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part 6 B : With U

With U : WOW


Armaan and ridhima went out had some ahem ahem momments

Ridhima didn't know how to say it, she came closer and kissed him on the cheek and ran inside. She turned around and blushed

Armaan :ohey hoye

Ridhima runs upstairs anjali is sitting on her bed, ridhima runs towards the belcony and waves at armaan and says bye, armaan gives a flying kiss and leaves

She comes and sees anjali sitting there looking really angry

Ridhima :hii di {trying to make anji's mood bit ok}

Anjali  :HIIIIIIIIIIIII  tum tum how r u wet and this sand every where on u

Ridhima :woh di baat yeh hai ki

Anjali stood there with her hands on her hips looing really angry

Anjali :aur toh aur u said that u'll be back by 10 but then 11:30pm but its 11:50

Ridhima :di baat hai ki ki

Anjali :ridhima baat kya hai yeh yeh kya kah rahi ho

Ridhima :{to herself} ab kya karro armaan i'm not going to leave u tommorow

Anjali :ridhima what are u thinking

Ridhima :di, the thing is na that when we where in the ball room it started to rain

Anjali :what {anjali went outside and saw a perfect clear sky}

Ridhima hit her head for being so follish

Anjali turned around looking really angry

Ridhima :di woh

Anjali :ridhima tell me the truth

Ridhima :{to herslef} di how can i tell u that i went on a date with armaan

Anjali :riddz the truth plz

Ridhima :di actuallly after the ball na me and "amy" went to the beach thats why i got sand and water on me

Anjali :then why didn't u tell me this earlier

Ridhima :sorry di

Anjali :its ok now go and change

Ridhima hugged anjali

Anjali :ok now get off me , sand all over me

Ridhima :sorrry di

Ridhima ran into the bathroom and locked the door

Ridhima :thanks god di ko kuch nahi pata chala

In armaan's house

Armaan's bed room

Armaan :kya din tha

Just then there is a knock on the door

Armaan :come in................

Tia came running in

Tia :bhai kya hua

Armaan :kya hua????

Tia :bhai batoa nadid u guys kisss?????????

Armaan blushed after hearing this

Tia :bhai batoa na tia wants too know

Armaan told tia everything from the start of the date till the end

Tia :ohhhhhhhhhhhhh [sad}

Armaan :kya hua tia

Tia :app dono ne kiss nahi kiya!!!!!!!!!

Armaan :[laughed] tia tum na

Tia :bhai i need to tell u something

Armaan knew that tia was gonna tease him so he was pushing her out of the room

Armaan :tia bye

Tia :bhai i really need to talk to u

Armaan :not now bye

Armaan pushed tia out of the room

Tia outside her room

Tia :bhai SHE'S coming...................................................... {smilling}

In the morning locker room

Rahul and muskaan came in

Rahul :why can't u be quiet

Muskaan :me?????? , u janwar u 2 headed monster

Muskaan :rahul

Rahul : muskaan

Muskaan :tum na

Rahul :mein na {coming closer{

Muskaan :huh

Rahul :huh

Both walked away oppsite from each other to their locker,  just then atul came in singing


Rahul :kis ke dill mill gayye yaar

Atul :its a song yaar from dill mill gayye

Muskaan :i love that serial, Karan is just tooooooooooo hot

Rahul :NO shilpa's hotter, specially when she danced to ZARA ZARA 

Muskaan :NO , but karan looked mega hot in the basket ball match

Atul : but sunaina looked amazing in the holy episode

Rahul :i agree she was so flixible, she and pankit make a cute pare na

Muskaan :ya they

Atul {shocked} :after soooooooooooo long u guys actually agreed with something

Muskaan and rahul looked at each other. They didn't know what tingly feelign was going on

Just then anjali and ridhima came

Atul :hey anjali

Anjali :hey atul

Ridhima was so lost in her own world taht she never noticed that muskaan was trying to talk to her

Muskan went to anjali

Muskaan :anjali yeh ridhima ko kya hua

Anjali :pata nahi she's so lost in her  own world

Just then MR hot and happening comes in, and everyone is shocked

Anjali :OMG armaaaan...........................

{well u must be wondering whats so shocking}

Atul :armaan tum ne............... {shocked}

Muskaan :{closed her eyes but looking through her fingers} armaan in this world a person made something called clothes WEAR ONE

Well u must know armaan came into the hospital without a shrit {sooooooo hot}

Armaan :guys stop it

Ridhima's eyes were shot open

Ridhima :{to herself} he is like a greek god soooooooooooo hawt

Armaan went near ridhima

Armaan :apne moow band rakho nahi toh kuch andar chal jayega

Ridhima closed her mouth right away

Armaan :ab mujhe ek shirt chahiyeh

Armaan starts seaching through his locker he picks out the black and red top her wore on the {5th may episode}

Armaan goes and wheres it, in the changing room

Annocement : plzz all interns report to dr kreeti

Atul :chalo jail mein chalte hai

Muskaan :chalo............

They all left except ridhima, armaan came out of the locker room, trying to put the button on

Armaan :OH NO

Ridhima :kya hua?????????????????

Armaan :my shirt. Today is not my day

Ridhima :ab batoa kya hua

Armaan :my shirts button came out {winning like a baby}

Ridhima :{laughing}

Armaan :ab hasna band karo aur meri madad karo

Ridhima :teek hai teek hai

Ridhima get a needle and a thread

Ridhima went closer and closer until she could her armaan's breath on her neck. She starts stiching the button, while ridhima's stiching armaan hols ridhima's ahdn and starts playing with her fingers

Ridhima :Armaan kya kar rahe ho

Armaan :kuch nahi

Armaan comes closer to kiss ridhima but ridhima runs away just in time

Armaan :hai hai, teri in aadon ne humko pagal kar diya

With dr kreeti

Kreeti :good morning doctors {armaan and ridhima reached in time}

All :good moning

Dr kreeti ok here are your duties
dr anjali and dr atul in general ward
dr muskaan and dr rahul are going to take care of new case ZOYA segal

Dr armaan and ridhima in childrens ward OK

All :yes

Just then outside the hospital a girl comes in wearing minnie skirt and a lash top
she comes in all the ward boys are about to fall down

She comes in running and hugs armaan, ridhima is shocked

Armaan :{shocked }TUM {then smilling} kab yehe i missed u sooooooooooo much

Ridhima was shcoked all the interns just staring at the girl and armaan, ridhima was trying hard to stop her tears .


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