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Part 34 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan become shocked by Rahul’s reaction, he look towards him thinking now what to do.

“Kyu??” he asked.

“I have work over here” he said not meeting his eyes with him.

“C’mon Rahul kaam to Dad v dekh sakte hain” Armaan said.

“But Ammy,,,,,” he was feeling helpless that time and Armaan was not giving him chance for any excuse.

“Rahul kya baat hai? Aise to tum hamesha ready rahte ho Mussoorie jane k liye ab mai bol raha hu ki chalo to nhi. Tum chaloge to atleast mai v Riddhima se mil lunga” Armaan said coz he knew Rahul will not deny for that.

“That’s not fair apni love story k liye tu mujhe v sath me kheech raha hai. Fine mai chal raha hu but Riddhima bhabhi se milne tu khud jayega mujhe nhi bolega” Rahul said and Armaan nodded.

“Majnu ban gaya hai pura bas isi chakkar me mujhe leke ja raha hai I know” Rahul murmured and left.

Armaan smile on his murmuring and left to give that news to Billy and Anurag.

Everyone gather for dinner and Armaan informed them that they will be leaving for Mussoorie next day.

“Woww,, bhaiya ham v chal rahe hain?” Nikki asked being excited.

“Nikki, don’t you think you should focus on your studies first, aise hi itne bunks kiye hain tumne now atleast cover up those things” Armaan said and she bend her head down coz he seems to be serious.

“Ye Armaan bhaiya wapas apne workaholic and serious mood me aa gaye, chup ho ja Nikki warna pitegi kash ye pahle ki tarah hi rahte jab ham sab Riddhima bhabhi ki family k sath rahte hain atleast tab Armaan bhaiya se daat to nhi padti.” Nikki murmured in herself.

“Achaa theek hai koi aur nhi jayega but kuch cheeje to bhej du Riddhima aur Muskaan k liye” Prerna said.

“Chachi ham waha kaam se ja rahe hain jo ki jyada urgent hai aur uske baad hame wapas nikalna hai so maybe hamare paas time na rahe” Rahul said this time and ladies don’t know why he was angry on going Mussoorie while gents smile lightly controlling their laugh.

“Theek hai” Prerna said slowly.

They complete their dinner and get up to go to sleep when Billy said “Armaan Rahul it’s fine that tum dono waha kaam se ja rahe ho but ab waha pe hamare relatives v rahte hain so whether you guys get time or not kam se kam ek baar to waha jana hi hoga tumhe” Billy said in hell serious tone making Rahul shiver and Armaan smile.

He left the hall saying good night to all and Rahul went towards his room with mixed feeling sadness and anger.

Armaan enter in his room and changed into night dress. He was going towards his bed when he get Riddhima’s call.

“Hmm, bolo Riddhima” he said in a sleepy tone.

“Armaan aap so rahe the kya?” she asked.

“Ha, ab raat me aur kya karunga” he said coz he don’t want to disclose his plan.

“Oh! Sorry mujhe laga ,,,,,, achha koi baat nhi so jaiye good night” Riddhima said and cut the call.

“Sorry Riddhima but mai nhi chahta ki tumhe pata chale mera plan, good night” he whisper and sleep.

Riddhima was feeling sad that Armaan didn’t call her whole day and now when she called he was sleeping. It’s true that they don’t need a lovey dovey talk but atleast she want to hear his voice before sleeping. Riddhima look towards his pic in her phone and touch it feeling sad.

Tear escape from her eyes but she control herself giving several excuses that he might be busy whole day and might be tired. She was not feeling sleepy thus walk in ground remembering their meeting, their few close moments and his trust, every other negative thoughts move away from her mind and she sleep peacefully.

Next Day,

Armaan and Rahul left for Mussoorie by car and Armaan ask him to take every legal papers of property while he took other documents also.

“Kya baat hai Ammy bada khush lag rha hai” Rahul said as he was happy to see that smile on his face.

“Hmm, khush to hu but aaj ye khushi double hone wali hai” Armaan said thinking about his and Muskaan’s relation.

