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part 4 : With U

With U: OMG Armaan


Armaan and ridhima meet each other, Muskaan Atul and Anjali meet each other, Muskaan is shocked to see Rahul and the strict dr kreeti is introduce

Ridhima saw the naughty smile on armaan's lips she knew that he was up to something

Dr Kreeti started taking the register after taking the register

Dr Kreeti :ok guys u have 30 minutes to introduce yourselves and then u may go to the canteen but we have to meet each other on the reception desk in 30 minutes. IS THAT CLEAR

All :yes dr kreeti

Atul :omg this kreeti scares me

Muskaan :ur not the only one

They all go to the locker room, armaan and ridhima are staring at each other ridhima was blushing toooooooo much. Anjali noticed armaan and ridhima staring at each other with even blinking.

In side the locker room

Armaan and ridhima still staring everyone is introducing themselves, muskaan and rahul are giving evil to each other.

Muskaan :ohey don't give me that look

Rahul :what look ah ah {coming closer and closer to muskaan}

Muskaan :keep away from me u brat

Rahul :u keep away u dinosaurs

Muskaan :u keep away get it

Atul :shut up u guys

Anjali :yeah we just got here and u both have started fighting

Anjali looked at armaan and ridhima and then she nudged Atul

Atul :what's wrong Anjali?

Anjali :look there {she pointed to armaan and riddz who were in their own la-la-land}

Anjali walked to armaan and ridhima

Anjali to armaan :hi I'm Anjali

Armaan came out of his trance

Armaan :hi i'm armaan

Anjali :nice to meet u armaan

Atul :hi i'm atul

All introduced themselves to armaan 

Ridhima came out of her dream

Ridhima :hi i'm ridhima

Armaan looked at her with lots and lots of love

Armaan :hi ridhima i'm armaan

Armaan goes closer and closer to ridhima, all the interns are starting at them

Rahul :why is armaan going so close to ridhima

Muskaan :haan yaar yeh itna kareeb ja raha hai

Armaan backs ridhima on the wall he goes closer and closer he whispers in her ear

Armaan :tum woh hi ho {whispering} tum woh hi ladki ho jo jo mere saath kal raath dance kar rahi thi

Armaan took a step back, ridhima was relived. Armaan put his hand out ridhima was nervous but she took his hand, she felt as she met her life there

Ridhima to herself :why does his touch send shivers down my spine why does his every word touch my heart and how can he still remember me from last night? All this questions were going through ridhima's head.

All the other interns were shocked of what had just happened

Anjali :so guys why don't we go to the canteen and than we can give a small description about ourselves

Atul :amazing idea anjali {looking at her more like staring}

Anjali :thanks atul {pulling his cheeks}

Rahul :so lets go

Muskaan :tu apna mu ban rak

Rahul :mein, mein kyu raku

Ridhima and armaan were laughing at rahul and muskaan

Anjali :guys stop it lets go

All of them leave to go to the canteen but atul is still standing in the locker room with his hand on his cheek.

Atul :wow anjali ne mujhe {to himself}

Muskaan comes back

Muskaan to atul :ohey atul come one yaar sab tumhare wait kar rahi hai

Atul :mein ah raha hoon muski

Atul left and went to the canteen

Ridhima was toooooooo suprised at armaan

Ridhima to herself :why did i let him come close to me? Why does his gorgeous eyes make me so helpless? The why he danced with me last night why does it make me feel to dance with him again? All these questions were goign through ridhima's head while everyone walked inside the cafe

Anjali :RIDHIMA RIDHIMA..................................

Ridhima comes out of her trance

Anjali :ridhima where r u lost yaar

Ridhima :woh woh di kuch soch rahi thi

Armaan whisper's in ridhima's hear :mere bahare mein soch rahi thi na?only ridhima heared this no one else

Ridhima  whisper's to armaan :nahi toh only armaan could here this

Armaan :sach sach bol do mujhe jhoot pasand nahi hai  no one else could here

Ridhima :armaan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Armaan :yehh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kya rakhi  ja rahi ho really loud everyoen could here it

Muskaan :armaan yeh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kya hai

Armaan tried to cover it up ridhima was tooooooooooo scared to say anything

Armaan :i mean can we plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sit and talk

Rahul :yeah why not

They alll sat down

Armaan :soooooo who's going first

Rahul :ok me my names rahul garewal  i'm from patiala i wanted to become a doctor since i was small, i love chocolate i have MUSKAAN {he said this slowly but loud enough for muskaan}

