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part 53 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Arman immediately composed himself and decided to take a move. "Kripa! I have to tell you something." Ridhima swallowed hard and joined Arman, "Haan, Kripa! We need to tell you something."

Kripa was stunned at unbelievable scene in front of her eyes and couldn't digest their words. Arman and Ridhima exchanged looks and took a step forward to Kripa. Kripa automatically stepped back and turned to leave. She was embarrassed and shocked to see Angad, Misthy and Kartik behind her. Kartik took initiative, "Kripa! We have to tell you something now." Kripa unbelievingly looked at him, "tell me something?" she replayed the words in her mind and stared at them suspiciously. She glared at the three as tears escaped her eyes. Angad couldn't tolerate her grief anymore and forwarded steps towards her, "Kripa! You need to know something serious. Please, stay here."

Kripa's nostrils flared with embarrassment. "I need to know something? All these are playing a conspiracy at me?" Her body was shaken at the thought. Her eyes widened with anger. She glanced once at everyone around her. She felt like framed by all of them. Angad looked like a leader to them. Angad took a step towards her and she stepped ahead to him. She pushed him with force and ran upstairs to her parent's room. Angad lost balance at unexpected force and fell down on back. Arman and Ridhima hurried forward and painfully stared at Angad and at the way Kripa left.

Kartik and Misthy immediately helped him to get up, "Angad! Tum theek toh ho?"

Angad held his spinning head and rubbed back of the head as it hit hard the wall behind. Kartik helped him to rub the bulge, "We should have expected this before. Kamakha delay kardiya tha. Abb mamla hud se aagey nikal gayi hai."

"No, Kartik! She would have reacted similar way even though we convey the message as we thought before." Angad commented as painfully stared at the closed doors of Sarma's room. His eyes filled tears, "this would impact more serious damage, Kartik! We should have stopped her from going into the room. It shouldn't be happened like this."

Arman and Ridhima stood in guilty. He blamed himself and collapsed with hands in face. "Yeh mera galati hai; I should have controlled until I explained everything to Kripa. I made a mistake." All others silently watched him as equally held them responsible for the situation.

Misthy walked to Arman, "Bhai! You have to handle Kripa. You are the culprit in her books now. She is thinking that we all kept her in shadow on purpose. She mistook the situation."

Arman sighed in pain, "I know I should handle this. I should have waited till she understands the circumstances. Main jaldbazi mein sab kuch bigaad diya." He apologetically glared at Ridhima and walked towards stairs.


Kripa locked the room and cuddled into a corner as hid her face into knees. She cried aloud as hiccups hit her. Surya wheeled into the room from balcony and watched her silently. He was very well aware of Kripa's emotions and her own composure lately.

Kripa didn't notice Surya as deeply absorbed into her sorrows. "Kya kehna chahta hai yeh logeon ne? Kyon mere peeth ke peechey itna natak kiya tha? Why did they hide this truth? Main sochti thi ki Anjali aur Atul ki wajah se Arman aur Ridhima ek dooserey ko pehle se hi jaantey they. Magar yeh donon itna kareeb thay? Arman mujhse itna bada raaz chupaya tha? Kyon? Kyon undonon ki shadi nahin huyi? Did Naina aunty know about this? What about Dr.Gupta? These two families know each other so well and they ruined their children's life like this? Angad kabse Arman aur Ridhima ka pyar ke barein mein jaanta tha? Did he accept this? Wo Ridhima se pyar nahin karta? Chotoo undonon ka beta nahin hai???  Was this the reason they came here prior to engagement date? Kya Angad ne yeh sab kiya tha? Angad, Undonon ko milaney ke liye yahan aaya tha?  Wo undonon ko milakey mera kareeb aana chah raha hai? He wanted to convey this to me before? Issiliye wo mera agey peechey ghoom raha hai? How could he think about us like this? But, he should have told me this clearly too. Yeh sab naatak karney ki kya jaroorat thi? Wo sab loge kitna innocent behave kar rahey thay! Misthy, Kartik, Angad, Arman, Ridhima sab ke sab mila hua hai! Main ek stupid ki tarah Angad ko unka behavior ki barein mein advices deti rahi? So, Cheap! How Cheat! Kitna cheat kiya mujhko. Sab cheaters hai. How could they cheat me like this? Meri innocence ki faida uthaya sabne?" Kripa questioned herself repeatedly without any solution while cried her heart out. She felt like cheated by everyone.