“Ohoo, kya baat hai The Armaan Mallik is sounding desperate” Rahul teased him.

Armaan gave his signature smile and said “Wo to baad me pata chalega kaun kitna desperate hai”

“Matlab?” he asked.

“Nothing, pass me water bottle” he said Rahul did.

“Ammy, tune kuch plan wlan to nhi kiya hai na dekh mai pahle hi bol de raha hu I’m not going to support you this time. Ha ye alag baat hai ki hamesha ye dialogue tu bolta hai but is time mai bol raha hu coz ham sirf is case k liye ja rahe hain” Rahul said and Armaan smile.

That was true everytime Rahul use to do some or other silly things and Armaan escape him out from those situations without making it obvious to other family members. He knew Rahul was never ever be serious for any other girl of his life but everything related to Muskaan make him worried means he really do care for her that’s why he decided to initate their patch up.

“Ek to tu har time muskurata rahta hai bas meri samajh me nhi aata hai” Rahul said getting irriatated by his smile and Armaan deepen his dimples making him laugh.

“Ammy yaar, I don’t know mujhe kya hua hai seriously” Rahul said and Armaan look towards him.

“Don’t worry I promise your natural smile and masti will be back in this trip” Armaan said.

“Its not a trip, ham kaam se ja rahe hai remember” Rahul said and he nodded.

He was driving when Riddhima came in his mind and he smile imagining her sitting behind and he was stealing gazes in rear view mirror.

Once they enter in Mussoorie those mountains valleys and environment make them remember their previous trip when they came to see Riddhima. Armaan was dreaming on Riddhima coz he can see her everywhere on road, near trees and houses alongwith road and become boggled by what’s going on. Being helpless he stop the car at a place.

“Kya hua?” Rahul asked.

“Tum drive karo” Armaan said.

“Un? Tujhe kya hua?” he asked.

“Nothing, just drive Rahul” he said and came out of car.

“Ye ladka v na, pata nhi kya kya karta rahta hai” he said and came out of car.

As they came out, cold breeze welcomed them and those big trees on side of roads and mountain infront make them smile.

“Ammy, lets have some clicks here” Rahul’s mood changes atonce and Armaan smile.

They did some photoshoot and have tea on a nearby stall and smile, these moments were special for both of them coz it rarely happens when both went together for anywork coz either they went sepeartely or followed by every family members but this time it was brothers trip.

They smile looking towards each other and Armaan throw the key towards him and Rahul catched it running towards the car.

Armaan wonders why he was running but before he can get Rahul sit inside the car and start it. 

Armaan was coming towards the car and Rahul speed it up now Armaan get what he was trying to do he ran behind the car and Rahul laugh sitting inside. He stop the car little far and again start it like that Armaan ran upto some distance but it was not making him angry coz of that place and moreover he was gyming regularly so that much running didn’t affect him.

While laughing rahul forget to look towards Armaan and take out his phone to click his pics but in meanwhile Armaan reached upto the car. Rahul was driving slowly and to click his pic he stop it keeping his head out of window he look behind but Armaan was nowhere to be found. He become shocked thinking Armaan was left behind.

Rahul instantly came out of car and start searching him behind while Armaan slowly sit inside car on driving seat and while closing the door he said “You are searching me are what?” 

“Ha” saying so Rahul turn towards him but become shocked as he was sitting on driving seat coz now its his turn to run.

“Ammy no dekh mai to aise hi, ,,,” Rahul said but Armaan start the car and move forward.

“Follow me” he said while laughing and Rahul ran.

“AMmy ruk ja yaar, sorry bhai ab nhi karunga aise” Rahul said running behind the car.

“Rahul k bachhe jyada masti chadhi rahti hai na tujhe, le jhel ab achha hai” Rahul think that Muskaan said from somewhere and look around but get no one.

"Ek to ye Muskaan pata nhi kaha se aa jati hai" he murmured.

He again ran behind the car “Ammy bas ab main hi daud sakta teri tarah gym nhi jata mai” Rahul said stopping at a place huffing badly.

Armaan knew now he can’t run thus he drive back and stop the car near him.

