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Part 41 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Everyone came at late evening , enjoying whole day to fullest with lots of shopping and wandering although they missed their love birds a lot during whole trip but they were happy as Armaan Riddhima will get some time to spend alone.

Rahul was boggled at that time and asked “Kyu sirf Ammy ko hi kyu, mera aur Muskaan ka v to roka hua hai” Rahul said looking towards them with a smirk and Muskaan punched him from behind.

“Pagal ladki maar kyu rahi hai, apni setting hi to kar raha hu” he asked looking towards her.

“Kisne bola tujhe setting karne ko apne kaam se kaam nhi rakh sakta” Muskaan said.

“See, isiliye tum dono ko alag se time spend karne ki jarurat nhi hai, tum dono har jagah shuru ho jate ho ladne jhagadne” Ananya said smiling and others laugh.

Their rest of the time spend with lots of masti and Rahul thought that was true Armaan and Riddhima both are like each other and they surely need some time to spend alone else pata nhi baat v karenge kabhi theek se ya nhi.

Rahul, Muskaan, Nikki and Vansh rush towards Nikki’s room to see Riddhima but she was not there.

“Arey Riddhima bhabhi kaha chali gai?” Vansh said.

“Shayad mujhe pata hai kaha hogi” Rahul said.

“Aur hame v” Nikki Muskaan said and they rush towards Armaan’s room.

They were about to enter but stop at the entrance, Ananya look towards them as they stop suddenly.

Gents move towards their room to change their dress as they were hell tired.

“Kya ho gaya tum log ko ruk kyu gaye?” Prerna asked coming towards them.

“Sshuuushhh” they said keeping their finger on lips.

Ananya smile at the scene infront of her and the ladies feel happy to see them like that, Yes they were sleeping yet in the same posture which was so adorable and lovely.

“Bhagwaan kare ye dono ek dusre k sath hamesha khush rahe” Padma said.

“Aisa hi hoga, aap nishchint rahiye” Ananya said.

“Ek minute” rahul said taking out his phone and clicked their picture like that.

“Shaitan, kabhi to theek se raha kar” Prerna slapped him on shoulder and they left.

“Bhabhi, mai apke liye kuch laya hu” Vansh was too small to get why they were not disturbing them and in excitement he move towards them.

“Ha Vansh” Riddhima said suddenly opening her eyes and Armaan too get up by his voice, he rubbed his eyes and again hide his face in pillow and tried to sleep by the effect of medicine.

“Aap so rahe the” he said.

“Vansh, shushh, apke bhaiya so rahe hain na, chaliye ham bahar chalte hain” she said and Riddhima alongwith Vansh came out where Rahul, Nikki and Muskaan were standing smiling like idiot while Prerna called vansh down.

“Tum log ko kya hua?” Riddhima knew the reason behind their smile but tried to sound normal hiding her blush else they will tease her like no tomorrow.

“Hame to kuch nhi lekin apko bahut kuch hua hai bhabhi” Nikki said.

“Nikki, kya bol rahi ho” she said turning towards vansh hiding the red color which creep out on her cheeks.

“Ye bol rahe hain ham” Rahul said keeping his phone infront of her with that pic.

“Rahul, tum ye,,,” she was about to take phone.

“Aise kaise de du phone, ab bataiye kya chal raha tha waha?” He asked.

“Kuch nhi ham bas baatein kar rahe the” she said blushing.

“Ohoo, to aajkal aise baatein hoti hain god me sar rakh k” Muskaan teased her.

“Muskaan” Riddhima glared her.

“Arey chhod wo sab, Armaan khush hai na?” Muskaan asked.

“Hmm” she nodded in yes and Nikki Muskaan hugged her.

“Achha hai, akele chhodne ka kuch to positive benefit mila” Rahul said and they laugh while Riddhima blushed.

“Aayee hayye ab itna mat sharmaiye neeche chaliye, apke liye gifts aaye hain” Rahul said.

“Gifts” she become confused.

“ha ab aap hamare sath gai nhi to hamne hi apke liye shopping kar li” Nikki said and she smile.

“Aur iski kya jarurat thi” she asked.

“Wo aap Mom aur Taiji se puchiyega, I don’t know” Nikki said and they laughed.

Riddhima came down with them and got so many dresses and beautiful jwellery sets, she was shocked by all these.

“Mom ye,,,,” she was about to say something.

“Ab Muskaan se to ham puch v sakte hain lekin tum apni pasand bataogi nhi, pata nhi itni shy kaise ho gai tum Riddhima, muskaan k sath ka v koi asar nhi pada” Ananya said and they chuckled.

“Isliye hame jo sahi laga hamne le liya, tum dekh lena tumhe kya achha lagta hai” Prerna said.

“Lekin chachi itna sara leke mai karungi kya?” she said.

“Ohoo, tumhari shadi hone wali hai, sab functions me pehan’na change kar kar ke” Ananya said and she blushed on the name of marriage looking down.