Surya slowly wheeled close to her and mumbled, "Kripa! Kya hua beti? Kyon itna roraha hai? Sambhalo apni aapko." He was wondered at Gayatri didn't turn up till now as  she usually consoled Kripa within few minutes in such matters.

Kripa looked at him with blood red eyes and broke into wild tears. "Papa" she cuddled his knees and hid her face in his lap all through hiccups. "Sabke sab jhootey hain, papa! Sabne cheating kiya. Humara rista jhoot hai. Humara koyi nahin hai. Koyi humara kadar nahin karta. I'm a fool to believe everyone. I don't want anyone. I don't like anyone." She cursed in between hiccups. Surya stroked her hair softly innocently. Both shared warm affection.

While everyone was in tension in Arman's room, Gayatri kept herself busy with lunch preparations and had no idea about the people in other rooms.


Arman gathered his courage and knocked on Sarma's door. He softly requested, "Kripa! Can you please open the door? I have to talk to you. Please ek mauka do sab kuch bataney ki." He felt his own voice awkward for the first time.

Kripa didn't move but paused her crying. Surya held her chin, "jao, Arman bula raha hai!"

Kripa shook her head refusing. Surya smiled as upper lip curved, "oho, so, Arman ne tumhey gussa dilaya tha. Kya kiya tha bechara ne?"

Kripa sniffed, "Bechara!! Dokhey baaz hai, papa! koyi bechara nahin hai. Sabke sab jhootey aur makk** (she swallowed the word as Surya never heard such language from her), hai. Main hi sabke natak mein kutputli ban gayi thi." Surya stroked her head as understood her pain though he had no idea how deep was her sorrow.

Gayatri met Arman while he was pleading Kripa. She brought lunch for Surya. She enquired him with eyes and understood Kripa's refusal to open the door. She mistook them as playful fights between husband and wife. "Kripa ko main manati hoon, Arman beta! Dil chota mut karo. Wo nadan hai, samjhaney se samajh jayegi." Both pleaded Kripa to open the door. "Kripa yeh kya bachpana hai? Agar tumhey gaon janey se itna problem hai toh hum nahin jayengey. Yeh zidd chodkar darwaja kholo. Bechara Arman yahan kabse tera intezaar kar raha hai!" Arman looked dejected and went back to his room.

Gayatri felt awkward in front of guests and son-in-law for Kripa's stubbornness. "Kripa! Papa ka lunch time hai, andar aaney do."

Surya showed his stomach as if he was hungry when Kripa checked with him. She tied her lips as agreed and took him to the door. She opened the door but kept the wheel chair against the doors to stop them to open. She ran into bathroom and locked the doors. Gayatri softly scolded for her acts and pushed herself inside the room.

"Yeh kya bachpana hogaya hai, Kripa! Main Maassi se kehdoongi ki wo Angad aur baaki sabke saat chale jaye. Hum teenon yahin rukengey. Theek hai? Abb kush? Chalo bahar ajao. Papa ka khana khatam hogaya hai. Sab neechey tumhari intezaar kar rahey hain. Khaney ka liye bahar ajao." She warned Kripa and walked down to serve lunch for others.

Arman was embarrassed and apologised to everyone. Misthy supported Kripa, "uss bechari ka koyi galati nahin hai. You deserve this, bhai! You don't deserve anyone's love. I should have told Kripa before about you. I thought you both would know each other soon. I made a mistake to get you married with Kripa. I wish Kripa tumhey aur tadpaye." She wiped tears on corners of her eyes.

Kartik immediately reacted, "yeh kya keh rahi ho, Misthy! It is a danger signal. Kripa ki gussa humara kaam ko adhura chod degi. Angad aur Ridhima ke barein mein bhi kuch socho. Pray God that she understands the situation and helps us to solve the problem."

 "Misthy is right, Kartik! I deserve this rejection. Abb Kripa koyi punishment de main bhugatney ko taiyyar hoon." Arman warned Kartik. Angad and Ridhima stared at each other blankly.

