Monday, 28 May 2018

part 5 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Riddhima woke up at 7am in the morning the following day, jogged in her garden, came back, took a quick shower, changed into her next favourite dress(after the one she for armaan yesterday),  applied lip gloss, curled her hair, and did everything to make sure she looked perfect.

 She was going to see him after 3 years.. and he NEEDS to realize that she has changed, she has moved on in life.. he needs to feel guilty... for her revenge plan to move on...

She went downstairs to the dining room, picked up an apple and walked to armaan's house, so they could both go to sanjeevani and join her mother over there

She entered the house, and looked around, but he was nowhere to be seen.. she went into the dining room, kitchen and when she didn't find him anywhere on the first flor, she went to the second floor and opened the door of his room and was left stunned.. he was still sleeping?

Now this was it.. she went to the kitchen, took out a bottle of water from the fridge and splashed it on to him, to make him get up.. he got up with a jerk and looked up angrily to look at the face of his next victim..

And there, he saw riddhima standing infront of him.. in a complete western attire for her first day at work.. in an indian hospital? But he must admit, she looked breathtaking.. she was so perfect.. he for once forgot about the freezing cold water that she poured onto him just a couple of minutes ago..

"armaan fast.. we need to leave soon.. quick"

After 30 minutes

"finally we've reached.. thank you so much for coming and being there for us" riddhima said, as she led armaan into the building

"i've told you Armaan Mallik is always at your service"

" thankyou so much"

And then they entered sanjeevani, back to the same place, where it all started.. back to where she truly belongs, sanjeevani

" weclome to sanjeevani Dr. gupta" said nikhita, as soon as she saw riddhima entering.. so mom had told everyone that she was coming.. WHY?

And then her eyes fell on armaan, who was standing beside riddhima.. wow.. was all she could think of.. riddhima looked at nikki staring at someone, and followed her eyes, to see her staring at ARMAAN?

" thanks.. and you are?" riddhima began a conversation with her, to make her STOP staring at armaan

" nikitha malhotra, intern." She said, still looking at armaan

She noticed nikki still looking at armaan and decided to cut her off forever, and said

" oh and btw, he is armaan mallik, my..." she said, but before she could say anything else, nikki spoke..

"brother?" she asked her, rather rudely, by cutting her off in the middle

Armaan was just like a spectator, listening to the conversation.. and not interupting because he knew.. he knew that somewhere deep down, riddhima was jealous.. she was jealous.. so he decided to keep quite and let the drama go on.. but when he heard brother from nikki, he saw riddhima's face literally turn red with anger, and before things could get worse for all three of them he said

" i am armaan mallik.. her friend.. not brother"

As soon as he said, he saw riddhima's face lighten up and nikki then realized what she had just done.. she just did not ruin her impression on this new senior doctor, who was padma maam's daughter...

" hmm.. i am so sorry Dr.gupta.. i'll just show you around the hospital" nikki said, trying to improve her impression now, but riddhima politely refused and said..

" i would be happy if you could kindly show me my cabin , so that i can proceed with my first case today?" riddhima said, trying to supress her anger..

They reached the cabin in about 2 minutes, and were silent throughout the walk.. nikki was thinking of how to improve her lost impression on dr.gupta ... riddhima was thinking of what she could do to this intern who was staring at armaan like there was no tomorrow.. and armaan, well... he was just enjoying this jealousy phase of Dr.riddhima gupta...

They reached the cabin, that was the second biggest cabin in sanjeevani, after dr. padma gupta's.. nikki left as soon as riddhima and armaan entered the cabin.. well yes, she did not want to make another blunder by saying or doing anything that could irritate riddhima.. riddhima sat on the chair and armaan on the couch of the cabin.. armaan looked at riddhima and knew that she was still angry.. armaan got up and went closer to riddhima.. he took the chair that placed infront of riddhima's table , and placed it beside riddhima's chair.. he sat down on it, next to riddhima and started speaking to her

Armaan : so what's your plan for today?

Riddhima: i have a surgery in an hour.. have to start reading the files and meet with the doctor who is assisting me in the surgery..

Armaan : but you just came

Riddhima: i know.. but mom you know.. she's like patients come first..

Armaan :  and if you dont mind me asking, what was that nikhita malhotra bashing all about?

Riddhima: did you see how she was looking at you

Armaan : ya so?

Riddhima: well...uhmm.. i mean... ya.. she is supposed to be at duty.. and not be staring at random people like that

Just then, riddhima's cabin's door opened and she saw THE SIDDHANT MALHOTRA WALK IN.. siddhant looked at the doctor on the doctor's chair with her hair covering her face, with this guy sitting next to her and they both engrossed in this conversation that was surely not about her next patient.. then she raised her hand, and put her hair behind her ear.. and then he realized that the doctor was none other than HIS RIDDHIMA GUPTA...

He was in a complete state of shock.. riddhima was the new doctor who was going to join sanjeevani.. his new boss? And padma maam's daughter.. and what was with her? This complete indian cultured girl.. who couldn't even think of wearing western clothes was in this short evening dress and that to to a hospital.. she had definately changed.. After he came out of his shock, he looked at riddhima again.. but she seemed to be too engrosed in her conversation with this guy sitting next to her, to even notice that there was someone standing infront of her..

But he was happy.. happy to have finally found his riddhima back.. to finally get rid of his guilt and apologize to her.. he had found her after 3 years and he was happy.. he kept staring at riddhima waiting for her to notice him, but she seemed least bothered.. and this guy sitting next to her, why was he staring at her like that.. and she doesn't seem to be bothered either.. god someone notice this poor doctor standing infront of the table for heaven sake..

Riddhima was talking to armaan about everything under the sun when she felt someone staring at her.. she looked up to see sid standing infront of her, with this weird smile on his face.. her blood boiled looking at him like that.. did he even have a reason to smile after doing all that to her 3 years ago... but well, this would be the last time he's smiling... she was here to give him a tough time.. and he surely wouldn't smile after that she thought...

Armaan looked at riddhima's expressions change from anger to irritation and finally to hapiness.. he followed her gaze to see a man, aged about his own age, looking at her with a dreamy smile.. armaan's blood boiled when he realized that he could be the same guy.. and he was like smiling at her like a shameless guy? Did he even have a reason to live? He thought... but nevermind.. this mission is mine now.. this smile of yours will never return he promised to himself..

Sid came out of his dreaming session, when he saw riddhima get up from her chair and leave the cabin.. he was about to get up and follow her, when he saw the same guy come and stand infront of him.. he looked a that guy from head to toe.. not bad.. quite good he thought..  but riddhima was only his he said to himself..

" armaan mallik.." armaan said.. putting his hand forward

" siddhant modi" sid said, giving in tot he hand shake..

Armaan and shaking hands with this joker? No way.. he grined as he thought of what he was gonna do next..

Sid saw this guy grinning and was about to take his hand back, but before he could do anything, armaan jerked his hand down, making sid's hand hit the glass placed on the table, breaking the glass, and making sid bleed..

"oops" said armaan and walked out of the cabin , following riddhima..

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