He sit inside and control his breathe then hold bottle to drink water. After few minutes when he become normal he look towards Armaan.

Both were looking towards each other then turn their eyes to front side and laughed badly remembering what they were doing few minutes back.

Armaan sit on passenger seat while Rahul start driving, Armaan was flipping around few songs in music system when a song make him stop, he look towards Rahul and also gave his perfect smile.

They count one two three and start,,,,,,,

Dil Chahta Hai, Dil Chahta Hai
Dil Chahta Hai, Kabhi Na Beete Chamkeele Din.
Dil Chahta Hai, Hum Na Rahein Kabhi Yaaron Ke Bin.

Armaan and Rahul both start singing alongwith and smile coz this was the best trip of brothers till now.

Din Din Bhar Ho Pyaari Baatein
Jhoome Shaame, Gaaye Raatein
Masti Mein Rahe Dooba Dooba Hameshaa Samaa
Humko Raahon Mein Yoonhi Milti Rahein Khushiyaan
Dil Chahta Hai, Kabhi Na Beete Chamkile Din,
Dil Chahta Hai, Hum Na Rahe Kabhi Yaaron Ke Bin.

Armaan tap the dashboard according to music and Rahul smile on him.

Jagmagaate Hain, Jhilmilaate Hain Apne Raastein
Yeh Khushi Rahe, Roshni Rahe Apne Waaste
Oh Oh Oh ...

Jahan Ruke Hum, Jahan Bhi Jaayein
Jo Hum Chaahein, Voh Hum Paayein
Masti Mein Rahe Dooba Dooba Hameshaa Samaa
Humko Raahon Mein Yoonhi Milti Rahein Khushiyaan
Dil Chahta Hai, Dil Chahta Hai.

Rahul too sing while driving and keeping his one hand outside the window.

Kaisa Ajab Yeh Safar Hai, Socho To Har Ik Hi Bekhabar Hai
Usko Jaana Kidhar Hai, Jo Waqt Aaye, Jaane Kya Dikhaaye
Oh Oh Oh ...

Dil Chahta Hai, Dil Chahta Hai
Dil Chahta Hai, Kabhi Na Beete Chamkeele Din
Dil Chahta Hai, Hum Na Rahein Kabhi Yaaron Ke Bin
Din Din Bhar Ho Pyaari Baatein
Jhoome Shaame, Gaaye Raatein
Masti Mein Rahe Dooba Dooba Hameshaa Samaa
Humko Raahon Mein Yoonhi Milti Rahein Khushiyaan.

Armaan get up sliding down the roof of car and standing up while passengers smile and laugh looking towards them and their masti.

Jagmagaate Hain, Jhilmilaate Hain Apne Raastein
Yeh Khushi Rahe, Roshni Rahe Apne Waaste
Oh Oh Oh ...

Finally, song end and they smile looking towards each other and hi-fied with each other.

They reached Mallik House in Mussoorie and all previous meeting and lovely moments flash out infront of them.

“Kya time tha na wo” Armaan said coming out of car.

“hmm, lets go” Rahul said and they came out while one of the servant came to take their luggage although it was not much but billy called them earlier to arrange everything.

“Armaan baba, aaiye sara arrangement ho chuka hai.” He said entering inside.

“Ji thanku lekin aap log jyada pareshan mat hona” Rahul said.

“Rahul baba aap fresh ho jaiye fir kuch khane ko late hain” he said.

“Hmm” they said and went towards their room.

Rahul enter inside and remember how Muskaan came there, how they tried to let Armaan Riddhima meet, the time they spend that friendship and now she was not even talking and marrying someone else, wo v bina bataye. He sighed and went towards washroom to get fresh.

Armaan enter in his room and smile coz everywhere everything in that room remind him of Riddhima, he stretch up the window cover and his eyes falls on fountain which himself contain so much memories of their life. He smile and murmured “Sorry Riddhima maine tumhe bataya nhi but I just wanna give you surprise” 

They get freshen up and came down for some snacks coz they were hungry till then.

“Woww, uncle bahut tasty khana banate hain aap sach me” Rahul said and he smile.