Misthy took Kartik's hands in hers, "tumhey kya lagta hai, Kartik? Main nahin chahti yeh donon lovers reunite hojaye? Kripa ki gussa jaayaj hai. She has every right to get anger on Arman and all of us. After all we hid the secret and all of sudden gave a shock of her life."

Ridhima cursed herself, "yeh sab meri wajah se hua tha. Problem solve honey tak khaash main tum sabse door rehti."

"Hope, maami could convince Kripa to bring down. We could atleast convey our message. Pata nahin akeli apni aapko andar hi andar kya kosse rahi hai. Angad despairingly stared at upstairs.

"Pata nahin wo itna react kyon ho rahi hai. Gaon jaaney mein wo itna kyon jhijhak rahi hai." Gayatri came down and apologetically explained. She turned to Angad, "beta! Kripa ki behavior ka bura mut mano. Wo bahut sensitive hogayi hai. Abb yeh gaon janey ka plan change karlo." She requested innocently when all other expected something different from her. Angad sighed and exchanged looks with everyone.

Gayatri was embarrassed for her daughter's behavior in front of guests and tried to cheer them up. "chalo, wo jab gussa uthar jayegi tab khud khaney pur ajayegi.." She headed towards kitchen.

"Aunty! Aap bhi humarey saat khaleejiye. Nahin toh main bhi nahin khaoonga." Arman forced her with his further made-up new plans in mind.

Angad guessed his intentions and forced Gayatri. "Haan, Maami! Aap bhi kha leejiye. Main Kripa ke liye wait karoonga. Mere wajah se wo naraz hai na. Main hi ussey manaloonga." Gayatri adorably smiled and cupped his cheek, "aisi baat nahin hai, Angad! wo kabhi kabhi aisa hi over react hojati hai. wo khudko jaldi se sambhal legi. Tum bhi aajao." She headed towards dining table. Everyone finished lunch between Gayatri's childhood anecdotes.

Arman signaled Misthy and Ridhima to handle the clean up and took Gayatri into his room. "Aunty! Aapse kuch batein karna hai. Aap please mere saat chaliye." Gayatri was surprised but silently followed him as she noticed the stiffness among them while having lunch, the reason of which might be beyond her guess. Angad and Kartik followed them to support Arman if necessary.

"Aunty! Kripa ka gussa ki wajah main hoon. Angad nahin, Naahi gaon jaaney ka plan." Arman settled at Gayatri's feet despite of her warnings. Gayatri changed looks at Angad and Kartik as her heart suspected something wrong. "Yeh tum kya kehraha hai, beta! Kya kahan tumney wo itna rorahi hai? Kripa se koyi galati hua kya?" she enquired with motherly authority.

Arman shook his head as lowered his eyes, "Nahin, Aunty! Kripa toh mujhey huq se jada izzat di hai. I don't deserve her love and respect." His voice was shaken.

Gayatri cupped his chin, "Aisa mut kaho, Arman beta! Tum unka pati ho. Respect toh karna hi chahiye. Agar wo koyi guna kiya toh main unki taraf se maafi maangti hoon. Mujhey batado beta, main ussey samjhati hoon."

Arman looked at her with tearful eyes, "Aunty! Gunegar toh main hoon; Kripa ki, aapke, Uncle ke, aur sabka; khaas kar Ridhima ka." He spelled last name slowly.

Gayatri was confused, "yeh tum kya keh raha hai, Arman?" she looked puzzled at Angad and Ridhima who entered just then. Ridhima embarrassingly looked at Angad and lowered her eyes.

"Main aapko sab kuch batata hoon, Aunty! Chahey aap mujhey koyi punishment de. Kitna bhi nafrat karein.  Main saza bhugatney ko taiyyar hoon."

Gayatri looked fearfully at everyone and waited for Arman to continue.

