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part 59 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Armaan and Ridhima couldn't convince Angad for simple marriage. "Ridhima went through a lot in past one year. Her dreams are coming true now. She deserves a grand happy wedding," Angad's explanation closed all doors to them from bargaining. He arranged the same banquet hall for their wedding and invited all colleagues, known people of Armaan and Ridhima. Since Kartik's wedding followed in two days in the same place, Khanna family stayed back in Hyderabad. Gayatri offered them to stay with them but Naina refused, "Gayatri! Shadi se pehley hi aapke ghar mein kaisey rahengey? Baratiyoan ko toh humarey ghar se hi nikalna hai na!" Angad also convinced Gayatri to stay away since Kripa's anger was yet to cool down.

"Tumhey sahi salamat tumhare bava ka ghar bhejney tak tumhare paas hi rahoongi." Sapna promised to stay with Kripa till her marriage. Kripa supported her, "Acha huva tumney meri baat maan gayi. After all you were the inspiration to find my bava." Sapna was pleased to see some relaxation in Kripa's thinking.

Kripa got ready with all Angad's purchases for marriage without any fuss. Sapna gave time to time updates to Angad and he was thrilled to hear about gradual change in Kripa's behavior.

"Don't be so excited, Bava Ji! I think you have to wait until she accepts you completely. You know what I meant!" Sapna teased him when he was excited over phone.

He laughed with whole heart at her addressing and teasing, "I cannot wait till she reaches my arms, Sapna! I can't thank you enough for your help."

"I know how much she worshiped you since her childhood, Angad! Yeh mera farz banta hai ki uske sapney saakar karney mein main uski madat karoon." Sapna emotionally replied.

Kripa playfully fought with Sapna for her addressing Angad as 'bava' and Sapna teased her, "Tum meri saheli bhi hoon aur behen bhi. Phir wo mera jijaaji'(bava) hi hongey na!" Kripa smiled inwardly but continued warning her to change her addressing, just to hide her feelings from Sapna. Sapna knew Kripa enjoyed it and always refered 'bava' for Angad in front of Kripa.

On the other hand Ridhima and Misthy did loads of shopping making Armaan scream at them for draining his credit cards. "Ek behen ki shadi ke liye itna bi kharch nahi kar saktey? Kaise bhai ho tum!" Ridhima scolded to make him realize his responsibilities towards his sister's wedding.

"Tumhari pyari si patni aur pyara se beta ke liye itna bhi kharch nahi kar saktey? Kanjoos bhai! Kripa bhabhi toh kuch bhi maangti hi nahi thi. Ridhima ko toh itna huq do," Misthy teased him and took them as excuse for her expenditure. Armaan's face turned colors remembering his life with Kripa and felt sorry for both women whom he caused troubles knowingly or unknowingly.

Naina took Gayatri for shopping as she had no clue about Hyderabad. Devyani and Dilip took care of Surya whenever Gayatri accompanied Naina. Naina showed her superiority and status in every aspect in Gayatri's presence. "Kripa ki har shopping Angad ne kar liya hai. Magar mera bhi kuch huq banta hai saas honey ki natey. Main bhi apni bahu ki bahut sapney dekhi thi. Aur Misthy ki shopping toh mujhey hi karna hai kyon ki Kartik ne toh sarey responsibility mujhey hi sompdiya tha." She chided Gayatri for Angad's decisions over Kripa. Gayatri kept silent as Naina was would be mother-in-law for Kripa.

Armaan was whining since two days as he wanted Ridhima with him to go together to mandap. Actually he asked Ridhima to stay with him in his house from engagement onwards. But Angad disagreed, "Ridhima ki wish hai ki 'kanyadan' mere haaton se ho. Phir wo mere ghar se hi hogi na. So she comes with me to mandap. Shadi ke baad hi tum donon ko ek saat rehnay ka mauka milegi." Armaan was disappointed and reached mandap night before along with Misthy. He didn't mind to give scope to Misthy and others to tease him again.

Angad requested Kripa, Sapna and Misthy to help Ridhima night before wedding. So they reached the venue as agreed. He arranged for professional bridal make-up for Ridhima but Kripa, Misthy and Sapna helped in final touches. They wondered to see Armaan at that time.

