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part 4 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Riddhima came out of the hug and looked at him again.. yes it was no imagination.. he was really there..but the question here was - why was he hiding? He knew mom quite well, and she would surely have no problem with him visiting.. that left only one option - he was hiding from me?...  why in the world did he have to do that? I kept thinking as i looked at mom.. and then i realized.. she had been saying something to me, but i was obviously not paying any attention to her and instead, i was thinking of armaan mallik.. god what's wrong with me...?

"so beta.. how was france" she asked me, as i looked at her with a blank expression

"hmm... france... as usual" i said, without thinking about it at all.. obviously.. what was i supposed to say, when the only thing in my mind right then was armaan mallik?

"as usual? Beta what's wrong?" she asked.. she was obviously worried.. i was never like this ... whenever anyone asked me "how was..whatever.." i would give that person a complete description of that place.. and the person would make sure that he never asked me that question ever again in his lifetime.. and here i was today, in my old world saying "as usual?"

" hmm... mom what he doing here?" i finally asked her, gaining the courage to speak... and i looked at him again.. he hit his head with his hand as i asked mom that question..   oh yes.. he was caught... caught hiding.. and i needed explanations.. but the question i kept asking myself again and again was why am i bothered? I never knew i could ever think of something for so long....

"beta, why don't you go to your room and freshen up?" she asked me, trying to divert the topic.. but no, i needed answers today.. right now infact..

"mom.. what is armaan mallik doing here?" i asked her again.. not willing to let go until i get the answer... answer to something that was bothering me from when i saw him hiding

" he is our neighbour.. and he must have come to have dinner.. he has dinner at home everyday" she answered.. but i was smarter.. you have probably forgotten how smart your daughter is mom..

" then why is he hiding" i asked her..

" beta i don't know why he is hiding.. why don't you go and freshen up.. i'll send him to your room so you can ask him why he is hiding yourself" she said.. that was fair i thought.. after all why would mom know why he is hiding.. i shall confront him myself i thought..

I followed mom's instructions and went towards my room when i heard mom's voice.. oh yes.. i so want to do this.. i know spying isn't the best thing to do right now.. but my curiosity knew no bounds.. i wanted to know what armaan mallik was upto after all.. not like i didn't trust me.. infact, i trusted him more than anything else at the moment.. wait what.. what did i just say.. oh no... i'm going crazy because of this armaan mallik personality

I came out of my chain of thoughts and hid behind a wall to spy on them and find out what they were upto.... and why they were hiding it from me.. i needed to know..

" armaan beta.. riddhima ko shaq ho gaya.."

" waise riddhima mujhe kaafi smart lagti hain.... aek minute mein mujhe dekh liya"

Oh yes mr.armaan mallik.. that i am.. i am smart..but wait.... why was i feeling this happy just because he praised me?.. hundreds of people praise me everyday.. i was never this happy.. not even when sid praised me for that matter.. no no no.. it is just because you made a good impression on your new neighbour.. that is the only reason you are happy.. i told myself as i continued to listen to their conversation

" we would have been caught today"my mom said again...

" lekin hum se sab riddhima ko surprise denne ke liye hi kar rahe hai.. woh party mein ayengi aur kitni khush hojayengi"

"waise armaan.. tumhe bohot chinta hai riddhima ki?.. kal tak to tum itne excited aur happy nahin the.. aaj kya ho gaya"

That was all riddhima needed to hear.. she felt like partying right then.. her happiness knew no bounds.. yes yes yes.. armaan was planning a surprise for her.. she ran to her room and went into the washroom to change into a beautiful dress that she had just bought from france to wear to sanjeevani, to see sid's shocked reaction... but this was more important wasn't it? Right then, it was.. for her...

She came out of the washroom after some time, blow dried her hair, to put it in shape, applied light make up and was about to open the door, when someone opened the door making her slip.. she closed her eyes and was mentally prepared to fall and bear the pain, but to her surprise, she didn't hit the ground, when she opened her eyes to see what exactly had happened, her eyes met the most amazing eyes she had ever seen...She could stare into those eyes forever..