They were happy to spend time with each other meanwhile Shashank came towards them.

“Riddhima beta, apne Armaan ko medicine de di thi?” he asked.

“Ha ji Uncle medicine de di thi” Muskaan said.

“Soup v pila diya tha” Nikki said.

“Aur dawa v de di thi” Rahul said.

Shashank smile on how they explained him without letting Riddhima utter single word but he don’t know that they were teasing Riddhima like that as she was looking towards them being surprised on their nautanki and smile hiding her blush.

“OK,OK, achha hai fir use aaram ho jayega” he said and left.

“Kya karte rahte ho tum log atleast Dad k,,,,,” Riddhima was saying.

“Dad k samne kya? Unhe v to pata chale unki beti apne hone wale pati ki kitni care karti hai” Muskaan said and she pass her a deadly glare.

“Riddhima bhabhi, maine apke liye ek gift liya hai” Vansh said coming back.

“Achha wo kya?” she asked.

“Pahle aap chalo mere sath” he dragged her with him.

“Arey lekin Vansh suno to, bata do yahi pe” she said.

“Nhi, batana nhi hai, dikhana hai aur inlog se pahle kyunki abhi inko v nhi pata” Vansh said indicating towards Nikki Rahul and Muskaan.

“Haaaw, Vansh tumne mujhe v nhi bataya?” Muskaan pouted.

“Muskaan bhabhi mai apko batane wala tha lekin ye dono apke sath hi chipke hue the to kaise batata, fir aap inhe bata deti” Vansh said making cute puppy face.

“Aww, mera baby, koi baat nhi” she said coming upto her level.

“Muskaan bhabhi, mai na apke liye v gift laya hu lekin iske liye apko mere sath chalna hoga, inko bataye bina” Vansh murmured in her ears.

“Pakka, on the count of three” she winked and he smile.

“One two three, run” Muskaan said and they dragged Riddhima alongwith them.

All three were out of sight before Rahul and Nikki could register what happened.

“Ye apke liye aur ye Riddhima bhabhi k liye” Vansh said giving a badge to both of them written as “World’s Best Bhabhi” on Riddhima’s one and “World’s Best Friendly Bhabhi” on Muskaan’s badge.

“Vansh, bachha its so thoughtful, kaha se liya apne ise?” Riddhima asked bending upto his level.

“Ha Vansh, it’s a best gift I got yet” Muskaan said kissing his cheeks and he smile.

“Wo mai,,,, wo” Vansh stammers.

“Vansh ne khud choose kiya aur apne se likhwaya in badges pe tum dono k liye, mai v surprised thi sabko batana chahti thi lekin is ladke ne bolne hi nhi diya, pahle mai Riddhima bhabhi aur Muskaan bhabhi ko dunga uske baad hi kisi ko bataunga” Prerna said coming inside.

“Thanku Vansh, it really make my day and I’m so happy to get you baby” Riddhima kissed his forehead with twinkling tears in her eyes and he smile while Prerna understand the emotion behind her words thus she tapped her shoulder to sooth her.

“Are lekin aap ro kyu rahe ho” Vansh asked.

“Wo mai Vansh,,,,,” she said.

“Wo kya hai na Vansh kal aap chale jaoge isliye Riddhima tumhe bahut miss karegi isliye” Muskaan said and Riddhima smile on her.

Although she tease her everytime but she still understand her much better way.

“Arey to aap v to Delhi chaloge na” Vansh said and Riddhima nodded in yes.

“Kuch time baad” she replied.

“Fir se kuch din, yaar ye aaplog ka kuch din khatam kyu nhi hota” Vansh said and they laugh atonce on his antics.

“Waise Muskaan bhabhi aap mujhe miss nhi karoge kya?” he asked.

“Nhi” she nodded in no making him sad “Kyunki mai jab v miss karungi tumhe to mai khud Delhi aa jaungi tumse milne, mujhe kaun rok sakta hai” she said winking and he smile and hi-5ed with her.

“Ha aur Riddhima bhabhi ko v lana” he said and she nodded in yes.

Prerna was so happy to see their bonding with Vansh and she was in aww with their interaction coz vansh was never too friendly with anyone else not even with Nikki also being his elder sister.

“Mai unko dono ko bula k lata hu” Vansh rushed outside and they get up smiling to him.

“Chachi kya hua?” Muskaan asked.

“Kuch nhi bas wo Vansh kitna khush hai na tumlog k sath” she replied with a smile.

“Chachi, thanku so much hame Vansh jitna cute innocent gift dene k liye, I’m really attached with him aur wo kaun si bonding hai mujhe khud nhi pata but bahut strong connection feel hota hai” Riddhima said and she smile hugging them.

“Wohoo yaha to emotional milap chal raha hai Vansh” rahul said stopping at the door.

“Matlab?” he look towards him being confused.

“Matlab kuch nhi aaja yaha” Prerna said and he smile.

