

Everything was passing smoothly except the two people who don’t talk with each other yess Rahul and Muskaan, they lost contact with each other after coming back from Ramgarh. No one tried to clear about their misunderstanding and Anurag, Billy, Shashank and Daljeet thought what happened to them.

Armaan was having an important meeting but his mind was lost somewhere else with a dreamy smile, his PA nudged him slightly to bring him back to reality and he smile thinking how easily he get lost in her beauty even when she was not present there.

“Mr.Armaan Mallik we will be honoured to work with your company, I think you’ll give us a chance to prove that” chairman of other company shake hand with Armaan while getting up.

“I would like to go through your strategies first Mr.Sharma then only I could say yes or no” Armaan said coming back to professionalism.

“Yes sure, it will be on your table tomorrow” he said and Armaan smile “Thanku so much for the meeting” he said and Armaan left from there.

He was sitting in his cabin and going through some files when got a msg, he smile knowing very well who will be that.

He open the msg and smile broadly indicating he was right guessing that and called her.

“Han ji boliye” Armaan said.

“Armaan kaisi rahi apki meeting?” she asked as soon as Armaan stopped.

“Pata nhi yaar” he said lying his head on edge of chair.

“Matlab?” she frowned.

“Meeting pe dhyan hi kiska tha, mind to kahi aur tha” Armaan said and she smile hiding her blush knowing very well what he meant by that.

“Armaan” she just utter his name.

Change of her tone bring Armaan back and he remember what he said “Arey nhi, I mean maine file mangwai hai, I’ll go through it then decide what to do” Armaan said trying to be normal and Riddhima smile.

“hmm” she said.

“Tum kaha ho?” he asked.

“Hospital, kuch interview conduct karne hain Dad ko kal isliye aai thi arrangements check karne” Riddhima replied.

“Hmm, to ho gaya sab?” he asked.

“Hmm, aap kab tak free honge?” she asked casually.

“Apke liye to ham free hi hain, bolo to aa jau Mussoorie?” Armaan said.

“Armaan be serious” she said.

“Ok, Sorry Sorry, mai kuch time baad nikalunga fir Rahul k sath match hai” Armaan said.

“Achha ji, kaisa match?” she asked.

“Basketball” Armaan said.

“Wowww” she become excited.

“Ye reaction to unexpected tha” Armaan said and she smile.

“Nhi actually it was my favorite game during school time” she said.

“Hmm, quite impressive aur school k baad?” he asked.

“Time hi nhi mila aur mann v nhi kiya” she replied.

“Koi nhi, ek baar shadi kar k yaha aa jao mai tumhe fir se khelna sikha dunga” Armaan said and she become shy.

“Un,,,w,,,,wo Armaan I have to go, ok bye” she said and cut the call while Armaan smile holding the phone for few seconds.

Everyone gather in ground to watch the match as it was always a fun to see them playing basketball, they chase each other like tom and jerry.

“So, boys begin the game” Billy said and they start.

Both were playing nicely but Rahul was not concentrated on game and Armaan noticed this thing, he wonder what happen to him.

Armaan took the ball from his hand and he didn’t have to apply any force for it as Rahul loosen it, Armaan knew he was not in the mood to play thus he nudge him once and he smile fakely then drop the ball in basket.

Armann called off the game after few minutes and their excitement rested finally.

“Kya hua hai tujhe?” Armaan asked keeping his hand over Rahul’s shoulder while coming back towards the house as they were playing in garden.

“Kise kya hua hai? Mai to bilkul theek hu” Rahul said.

“Rahul you can’t fake your smile infront of me alteast” Armaan rolled his eyes and he sighs.

“Pata nhi kya hua hai Ammy, kisi kaam me mann nhi lag raha hai, I was not like that” he said and Armaan smile.

“Exactly you were not like that isliye to puch raha hu” Armaan said.

“I don’t know” he said.

“Rahul, try to solve this soon aur agar meri koi help chahiye to I’m always there for you but tere changed behaviour ko gharwale notice kare is se pahle sort out kar le” Armaan said and he nodded.

“Chal ab, kuch khate hain, bhook lag gai” Armaan said.

“Ha game ke baad ek snacks round to banta hai” Rahul said laughing.

They get fresh and came back for tea and snacks, Rahul tried to act normal and funny like earlier and Armaan smile, they both can’t even think of bothering their family due to their own problems.

“Rahul bhaiya, ham Mac.D kab chalenge?” Nikki asked.