Padma came into the room to see why armaan and riddhima hadn't returned yet, and saw the most amazing sight infront of her eyes... armaan was holding riddhima in his arms in a picture perfect pose and both of them were looking into each others' eyes like there is no tomorrow.. it all started to make sense to her.. why riddhima behaved in such a way when she saw armaan hiding.. why armaan was so excited about the party all of a sudden.. and the reason behind riddhima's "as usual".. she smiled looking at them, and left the room, without disturbing them or their staring session....

Armaan looked into those green eyes and just couldn't look anywhere else.. those eyes had captured all his attention.. he knew there was no place he would rather be in than here.. with her in his arms...

"ahem- ahem" said someone who had just walked into the room.... armaan and riddhima broke their eye lock and looked at the person who had just come in.. and to their embarrassment, it was someone who was looking at them and grinning like an idiot.. armaan removed his arm from riddhima's back and riddhima stood up straight, and looked here and there, unable to bear the embarrassment

" riddhima.. i never knew you could stare so well huh" he said as he went towards riddhima to give her a hug.. riddhima turned a light shade of red as he said that, but looked down, to prevent further embarrassment.. as the person opened his arms towards riddhima, she took a step back and said " abhi i swear i am gonna kill you"

( ok.. don't get confused over here... sid, riddhima,keerthi  and abhi were in the same batch of interns.. shubhankar joined later and didn't know about sid-riddhima.. abhi was a great friend of riddhima's and promised to keep the padma-riddhima relation secret to the world.. and therefore never told sid or anyone else that riddhima was indeed padma's daughter and she was the one who was going to join tomorrow.. abhi was the only one in the hospital who knew that padma and riddhima were mother and daughter)

" really ridzy? Why? Because i saw you romancing him" he said, rather bluntly as he saw her step away from him

" abhi.. i swear stop it" riddhima said, now getting irritated by his bluntness infront of armaan.. and his comments that made her even more embarrassed..

" what have i done? You were the one who was in the arms of..." abhi continued, without realizing that she was now getting irritated with him

" get out of my room" she said and banged the door on his face, surprising armaan, or rather scaring him

" wow what was that for" armaan asked, still looking at the door that was shut on abhi's face

" hmm.. nothing.. he deserves it.." she said..  and then she turned towards him to find him staring at the door.. she looked at his shocked expression and started laughing

 Armaan looked at her laugh at him and frowned.. it was the first time a woman was laughing at him..

" what's so funny?" he asked, eager to make her stop..

" oh god armaan.. abhi is used to it.. you don't have to be so shocked" and this shocked him even further.. he thought abhimanyu modi was padma aunty's guest.. never in the wildest of dreams had he thought that riddhima knew abhi so well

" hmm.. how do you know abhi " armaan asked her, curious to know her answer

" he is a great friend armaan.. he is used to me banging the door at him.. but he still likes to irritate me.. i don't know why"she answered immediately

" but he was not wrong.. you were in my arms and he caught you.. so to be frank, it was not his fault" he said only to get hit by a pillow riddhima threw at him.. " not you of all people" she said when he looked at her with a puzzled expression

" ok now this is getting so confusing.. you were in my arms.. abhi caught you.. you got angry at him.. banged the door at him.. where did i come in between and why did you hit me?" he said looking at her with a confused expression

Riddhima looked at him and his confused expression.. god.. he was so lost.. she just found it too amusing.. poor guy doesn't even know why he got hit by a pillow.. but actually armaan is right.. i was in his arms and i got mad at abhi because i was embarrassed.. god.. i must go and apologize.. to abhi.. and armaan..

"ok look armaan i am sorry" she said, and then looked at his eyes again.. no no no.. not his eyes.. look down.. look down.. not his eyes again.. she said to herself, but her body refused to accept the commands of her brain and she was lost in his eyes again.. all over again.. and unknown to herself, she started moving closer to him, and after sometime, was inches apart from him..

Armaan got lost in her eyes as well.. well yes, he was the one who started it this time.. her face while she was thinking about what to say next .. oh my god.. she looked so pretty.. he was unable to look away and then her eyes caught his eyes.. and they were lost in each others' eyes all over again... she came closer and closer to him, and as a reflex, his arms went around her back again..

And thats when the door opened again, and abhi stepped in, to look at the two of them in each others' arms again..?.. and this time he knew that if he interupted them again, he would probably be thrown out of the window.. afraid of the consequences, he closed the door and went downstairs, unable to imagine that it was the same riddhima he once knew.. what's wrong with her.. why was she so lost in that guy... and who was he?? 