"Baraat aaney tak ruk nahi paya?" Angad teased Arman as hugged him friendly. Arman sighed dramatically, "kahan bhai! Aadha pran toh tumharey paas rehgaya hai. Waisey humey unn sabki kya jaroorat thi?We already went through those rituals. We just need to be together ASAP." He winked at Ridhima who surprisingly looked at him for his early arrival. She blushed at his statements while Kripa embarrassingly watched them.

"Actually, Angad! I agree with Armaan. Yeh shadi ki jaroorat bhi kya hai? Ridhima toh pehley hi Armaan ki hissa bangayi thi. Uski bachey ki maa bhi ban gayi hai. Phir yeh formalities kyon? Seeda Ridhima ko humarey ghar mein hi chod detay! I don't think they would dare to be separated anytime in future. Abb unhey door karney wala bhi koyi nahi hai. Kyon Bhai! Main theek hi kaha na?" she winked at him.

Armaan didn't mind her sarcastic comment, "I agree with you, Misthy! Hum donon ek dooserey ko dil se chahtey hai. Uski nishani bhi hai, chotoo. I don't hesitate to accept our relationship anymore." All others exchanged looks while Misthy and Ridhima played eyebrows with smiles at his proud and confident statements.

He pinched Misthy's cheek, "kal tumhari bhari bhi ayegi, Misthy! Tab bataoonga, do pyar karney waloan ke beech seperation kitna mushkil hota hai. Hum bahut mushkil se wapas miley thay magar beech mein yeh rivazein ..mujhey aur bardash nahi hota. Angad! Tum bhi toh achi tarah samajhtey ho iss dard ko. Phir bhi kyon sata rahey ho?"

Angad smiled at his dramatic expressions and looked at Kripa to read her feelings. Kripa turned her eyes before she locked into his dangerous looks. Angad understood Kripa's discomfort and took Armaan away from the room, "agar aa hi gaye ho mere saat chalo, kuch kaam hai tere liye."

Wedding morning everyone was busy in their own assigned work. Angad didn't come in front of Kripa since last night. Armaan escaped Angad's strict supervision and peeped into ladies room often to see his beloved in bridal make-up. Misthy and Sapna found hard time to send him away from the room. Kripa tried to keep herself away from them.

"Ridhima! Tumhari behen Anjali aur Atul jijoo nazar nahi arahey hai, kahan gaye hain?" Sapna asked while she adjusted the flowers in Ridhima's braid.

Ridhima shrug her shoulders, "I'm wondering the same, Sapna! Pata nahi kal raat se gayab hai donon."

At the same time Anjali and Atul entered the room and Ridhima burst out on them. "Kahan gaye thay tum donon?" Anjali and Atul exchanged looks and Atul couldn't hold suspense anymore, "tumharey liye ek precious gift laaney gaye they."

Anjali stomped his feet, "ek bhi secret tumse chupaya nahi jaata."

He laughed as rubbed his pain, "yeh koyi chupaneyki cheez hai? chalo, mujhey aur saha nahi jata. Ridz! Yeh gift toh Armaan ka suggestion hai. So, jo bhi tum praise karna chahti ho wo ussey dedo." He pulled someone into the room while everyone was surprised for his warning. Anjali held her head as she couldn't control him.

Ridhima widened her eyes with shock. She couldn't bear the surprise and excitement. "NAANI!!" she crashed into the person presented to her. She embraced her and started crying in emotion. Atul, Anjali and Naani caressed her back to console her. "Chup hojao, Ridhi! Aaj ke shubh avsar mein aise nahi rotey. Tumhey Angad jaisa sahara mila.  Aaj tumhari khwaish puri ho rahi hai." Naani consoled her atlast. Armaan enquired about Naani after their engagement and found her in Varanasi. He immediately made arrangements to bring her for wedding. "Shashank bhi apna galti ka ehsaas kar raha hai. Magar wo tumhey muh dikhaney ki layak nahi raha. Armaan toh tumhari izaazat ke bagair ussey yahan laaney ki prayatne nahi kiya." Naani explained how Armaan reached her. Ridhima's eyes moistened at Armaan's surprise and decided to thank him in their next meet. Kripa, Misthy and Sapna exchanged looks. Atul and Naani kept on praising Armaan as he took time to reunite the family. "Main papa ko kabhi maaf nahi karpoongi," Ridhima firmly thought in her mind.