After that Armaan said “Rahul tum rest kar lo thodi der mai dekh leta hu waha ki location fir tumhe call karunga aur tum aa jana ok” ARmaan said.

“Arey to mai v chalta hu na” Rahul said getting up.

“No, mai jab call karunga tab aana sare documents leke” Armaan said and left.

“Hamesha apne mann ka hi karwata hai, koi nhi mai tab tak aaram kar leta hu” Rahul said lying down in his room.

Armaan went towards Sanjeevani, he knew that Shashank was out of station and he will come next day only thus Riddhima will be present at hospital coz either of them must have to be present at hospital.

He went to reception and said that he wants to meet Riddhima Gupta and its urgent.

Riddhima was sitting in cabin flipping over the files coz her mind was not stable as Armaan didn’t called her, she didn’t even talked him properly and now she was missing him terribly.

“Mujhe miss kar rahi ho” she heard his voice and turn behind.

“Armaan” she whisper.

“Itna miss karogi to aana hi padega na” he said coming close to her.

She look towards him not believing that he was there, Armaan came close and blow some air on her face, she closed her eyes feeling him. Armaan move her hairs away from her face through blowing and she forward her hand to touch him but he disappear before she can touch.

Riddhima came back to her senses feeling she was daydreaming about him, Armaan was getting over her nerves and she was helpless coz she can’t do anything in this case.

Suddenly the phone rang and she receive it sighing coz it was not Armaan for sure as he never calls her in office over landline.

“Hello” she said receiving the call.

“hello m’am neeche koi milne aaya hai apse, it’s urgent” receptionist said.

“Who’s that?” she asked.

“Um,,,, Sir??” Receptionist called him but he was busy on a call “M’am aap aa jaiye he is waiting here only unhe meri awaaz nhi sunai de rahi hai” she said and Riddhima said ok.

Riddhima came down and look around for the person but no one was there.

“Kaun aaya hai?” she asked receptionist.

“M’am wo just abhi bahar hi nikle hain baat karte hue” she said “Mai bulati hu”

“Nhi its’s okay, you continue your work mai dekhti hu” she said and left.

As they feel themselves through their presence only Riddhima feels that Armaan was nearby but she shrugged off her thought as she was day dreaming about him few seconds back thus focused on the person who came to meet her.

She saw someone talking on phone and tried to go there but saw Armaan to other side standing there taking support of car, she move forward avoiding him.

Armaan smile coz he knew Riddhima might be thinking that she was day dreaming about him and his dimples deepens on that.

He called her atonce.

Riddhima was moving towards the person standing away talking on phone but stop getting Armaan’s call. She look back to the car where she saw Armaan few seconds back but he left before that. She slapped her forehead thinking she was actually daydreaming about him.

She received his call “Hello”

“Hie, riddhima you didn’t called me once” Armaan said in complaining tone.

“Really Armaan, it’s you whose cellphone was off since morning and how can I call you in that case” she said getting angry.

Armaan enjoys her anger looking at her from a distance, he smile how she move away her flips from her face by blowing air towards it and huffing in anger.

“Oh! Ha yaad aaya mera phone off tha” he said.

“Good yaad aa gaya apko, I hope aur v cheeje yaad rahti apko to jyada achha rahta” she said.

“Arey yaar, why are you getting angry mai to tumhari hi baat maan k,,,,” he stop in middle.

“Really Armaan, apne mujhe ek baar v call nhi kiya aur bol rahe hain ki meri baat maan k, ok bataiye meri baat maan k kya??” she asked and Armaan smile.

No one was present there near parking area and that man also left when Riddhima was busy on call and she didn’t even noticed him.

Armaan came towards her “Tumhari baat maan k” he keep his phone in pocket and hugged her from behind “Mussoorie aa gaya tumhare paas” he whisper in her ears holding her from back.

Riddhima become startle by sudden touch and become shocked looking towards him, she turn around in his hold and Armaan enjoys her shocked surprised expression.

“A,,,,Armaan” she said moving behind.

“Hmm” he nodded.