"Main aur Ridhima ek dooserey se pyar kartey thay. Ridhima ka papa ki wajah se hum alag hogaye thay. I didn't know about Ridhima marrying Angad and Angad's relationship with you all. Aaj bhi main care nahin karta agar mujhey yeh maloom nahin hota ki chotoo humara pyar ka nishan hai. Wo Angad ka bacha nahin hai. Ridhima aur Angad ke beech wo rista nahin hai jo ek pati aur patni ke beech hona chahiye. Angad aaj tak Ridhima aur chotoo ko mere amanat maankar hi apna paas rakha hai. Ussey bhi kal tak yeh pata nahin tha ki main Kripa ka pati hoon. They didn't know about my marriage with Kripa till we went to Mumbai for Misthy's alliance. Wo yahan yehi samjhaney ke liye aaye they. Mujhey bhi yeh sab Misthy ki engagement ke ek din pehla maloom hua tha. Angad aur Ridhima ek dooserey ko aaj bhi accept nahin karpayengey. Main Kripa ko dhoka nahin dena chahta; I married her with good intention only. Jindagi mein aagey badney ke faisla lekey hi main Kripa se shadi karliya. Abb humey kuch samajh mein nahin aaraha hai hum kya karein. Please help us. Yeh sab Kripa ko batana chahta hoon agar wo mujhey ek mauka deti."

Gayatri's eyes dropped tears throughout the narrative. She shivered with shock. She felt the whole world spun around her. Kripa's sorrowful face appeared in front of her eyes. She unknowingly mumbled her pain out. "Kripa se tumhara rista kaisa hai, beta?" her voice cracked while enquiring. Arman was embarrassed and ashamed to admit the distance between them. Gayatri closed her eyes in pain as tears flew over her cheeks.

"Hey Bhagvan!! Yeh sab kya hogaya hai? Hum badey hokar bhi bachon ke jindagiyan barbaad kardali! Kitna paap kiya hai humney! Abb main kya karoon? Kisko sambhaloon?" She hiccupped as pain swirled in her stomach.

Angad walked forward and dropped hand on her back and took Gayatri's hands in his, "maami! Yeh sab humarey wajah se hua hai. Na Mom apni zidd ko lekar stubborn hoti na humarey jindagiyan aaj iss mode pe aakar khadey hotey. Hum bhi unki zidd ko taal nahin paaya."

Gayatri looked at him pitifully and cupped his cheek, "tum theek kehta hai, Angad! Hum bhi tumhey thukra diya. Apni mom ki baton ko palan karney pur mazboor kardiya. Kripa ki zindagi ko barbaad kardali."

Ridhima ran to her feet and tearfully apologised, "ismain mera jyada kasoor hai, Aunty! Main apni pyar ko nahin bacha payi. Papa ki jhoota bimari ko sach samajhkar apna pyar ko thukraya. Abb uss paap ki saza bhugat rahi hoon." Gayatri silently caressed her head. Kartik and Misthy stood aside watching everyone.

Angad took Gayatri's hand to his heart, "maami! Chotoo ko apna papa ka chaya ki jaroorat hai. Main Ridhima ko zindagi bhar sahara de sakta hoon, uska humdard bannker, magar unko kabhi patni ke roop mein accept nahin karpaaoonga. Agar mujhey Arman ka pata kabhi maloom nahin hota tabki baat alag hoti. Abb sach jaan ney ke baad main unn teenon ko ek pariwar ke roop mein dekhna chahta hoon. I know Kripa will be broken. Magar main vada karta hoon ki main Kripa ki chaya banoonga. I still love her to core of my heart, Maami! Please accept me as your son-in-law. Mujhey ashirvaad dijiye." He tearfully looked into her eyes as explained his intention in her language. Gayatri laughed through tears at his language, "arey tumney itna achasa humara basha seekhliya!!"

Angad also smiled back through tears, "haan, maami! Yeh sochke seekhliya ki main kabhi na kabhi Kripa ko apni jindagi mein wapas paloonga."

Gayatri laughed with mixed feelings and kissed his hands. "Main bahut confused hoon, beta! Tumhara baton pur kush hojaoon ya iss mode pur Kripa ki jindagi ko dekh kar dukhi hojaoon."

She wiped her tears after seeing hopes in Arman and Ridhima's faces. She caressed their cheeks with her two hands and dropped hands on their heads as if blessing them and assuring them. "Main khoshish karoongi sab kuch theek karney ko."

