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part 5 : pyar ke mod pe...

'tumse milke….
‘pyar ke mod pe’ sequence…..

Riddhima’s anger reached in extreme…..she came to arman’s room and literally banged the door and in a while arman was in front of her only in a short. riddhima shrieked and turned otherside. arman also got nervous and ran to take something and returned covering himself with a bed sheet. Riddhima was standing in same position while looking other side. Arman uttered : “good morning,miss American..tumhe kuch kahna tha?”
Riddhima turned to him and seeing he was covering himself with bedsheet,she frowned and asked : “tumhare paas pant-shirt nahin hai?”
Arman nodded and replied : “hai toh.”

Riddhima uttered frowning : “toh yeh bed sheet kyon lapeta hai?”
Arman thought a while then uttered : “good question..toh baat yah hai ki maine by mistake sare pant-shirts,trousers wash kar dale, so all are wet..agar aapke paas koi extra t-shirt and a jeans ho toh mujhe de sakti hain,mai khud ko usmein fit kar lunga..and don’t worry,kal wash karke wapas kar dunga.”
Riddhima felt weird hearing it.she asked angrily : “are you mad?”
Arman uttered smilingly :”yeah..par tumse thoda kam..
Riddhima felt to beat her head on the wall..this person was impossible!! she yelled angrily : “listen mr.arman…yeh aise behuda songs agar phir kabhi suna maine toh…..
Arman asked smilingly….. “toh?’
Riddhima yelled : “I will through you from the house..understood!” 
saying she turned to go downstairs but didn’t notice the mat in anger and as she kept feet on it, slipped…and started rolling on the stairs….arman ran to hold her while yelled in a panic voice : “riddhima…!sambhalo khud ko!!.....
But riddhima’s head bumped with the railing of the stairs and she got unconscious.
When riddhima got her sense back, found herself on the bed in her room.her head was bandaged and right leg also.she tried to get up but moaned in pain.padma uttered hurriedly: “uthna mat beta, sir se bahut khun bah gaya hai.”
Just then she heard arman’s voice from outside : “come dr.mohit,nahi abhi tak hosh nahi aaya hai,I think she needs a scan…actually pata nahi chal raha kitna injury hua hai aur..i think riddhima ko hospital le chalte hain.”
But dr. mohit said : “dr. arman,aap khud ek doctor hokar itna nervous ho rahe ho?riddhima hosh me aa jayegi kuch der me,jakhm itna gahra nahi hai..
They came inside and seeing riddhima,arman face lightened up. He came to her hurriedly and asked with a tensed face: “how are you riddhima?headache hai kya? Sabkuch clearly dikh raha hai na?uneasy feel toh nahi ho raha hai na?”
Riddhima was shocked to see his worry for her.she uttered in a weak voice : “I am fine.”
Arman once looked at her face then addressed to dr. mohit: “sir,maine kaha tha na she is not fine.see,sherni jaisi awaz kaise billi jaisi ban gayi hai..its not a good sign sir…
But before he could say more..dr. mohit burst into laugh and uttered : “very interesting! dr. are very naughty..are you pulling leg of my niece…
Arman uttered making an innocent face : “never dr. mohit..she will kill me if I will make fun of her…jab se aaya hun,I heard her shouting voice,not weak like this I got tensed..
Shshank uttered : “but I think mohit,ek scan karva hi lete hain riddhima ka.”
Dr. mohit replied : “okay shshank,kyon riddhima? Aap kya kahti hain?”
Riddhima uttered : “I think no need of it…
Suddenly arman mimicked riddhima’s voice : “no need of it….” Very good!aur baad me mumma-papa pareshan honge..chupchap achchi bachchi ki tarah uncle ka kaha nahi maan sakti?kyon uncle?
Shshank uttered : “haan riddhima beta,ek scan kara lete hain,kyon risk lena?”
Dr. mohit uttered : “ok,but I think you can’t stand or walk right now.your right ankle twisted and injured badly.wait,I am calling ambulance.”
Shshank uttered : “uski jarurat nahi mohit,arman riddhima ko car tak le ja sakta hai,kyon arman?”
But before arman could reply, riddhima uttered in a panic voice : “mai khud ja sakti hun..”and tried to move down from the bed and in a while she whined in pain and was about to fall but arman gave her support immediately and 
