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Part 39 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Next Day,

Riddhima get up soon to see all were sleeping like maniac spreading their legs and hands here and there, she smile a bit but thought to get them up before everyone came back to home.

She was about to call Muskaan but her eyes went towards Armaan, a feeling of happiness arise inside her when she find him sleeping cutely like a kid holding the pillow, comforter was lying beside and Rahul’s leg was over him, she chuckle but controlling her smile thought to wake him up.

Riddhima sit beside Armaan and slowly move Rahul, Armaan also move and turn to the side where Riddhima was sitting. Unknowingly his hand fall on her and she bend down by the weight.

She was too shocked to react but again find him sleeping, sighing to this she slowly call him.


Armaan move in his sleep and smile remembering Riddhima, he thought he was dreaming her, riddhima again called him and he open his eyes lightly and closed again feeling her close to himself.

“Riddhima sone do yaar, roj dream me v aake utha deti ho” Armaan murmured slowly closing his eyes.

“Armaan, ab uth jaiye, sab log aane wale honge na, aap neeche wale room me so jaiye fir mai sabko uthati hu” Riddhima said slowly bending down not wanting to disturb other’s sleep and move her fingers in his hairs to wake him up but a cute smile play over lips when Armaan said about the dream.

Listening her words and touch Armaan open his eyes facing the reality that she was actually sitting beside him and waking him up by her soft touch and sweet voice.

“You know what I always dreamed about my morning being like this” he said drowning into her eyes and she smile turning her eyes away shyly.

Armaan hold her hand and kissed her ring over her ring finger saying Good morning to her and she get up being shy while Armaan left downstairs waking Rahul up.

Riddhima stood there for few minutes then controlling her heartbeat she touch her finger where he kissed and smile being to shy to accept the reality she closed her eyes looking upwards.

Then she wake up Muskaan which was really big deal for her but taking Shashank and Billy’s name she finally manage Muskaan and Nikki to get up and ask then go to the room downstairs but their sleep was break till then and they took Vansh also.

After few minutes they took all mattress and pillows down making the terrace clean and Riddhima get fresh while Nikki and Muskaan follows her.

She thought maybe they will come here but she get Padma’s call.

“Yes Mom” Riddhima received.

“Beta aap log yahi aa jao, sab log fresh ho chuke hain Armaan aur Rahul ko v bolo aa jaye.” Padma said.

“Ok Mom” Riddhima said but hear her mother’s voice again before cutting the call.

“Arey Armaan beta tum yaha? Bahut jaldi uth gaye kya?” she asked.

“Nhi Mom, uthne k baad fir neend hi nhi aayi isliye jogging pe chala gaya, mai bag leke aata hu waha se fir fresh ho jaunga” he said and Padma smile.

“Koi jarurat nhi hai, tum jao guest room me shower lo, Riddhima aur Muskaan aa rahe hain I’ll ask them to bring bag” she said and repeated the same to Riddhima while she smile that Armaan didn’t slept after that morning encounter.

Everyone get fresh there and came towards Gupta Mansion while Ananya asked Riddhima to give Armaan’s dress to him casually indicating towards guest room.

Riddhima stop at first but she went towards kitchen after saying so she move towards the guest room getting no other option coz Nikki and Muskaan were upstairs in her room while Rahul and Vansh were playing football outside. Elders were busy talking and ladies were discussing marriage functions near dining room.

She knocked standing outside but get no response.

“Ho sakta hai andar washroom me ho, mai kapde rakh k aa jati hu waise v aajkal pata nhi kya kya karte rahte hain Armaan mera dil kitna jor se dhadakta hai” Riddhima murmured slowly and enter inside.

She placed his clothes there and turn to leave when she heard the bathroom knob and turn to see then slapped herself mentally why she turn towards him. 

Armaan came out of washroom wrapping a towel around his waist and ruffling his wet hairs by other towel and didn’t noticed Riddhima. He came forward ruffling his hairs and Riddhima’s eyes were popped out looking towards him moving over his perfect abs as water droplets passing down. She feel embarrassed and shy at the same time and turn to other side.

While she turn her dupatta flew away due to air and Armaan look towards it coz it fall just near his feet. He look towards her and become surprised to see her standing in the room turning her back towards him and smile on her shyness then gaining his position he himself feel uncomfortable thus wear the t-shirt kept on bed hurriedly and take her dupatta.

Armaan move towards her and Riddhima’s heartbeat was rising by his every step which was jumping inside making her nervous.

Armaan reached behind her and roll her dupatta over her standing behind and she smile feeling him placing her dupatta coz she was feeling too shy to turn towards him to get dupatta in that position.

“Ab aankhein khol sakti ho” ARmaan whisper near her ear making her go red.

“W,,,,wo aap Arma,,an” she said and Armaan smile on her nervousness.

“Riddhima” he kept his hand over her shoulder.

“Aap jaldi se change kar k bahar aa jaiye breakfast k liye” she said and run outside.