“Nikki kabhi khane k alawa v kuch soch liya kar, warna moti ho jayegi aur ham pareshan honge” Rahul teased her.

“Haaaww, very bad ha, and bdw mere mote hone se apko kya problem?” she asked being confused.

“Arey, teri shadi k liye ladka to hame hi khojna hai na” Rahul said and they laugh while Nikki show anger.

“Achha bahut hua, chalo Anurag ham chalte hain wo kaam pura kar k aate hain” Billy said getting up.

“Ji bhaisahab” Anurag too joined him.

“Kaisa kaam chachu?” Rahul asked.

“Armaan bata de ise kya kaam, ham nikalte hain” Anurag said and he nodded.

“Kaisa kaam hai inka jo sham me ja rahe hain?” Rahul look towards Armaan.

“Arey ye log Muskaan k liye koi ladka dekhne ja rahe hain” Armaan said casually flipping around the channels on tv.

“Whattt” Rahul become hell shocked.

“Arey aise kyu shocking mode me ja raha hai? Its normal meeting yaar” Armaan said but Rahul become worried suddenly.

“Hmm” he replied but was disturbed now while Armaan was busy watching some news thus didn’t noticed his changed expressions.

Rahul went to his room after sometime and lie down remembering Muskaan.

“Yaar mai kyu pareshan ho raha hu, uski shadi ki baat ho rahi hai meri nhi, ye Radhika ne mera mind deviate kar diya hai use leke aur kuch nhi. Achha hai kare shadi samajh me aayega har time ladti rahti hai aise hi koi ladka mile to achha hai, mai faltu me pareshan ho raha hu, God! Mujhe nhi sochna hai yaar” Rahul talk to himself getting irritated.

He went out for sometime to meet his friends but his mind was still disturbed.

At dinner time they gather but Anurag and Billy were still absent.

“Mom, Dad aur Chachu kab tak aayenge?” he asked.

“Unhe thoda time lagega aur dinner kar k aayenge jaha gaye hain” Ananya said.

“Dinner kar k aayenge matlab? Kahi rishta fix to nhi kar diya?” Rahul think then shrug off his thought.

Other side of city,

“Anurag, kya ye sahi rahega?” Billy asked.

“Arey bhaisahab, ye dono pagal hain inhe samajh me hi nhi aa rha hai ki dono ek dusre k liye perfect hain” Anurag said.

“Ha yaha v yahi haal hai, jab Rahul ki shadi ki baat chali to Muskaan ka chehra bilkul shocked tha lekin dono ko samajh hi nhi aa raha hai” Daljeet said.

“Mujhe lagta hai inhe samjhane k liye Armaan aur Riddhima ko v milana padega plan me” Shashank said and they think about it.

Billy and Armaan were sitting in one of their hotel talking with Shashank and Daljeet on video call in his cabin.

They decided few things and return back to homes.

Rahul eat somehow and left to his room, Armaan noticed this and ask what happen to him.

“Nothing Ammy, bas ek important case file padhna tha, jaruri hai” he said and left.

Armaan got Riddhima’s call and went to his room, they were talking and Armaan was standing in balcony looking towards the moon while Riddhima was standing on terrace wrapping a shawl around herself to protect her from cold winds.

Armaan was smiling on her talk when he remember something.

“Riddhima, kaisa laga ladka Dad aur Uncle ko?” Armaan asked.

“Kaun ladka?” she asked.

“Don’t tell me tumhe pata nhi hai, arey jis ladke se aaj milne gaye hain Dad aur Chachu Muskaan k liye” Armaan said frowning.

“Whattt, Muskaan k liye?” Riddhima stop being shocked.

“Ha, tumhe sach me nhi pata” he said.

“Nhi Armaan, how could I know jab kisi ne mujhe bataya hi nhi to, infact apne v nhi bataya” Riddhima said making faces.

“Arey baba, mujhe to sham me jane k pahle Chachu ne bola ki Muskaan k liye ladka dekhne ja rahe hain to I thought tumhe pata hi hoga and Chachu Dad se baat karne k baad hi plan bana hoga, infact I was feeling little angry that you didn’t tell me” Armaan explains.

At the same time Shashank’s car enter in the compound, Riddhima look down and said “Armaan mai apko thodi der baad call karti hu, Dad aur Uncle aaye hain, let me talk to them first” she said and Armaan said ok.