Uttered angrily : “I know you are sherni..par sherni ke bhi pair tutenge toh usey bhi takleef hogi..jyada bahaduri dikhane ki jarurat nahi tumhe,samjhi?”
Dr. mohit gestured to shshank and smiled. Shshank smirked and uttered : “riddhima beta,zid mat karo.”
Padma uttered : “haan ,aur arman hi toh tumhe uthakar kamre me laya tha.”
Riddhima uttered staring arman : “mai tab behosh thi mumma..aur mujhe kahin nahi jana,kuch nahi karna,yahi thik hun mai.”
Dr. mohit uttered : “its ok riddhima.i think scan ki jarurat nahi hai shshank, riddhima khud doctor hai,she will know better.”
Riddhima noticed arman went from there making an annoyed face.but she didn’t understand why arman was so worried for her.but in some minutes they heard arman’s voice from outside : “Aunty,I called Ambulance,aur aapki beti se keh dena ab nakhre na kare.”
Dr. mohit chuckled and addressed looking at riddhima : “so you have to go for scan.”
Riddhima got irritated with arman’s behavior but she had no strength to oppose,so kept quiet.
Riddhima’s scan report is normal but she was not able to stand because of her injured leg for 10-15 days.and obviously she burst out on arman for her this condition… “tumhari wajah se yeh sab hua.mujhe is week Tokyo jana tha..mujhe wahan mr.Akemi se milna tha,he is also researching on this same subject..sab barbaad ho gaya. You have spoiled my life…I hate you…
But arman didn’t oppose or utter a word in reply,only went from there but every morning and evening he used to come in her room to ask about her health.he made herbal soup and tasty food with low fat for riddhima and requested marco to keep it day arman gave her the news that he talked with mr. Akemi and next month he is coming Boston to meet with riddhima.
Riddhima asked surprisingly : “kaise? Wo toh bahut busy rahte hain,mere liye yahan kyon aayenge?”
Arman replied in a serious tone : “tumhe aam khane se matlab hai ya guthli ginne se? kaise kya,yeh sab secret arman malik kisiko nahi batata..
Riddhima uttered making face : “azeeb insaan ho..tumse baat karna bhi mushkil hai.”
Arman uttered shrugging : “mat karo,kisne kaha hai baat karne ko? Main mar nahi jaunga tum baat nahi karogi toh.”
Riddhima uttered irritatingly: “toh kya mai mar jaungi?”
Arman uttered with a naughty smile : “ho sakta hai…actually I am sure you can’t live without talking to me”
And went from there making riddhima stunned!
Next day riddhima’s sleep broke hearing a sweet song. After a long, arman again played music..and this time riddhima was not irritated or angry on arman as it was her favourite song…..
Tumse milke ………………..
aisa laga Tumse milke …………………..
armaan hue purey dill ke…
Ae meri jaane wafa
Teri meri meri teri ek jaan hai
Saath tere rahenge sada,
tumse na honge judaa….
Tumse milke 
aisa lagaTumse milke ….
armaan hue purey dil ke………………..
And riddhima accepted him as a well wisher of her…she started talking with him little little…then started sharing her grief…her pain about losing her younger bro. ridhan…..why she hated india and now what is her aim in life….
And arman also shared some memories of his mom whom he had lost at very young age and then riddhima got to know why arman was so worried when she had injured falling from the stairs….
Arman : “8-9 saal ka tha mai…bahut saitan tha.wo din aaj bhi yaad hai mujhe,mujhe school nahi jana tha kyonki exam se darta tha mai aur us din final exam tha..i was running and mumma was trying to catch me..and suddenly she was slipped from the stairs…she couldn’t control and rolled over the stairs and bumped with the corner of last stair…aur uske baad unhen hosh hi nahi aaya..7 din coma mein rahne ke baad chali gayi wo…..papa bahut tut gaye the,aur mai….aaj bhi iske liye khud ko blame karta hun..tumhe kuch ho jata toh shayad mere paas suicide ke alava kuch rasta nahi bachta riddhima…..
Riddhima uttered with a heavy heart : “sorry,maine tumhe galat samjha tha…
Arman smiled and asked forwarding his hand : “ok,then friends?
Riddhima uttered smilingly : “no way…tum aur mere friend!”
And they became friends…….
Love you all

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