"Yeh donon aashique kitney takleefein utha rahey hai apney ashiquion ke liye." Sapna commented at amuse about Armaan and Angad. Kripa smiled, "tum Angad ki tareef karney ka ek mauka bhi chodegi nahi." Sapna rolled her eyes, "mujhse jyada kaun jaanta hai tum donon ka pyar ko?" Kripa smiled as shook her head sideways. Misthy, Kripa and Sapna went to get ready for the main event while Ridhima and Naani caught up with the past. Anjali brought chotoo and handed to Naani.

Kripa was looking like new bride in mazanta pink silk sari with zardousi work in peacock design all over the sari. She came in front of Angad while received her family at the entrance. Angad's heart skipped beats to see Kripa glowing in bridal outfit. She ignored him and took her parents to Ridhima.

Angad's eyes stuck at Kripa until she disappeared into Ridhima's room with her parents. He appreciated his own selection and thought Kripa's beauty gave more elegance to the sari. Sapna settled her throat, "Bava ji! Humey bhi thoda sa appreciation deejiye."

He blushed and praised her dressing. "Thanks Sapna! Agar tum nahin hoti toh pata nahi main kabhi Kripa ko mana paoonga."

Sapna patted his arm, "she will be alright soon. Armaan ki shadi ko lekar thoda pareshan hai. Hota hai, kabhi wo apna pati toh tha na? Wo kabhi usne sapney mein bhi socha nahi hogi ki uski shadi iss tarah toot jayegi. Such ko accept karney mein aur tumhey wapas sweekar karney mein thoda time jaroor lagega. Bus wo shubh muhurat ki intezaar karo." Angad agreed with her and involved into the present responsibility.

"Abb tak mere aagey peechey ghoomta raha abb kahan gayab hogaya hai yeh Arman?" Ridhima couldn't wait until she thanks Armaan. "Dheeraj rakho, Ridhi! Shadi ka mohurat nazdeek aa raha hai. Wo shayad mandap mein puja ke liye baitha hoga." Naani calmed her down.

Ridhima smiled for her anxiety and hugged Naani. "Naani! I missed you so much. Aap humesha meri bachpane aur jaldbaji ko control kartey thi. Pichley ek saal mein mujhey sambhalney wala koyi nahi tha. Angad ko toh hur baat nahi bata sakti thi." Naani smiled and caressed her shoulders and back, "abb sab theek hojayega. Bus yeh shadi theek se pura honay do."

Padma and Satyavati came to take Ridhima to mandap. Kripa stayed back while Sapna, Misthy and Tanya followed Ridhima. Kripa slowly met Gayatri and stayed with audience while Misthy and Angad took important role in auspicious event. Tanya, Aaliyah teased the bride and groom throughout the rituals while Angad stole eyes from Kripa imagining their upcoming wedding. He asked sapna to bring her closer to mandap too. Sapna explained her mental status at this moment and controlled Angad's excitement. "Tum toh apna jimmedari ko nibhaney mein kamyab hogayay ho. Aur apni pyar ko paney ki nazdeek ho rahey ho. Kripa toh apne mangalsutre kissi aur ko dediya hai. socho uski mano bhaavnao ko. Let her come over this situation on her own." Angad kept silent but thought to change Kripa soon. "Aisey hi chod diya toh pura zindagi aisey hi vilaap mein guzaardegi. I can't leave her like that. Usse apni pyar ko wapas pana hai."

Armaan filled Ridhima's part of hair on head with sacred sindoor while guests blessed them by pouring flowers and rice over them. Angad threw some of the flowers and rice towards Kripa to draw her attention. Kripa angrily looked at his mischief and walked away to a corner. "Kab tak bhagogi, Baavi! Soon we would become wife and husband like them," He smiled inwardly.

Anjali did their 'ghutbandhan" and Armaan and Ridhima took circles around sacred fire while pundit chanting mantras.  Pundit asked Arman to tie the mangalsutre around Ridhima's neck. Ridhima's eyes filled tears of joy seeing the wed knot around her neck and Armaan patted her cheek as consoled her. "Kyon itna emotional ho rahi ho?" his loving concern made her more emotional. "Aaj meri kushi ki koyi hud nahi hogi. Yeh kushi ki aasoon ko koyi nahi rok payengey. Main jissey duniya mein sabse jyada chahti hoon wo dono mujhey milgaye hain.  Meri naani aur mera pati bhi."

Armaan adorably smiled and hugged her with one hand, "aagey tumhari jindagi mein wo hur kushi lekey aoonga. I promise!" She kissed his hand, "tumherey saat jindagi milna hi mujhey duniya ki hur kushi ki samaan hai. Aur kuch nahi chahiye."

