Sunday, 13 May 2018

part 5 : With U

With U :will they go out?


Muskaan faints in a operation, atul thinking of anjali, rahul and anjali's day went as normal. Armaan and ridhima had cute momments together

It was almost the end of the day well exactly 8cpm everyone was tired. Armaan and ridhima couldn't utter a word after what had happned tehy just acted as professional in the hospital. Muskaan was back to normal and dr kreeeti gave her time to get mentallly prepared. Atul was toooooooo in a dream land with anjali

In the locker

Atul :i am sooooooooooooooooooooo tired

Anjali :meeeeee tooooooo

Muskaan :first day and soooooo bad

Rahul :muskaan i heard to fainted in the middle of a operation {started laughing}

Muskaan :haa haaaa  stup up rahul

Rahul :sorry sorry its just sooooooooooooooooo funny

Anjali :hey riddz how was your day

Ridhima looked at armaan and blushed

Ridhima :amazin di

Anjali :and yours armaan

Armaan :great today i found out abig truth

Ridhima looked at armaan in horried eyes

Armaaan :wohhhhhhhh nothing

Ridhima was relifed

Atul :guys i need to leave sooo bye anjali {dreamy voice}

Anjali :bye atul

Muskaan :i'm going guys

Rahul :mee too  bye

Anji riddz and armaan :bye

Anjali :riddz lets go

Ridhima :ok di u go i'll be there ok

Anjali leaves , leaving AR alone

Ridhima went over to her locker and she kept her lab coat in and was about to leave. Armaan came and stood behind her , ridhima turned around

Ridhima :armaaaaan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i need to go

Armaan :shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh jaaan

That word jaaan caught ridhima's heart, she closed her eyes

Armaan :ridhima plzzzzzzzzzzzz will u go to the movies with me tommorow night?

Ridhima looked at him, his eyes so innocient  she had to agree or she would have been repenting her whole life

Ridhima :haaan armaaan i wanna go to the movies with u

Armaan :reallllly {shocked}

Ridhima :yep {reallly shy}

Ridhima looks down, armaan holds ridhima' s chin and brings her face up. Armaan and ridhima are staring into each other's eyes

Ridhima :armaan i need to do

Armaan :don't go ridhima plzzzzzzzzzz

Ridhima :armaan di is waiting for me

Armaan moves out of the way

Ridhima :thanks

Armaan :its ok jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

That word jaaaaan hit ridhima like a sharp knife

Ridhima was about to walk of the locker rooom she turned around

Ridhima :can't wait for the movies

Ridhima blushed and ran

Armaan :ohey ohey chooooooooooooooooo sweet

Saying that armaan left sanjeevani so did ridhima and anjali

In ridhima's house

Ridhima anjali nani and shashank are having dinner. Anjali nani and shashank were talking while ridhima was in .......................................................... a own dream land

Shashank :so anjali how was your first day

Anjali :amazin dad

Shashank :and your riddz

Ridhima : wasn't listenning anything she was stilll thinking about the dance she had with armaan, then when their cars bashed into each other. I loved the way he comes close to me why does every touch of his make me feel like i'm in heaven and now we are going for the movies OMG can't believe i said yes. He is so down to earth his smile is adorable.

But ridhima's thougths were interepted my shashank

Shashank :ridhima riddz ridhima

Nani :ridhima beta

Anjali looked at ridhima and nugged her, ridhima came out of her dream

Ridhima :haan haan woh mein

Shashank :ridhima whats wrong

Ridhima :nothing papa

Nani :beta are you sure

Ridhima :yes nani. I'm not hungry i need to go sleep

Shashank :ok then good night

Ridhima left

Shashank :anjali is ridhima ok

Anjali :don't know dad she was so lost today

Nani :i think she just stressed give her some time to sleep

Shashank :your right mama

In ridhima's room and anjali's still downstairs

Ridhima :why is armaan touching by heart soooo much?

Just then ridhima's phone rings its a private number

Ridhima :private number who is it?

Ridhima :hello

Armaan :helllo

Ridhima :armaan tum

Armaan  :wow u recongnise me so well jaan

Ridhima :armaan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz jaan mat bolna

Armaan :why not "JAAAAAAAAN"emphasis on jaaan

Ridhima :because i'm not ur jaan

Armaan :you are jaaan

Ridhima :so why did you call

Armaan :sorry just tooo excited for the movie jaan

Ridhima blushed thinking about the movie

Armaan :kya hua chup kyu ho gayi

Ridhima :nahi woh mein

Armaan :i know you were blushing thinking about u {running his hand through his hair cho cute}

Ridhima :yes i mean no................... {she was going to explode any second}

Armaan :well any way i think i should hang up now

Ridhima :ok then bye good night sweet dreams

Armaan :my dreams have to be sweet now cause your in it

Ridhima blushed and turned off the phone

Ridhima and armaan both went to sleep

In the morning muskaan rahul and atul in the locker room

Muskaan :shut up rahul

Rahul :kyu kyu why should i

Atul :guys plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop fighting i'm gettinf tired

