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part 4 : pyar ke mod pe...

‘tumse milke….”

‘pyar ke mod pe sequence’

Riddhima couldn’t hear what arman exactly said so she uttered angrily : “listen mr. cook..yeh Indian food yahan nahin chalega..aur marco ko pata hai mumma-papa ka diet,so get out from the kitchen and also my house.”

Arman was enjoying her talk so he replied with a shy face : “phir mai kahan jaunga?”

Riddhima uttered angrily : “jahan se aaye ho wahan..”

Arman uttered making a poor face: “par mere paas wapas india jane ke paise nahi hain ma’m.”

Riddhima glared him and uttered : “khud ko bahut chalak samjhte

Arman completed : “mr.cook..

Riddhima : “haan..toh mr.cook,kitne paise chahiye? And i will make your flight ticket also, go to your beloved country.”

Arman thought a while then uttered with a tensed face : “ma’m,aisa mat kijiye...mere bachche bhukhe mar jayenge..aur meri biwi maike chali jayegi aur mere
Budhe ma-baap...

Just then they heard padm’s voice from back : “kya hua arman? Kya hua riddhima beta? Tu itna gussa kyon hai?”

Riddhima replied angrily : “aajkal meri baat toh koi sunta nahi is ghar me...aaplogon ne naya cook rakha aur mujhe bataya bhi nahi?”

Arman uttered from back : “ma’m,kal aunty ne bataya toh tha,par aap jaldi me

Riddhima stared him and uttered : “aunty!tum Indian itni jadli rishta kaise bana lete ho? Listen mr. Cook she is your ‘ma’m,not aunty..

Padma uttered smilingly : “riddhima,ye tumhara mr.cook..

Riddhima turned to padma and uttered angrily : “mera mr.cook!

Padma : “i mean ye jise tu cook samajh rahi hai,he is dr. Arman malik..tere papa ke dost ka beta hai ye..he came here to complete his fellowship aur humare yahan hi rahega yeh..

Riddhima gave arman a confused look .arman bite tongue and mumbled : “mar gaye..abhi bhi ghur rahi hai kali ma ..

Riddhima uttered in same tone : “toh kya india me fellowship nahi kar sakte the jo America aana pada?”

Now arman uttered looking straight at riddhima : “aap yeh baar baar india ki galti kyon nikalna chahti hai? Means aap india aise pronounce kar rahi hai mano ‘dozakh’ ka naam le rahi ho..

Riddhima asked confusingly : “what dozakh?wo kya hai?

Arman corrected : “dozakh means aapke American language men ‘hell’..wo aaplog kahte hain na ‘go to hell’ wahi..

Riddhima uttered rudely : “yes..india is a hell..

Arman uttered angrily : “listen miss American..india itna bhi bura nahi hai jaisa aapke baton se lagta hai..aur aap bhul rahi hain,aap Indian hain,not American..

Padma uttered hurriedly : “beta,chodo na.yeh fight karna..

Riddhima uttered angrily : “mai fight nahi kar rahi mumma,mujhe aur bhi kaam hai.”

Arman uttered smilingly : “toh kya mai fight kar raha hun? Mujhe bhi bahut kaam hai.dekho ‘kheer’ jal gaya,phir se banana padega..

Riddhima glared him and went from there stomping feet. Padma uttered smilingly : “aap bhi kam nahi ho arman beta..

Arman laughed and uttered : “mai apni dadi ke sath aise jhuth-muth ka fight karta hun aur dadi gussa ho jati hai to unhen ek chutki me khush kar deta hun..puchiye kaise..

Padma : “kaise?”

Arman : “dadi ki favourite ‘hero –heroine’ dilip kumar-madhubala ka CD lakar aur sath mein chocolate ice cream khilakar.waise aapki beti ko kya pasand hai?”

Padma replied with a sigh face : “jab se ridhan humey chodkar gaya hai,usey sirf kaam pasand hai beta..aur kisi bhi cheez se usey koi matlab nahi hai.”

Arman uttered holding padma’s hand : “sorry aunty..maine aapko dukhi bana diya.”

Padma uttered sighed ; “nahi beta,aap aaye ho toh mai aur aapke uncle jaise phir se jeena sikh gaye hain..kitne dino baad is ghar ka mahoul change hua hai.”

Arman nodded and uttered : “kisike jane se usey yaad rakhna toh chahiye aunty par aisa nahi ki hum jeena chod den...mujhe lagta hai aapki beti ne jeena hi chod diya hai..