Arman immediately touched her feet, "Aunty! Kripa ko mujhse baat karney ki mauka dilwayiye. I want to explain everything to her. I'm ready to accept her decision. But I'm sure she accepts our decision too. Aap kuch karney se pehle main ussey khud samjhana chahta hoon aur maafi mangna chahta hoon."

Gayatri nodded her head, "let me go and see her first. Pata nahin abb wo kiss haal mein hai. Mainey pagalon ki tarah yeh samajhti rahi thi ki wo gaon janey ki plan ko lekar pareshan hai. Mujhey pata nahin tha ki uss bechari ko itna bada sadma pahoonchi hain." Arman and Ridhima lowered their heads with shame.

Angad pressed Gayatri's hands, "maami! Please, aap yeh mut bhuliye ki iss mode ki doosiri taraf main Kripa ki intezaar kar raha hoon." Gayatri kissed his forehead and nodded her head.


Gayatri's motherly heart melted when she saw cuddled Kripa on the bed besides Surya. Surya was patting her softly even in his deep sleep. "Shayad yeh apni dil ki geheri chot ko apna papa ka saat share karliya hai. Hey Bhagwan! Meri bachi ki saat yeh kya annaay hogaya hai!! Kya paap kiya hai yeh pichley janam mein? Na pati ka sahara mila, na Angad ka pyar ka saya. Kya naseeb lekey aayi ho, Kripa!" She wiped her tears as slowly walked to the bed. "Main aaj hi maassi se baat karoongi. Abb yeh mamla jitna jaldi sulazh jaye utna hi acha hai. Ridhima ke liye Arman ka pyar bahut gehara hai. Undonon ka ek bacha bhi hai. Kripa unke saat aur jyada din nahin reh sakegi. Such jaan ne ke baad Angad bhi Ridhima ke saat aur kitna din jee payega? She caressed her cheeks with great affection when Angad's promise replayed in her mind. Two tear drops from her eyes fell on Kripa's cheeks to wake her up.

"Amma!!" Kripa got up in jerk and wondered at Gayatri's tears. Gayatri quietly warned her to be silent and walked her away from Surya. She hugged Kripa's head to her chest once they settled in the couch. "Kripa! Shadi ke baad tujhey amma itna parayi hogayi thi kya? Ek baar bhi apni dil ki pareshaniyan mujhsey share nahin karpaayi?"

Kripa was confusedly looked at her, "Aapke baatein mujhey samajh mein nahin aaya, mama!." Gayatri shook her head and wiped her tears with sari ends. "I know you understand what I said. Arman aur tumhari doori ki raaz mujhse chupake rakha hai! Kya main itna bhi jaan ne ki huqdaar nahi? Main iss rista karake bahut paap kiya hai, beti! Khaash unka past ki barein mein pehley jaan liya hota." She narrated in brief whatever Arman explained about his past. Kripa silently heard everything without any expressions. "Ek saal mein Arman ek baar bhi tumhari kareeb aney ki koshish nahin ki? Tum bhi uska door rakhney ki wajah poocha nahin? Khaash poochliya hota yeh raaz pehley hi maloom hota!" Gayatri ended her comments.

Kripa understood that Gayatri blamed Arman for the distance between the couple. Kripa didn't correct her as Arman took advantage of her hesitation. "Shayad wo bhi door raha mujhey waqt deney ki bahaney!"

"Abb honi ko kaun taal sakta hai? Maassi aur Padmaji aaney ki waqt hogaya hai. Angad bechara bhi kuch khaya nahin. Tum fresh hokar neechey ajao. Tum donon ke liye main kuch jaldse banadoongi," Gayatri consoled Kripa.


Arman, Angad, Misthy, Kartik and Ridhima came out when Kripa came down along with Gayatri after refreshed. Everyone felt guilty after seeing Kripa's red swollen eyes. Kripa glanced at everyone and her eyes filled tears when she met eyes with Arman and Angad. She tried to escape them and stepped fast towards dining room.

Arman immediately grabbed Kripa's hands, "Kripa! Please, I want to talk to you. Chalo mere saat." He didn't want to give her any chance as he was afraid of her dejection. He almost dragged her into their room. Gayatri was worried and tried to warn Arman but Angad consoled her with his eyes, "let them clear the matters, Maami!"