Abhi came down to find all the guests seated, ready for the surprise party, waiting for riddhima and all of them were heavily dressed.. he sure did feel completely out of place, as he was in a usual T-shirt and jeans when everyone else was wearing jazzy indian attire with loads of jewellery and makeup... but what scared him more was the reaction of the guests when riddhima comes down dressed in an evening gown.. she would feel terribly out of place wouldn't she? And plus, being a friend, he didn't want her to get embarrassed infront of her family all over again.. after what happened years back...

He went back up for the 3rd time that evening.. and this time, he didn't bother to knock the door.. he barged in, to find the to of them.......

After 5 minutes

"no no no no.. i didn't see that... i didn't see that" he said to himself, as he went out of the room , without delivering his message.. he went back down, knowing that he was terribly out of place, and joined riddhima's mother in the kitchen..

" aunty.. riddhima is in her room with armaan " he said seriously, looking at riddhima's mother

" i know beta.. i sent armaan up" she said, continuing her work in the kitchen

" WHAT! You sent him up? You know what he is doing over there .. he is..."

" he is what?" padma said, sounding very uninterested, but just asking him for the sake of it

" he is... ugh.. i can't even say it..forget doing it" he said,

" doing what?" she said, very curious to know now.. what was he doing, that abhi couldn't even say out? .. please dont tell me he is ... irritating her.. i know she likes him and he likes her.. and if he starts irritating her, she is going to make life hell for everyone around her

" he was.... he was... eew..he was so close to her.. he was..." he said finally..

" oh thank god" she said immediately.. feeling a great sense of relief

" what you are ok ?" he asked, unable to believe what he had just heard

" ya ?" she said, relieved that riddhima wasn't in a bad mood right now..

" what.. forget it..leave it" he said and walked away, still unable to believe what had just happened.. when he sat down he recalled what he had just seen upstairs in the room


Abhi entered the room to find riddhima still in armaan's arms, but closer to him, than she was earlier...  abhi was gonna interupt them as he had done the first time, to get them both downstairs in proper indian attire, when he noticed that armaan's eyes were not looking at her eyes anymore.. infact they weren't looking into each others' eyes at all.. he noticed that they were already distracted, and thought of talking to them immediately before they get into another eye lock, but before he could speak up, he saw armaan leaning closer to riddhima and riddhima closing her eyes.. abhi was about to interupt them, knowing very well what they were about to do, and certainly not willing to witness something like this, but his voice was stuck in his throat.. he just was not able to stop them..

Then he saw armaan lean in, and their lips touched when abhi ran out of the room


  How in the world can padma aunty be so cool about it? It is her daughter after all... and who was that guy?? Seriously what's up with riddhima.... she was in hid arms when he first barged in.. then he goes back, and they are again in each others' arms and now... and plus, she wasn't even in her senses.. she wouldn't have done something like that if she was.. he was sure of that.... god, she was never so close to sid.. and padma aunty? She sent that guy to her room? She even knows what is happening up there? God.. there are hundreds of guests waiting here and they are... god save me and them today

He was just rooted to his spot, when he saw nikki entering the house. She was invited too? He never knew that.. then he realized that nikki was not on night duty because she was responsible for riddhima's arrival and all that..oh so that is why she is over here? For riddhima? "well i must admit she looks very different and very pretty in this indian outfit of hers.." he thought.. his eyes followed nikki.. he saw her talking to padma aunty for a while, and then heading towards riddhima's room.. no way.. no way am i gonna let anyone see riddhima like this..

He got up and headed towards nikitha, to stop her from going upto riddhima's room..he knew he had to do something to prevent them from being caught in a very uncomfortable situation

" hey nikki.. looking very good tonight" he said, as he approached nikki

Nikki looked down and turned red?

" OMG.. is she blushing.. man i never saw this side of her" abhi thought

" thanks Dr. abhimanyu modi.. it means a lot as it is coming from you" she said finally.. still looking down?