Armaan smile and change swiftly then came out for breakfast, Riddhima was still blushing. Armaan look towards her and smile knowing very well why she was avoiding eye contact with him and settle down on table for breakfast.

Riddhima and Muskaan serve everyone while they sit around the table, Riddhima to sit beside Armaan after serving.

“Riddhima ye fruit salad pass karo ARmaan ko, he is a diet freak” Ananya said and she smile nodding.

“Mom,its not like that” Armaan said and Riddhima smile.

She place fruit salad in his plate and he smile looking towards her while deviate her gaze again.

She was about to keep spoon in his plate when her hand touch with Armaan’s hand and she leave the spoon atonce. Armaan look towards her in confusion then both turn down to hold the spoon saying sorry and their head strikes.

“Sorry, ruko mai utha deta hu” Armaan said and she sit properly acting normal.

Armaan place that spoon upward and look towards other as they were busy in having breakfast talking with each other, he again look towards Riddhima who was not even eating.

Armaan slowly hold her hand and she look towards others being shocked by Armaan’s act, what if anyone notice them like that but found them busy thus look towards Armaan.

“What happen?” he asked through eyes.

“Nothing” she shake her head in no.

“To breakfast kyu nhi kar rahi ho?” he asked.

“Kar to rahi hu, aap mera hath to chhodiye” she said.

“Nhi aise hi karo” he said turning his focus to his 

“Armaan please” she requested.

“Ok, but fir achhe se breakfast karna hai” he said and she nodded.

Armaan left her hand smiling and she start eating suppressing her smile, the way he make her comfortable everytime automatically bring smile on her face.

She look towards him and he also look towards her at the same time and passing that sweet signature smile they look towards elders.

After breakfast, Billy ask them to leave for Mallik House and everyone get ready soon.

Armaan was sitting beside Riddhima for the first time that too at middle seat and Muskaan also sit beside Riddhima as drier was driving and looking towards Armaan’s smile she smirk and called Nikki also. Rahul and vansh was sitting on passenger seat.

“Arey beta problem hogi baithne me, aaplog chalo” Ananya said.

“Nhi Mom, koi problem nhi hogi, aur kitni dur hai hi” Muskaan said and dragged Nikki inside.

Since, Nikki sit with a push and Muskaan intentionally pushed Riddhima more towards Armaan and she almost fall over Armaan’s shoulder and her hairs fall over her face while she closed her eyes being shy hearing Armaan’s hearbeat so clearly.

Armaan look towards her then towards smiling Nikki and Muskaan and shake his head while smiling.

“Oye hoye, Riddhima bhabhi ki to aish hai” Rahul said making her more red.

Armaan slowly move her hairs away from her face and smile looking at her beetroot cheeks, he so wanted to touch them involuntarily but hold himself.

He look around giving her time to open her eyes making herself composed, Riddhima open her eyes looking towards him and he smile looking outward.

Riddhima slowly tried to get up but her hairs get struck with his button and Armaan look down towards his shirt feeling a tug there. Both of them remember the previous night moments and a shy smile form on their lips. Riddhima slowly tried to untangle the her hairs when Armaan hold her hand.

“Ek min,,,mai karta hu” he said and she leave.

Armaan untangle her hairs slowly so that she can’t get hurt and successfully removed it.

“Thanku” she mumble and he look towards her passing a smile, her hand was still on his shoulder to take support and Armaan was feeling happy with her.

Soon they reached Mallik House and smile entering inside, Riddhima happily remember the moments she shared with Armaan there.

“Aaiye Sir, Armaan baba apse milne koi aaye hain” caretaker came and said welcoming them.

“Yaha aun aaya hai?” Armaan murmured and they move inside.

“Aaiye Mr.Armaan Mallik, ham apka hi wait kar rahe the” Inspector said getting up shaking hand with Armaan while Armaan Rahul and Riddhima become worried what if he utter something about that fight.

“Ji kahiye” Armaan asked.

“Inspector, kya hua any problem?” Billy asked.

“Aap itni subah subah yaha, koi baat hai kya?” Shashank asked.

“Are nhi aaplog pareshan mat hoiye aisa kuch nhi hai, mai to bas Armaan ji ki khairiyat puchne aaya tha ka inhone jis gang ka racket finish kiya hai wo hamari bahut badi help hai, usne hamare ek police inspector ko v kidnap kiya tha aur jab tak wo hame milta nhi ham kuch nhi kar pa rahe the but thanks to him kal sab kuch clear ho gaya aur wo don v arrest ho gaya but usme Armaan ko kafi chot lag gai thi isliye mai pata karne aaya tha” Inspector start and don’t even bother to look towards Armaan and Rahul who tried their best to stop him through signs.

Armaan sighs and sit down on sofa knowing very well what was coming up next. Rahul and Riddhima stood in corner not knowing what to do.

“Thanku so much inspector, I think Armaan ab theek hai, thanks for your support please make sure that goon never escape” Shashank said as he knew that inspector and that don also being a native person of Mussoorie.

“Ya sure” he shook hand with them and left.

