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part 6 A : With U

With U : Will they kiss? {A}


Armaan asks ridhima out for the movies and then romancing in the movie theatre

Armaan brought ridhima lips closer but but then the light came on and the noise came and armaan and ridhima came back to normal both were really embaressed.

Ridhima :erm armaan chale

It was about 10 now and ridhima had to go home. They reached outside the parking lot

Ridhima :armaan i need to go home now its already 10

Armaan :ridhima plzzzzz stay for a another hour plzzzz

Ridhima saw his eyes she couldn't have said no

Ridhima :i'll call di {smilling}

Armaaaan :YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ridhima started laughing looking at this sweet face

Ridhima :armaan shhhhhhhhhhh

Armaan :sorry just got toooooo excited

Ridhima called anjali

At gupta house

Anjali :ridhima ka phone

Phone conversation

Anjali :riddzie u ok

Ridhima :di i'm fine

While ridhima was talking to anjali from outside the car. Arman came from the back and started tickling ridima by touching her neck her waist her tummy

Ridhima :laughs di woh laughs

Anjali :ridhima what happened why are u laughing

Ridhima :di woh mein laughs

Ridhima :di could u wait a second

Ridhima looked at armaan

Ridhima :armaaan  what r u doing

Armaan :ME {innocent} me i  i didn't do anything

Ridhima :u u

Anjali :ridhima ridhima r u still there?

Ridhima :sorry di. Di woh the thing is amy na

Armaan :{to ridhima in her ear} yeh amy kaun hai sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety

Anjali :ridhima tumahre saath kaun hai

Ridhima :di woh woh amyyyyyy

Armaan :KYA

Ridhima :haan actually di the thing is na that amy need some hep tiding the ball so she told me to stay for another hour. So di is it ok plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

Anjali :{thinking} ok no problem but come home before 11:30 OK

Ridhima :thanks sooooooooooo much di {ridhima was so happy that she didn't realise that she hugged armaan}

Armaan trailed his hand into her hand , ridhima was in a new world now.

Ridhima :armaan plzzzzzzzz yaha nahi , people r seeing us

Armaan :{embaressed} ok toh chale

Ridhima :kaha?????????????

Armaan :BEACH

Ridhima :wow chale

Armaan opened the door for ridhima. Armaan drived all they way to the beach.

They came out. Armaan opened the door and asked for ridhima's hand they got on the beach

Ridhima :armaan its so peacefull here na?

Armaaan looked at ridhima , her face was glowing

Armaan turned ridhima towards him.

Ridhima :{closed her eyes}

Armaan came closer to her lips. Ridhima put her hands around armaan's neck

Ridhima :{to herself} i know him for only 2 days and i'm already so so ...................

Armaan went more closer to her lips .

Armaan :ridhima shaw puri chahiyeh

Armaan moved back. Ridhima opened her eyes and found guilt in armaan's eyes

Ridhima :its ok armaan. Ok lets go have shaw puri

Armaan and ridhima went and had a shawpuri

Armaan and ridhima ate the shaw puri

They both are walking down the beach, ridhima stoped

Armaan :ridhima kya hua

Ridhima removed her shown off and caried them with her hands

Ridhima :ab chale

Armaan and ridhima walked as ridhima felt the water rushing through her feet tingling her fingers . armaan slowly interlocked his fingers into ridhima's

Ridhima looked at armaan his gorgoues eyes

Ridhima :armaan kya kar rahe ho

Armaan :{looked into ridhima's lash eyes} kuch nahi

Ridhima left armaan had and ran towards the water

Armaan :ridhima ya kar rahi ho

Armaan ran towards ridhima, ridhima started splashing water all over ridhima

Armaan :ridhima what r u doing ? bachi ho kya

Ridhima :ofcourse hoon

Armaan joined in they both drained themselves fully

Armaan and ridhima both were rolling on the sand both laughing. Armaan stoped and looked at ridhima laughing away

Armaan put his top part over ridhima

Ridhima :armaan kya akr rahe ho

Armaan kissed her neck

Ridhima :armaan plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Armaaan :shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tum bohot bolti ho

Ridhima :aur tum kum

Armaan kissed her other side. Then in the centre

Armaan got up and asked for ridhima's hand, ridhima got up and up her hands around armaan's neck and armaan put his hands around ridhimas waist

When armaaan put his hands on ridhima waist ridhima shivered like never before

They both started dancing to this song naqab :ek din

Ek din..Ek din teri raahon     armaan put his hand around ridhima
Baahoon mein panaahon mein   they danced really slowly               
Aungaa kho jaunga   slowly looking into each other's eyes
Ek din tera ho jaunga (2)   not letting each other's sight

Yeh dil to na keh saka yeh baatein   the wind came rushing in
dil to na keh saka (2)   ridhima's hair spread

Tu jaane na tu  armaan removed her hair
Chaahat meri kitni betaab hai (2)  he kissed her forehead
Ho jo barso meri palkon mein tha   ridhima kissed armaan's hands
Tu wohi khwaab hai

Har ghadi har ghadi teri yaadoon mein   they kept on dancing to the music   
vaadon mein iradon mein   armaan started nuzzling ridhima's neck
Aungaa kho jaunga 
Ek din tera ho jaunga

Yeh dil to na keh yeh baatein
Dil to na keh saka (2)

Yeh Jhukti nazar
Jaane jigar hosh le jati hai (2)
Mein kaise kahon
Ek ajnabi dard dejati hai

Chupke se Chupke se teri neeedon mein
Khwaabon mein khayalon mein
Chaaunga Khojunga
Ek din tera ho jaunga

Ek din ..Ek din teri raahon
Baahoon mein panaahon mein
Aungaa khojaunga
Ek din tera ho jaunga

Yeh dil to na keh yeh baatein  he came closer and close their lips were inches away
dil to na keh saka (2)  but.................

Armaan and ridhima were reallllly close to kiss no one could stop them now but.....................
just then ridhima's phone rang it was anjali

Armaan ridhima came apart as soon as the heard the phone ring

Ridhima picked it up

Anjali :ridhima where r u ?

Ridhima :i'll be there soon

Anjali :ok then quick ridhima

Ridhima :ji di

Ridhima hanged up

Ridhima :armaan we have to go

Armaan :{sad} teek hai lets go

Ridhima :armaan are u ok

Armaan :{sad} i'm fine lets go

Armaan and ridhima went they was a complete selience in the car no one spoke. Armaan and ridhima finally reached

Armaan just waited for ridhima to get out, ridhima looked at armaan

Ridhima :armaaaan..................

Armaan looked at ridhima :haan

Ridhima :mein woh ................

Armaan :wow kya ridhima

Ridhima didn't know how to say it, she came closer and kissed him on the cheek and ran inside. She turned around and blushed

Armaan :ohey hoye


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