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part 6 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Armaan left the cabin and roamed around the hospital, to search for riddhima.. he finally found her in the fire escape of the hospital and he knew she was crying.. he went into the exit and sat beside her..

" i am sorry" armaan said and looked at riddhima who gave him a confused look

" i am sorry for not being able to control my anger and hurting your ex-fiance" he said, looking away now.. he knew that would make her feel better, but he needed to make her feel like he is guilty.. he just needed to.. without any apparent reason

Riddhima's expressions changed from sorrow to happiness as soon as he said that.. she gave him a small smile and then looked away again..

"i do not love him" she said all of a sudden, shocking armaan.. now what was this new twist?

 "you what?"

" i just realized i didn't love him... i dont know how and why but i have completely messed up my life... i thought i loved him.. was about to get married to him... and then was completely embarrased infront of everyone when he didn't turn up.. i fled  to france and continued my life there..i thought that france was my life... then i come to india and realize i never loved him"

" but how did you come up to such a conclusion?"

" i dont know.. i just have this feeling like i never loved him.. i dont know why that thought hit me.. but now when i think back, it was probably just friendship that we misunderstood"

" relax.. it's all over anyway... just relax and think of your revenge plan"

"oh it's simple... wait and watch" she got up as she said that... she started walking towards the exit.. but before she opened the door to leave " surgery... in 15 minutes... need to leave.. oh and feel at home.. sorry hospital.. you can stay in my cabin or do whatever... take care"

She said that, and left, with a smile on her face..

*it always works.. it always works* he thought... he knew that people who open up to him always leave with a smile.. nice.. so he still had that charm... very nice :P


Nurse: all the best for the operation Dr. riddhima.. i hope you know that Dr.siddhant is assisting you in this case...

Dr. riddhima: thankyou sister and yes, i am well aware of it

The operation started without riddhima waiting for siddhant to come.. siddhant comes in 30 minutes later, to see that the operation has almost been done...

Sid: riddhima? why didn't you call me?

No reply.. riddhima continues to operate the patient

Sid: riddhima i am talking to you for heaven sake.. you sent me a message saying that it has been postponed by half an hour.. and here, you already done with the surgery?

No reply..

Sid held riddhima by her shoulders, and shouted " answer me for heaven sake riddhima"

" Dr. siddhant, i am treating a patient over here and every second is important.. one second of ignorance could change the fate of this poor patient.. you cannot distract me by coming late and then asking me to respond to you.. are you out of your mind?" she shouted.. and all the nurses watched with their mouths open.. noone had ever spoken to Dr. siddhant like this...

Sid looked at her for 2 seconds, while she proceeded with her surgery, and then decided to confront her after the surgery...

" nurse..  glucose please" sid said, trying to get on with the surgery

" nurse... no glucose.. get other food substitutes" riddhima shouted, to make sure her orders were followed

" riddhima? whats wrong with you?" sid asked her again, not able to believe that she was the same riddhima he had known

" Dr. siddhant the patient is a diabetic.. you cannot give him glucose... have you even read the case files before coming for the surgery? And that too late? You know what? Leave.. leave this room immediately.. "

 Sid turned to leave the oepration theatre, but before he left, he heard the nurses saying something to riddhima..

" congratulations Dr. riddhima.. yeh aap ke bigar nahin ho sakta tha" a nurse said

Sid closed his eyes, with tears threatening to fall...true, he had come late , but he had received a message saying that it was postponed.. he had read the case files, but at that moment, after the hige shock he had recovered from, he couldn't think of anything.. let alone the case... and he knew it, if riddhima hadn't been there, this case wouldn't have been successful.. he knew it..

Sid left the operation theatre and headed towards the room, when he heard noises from the back.. he turned back to see another heart wrenching scene..

" congratulations riddhima.. i knew you would do it" armaan said, as soon as riddhima came out of the room

" thanks" riddhima said and pulled armaan into a heartfelt hug..

Why was this happening to him? He probably had lost both, his expertise and his love... why me? He mumbled to himself, before he headed towards his own room

Sid went ahead to his cabin, to be welcomed by a clearly unhappy abhi

" abhi... kya hua?" sid started off...