“Armaan, tumhe kaha chot lagi hai batao? Aise kaise tum chale gaye bina kisi ko bataye, wo to bol raha tha tumhe chot lagi hai and you are behaving all well” Ananya said holding him looking here and there moving ARmaan.

“Mom, Mom, I’m fine don’t worry”Armaan said holding her.

“Care to explain Armaan” Billy said.

“Dad wo,,,,,” rahul tried to say.

“Not now Rahul” Billy was really angry.

“Dad wo bas,,,,,” Armaan start.

“Bas to nhi hai ok, kyunki agar inspector yaha taka aye the tumhari khairiyat k liye to jarur kuch na kuch hua hoga” Anurag said.

“Chachu wo actually,,,,” Armaan narrated everything and they were shocked to listen that Armaan actually fought with goon.

“Armaan kya karte ho tum, ye koi aisa waisa gunda nhi tha, wo ek bahut bada Don tha thankfully ab uska racket khatam ho gaya warna ye bahut dangerous tha” Shashank said and everyone become shocked and fearful by his revealition.

“Wo to achha hua bhaisahab ki Riddhima ne waha hospital pe doctor se consult kar k bandage kiya aur injection v lagwa diya warna ye khud to wo v nhi karta” Ananya said.

“Lekin bataya to hame Riddhima ne v nhi” Padma said.

“Aur na hi Rahul ne batana jaruri samjha, tum dono bhai kya karte rahte ho kuch samajh me aata hai” Anurag said and they bend their head down.

“Armaan Rahul, ab tum dono pahle ki tarah har jagah har baat me apne according karne ki koshish mat kiya karo, I know tum sahi the lekin usko karne ka tareeka hota hai, waha ek police officer kidnap tha use v nhi chhuda paye the wo log aur tum dono akele chale gaye uske hi area me. Tumhe ek baar v ye nhi samajh me aaya ab tumhare parivar k sath sath kisi aur ki responsibility hai tumhare upar, ek baar v tum log ne Riddhima aur Muskaan k bare me socha, khud k alawa v sochna hai ab tum log ko, mujhe ye harkat dubara bilkul v nhi chahiye” Billy said and they nodded.

Riddhima was sad but once her eyes fall on Armaan she smile looking towards his puppy face infront of his family, Armaan feel her gaze and look towards her she blink her eyes and he also pass a sweet smile combination of sadness and happiness.

“Bhaisahab mujhe lagta hai Armaan ko aaj aaram karna chahiye kyunki bhale hi jakhm halka ho lekin use heal karne ka time dena chahiye” Shashank said.

“Ji jaisa aap theek samjhe” Billy said.

“Par Dad hamara plan,,,,” Armaan tried to say something.

“Koi plan nhi Armaan, just go to your room, aur Shashankji aap ek baar check kariye to ise” Billy said and he sadly bend his head down.

“Armaan, chale beta” Shashank said and he went with him.

“Dad, bas thodi si chot thi” Armaan said.

Shashank examine him and said “ Armaan mana ki chot thodi si thi but itni v halki nhi hai, atleast you need rest for a day, aise idhar udhar ghumoge to dard badhega aur chot dekh k ye to confirm hai ki dard tumhe abhi v ho raha hai lekin tum bata nhi rahe ho” he said and Armaan sighs.

“Dad, halka dard ho raha hai but it will be fine, ab dekhiye na sab log itni dur se aaye hain aur meri wajah se pura din waste ho jayega waise v kal nikalna hai, please mai sabko sad nhi dekh sakta” Armaan said and Shashank smile.

“Achha laga dekh k ki tumhe sabki itni fikar hai lekin Armaan I’m sorry tum nhi ja sakte ha agar tum bolo to baki sabka plan mai set kar sakta hu aas paas kahi jane ka” he said and Armaan smile.

“Thanku Dad, it’s okay mujhe nhi jana hai, mai aaram karunga but sabko jana chahiye apko v lagta hai na” he said and Shashank nodded.

“I’m proud of you Armaan” he said kissing his forehead and Armaan smile.

Shashank left the room and ARmaan lie down on bed remembering his family’s care and their outburst when they knew about his fight.

Shashank make everyone agree to go for outing and said he will be there with Armaan, Riddhima become sad that Armaan won’t be with her and look towards her dad.

“Arey nhi aap nhi jayenge to ham kya karenge, ham log v rukte hain na” Billy said.

“Dad, mai ruk jati hu, it’s okay aap jaiye agar koi jarurat padi to I’ll inform you aur mujhe shopping karne ki koi jarurat nhi hai abhi so” Riddhima said slowly and he smile.

“Ha Riddhima, tum ruk jao aur agar Armaan koi v drama kare na to mujhe batana mai aake uske kaan kheechunga” Billy said.

“Ji dad” she said and they smile.

“Ha tujhe to bas bahana mil gaya Armaan k paas rukne ka” Muskaan murmured in her ears.

“Muski, shushh” she said and Muskaan smile.

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