“Bhagwaan ji ab plz Dad aur Uncle ko bachana ye to gusse me lag rahi thi” Armaan pray in heart and smile.

“I’ll have to wait for them tabhi pata chalega” He murmured and came down walking in garden while listening songs.

Shashank and Daljeet came out of the car and turn to go towards their home but become shocked to see Riddhima standing there keeping her hands on hips looking towards them with question eyes.

“Arey Ridzi, tune to dara hi diya” Daljeet said smiling.

“Kindly explain what’s going on?” she said.

“Un?” Shashank look towards her with confusion.

“Dad, ye Muskaan k liye ladka dekhne ki baat and all what’s all these” she asked as they were not understanding her question.

“Ohoo, ye baat hai” Daljeet said.

“Uncle, it’s not funny, ye Muskaan k life ka sawal hai” she said and they smile how protective she is for her.

“Come” Shashank said and they move towards swing and chairs kept there in garden and sat.

Riddhima was waiting for them to speak.

“Riddhima, hamne tumhare liye Armaan ko choose kiya infact destiny ne v but hame ye nhi pata tha ki destiny ne hamari ek beti k sath sath hamari dusri beti k liye v kisi ko pasand kar liya hai” Shashank said and Riddhima look towards him in confusion.

“Riddhima, Armaan bahut achha ladka hai aur us se jyada pyar tujhe koi aur nhi karega aur wo parivar v bahut achha hai” Daljeet said and Riddhima smile shyly on the name of Armaan.

“Riddhima, hame aisa lagta hai, infact Billyji aur Anuragji ko v ki Rahul aur Muskaan ek dusre ko pasand karte hain, apne ladai jhagde k beech me v ek dusre k liye care karte hain aur ye unka pyar hi hai jis se wo anjaan hain abhi tak” Daljeet said and Riddhima gets up being shocked then think whatever he was saying and smile beautifully.

“Omg! Sach me uncle maine to notice hi nhi kiya, aur agar sach me dono ek dusre ko pasand karte hain to kitna achha hoga na, hamlog ek sath rahenge” Riddhima become excited and they smile.

“Hmm, to ab tumhe Armaan se ye sari baatein share karni hai aur koi plan banana hai ki ye dono ek dusre ko samajh sake” Shashank said and she smile nodding in yess.

Armaan also get to know about all these through Anurag and Billy when he went to ask them about this ficaso and become happy.

He decided to tell Riddhima and rush towards his room. He was about to pick his phone when he get her call and smile.

“Armaan, just imagine Rahul and Muskaan together” she said in excitement.

“And their tom and jerry fight wala pyar in our home” Armaan said and she too smile.

Suddenly they remember what they just said and laugh lightly.

“Omg! I really can’t believe Rahul k wo sare reaction is baat se the” Armaan said.

“Hmm, aur Muskaan v gayab aur absent minded rahti hai aajkal” Riddhima said.

“So, ab ham kya karne wale hain?” Riddhima asked.

“Ham” Armaan explained her few things and she was standing there being shocked and said no to his plan.

“Riddhima, this is the only way” he said.

“Arey but,,,” she was not sure.

“Trust me, everything will be fine” Armaan said.

“Okay” she said and cut the call biding bye to each other.

Riddhima called Muskaan and tried to act excited.

Muskaan receive her call “ Ha Ridzi bol” 

“Muskii, I’m so happy tujhe pata hai Rahul ka rishta fix ho gaya hai and wo ladki,,,” she rubbed her phone and cut calling hello hello.

Muskaan was hell shocked by the news she smile sadly “It would be Radhika” she said slowly.

“Rahul, good news yaar Dad aur Chachu ko ladka pasand aa gaya hai Muskaan k liye, cool na, chal mai riddhima ko news de du” Armaan enter in Rahul’s room said suddenly then left.

Rahul stood there being shocked not believing and he was feeling pain don’t know why.

Rahul took his phone and finally called Muskaan .

She look towards her phone “Itne din se call nhi kiya aur aaj shadi fix hui to call kar raha hai” she murmured and pick the call.

“Ha bolo” she said.

“Tumhe itni jaldi shadi karni hai??” he asked directly.

She wonder why he was saying so then thinking about the news Riddhima gave to her she become angry once again “Ha to kya problem hai us me, age ho gai hai meri shadi ki to shadi karne me kya burai hai” she said and Rahul become more angry.