Muskaan :KYA, tumne kya kaha

Rahul :maine kuch kaha hi nahi {innociently}

Anjali :ok guys plz don't stat fighing again

Muskaan :ok ok my turn my names muskaan chada i 'm from patiala i really want to become a doctor my parents r after me to get me married which gives me a headache so i decided to become a doctor , i love watchign T.V  and i hate people u r stubborn

All of then clapped

Atul :meri bari my names atul joshi i'm the son of omi joshi but my father died {atul got a bit emotional} i am adopted and i love my family and my sweeeeeeeety plant and i hate pollution

Alll of them clapped and all r very senti

Anjali :ok now to make everyone of their senti mood it's my turn ok my name is anjali gupta i don't want any shocks or suprise i'm ridhima's sister everyone is shocked and i'm the daughter of dr shashank gupta the dean of sanjeevani all r in deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep shock except ridhima i want to become a doctor cause my dad is a doctor i love strawberry icecream i hate wearing traditional clothes

Rahul :so ur ridhima's sister

Muskaan :and ur the daughter of thy DR shashank gupta

Armaan was really shocked he kept of staring at ridhima, ridhima kept her had down she was blushing so much just cause of armaan gaze

Atul :ok ridhima ur turn

Ridima :ok my name is ridhima gupta i want to become a doctor because i want to help the homeless and the poor  i love taking care of kidzzzzzzzzzz and i hate hate guys whi lies, my sister is anjali gupta and mu dad is shashank gupta

Everyone clapped armaan was still there staring at her

Armaan :ok my turn look guys i don't want to keep any secrets so whatever i tell u now u have to believe me ok

Atul :ofcourse yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

Muskaan :will believe u ab bolo

Armaan : ok then my names armaan malik my mother is the most famous actoress in india and a model her name is Sonia Mallik

Anjali :WHAT tum tum ur the son of my role model

Armaan :may i continue ok then my dad is he biggest doctor in india his name is suyesh mallik

Rahul :WHAT

Muskaan :shut up rahul

Armaan :thanks muskaan i love {he looks at ridhima} playinG basketball i love doing bike racing and i also sometimes  i like boxing

Riddz :wow u bike race play basketball and box

Armaan :thanks

Just then atul notices that they have 5 minutes left to get to Dr kreeti

Atul :OH NOO we have to go now

Anjali :ok guys will have to go otherwise dr kreeti or shall i say hitler is gonna kill us

Everyone started laughing as to what anjali said

And they leave to go to dr kreeti as they were going atul anjali muski and rahul were in the front talking more like fighting for rahul and muskaan that left armaan and ridhima behind

Armaan caught ridhima's hand and made her turn towards him

Armaan to riddz

Armaan :tum tum wohi ho na

Ridhima :mein woh i don't know what ur talking about

Ridhima started to walk forwards,armaan started to follow her

Armaan :ridhima ridhima meri baat suno

Ridhima :armaan were gonna get late so plz will talk later

Armaan :no ridhima we need to talk now

Annocement :all interns report to dr kreeti

Ridhima :lets go dr armaan

Armaan :fine fine whatever lets go

Armaan and ridhima left to dr kreeti. All interns reach in time

dr kreeti : its goood to have everyone on time

all :yess  maam

dr kreeti :ok here are your duities for the first day

Dr atul 'general ward
Dr anjali ' special ward
Dr muskaan ' OPD muskaan your assiting dr shashank

After hearing this muskaan was really scared but she decides not to tell anyone, rahul saw the scaredness on her face and he gave  a smirk

Dr rahul ' canser ward
Dr ridhima and Dr armaan  you 2 are working together in the ' children ward

 Dr kreeti :Is that clear

All :yes dr kreeti

Dr kreeti :one thing i must warn dr armaan and ridhima that the children are reallly naughty so please be careful

Armaan & ridhima :we will dr kreeti

Dr kreeti :ok then get to work

All of them left to go for work

In the OPD muskaan doind the operation

Muskaan :oh god what did i do wring why r u punishing me like this, i'll die

Nurse :dr muskaan dr shashank is waiting for u

Muskaan :ok i'll be there

Muskaan walked in wearing the green surgen suit

Shashank :dr muskaan hope ur ready

Muskaan :yea yea yes sir {hesitating}

The operation strated mskaan sees all the blood coming out

Muskaan to herslef :ram ram ram ram ram ram ram................................. om jia jagdish shahere {she was singing all this again}

Muskaan was feeling sick she was about to faint when a nurse called padma caught her