" am i that bad to look at" he thought as he notcied that she wasn't looking at him at all

" nikki.. you don't need to be formal.. call me abhi.. and nice to see you here.. didn't have anyone to talk to anyways" he said

" howcome you are over here.. i thought no doctor was invited.. and it was a mystery that would be unveiled tomorrow" she asked him, to change the topic from her

" this new doctor is a friend of mine..old friend.. and i am here, not as a doctor in sanjeevani, but as a friend"

Nikki felt a hint of jealousy pass through her.. she sure liked abhi.. she had always liked him, from the day she joined sanjeevani.. but it wasn't love or something..  and a normal friend shouldn't affect her so much

" good to know" she said, in a different tone, which did not go unnoticed by abhi.. who seemed to like it.. oh yes he did...

They spoke about almost everything under the son, but their conversation was broken by riddhima and armaan who came down the stairs in indian attire.. both of them blushing and shying away.. seriously.. and what just happened that is making them so embarrassed ??

Riddhima came down and abhi couldn't help but say " beautiful".. nikki looked at abhi, who seemed to have been amazed by this new doctor.. true, she saw beautiful.. but why was he looking at her like that.. nikki couldn't help but say "she is the new doctor..? i thought she had returned from france? She looks like a pakka indian to me"

 " she is like that.. she looks good in anything she wears.. western or indian.." abhi said, and then looked at her.. to see her angry.. he just smiled at that.. she was actually

Jealous... he remembered having mentioned to her that she was a friend.. but anyway.. he was enjoying this so much...

" may i have the attention of everybody please.. this is my daughter, riddhima gupta.. she has just come back from france and will be joining me in the hospital from tomorrow.. here's wishing her all thr best for her career and her... her personal life.." padma said, to divert everyone's attention to riddhima who had just come down from her room..

" this night is dedicated to riddhima.. for a happy and prosperous life ahead from friends and family" she said and then continued " thankyou for your attention ladies and gentlemen.. now may we please request the DJ to start the music and please join my daughter and her dance partner for this evening, armaan mallik on the dance floor"

 Riddhima joined armaan on the dance floor and to her  surprise the first song was a  romantic song.. armaan put his hands around her back for the third time this evening, and they started dancing to the song that

Abhi kuch dino se lag raha hai

Badle badle se hum hain

Hum baithe baithe din mein sapne

Dekhte neendein kum hain

" wondering how much that song relates to us?" armaan whispered into her ear as they were dancing

" huh? No.." she said, defending herself, but they both knew the truth

" what just happened shouldn't have happened i know.. i'm sorry.. i dont know what got into me.." he said aplogitically

" armaan?" she called out her name, as if she was just going to ask him a question

" yeh?" he replied to her.. quite curious to know what she wanted to ask him in such an awkward situation where he was apologizing for.. whatever happened

"  i'm going to sanjeevani tomorrow.. you know the plan i have in mind and all that.. well i just wanted to know.. you're with me na?" she asked him

" ofcourse i am with you.. do you even have to ask?"

" thanks"

" anyday.. for you".. he said.. and she smiled.. smiled to know that he was with her.. depite knowing that she is gonna potentially harm someone?

Hai dil pe shaq mera

Isse pyaar ho gaya

Riddhima looked away as she heard that.. it was armaan's turn to smile at her and her reaction to those words.. to be frank.. he was not sorry for what had happened.. infact he quite liked it..but he wasn't sure it was the same on her side.... he was aware of the new feeling developing inside him.. and somewhere deep down he knew that she felt it too... but no hurries.. nothing is confirmed anyway.. it is just a feeling..

Abhi kuch dino se lagey mera dil

Dhut ho jaise nashe mein

" riddhima you ok" he asked her, looking at her look away again..

" huh ya.. just that..."

"these lyrics seem so true?" he asked her.. he knew it was very direct and embarrassing probably...

"armaan.. came you come along with me to sanjeevani tomorrow.. please?"

" well tomorrow.. let me see.. i have appointments.. but they can be posponed.." he said.. and looked at her smile and mumble a thanks..and he was happy to oblige to such a demand..

 " hmm.. armaan.. i have a tough day tomorrow.. i need to catch up on some sleep.. see you tomorrow?"

" ya sure.. good night.. sweet dreams.. and don't be surprised if you see someone special in your dreams" he said and grinned..

" good night and sweet someone's dream to you too" she said and left to her room

She locked it from inside and smiled to herself.. what a wonderful day.. she said and went to the window.. to see armaan walking towards his house lazily

she smiled at him again and went to the bed to end this beautiful day..

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