“Matlab ise v ladka pasand hai aur mai beech me pad raha hu” Rahul thinks and a lone tear escape from his eyes.

“Congratulation” he said.

“To you too” she said and he cut the call not noticing why she said so in anger.

On the other side,

Armaan called Riddhima “Hey, you called her?” he asked.

“Hmm, but darr lag raha hai kahi kuch ulta na ho jaye” she said.

“Don’t worry aisa kuch nhi hoga, dono khud hi samajh jayenge” Armaan said.

“Hmm,,,,,” Riddhima said.

“Riddhima, kitna achha hoga na jab tum aur Muskaan dono yaha aa jaoge aur Rahul v kitna khush hoga” Armaan said and she smile.

“Hmm, aur unke jhagde” she said and they laugh.

Armaan get lost in her voice and smile happily enjoying the moment, he loved this portion of night when the talk until they feel sleepy, talking about anything and everything.

“Armaan aap v na kuch v bolte hain” she said.

But get no response from him, she understand he was again lost into her and smile shyly controlling her blush.

“Armaan” she called him slowly.

“Hmm” he said being lost.

“Kaha kho gaye aap?” she asked.

“Tumhari baton me” he said and she smile.

“Un, Armaan apki meeting ka kya hua? Apne file padhi?” she asked to deviate his mind else it will be hard for her to talk with him when he smile dreamly being lost.

“Un? Oh ha! File to padhi, it was fine but final decision to strategy k basis pe hogi wo kal subah milega” he said and she smile as he can be easily deviated by work related topics.

“Hmm, I hope achha ho” she said and he smile.

“Riddhima, tumhe mujhse jyada khushi hoti hai” he said and she smile.

“Ha to ab hone wale pati ka kaam achha hoga to kis wife ko khushi nhi hogi” she said in a flow not thinking anything.

“Really?” Armaan asked and she remember what she said.

She bit her tongue what she said and slapped herself mentally and now she don't know how she will stop Armaan from teasing her.

“Riddhima” Armaan called her in teasing way.

“Armaan, wo,,,,wo mai ,,,,,” she said.

“Wo mai kya?? Koi bahana nhi mil raha hai?” he said and she was blushing hard.

“Wo,,,,,umm” she bit her lips controlling the beetroot colour of her cheeks.

“Hmmm, so meri hone wali wife, apko kitni khushi hoti hai?” he asked.

“Armaan please” she urged.

Armaan closed his eyes feeling her shying face, her attempts to control her blush and his heartbeat increased, he so wanted to see her that moment but feel helpless.

Riddhima wonder what happened to him and was about to ask when Armaan cut the call, she control her heartbeat somehow remembering what she said.

Suddenly she saw his call again and receive the call not noticing it was a video call, she closed her eyes and was about to take it up to her ear when she heard Armaan’s voice which was little different.

She open her eyes and look towards the phone being shocked while he smile looking towards her shocked face.

“Ar,,,,,,Armaan aap aise” she was not getting what to say then she remember that she was lying on bed and sit down getting conscious.

“Aise kya? Mujhe meri would be wife ko dekhne ka mann kar raha tha” he said and she become shy once again coz she only gave him point to tease her.

“Armaan” she cover her face in pillow keeping phone infront of pillow, Armaan smile on her act, he always loved her unique ways to express her love through her shyness.

“Riddhima” he called her and she slowly lift her face up and Armaan just saw her one eye and get drowned into it.

Riddhima feel more shy and lift her face up with closed eyes and controlling her blush somehow she utter “Armaan aap aise mat dekha kariye please” she said.

Armaan smile and lie down keeping his one hand under his head and hold the phone straight over him in other hand, he was wearing a vest smiling on her cute reply.

“Kaise?” he asked.

She open her eyes and look towards him, he was smiling lightly and his dimples make her smile too.

“Kuch nhi” she smile and look towards him again sitting back taking support of bed post.

“Oye hoyee” he whisper and she blush bending her eyes down.

She was wearing a off white satin sleevless night suit and Armaan noticed it now and smile he looks away controlling his feelings.

“Riddhima so jao ab, good night” he smile looking towards her.

She also smile coz she noticed his look then how he focused on her comfortability first and said “Good night Armaan”.

He blow a flying kiss to her and smile blushing then cut the call.

She kept phone near her heart controlling her raised heartbeat and smile on their sudden video chat. Although it was random but they feel loved with their small sweet gestures.

They lie down and smile remembering the moment they share few times back.

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