Padma :dr shashank se shashank

Shashank saw muskaan

Shashank :take her outside

Padma :yesss dr shashank

In the general ward with atul

Atul was talking care of this boy name raj {who plays rajot tokas in dharam veer}

Atul :so raj how r u

Raj :fine doc

Atul :ok then i'll just do some check up

Just then  atul looks throught the glass window and saw anjali

Atul :{tohimself} wow such a angel

Raj :doc doc {loud} DOC

Atul came out of his trance

Raj :doc what are u looking at

Atul :nothing kuch nahi

Raj looked through the window and saw anjali with a patient

Raj :hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm dil ka mambla hai

Atul :nahi yaar nothing like that

raj :u sure i can help u

atul {to himslef} :shall i take his help

atul :no i'm fine

atul does raj's check up

anjali had a good time in the specail ward but atul couldn't take his eyes of her, rahul was doing good in the canser ward and muskaaan was put into a ward for a while so she can rest form the fainting

lets get with armaan and ridhima in the children ward

ridhima was thinking should she tell armaan taht it was her

armaan was thinking why ridhima wasn't tell him  about last night

they both reach the children ward

character of new children

our sweeet minne, gappu and dhoni {harsh}
theses children are best friends they have been admitted in sanjeevani for 3 months they are the most naughtiest children ever, if they get a new intern taking care of them they'll ruin their lives they always play a prank on the new interns who take care of them. They have their own group all the children int he ward works together to scare the intern doctors. Now their making a plan for armaan and ridhima

ridhima enters the ward there was a string going aross from the door ridhima didn't see it she tripped over it

ridhima :ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh {about to fall down}

armaan comes from the back and caught she in time before she falls down

armaan :ridhima ridhima open your eyes sweety

ridhima opened on of her eye and then the other one, all the children were superised to see the most hottest and beautifulliest doctors ever

all the girl children coldn't stop looking at armaan especailly minne

and all the boys were staring at ridhima gappu and harsh were looking at her again and again

armaan :ridhima you ok

ridhima :i'm fine thanks armaan

armaan :its ok

armaanand ridhima saw the children staring at them, they turned to each other

armaan :ridhima why are they looking at us like this

ridhima :i was gonna ask u the same thing

armaan :i minutes is there anything on my face?

Ridhima :armaaan

Armaan :just asking

Ridhima and armaan walked to the children

Armaan :hi

Ridhima :hey

Armaan :i'm armaan and this is ridhima

All children were quiet as ever

All children :WOW

Armaan :what

Minnie :wow hii'm minnie

Armaan :hey minnie i'm armaan

Minnie :ur tooooooooooooooooooo cute

Armaan :ummmmm thanks so are u jaan

Minnie :thanks

Ridhima :armaan lets start the check up

Armaan :sure

Armaan and ridhima did the check up for the first time in sanjeevani the children were quiet and behaving which was a superise to all the nurses all the boys were staring at ridhima and all the girls were staring at the hot and happening armaan.

After the checkign was done armaan and ridhima left the canse ward and thety were walkignto the locker room when armaan pulled ridhima into the staircase

Ridhima :armaan what are u doing

Armaan :ridhima tell me the truth

Ridhima :what what what truth

Armaan came closer and closer ridhima move back

Armaan :u don't know

Ridhima :armaan plzzzzzzzzzz

Armaan :ridhima tell me the truth, it was u on the dance floor last night dancing with me? Wasn't it?

Ridhima :armaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

Armaan came more closer , ridhima could feel armaan breath on her neck, armaan went more closer until his lips were about to touch her lips. Ridhima closed her eyes she knew what armaan was gonna do.

Armaan looked at the lashed lips ever

Ridhima :armaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn it was meeeeeeeeeeee. I danced with u last night {she said this with her eyes closed and she was reallly nervous}

Armaan :open your eyes ridhima

Ridhima opened her eyes and she found herself staring into those deep blue eyes

Armaan :i knew it was you

they both were still close to each other tehy could here each other's heart beat.

Ridhima :how did u know

Armaan :your gasps they way u talked everything was the same

Armaan slowly took out the earign and the necklace for his pocket

Ridhima :my necklace and earing {she looked at armaan }

Armaan opened her hand and gave it to her

Armaan came more closer to her, he kissed her cheek

And left from there leaving ridhima realllly confused

Ridhima to herself :he is sooooooooooooooo perfect i what him no matter what.......................

Outside the staircase

Armaan to himself :i don't care whta but i'll make u mine ridhima sweeety

Both armaan and ridhima smilled to themselves


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