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part 60 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

"Hi, Misthy! Aajao, join us." Kartik invited Misthy who was walking towards Armaan and Ridhima. Misthy settled beside Kripa with lunch plate.

"Abb do din mein tum donon ke shadi hai. Kya chal raha hai mann mein?" Kripa teasingly enquired Misthy in low voice by tapping her eyes. She was still felt awkward to face Angad in front of everyone and tried to hide herself away from him. Kartik sat beside her and comforted her from being embarrassed in front of Angad. He also observed Kripa's silent reserved behavior for last one week. He wanted to help them to become friendly again.

"Ohho, Kripa! Unsey kya poochti ho? Mujhse poocho mera kya haal hai.  Misthy toh apne bhai ki shadi ko lekar busy hai. Undonon ko dekho toh, kitne kush hain. Magar unse  Misthy ko kya farak padta hai. Usko toh mera khayal hi nahi raha. Aaj tak ek pyara bhara ishara bhi nahi mila.  Yahan toh mere dil mein Kuch kuch horaha hai, magar isey kuch pata hi nahi." Kartik whined as complaining on Misthy.

Kripa giggled and supported Kartik, "abb bhai ka shadi toh karvadi, aagey pura waqt tumharey saat hi guzaregi na. Haina, Misthy!"

Misthy blushed and adorably stared at Kartik with a big grin.  Kartik stared back into Misthy as he expressed his longing to meet her in privacy. Kripa watched them and laughed as brought them out of eye locks. "Abb bas do dinon ki hi tho baat hai, Pedda bava! You can always spend time with Misthy."

Kartik sighed dramatically, "Spend time together? Kaisey?"

Kripa rolled her eyes at his innocent question, "honeymoon mein, pedda bava!" she replied as if he didn't know that much.

He laughed, "Hum kahi nahin jayengey. Humarey shadi ke baad tumhara baari hai na. We wait till you join us in honeymoon."

Angad being silent spectator till then looked into Kripa for her reaction at Kartik's explanation. Kripa's face turned red at Angad's sharp looks and lowered her eyes and concentrated on her food. Kartik immediately realized that Kripa was turning back into her reserved mood. He settled his throat to bring her back into jolly mood.

"Kripa! Yaad hai tum kaha karti thi ki mujhey Misthy se milwaogi and you kept your word. I'm glad you still remembered my silent love even after a year," Kartik reminded her about their meet in his office and his admiration over his assistant.

Kripa laughed joyfully and nodded her head, "Kaisey bhul jaati? Khaas kar tub jab aapki pasand mere paas ho!! Issi liye toh main rista lekar tumharay ghar aayi thi na." Her smile vanished away when her eyes fell on Angad. Sorrowful memories again came over her face as remembered his meet with Angad. Angad also remembered the shocking moment he had when he knew about Kripa's marriage. He swallowed hard and looked deep into her eyes. Kartik cursed himself for reminding them the awful memories.  He looked pitifully at Misthy for help.

"Kripa! Tum kal se meri saat hi rahogi na?  Abb Ridhima toh gayi Armaan ki kaam se. Wo aana chahey gi bhi toh Armaan nahi ussey saat chodega. I need your help for the next two days." Misthy understood Kartik's signals and started conversation with Kripa for help. Kartik praised her spontaneous thoughts and thanked with his eyes. Kripa immediately forgot her sorrow and nodded her head with joy. "Jaroor Misthy! I will stay with you. Hum donon ke Rista itni aasani se nahi tootenge. Hum tab bhi dost they aur aaj bhi hain aur aagey bhi rahenge." She indicated their future knot with Khannas. Misthy smiled and pressed her hand. Kripa noticed Angad's relief at their conversation.

Armaan and Ridhima shared one plate and teased each other along with their friends' playful comments. Naani fed chotoo for the first time with kheer on auspicious occasion of his parents reunite.

After a while, Armaan noticed joyful banter among the four and walked to their table along with Ridhima. "May we join you?" Angad and Kartik welcomed them and accommodated them on the same table.  Kripa congratulated Armaan and Ridhima. She was little embarrassed when Armaan and Ridhima eating from same plate. She remembered the moment she shared her plate with him during their wedding. She knew that was done rather mechanically than enjoyed it heartful.

Kripa decided to come over those memories now and turned to Misthy, "Misthy! Jaldi chalo, humey ek jaroori kaam karna hai, abhi yaad aya." Misthy wondered and Kripa rolled her eyes as she hurried on her lunch.

"Kahin humne aapko disturb toh nahi kiya na? Kahi mujhse toh nahi bhaag rahi ho na, Kripa?" Armaan apologetically questioned. Kripa lightened his feelings, "no not at all, we have something else to do. I just remembered it. Your presence is not worrying me at all."  Armaan winked at her, "I was worried seeing your hurry to finish your lunch." Kripa smiled without stopping her eating. Ridhima and Armaan exchanged looks and Ridhima shrugged her shoulders as she had no clue about their behavior. Kartik and Angad silently exchanged queries about their behavior.