Riddhima thought she was still dreaming but that touch, urghh forgetting about that touch she forward her hand towards his face and slowly touch his cheek, Armaan smile how she was trying to believe that he came in reality.

“OMG! Armaan aap yaha kya kar rahe hain, aise kaise aap aa gaye bina bataye, apne kisi ko bola ya nhi mai,,,,,” she was saying being nervous and Armaan don’t know how to stop her.

He just move forward and she colloid with car behind and Armaan kept his finger over her lips.

“Shushhh, Riddhima bas chup” he said and she become silent.

Armaan smile and said “Tumne hi to bola tha Mussoorie aa jao” 

Riddhima tried to say something “Lekin Arma,,,,” but was again stopped by Armaan.

“Ab tumne bola tha to aana to tha hi mujhe” he said “Wo kya hai na Riddhima I don’t want to make my beautiful would-be wife sad because of me, wo agar mujhe itna yaad karegi to aana hi padega na, tum mujhe miss kar rahi thi na?” he said and Riddhima tried to smile slowly but again look towards him being surprised.

Armaan was asking in the same way she daydreamed about him few minutes back but now she can’t share that with him else he will tease her more.

Armaan was standing close to her keeping his finger on her lips and that realization make her blush and her face color start changing while she bend her eyes down realizing his deep loving gaze over her face.

The moment their eye lock break Armaan came back to realization and move her finger away mumbling sorry to her and move slight away.

She smile and correct her dupatta, Armaan again look towards her, she was looking so beautiful in that white suite with open hairs, lip gloss and kajal as make up making her gorgeous like ever, he always fall for her whenever he look towards her although they both were not perfect enough in expressing their feeling but the fact was they don’t need words for their love it was expressed by their every single way, the way they look towards each other, the way they show concern, the way they feel for each other moreover the way they get to know each other feelings.

“Un,, Apne bataya nhi ki aap aane wale hain” she said controlling herself.

“Bata deta to ye surprised smile kaise dekhta” he said looking towards her and she smile slowly looking towards him then bend her eyes down. 

Armaan smile and they both get lost in each other, slow air was flying her hairs and her dupatta while Armaan was lost in the beauty standing infront of her as Riddhima he can’t thank God enough for having her in his life.

“Um,, a,,,aur ek kaam v tha so” he said and Riddhima came back to reality.

“Kaisa kaam?” she asked and now they were moving towards the hospital.

“Ek property related kaam tha, kuch legal issues the isliye rahul v aaya hai” he said.

“Really, Rahul v aaya hai, kaha hai?” she asked.

“Ghar pe hai” he said.

“Arey to aap sath me leke kyu nhi aaye?” she asked.

“Kyunki wo moment hamara tha” he said and Riddhima blushed he occassionaly comment for her like this.

“Un, waise mai soch raha tha ki Rahul se milne k pahle ek kaam aur karna hai, Dad to kal aayenge na? he asked looking towards her.

“APko kaise pata?” she asked.

“Hame sab pata rahta hai madam” he said leaning down and she shove him away.

“Armaan” she said moving side as someone was coming towards them.

“M’am inko hi milna tha apse” it was receptionist.

Riddhima smile knowing Armaan called her down through her “Hmm, I know” she said smiling and look towards her.

She was checking out Armaan infront of her that make her angry, she look towards him who was looking into his phone, he was looking dashing and handsome as always in that white shirt and blue jeans but how could anyone else look towards him like that.

She again look towards Neha (receptionist) and control her anger somehow, palstering a fake smile, she hold Armaan’s hand. 

Armaan look towards her coz she never do such kind of things being alone with him also then why infront of her employee, she was too shy and conscious.

While neha also look towards her being surprised.

“Miss. Neha, meet Mr.Armaan Mallik, my fiancĂ©e” she said holding his hand and Armaan smile looking towards her, it was the first time she was showing her right infront of third person, he was more than happy.

“Oh! Sorry m’am, hello sir” she said realizing her mistake and left.

“Woww, Riddhima, kya baat hai” he tried to tease her.

“Armaan, she was checking you out that’s why I loose my control” she said suddenly then realize what she said and bit her tongue.

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