Armaan sighed as if he was lost, "kuch nahi chahiye?" He disappointingly whispered in her ears, "I thought I give you a sweet, cute, beautiful daughter. Bilkul tumhari jaisi. Abb main kya karoon?" He gave side glances after moving his head away. She was blushed at his expressions and thoughts. She pinched his waist, "hur waqt mazaak!"

He laughed aloud, "bus mujhey toh aur ek tamanna hai. Mera khadoos father-in-law ka ashirvad milney ki." Ridhima rolled her eyes with surprise at his weird wish. He innocently nodded his head, "main such kehraha hoon. Don't you think so?"

She smiled and shook her head sideways, "never. Sapney mein bhi nahi. Wo yahan mere samney kabhi nahi ayengey."

Armaan sighed aloud and consoled her, "Abb hum donon ek hogaye hain ussey maaf kardo. No one can separate us now. Unhey apni galatiyoan ka ehsaas hogaya hai." Ridhima kept silent though completely not agreeing with him. Armaan signaled Angad and smiled innocently when Ridhima was confused at their sign language. Her looks turned towards the lean personality besides Nishant approached them in a moment. "PAPA!" she whispered in mouth and unbelievingly looked at Armaan. He nodded as confirmed her doubts and lifted her with hand to take his blessings. Shashank tearfully blessed them and folded his hands to Ridhima, "mujhey maaf kardo, Ridhi!" Ridhima's eyes filled tears and vengefully turned her head. Her heart filled with sympathy to see him older than his age but her sorrowful past refused to do so. Armaan put his hand around her and reassured Shashank, "she will be alright, Papa!" Ridhima was surprised at his cool behavior and wondered at their interaction. Armaan reassured her with his eyes as pressed her shoulder with one hand. Dilip walked Shashank to other crowd as Pundit called Arman and Ridhima to finish other rituals. They took blessing from all elders one by one in a row after final ritual completed. All guests moved towards dining hall for lunch and the bride and groom were asked to take rest while having lunch in their private room.

"Anjali! Jijoo ke jhootein lekey aao. Unhey khaney ke liye le jana hai," Naani noticed Armaan's shoes were missing and asked Anjali to bring them. Anjali ignored her orders and giggled along with other young girls including Tanya and Aaliyah.

 "Jijoo! Aapke jhootey gayab hogayein hain. Abb aapke jhootein chor ko kuch bribe ke bina nahi pakadwa saktey. Haan, pareshan mut ho. Yeh rivaaz hai. Aap pehla apni pocket khali kardo, then walk out of mandap with your shoes." Tanya and Anjali teased Arman.

Arman stroked his hair, "yeh kya rivaz hai, Anji? Main pehla shaadi mein toh yeh kuch kiya nahi. Shayad mainey ek baar sochliya hota ki Ridhima se shadi karna mere liye kuch jyada hi bhari padegi."

Ridhima slapped his hand angrily, "itna takleef horahi hai? Kripa toh Angad ki jeib khali karegi. Tumhara hur aamdani(income) pur mera huq hai. Waisey aisa mauka mere behen ko hur baar nahi aati. Dedo jo wo maangey."

Armaan nodded obediently at Ridhima's orders as he had no choice. He removed his purse and put in Anjali's hand, "lelo Sali ji! Jo chahiye wo lelijiye. Mere liye toh Ridhima kaafi hai aur kuch nahi chahiye." He relaxingly put his hand around Ridhima. Ridhima was blushed at guests' louder laughter at their playful drama.

Kripa amusingly watched Armaan as she never saw him that joyful before. "Shayad main hi inki layak nahi rahi. Shayad main pehla inki dil ko jaanliya hota. Unki gum ko pehchan liya hota. Aaj wo rista tootney ki itna dard toh nahi hota. Sapna theek kehti hai. Main Angad ki hoon aur wahi meri manzil hai." her stares fixed at Angad unknowingly while she was in deep thoughts. Angad slowly approached her, "Kya soch rahi ho? Ridhima ki baton pur? Theek hi kahi thi na?  Tumhara huq mujh pur hai." Kripa startled at his statement and lost in his eyes. He tried to read her mind and kept stared into her eyes.

"Hey Angad! Chalo Khaney." Kartik's call brought Angad and Kripa out of their eye-lock. "Kripa! Tum bhi chalo," Kartik pulled Kripa also towards dining hall.


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