Kripa pulled her hand from Arman's grip and walked away from him. "Mujhey andaza hona chahiye tha ki mere jaise ek mamooli ladki ke saat aap jaisa doctor shadi kyon karna chahta tha. We have nothing in common. Not our education is the same, nor our social status was same, nor our castes are same. Kuch bhi ek jaisa nahin tha phir bhi aap mujhse shadi karliya. I should have questioned this before I got married to you. I just followed whatever way the life took me." she blamed herself and him when tears flew on her cheeks.

Arman pitifully looked at her, "ek common factor hai, Kripa! We both lost our love. Donon ka gum ek hi tha."

Kripa interrupted him, "No, you are wrong, Arman! Wo factor bhi common nahin tha. Mera pyar aapka jaisa nahin hai. We haven't crossed our limits. Aaj bhi humara pyar utna hi pavitre hai jitna pehla tha."

Arman shook his head, "Phir bhi hum ek dooserey ke kareeb nahin aa paya?"

Kripa's nostrils flared at his statement, "haan, jaanti hoon, main apni aapko sompney mein waqt jaroor liya tha magar yeh jaan payi ki aapki achayi ki peecha bhi ek wajah ho sakti hai."

Arman sighed, "tum jo bhi chahey mujhey keh sakti ho, Kripa! Tumhara huq hai. Main tumhara gunegaar hoon. Main Ridhima ko bhulney ki bahut koshish kiya. Tumse shadi karney mein mera intention bura nahin tha. Zindagi mein aagey badney ki koshish mein hi tumse shadi kiya tha. Main maanti hoon ki tumhay waqt deney mein mera bhi sward hai. But I have accepted you in my heart. Agar tum ek kadam mere taraf bada diya hoti toh main bhi apna dil tumhey sompe deta. Abb main tumharey saat saat Ridhima ki bhi gunegar hoon. Main apna pyar ko bacha nahin paya. Abb aap sab jo bhi saza de main bhugatney ko taiyyar hoon.."

Kripa cynically smiled as welled up, "aapko main kya saza de sakti hoon jab main hi ek bada saza se guzar rahi hoon toh? Abb mujhey apke saat ek chut ke neechey rehne sey bhi takleef hoti hai."

Arman wanted to explain about Angad's plan but hesitated with a fear to face her reaction. He walked closer to her, "I can understand your feelings, Kripa!  "Aaj bhi mera pehla farz tumse hai. Chotoo ka asliyat jaan ney ke baad bhi main Ridhima ke paas wapas jaaney ki nahin socha. Angad chotoo ka taraf se apna farz bahut acha nibha raha hai. But he never accepted Ridhima as his wife. Wo aaj bhi Ridhima ko mera amanat samajhta hai.  Agar Angad apna dil ki baat nahin kehdeta'"

Kripa interrupted him, "Ek minute! Angad ki dil ki baat? Who is he to take decision on our behalf? Agar aap chahtey hai ki Ridhima ko apna zindagi mein wapas bulaley, aap jaroor kar saktey hai, kyon ki aaj se main aapko paraya samjhta hoon. Magar Angad ko meri zindagi mein wapas aaney ki decision pura mera hai. Aap sab mard ek jaisa hai. Pyar karna toh aata hai magar pyar ko nibhana nahin samajhtey. Mujhey kissi ka sahara nahin chahiye. Leave me alone." She walked out without giving any chance to Arman to speak. She noticed Angad pacing in front of her room. Angad paused and tried to read her expressions. She angrily stared into his face and passed him before he spoke to her.

"Kripa!" Gayatri called her on the way to meet with Devyani, Satyavati bua and Saxena family. Kripa brought smile on her face by force and touched the elders' feet as welcomed them. Devyani hugged Kripa and greeted as she noticed the shadows in her face, "Kaisey ho, Kripa!" Kripa faintly smiled to hide her sorrows. Angad half mindedly greeted Devyani as his eyes fixed at Kripa. 

Devyani guessed something serious had happened between them, "Kya hua Kripa! Tabiyat theek nahin hai kya?" Kripa angrily glanced at Angad from corners of her eyes, "Khaash pyar ke mamley mein Aapse yeh kuch seekh liya hota!"


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