Just then anjali and ridhima comes in

Atul :look even anjali and ridhima are here

Atul :hi anjali

Anjali :hi atul

Rahul :hey ridheema

Ridhima :hi, kya armaan nahi ahya

Muskaan :no not yet

Ridhima felt reallly sad. But just then the hot and happening armaan came in

Armaan :HEY GUYS

Ridhima looked at armaan and blushed at went to her locker

Anjali and atul were talking while muskaan and rahul were fighting. Armaan and ridhima were stealling glances

Annocement :all interns come to the nurse station

Anjali :lets go nahi to hitler

Muskaan :more like gabar

Anjali :comeone riddz

Ridhima :di u go i'll come

Atul :ok chale anjali

Anjali atul rahul and mukaan left leaving armaan and ridhima behind. Ridhima started shufling through her locker, armaan was just staring at her

Ridhima :armaaan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Armaan :plz kya

Ridhima :plz don't stare at me like this

Armaan came behind her. He touched her neck

Armaan :why not

Ridhima :ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh armaan plz don't

Armaan touched her waist and pulled her really ahrd so her back hit his chest. Ridhima layed her head back on armaan's chest

Armaan :can't wait for tonight jaan

Ridhima closed her eyes, the way he touched her was like being in heaven and when he calls he jaan is like being on cloud 9

Ridhima :armaan i think we need to go now

Armaan :come on then

Armaan and ridhima ran to the nurse station thanks god they were just in time

Anjali :guys your just in time

Ridhima :thanks god

Armaan :is hitler here yet?

Muskaan :not yet

Rahul :but where is she?

All the interns see shubanker and kreeti walking they both look like they were in la la land

Ridhima :dr kreeti and shubanker?

Armaan :impossible

Muskaan :everything is possible yaar

Rahul :exjactly

Armaan :lekin

Ridhima :kaise

Shubanker and kreeti comes to the intern

Shubanker :good morning interns

All interns come out of their thoughts

All :good morning sir

Kreeti :ok interns plz follow the same duties as yesterdays

Ridhima and armaan smiled thinking about yesterday

All the interns left

Ridhima and armaan were in the children ward when they entered all in children came and huugged


All children :armaan bhaya ridhima didi

Armaan and ridhima laughed

Armaan :come on lets to the check up

Armaan and ridhima did the check up it took them it took then a every long time all the interns met each other in the

They all had a chat while armaan and ridhima were busy were thinking about the movies for tonight

Armaan :guys i need to go my breaks over

Ridhima :mine too

Alll :bye

Armaan and ridhima were walking to the children ward

Ridhima thinking :me and armaan movies wow, but but what am i going to where

Armaan so ridhima's face she looked scared

Ridhima thinking :what am i going to where OMG

Armaan :ridhima ridhima

Ridhima came out of her thoughts

Armaan :ridhima u remember were going for the movies tonight don't u?

Ridhima :{blushing} i remember

Armaan : so shall i coem to pick u up at 8

Ridhima :NO if papa or di comes to know OMG

Armaan :so where shall we meet?

Ridhima :mmmmmmmmmmmm how about the basket ball court

Armaan :OK then but what are you gonna tel anji and ur papa

Ridhima :don't worry i'll take of that

Armaan and ridhima went to do their jo, all the way through ridhima was bust thinking of what she is gonna where

At the end of the dayat 6:30 pm in the locker room

Rahul :OMG why do they give is soooooooooo much work

Anjali :i know

Ridhima thinking :kya kya what shall i where

Atul :i just want to go home and sleep

Muskaan :same here this plae is like jail

Anjali :not like jail it is jail

Atul :ok guys good night

All :bye atul

Rahul :i need to go aswell

Muskaan : go go who's stopping u

Rahul :mind your own busness ok

Muskaan : why don't u

Rahul and muskaan fighted their way out of sanjeevai

Anjali :ridhima chale

Ridhima :yes di

Armaan to ridhima sign laguage :i'll see u tonight bye

Ridhiam sigh language :see u bye

Anjali and ridhima left and so did armaan

Ridhima in the car thinking :ok what shall i where and mein di se kya kahu???????????????????

Ridhima reached home. Well thank god shashank had night duty

Nani :ridhima anjali kaisi hai meri sweeties

Both :fine nani

Ridhima ran right upstairs

Nani :what happened to her

Anjali :let me go and check

We see ridhima goign through her closet. Ridhima takes one dress and throws it and then the same with all the others

Anjali comes in and sees all dresses everywhere

Anjali :ridhima what is this

Ridhima : di i need a prefect dress

Anjali :but why

Ridhima bit her tongue

Ridhima :woh woh di

Anjali :haan ridhima kya

Ridhima :di do u remember they ball {ridhima remembered how she danced with armaan}

Anjali :yeah u went right

Ridhima :yes di my friend {ridhima thinking of a friends name} amy called he over for a charity ball at 8pm

Anjali :but ridhima what time will u be back

Ridhima :i'll come by 10, di can i plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz go {begging}