" riddhima... wo badal gayyi hai yaar.. woh ab humari riddhima nahin rahi" abhi said... another tear leaving his eye

" tu kya bol raha hai, tujhe hi pata" sid said, even though he knew what exactly abhi meant by that.. but that was sid, he was very bad at emotions... he couldn't bear emotional talks and all that...

" tune riddhima ko dekha hai kya? Woh india mein waapis aa gayyi...  maine kal uska ghar pe jaya tha.. aek party thi uske liye... lekin woh toh mujhe aek baar bhi baat bhi hi bhi nahin kaha yaar... woh toh bus apne Mr. perfect ke saath chipak kar reh rahi thi"

" MR. perfect kaun?"

" tune ause dekha nahin kya? Woh bhi hospital mein aaya hai.. riddhima ke saath.. aur woh padma maam ke saath bhi bohot friendly hain..." abhi said...

After saying that, abhi left the cabin... sid just couldn't stop crying... just 1 mistake of his and he had lost her? For just 1 stupid decision he had taken?

While on the other side, abhi walked into the canteen to see armaan and riddhima sitting on one table, sipping a cup of coffee.. he joined them with a big smile plastered on his face..

" mission successful ridzy... sid rone laga hai... lekin bichare ko pata nahin ke ye sabh humari chaal hai" abhi said, as he reached the table

" thankyou so much abhi.. tere bina ye shayad ho nahin sakta tha" riddhima said, with a genuine smile on her face

" so you ready for step 2 guys" armaan asked, to which both riddhima and abhi nodded... this was surely gonna be tough, but it was worth it... step 1 done.. making sid cry...

Sid spent the rest of the day in his own cabin, finishing his own paperwork and remained isolated from the rest of the world... when he exited his cabin in the evening, to go back home as he did not have a night duty today, he saw riddhima laughing with the same guy by her side... and this was the first time he had seen her laugh genuinely after she returned from france... so it was not a trick after all he thought.. he had a small tiny hope that all that he heard and saw was a part of a trick or some sort of revenge... but seing her laugh genuinely today made him realize that whatever be the case, she had moved on... she is definately not the same riddhima he once knew...

Sid commenced walking and as he went closer to the door, he saw riddhima and this man get up and head towards the door too.. he surely wanted to know what was going on between the two of them... he quitely hid behind the door of the fire escape, which was very close to the main door

" so had a good day today huh" armaan asked riddhima

" yup... quite good... a successful surgery always brings happiness" she said, with a smile

" so what you doing this evening" he asked her

" nothing much actually.. first actual day at home.. probably will just do something at home" she said

" wanna come over to my house?"

" hmm... sure... but later... i'll just go and catch some sleep.. jet lag you know"

" hmm... sure... btw, you want me to drop you home? We came together so you obviously dont have your car and padma aunty will surely shout at me if you come back home in an auto or a taxi... so you'd rather come home with me to see both yourself an dme alive"

" haha ya... totally forgot about that... and thanks anyway..."

" always at your service... and i would have loved to accompany you tomorrow as well, but work you know.. the managers can't do anything themselves.. silly fellows.. i wonder what i pay them for" he said with a slight frown on his face..

She looked at him once and smiled...

" so malik empire right.. what exactly do you do"

" you surely haven't heard of it in france right.. but our latest expansion strategy might intrest you.. we are merging with sanjeevani group of hospitals and the brand called" desire" in france... it's like massive expansion"

" DESIRE? YOU MEAN THE COMPANY R.A.G.Deire?" riddhima almost shouted then, which made armaan frown...

" Yup you got it right" he said...

" man.... How come... shit man.... shit"

" what's wrong with you...? you ok?"

" so you the armaan mallik who just signed a deal with anjali sharma?"

" ya.. and you know her?"

" god armaan she's the one.. she is my sister... you never asked her what R.A.G stood for?"


" Riddhima Anjali Gupta..... R.A.G"

That was enough for sid to break down yet again... he had lost all hope now...all hope to get her back and probably even to live a happy life here after..... he thought he could some how get rid of this armaan... but from neighbours to friends to business partners... the relation just keeps growing day by day...

It's over sid.. it's all over... he said to himself, before walking out of sanjeevani... he didn't know if he would ever see the hospital ever again... with his only reason to live fading away like smoke infront of him 

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