Padma nodded and uttered: “ we know beta,par usse kaho toh kya jawab deti hai pata hai? Kahti hai aaplog apne bĂȘte ko yaad nahi rakhna chahte,koi baat nahi..par mujhe mere bhai ki yadon se dur mat karna..aur uske bina meri koi zindagi nahi hai...

Arman uttered in an assuring tone : “sab thik ho jayega aunty..don’t worry.”

Padma let a sigh and nodded.


Riddhima’s sleep disturbed by a song, but what it she didn’t understand at first. She got up on the bed and tried to listen then understood it came from the next room of was gayatri mantra...

“Om bhur bhuvah svah
Tat savitur varenyam
Bhargo devasya dhimahi
Dhiyo yonah prachodayat....

Riddhima was slept very late night so her mood became worst. She had a bad headache also. she threw her blanket, moved down the bed and came to the next door, which was closed from inside but music was coming from there and a male voice also humming the song. riddhima knocked 3-4 times and at last losing patience, she was kicked hard but just then the door opened and she lost her balance and fell down. riddhima freaked out and closed her eyes. but surprisingly she fell not on the floor,its arman’s arm,which he stretched seeing her falling.but he also lost balance and fell on the floor with riddhima in his arm.riddhima opened eyes hearing arman’s voice : “miss American..please move otherwise mere bones tut jayenge..”

She got nervous and looked at arman. Their eyes met and in a while she lost herself in his blue oceanic eyes..arman also felt that he was sank in her grey almond eyes.his heart skipped a beat feeling her soft touch on his body.just then the wallclock started ringing and they got their sense back.riddhima moved from his body and got up and turned to go back but stopped remembering something and yelled angrily looking at arman : “yeh subah subah kya tamasha laga rakha hai?”

Arman asked waving hands: “kya?maine kya tamasha banaya? tum khud hi aakar meri bahon me...

But riddhima glared him angrily and uttered pointing finger on him : “listen,mr..

Arman completed with a naughty smile : “mr.cook...

Riddhaim tried to remember his name but couldn’t,so uttered : “whatever...listen mr.cook...humare ghar me yeh sab nahi chalega.”

Arman uttered making an innocent face : “humare ghar men bhi yeh sab nahi chalta..miss american..waise hum indian yeh sab kamre ke baahar nahi karte aap american jaise....”saying he smiled mischievously.

Riddhima understood about what he was meaning ,so yelled angrily : “yeh bhajan –vajan yahan nahi chalenge...agar itna hi bhajan gana hai temple jakar baithe raho..
Arman asked mischievously: “means dusre songs laga sakta hun?”

Riddhima glared him angrily and went from there stomping feet.


After sometime she got ready and came out of the house to go to hospital but shocked to see that arman was sitting in back seat in her car. He smiled sweetly seeing riddhima.riddhima felt to kill him.she was about to shout on him but stopped hearing padma’s voice from back : “beta,aaj se arman tere sath hi hospital jayega.”

Riddhima asked angrily : “kyon?”

Padma : “kyon kya? Dono toh same hospital hi jana hai aur abhi arman ke paas car nahi hai..tere papa ki gadi bhi garage me kuch reason chahiye?”

Riddhima replied angrily : “thik hai toh mai taxi se chali jati hun.”

Arman moved down from the car immediately and uttered : “no need miss American..mai chala jaunga..can’t imagine America ke log itne rude aur selfish hote hain...”

Saying he went from there without looking at anyone.padma uttered sighly : “tu aisi toh nahi thi riddhima?arman to khud hi ja raha tha,tere papa ne hi kaha ki jab same hospital hai toh riddhima ke sath hi chale jao.” saying it padma went inside the home.

Riddhima felt bad. She didn’t want to behave like this but didn’t know why she felt jealous feeling arman’s attachment with her parents and got angry seeing his smiling face.she thought to say sorry arman and went to hospital.

That night also she came very late and saw everyone was slept. She had already dinner in her research place so came in her room and lied down the bed and in a while she sank in a deep sleep.

But next day again her sleep broke hearing song came from arman’s room and it was not ‘bhajan’..riddhima got surprised hearing the song.....

Have I ever told you
How good it feels to hold you
It isn't easy to explian
And though I'm really trying
I think I may start crying
My heart can't wait another day
When you kiss me I've just got to say

baby I love you
Come on baby..........
baby I love you
Oh-ee baby
Baby I love only you....................


Love u all

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