Vansh showed them those badges and he smile on his selection while Nikki make faces saying he didn’t get anything for like that till now and he smile. Rahul took the badges and rushed outside to show it everyone and Vansh ran behind him. 

Everyone was so happy to see that and Armaan smiled while coming down as he saw them running downstairs while Riddhima Muskaan Nikki and Prerna also came out of room and Armaan look towards them and stop.

He was looking towards Riddhima as she was coming towards him slowly smiling on something, that was what Armaan noticed and in reality all of them were coming towards him.

“Armaan, beta kaise ho tum?? Tabiyat theek hai ab?” Prerna asked touching his forehead and moving her hand in his hair.

“Ji Chachi theek hai” he replied smiling.

“Aur theek kaise nhi hogi, Riddhima ne itne pyar se care jo kiya hai” Muskaan murmured in Riddhima’s ear.

“Chup kar” she slapped her hand asking to shut up.

Armaan smile looking towards her knowing very well that Muskaan might be teasing her.

“Achha ab neeche chalo dinner ready hai” she said and they left.

Vansh come towards them and he smile “Kya baat hai Vansh bade khush lag rahe ho” he asked.

“Hmm, ye dekho kaisa hai?” Vnash said giving him badges.

“Ye to bahut achha hai, aap gifts lene lage ho aajkal” Armaan said.

“Ha mera mann kar raha tha” he replied.

“Ok” he said.

“Armaan kaisi hai tabiyat ab?” Shashank and Billy asked at the same time.

“Theek hu dad, feeling better now” Armaan replied.

“Ok, chao fir ab dinner karte hain” he said and they sit down for dinner.

Dinner was done in a happy environment and Armaan Riddhima take glimpse of each other time to time. 

“Riddhima pass me salth please” Daljeet said.

“Hmm, uncle” she move salt towards him and her hand touch Armaan’s hand.

Armaan smile and mumble a sorry to him.

Armaan was looking towards her plate and she asked what happened through eyes. Armaan signed towards the chapatti and Riddhima shake her head and place chapatti in his plate, again he nudges her and she gave him a question look, he asked her to place chapatti in her own plate. She nodded in no making Armaan angry and he move his face to other side and slightly push his pate away making Riddhima sighs.

Riddhima tapped her finger on table gaining only his attention and place chapatti in her plate, she also pull Armaan’s plate towards him and he happily start eating while Riddhima smile on all these.

After dinner it was the time to go home for Gupta’s and Chadha’s, They were happy to spend a beautiful day together and sad on this separation.

Riddhima look towards him and found him looking towards her with a sad face, she signed him to smile and he did a little.

“Dad mai drop kar du?” Armaan asked.

“Nhi Armaan tumhari tabiyat theek nhi hai, driver drop kar dega don’t worry” Billy said and he nodded in yes.

“Armaan beta take care ha” Shashank said.

“Ji Dad” Armaan replied and they left.

Armaan was moving on terrace during night waiting for Riddhima’s msg or call as she didn’t contact him after leaving from here.

He was thinking about her and get her call “Pahuch gai?” Armaan asked.

“Hmm, just abhi room me aai hu” she replied.

Armaan said nothing and Riddhima feel he was sad “Armaan ab aap kyu udaas ho rahe hain?” she asked.

“Kyunki mujhe drop karne jana tha” he said and she smile.

“Apki tabiyat theek nhi thi na isliye Dad ne mana kiya” she said.

“Are but,,,,” 

“It’s okay Armaan, achha wo sab chhodiye ye bataiye aap kaha hain?” she asked.


“Arey bataiye to” she asked.

“Terrace pe” he said.

“Good, look towards moon” she said and it was full blue moon and Riddhima came out in balcony looking towards moon which was trying to hide it’s glory with clouds and came out after few seconds.

Armaan smile looking towards the sky “Wowww” it was the only word which escape from his lips and Riddhima smile.

“It’s beautiful na?” she asked.

“Hmm, it’s so beautiful” he said and Riddhima smile.

Armaan smile remembering she has the power to change his mind immediately from sad to happy by one or other means.

“I love you” he said and she stop on her place by his sudden announcement at that time.

“Armaan” she said being surprised.

“I know my name” he replied controlling his smile.

“I Love You too” she said and smile shyly controlling her blush.

“Oye hoyye” those words escape from his lips making her blush more.

“Armaan aap so jaiye ab bahut raat ho gai hai” she said and he smile coz she was trying to escape from his hold on phone.

“Itni jaldi?” he asked.

“Ha” she said.

“Nhi” Armaan said.

“Armaan, terrace pe itni der tak nhi rukna hai , thand badh rahi hai aap andar jaiye warna mai abhi Rahul ko call karti hu” she said.

“Ok kar lo wo tumhe hi tease karega” he said.

“Armaan plz jaiye na room me” she said.

“Tum to aise bol rahi ho jaise room me koi mera wait kar raha hai” he said.

“Aap jaiye to” Riddhima said and he move towards his room while Riddhima was waiting about his reaction.

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