Anjali :ok ok but come home soon ok

Ridhima :thanks di {huggs anjali}

Anjali :its ok lekin what are u wearing

Ridhima :i don't know

Ridhima sat on he bed woth her hand on he head

Anjali :OMG

Ridhima :what happened

Anjali ran to her closet, she removes a reallllllly huge box

Anjali opened the box ridhima came and looked in the box

Ridhima :di it sooooooooooo beautiful

Anjali gave it to ridhima

Ridhima :no di i can't take it

Anjali :sweety i brought this for u

Ridhima :me thanks soooooooooooo much di

They have a sweet hug

Ridhima takes her clothes and gets ready

In armaan's house

The same thing is happening to armaan, clothes all over the place

Just then tia enters

Tia :bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Armaan :{looking through his closet} kya hua tia

Tia :bhai what a mess

Armaan got tried of lookign he went and sat on the bed with his hand on his cheeks{sooo cute}

Tia :ohhhhhhhh how cute bhai

Armaan :cute my foot

Tia :ab tia ke bhai naraz kyu hai

Armaan :i don't know what to where

Tia :kyu kaha jah rehai ho

Armaan :woh tia woh

Tia :bhai u can tell tia, tia won't tell anyone

Armaan :pakha

Tia :pakha

Armaan tells about the the ball and the dance and how he met ridhima and the car crash and then the cute scenes in the staires and how he asked her out in the locker room

Tia :WOW bhai pyaar woh bhi 2 din mein amazin

Armaan :tia plz don't tell anyone {how sweet is he}

Tia :hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i won't tell

Armaan :good now help me choose something to where

Tia starts searching she finds somehting hot cute and happening

Armaan sees it and gets dressed

In ridhima's house

Ridhima get dressed

Ridhima :di i need to leave now

Nani :ok beta lekin jaldi ghar ana

Ridhima :bye di

Ridhima takes the rikshaw, we see armaan's back, armaan turns around

Armaan's clothes

 Ridhima to herself :wow he looks more hot than he was in the hospital

Armaan sees ridhima

Ridhima's clothes

   Flowers on Thong Necklace Enamel Flower Discs Earrings Leather Patent Meduim Tote

Armaan to himself :omg she is so cute she is like an angel especailly in white

Ridhima and armaan came closer to each other

Armaan :ridhimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ridhima :armaaaaaan

Armaan cups ridhima's face and kissed her forehead

Armaan :you look too beautiful

Ridhima :ahhhhhhhhhh armaaan thanks

Ridhima kissed armaan cheeks. She was too shy so she turned around

Armaan took hold of ridhima's tiny wrist

Ridhima :armaan plz

Armaan :ridhima ajj apne ap ko mat rokho

Ridhima :armaan aren't we going for a movie {trying to get out of the situation}

Armaan :oh yeah chale

Armaan opens his car door for ridhima and then he goes and sits in the car

They reach to the cinema called inox. Armaan got the door for ridhima, ridhima got out of the car they both walked in to see the movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Armaan thougth this is gonna be funny and scary so ridhima will be in his arms. They got their seats and went and sat down.

The movie started really well in the movie the song labon ko labon pe came up and then we see shiney and vidya looking really hot in that song

Labon ko Labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe abb batao'2

Armaan and ridhima looked at each other. Armaan looked at ridhima's lips

Tod do khud ko tum
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein meri
Banhon mein meri'2

Armaan felt like taking ridhima in his armaan

Tere ehsaasson mein Bheege lamhato mein
Mujhko doobati tishnagi si hain
Teri adao se dilkash khatao se
In lamho mein zindagi si hai
Haya ko zara bhool jao

Ridhima put her hand on armaan's face
Mere hi tarah pesh aao
armaan caressed ridhima's hand
hone do khud ko tum meri tum
Raaton mein
armaan and ridhima staring at each other
Labon ko Labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe abb batao--2

ridhima's hand travels from armaan face to his chest
Tere zajbaaton mein mehki si saason mein
Yeh to mehek Sangali si hai
Dil ki panahon mein bekhri si aahon mein
Sone ki khwasish jagi si hai
Chehre se chehra chupao
Sene ki dhadkan suno
Dekh lo khud ko tum

Annkhon mein meri
both still staring into each other's eyes
Labon ko Labon pe sajao
Kya ho tum mujhe abb batao--2

Armaan careses ridhima's lips he goes more closer and closer. He brings her chin level to his lips

But just then the song got over and a loud noise brought armaan and ridhima back to their sences

Armaan :errrr woh

Ridhima looked down

They got back into the movie. Between the movie armaan wasn't even consentrating on the movie he slowly put his arm around ridhima.

Ridhima looked at him and then at the movie. In the movie the part where vidya lift the bed up came and ridhima got reallly scared she hugged armaan really hardly she duged her face into armaan's chest. Armaan saw this he adoared it so much he put both his hand around he rand cuddled her, just like a teddy bear.

Ridhima was feeling ok now but she still didn't want to let go of armaan. Armaan started caressing ridhima's hair and then he kissed her head.

They both came apart armaan slowly went forwards he brings ridhima's chin closer and closer. Ridhima closes her eyes armaan can feel ridhima heart beat. Ridhima felt armaan breath of his lips

They came more closer



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