"Arey, tum log kahan jaa rahey hai? Itni jaldi kya hai, aaram se khalo, Kripa!" Kartik warned Kripa's hasty eating.

"We have an important work, pedda bava! Tum nahi samjhogey." Kripa replied with mouthful food. Kartik and Angad exchanged looks as Misthy also finished her last morsel. They hurriedly walked away to throw the empty plates and left without looking back at them.


Angad and Kartik bade goodnight to everyone after followed up the cleaning of the venue. They discussed for a while about arrangements for Kartik's wedding in two days. Sarmas, Khannas and Saxenas retired to their suits after sending off all important guests. Armaan and Ridhima were sent to their official first night suit.

Misthy and Kripa decorated the room for Armaan and Ridhima as soon as they ran away hurriedly from lunch. Aaliyah and Anittah helped them by providing necessary items. Angad and Kartik were surprised to know about that from Aaliyah and Anittah.  They understood now the reason behind their hurriedness. "I think she is forgiving you, congratulations Angad!" Kartik lovingly patted Angad's back. Angad blushed and wished it comes true.

Kripa, Misthy, Aaliyah and Anittah played pranks on Ridhima and Armaan before they locked them together for their formal first night. They all walked back in chuckling, laughing and joking among them. They came across Angad and Kartik in the corridor.

Kartik played brows at Misthy as enquired their presence there at that time. Angad silently stood as he knew the reason. Aaliyah and Anittah grinned at each other, "we sent Armaan and Ridhima to their destination. Aap abb aram se so saktey hain." They teased Angad and bade goodnight to everyone.

Misthy checked the shy and embarrassment of Kripa too and wanted to escape them ASAP before they were trapped into chatting at that time. Misthy smiled embarrassingly "Goodnight, Kartik and Angad." Misthy nudged Kripa and bade goodnight as walked away.

"Chalo, Misthy! I will come with you." Kartik signaled Angad and followed Misthy to leave them in privacy. Kripa wanted to escape behind Misthy but couldn't move a step. She tried to stop Misthy but her voice choked with nervousness. She hesitated as Kartik also craving for private time with Misthy for long time. She checked the whole corridor empty at that late night. Silence filled the whole Hotel as well as around them. Only Angad and Kripa left out there. She strongly wished to disappear suddenly as in fiction movies. She embarrassingly stroked her tendrils behind ears and twisted her palms into each other.

Angad noticed her discomfort and slowly approached her. She lifted her eyes and swallowed hard.  He whispered with a mischief in eyes, "kyon bhaagna chahti ho?" Kripa immediately turned away her looks as couldn't bear his sharp pinching looks. Her heart was palpitating at his closeness. Angad decided to take this chance to resolve the silence between them. He took her hands in his and touched them to his heart, "kuch toh baat karo, Kripa! I'm missing you very much. Kya galati hai mera? Kya guna kiya hai mainey? Itni chup kyon hogayi ho?"

She closed her fist and tried to release her hands, "chodo, Angad! Itni raat yeh kya tamasha kar rahey ho? Mujhey janey do."

He tightly held her hands now, "Tamasha? Tumharey saat baat karna tamasha lag raha hai? Tumhari problem kya hai? kyon khafa ho mujhsey? Jab tak tum apni dil ki baat nahi kehti tab tak main nahi chodunga tumhey."

Kripa's body heated up at his closeness and touch. His warm breath was touching her face. His possessive decisions ran goosebumps all over the body. She knew that she might lose her strength if she stands some more time there in his hands. She struggled hard once again to release herself. Angad stared at her for a moment and suddenly loosened his grip. Kripa amusingly looked at him. She felt his eyes were moistened. He released her completely, "jao, jaana chahti ho na? Jao." She was surprised for his sudden change and pulled her hands from him. She stepped back a few and turned to leave. She hesitantly paused before disappeared. She turned back and saw him staring at her disappointedly. She felt bad for him. Her mind was in dilemma. She couldn't see him so depressive. She wanted to hug him, console him, reassure him and ask him for some time to overcome the confused state of her mind. She could atlast able to handover her ex-husband, Armaan to Ridhima. Now her heart was empty but anger on Angad was still there in a corner of her heart. Angad turned his eyes away to hide his pain from her.

Kripa slowly walked back to him. Angad was amused at her return. She stared into his eyes. Both eyes moistened at unknown emotion. Before he could speak up she questioned him.

"Kyon ched rahey ho? Kya jaan-na chahtey ho? Meri halaat ka kuch bhi andaaza hai tumhey? Bus wahi karte jaa rahey ho jo tumhara mann mein aaraha hai."

He interrupted her, "what do you mean that?"

Kripa sniffed her dry nose and flared nostrils, "as if you don't know anything. Do you know how I feel seeing my husband marrying another woman?"

He interrupted her with sarcasm, "Correction, Kripa! He is not your husband. Wo kabhi tumhara pati nahi bana. He was your husband for name sake; mere khayalon se aur unke mann mein tum donon ek dooserey ke kuch nahi lagtey. Khaas kar tumhare mann mein. You never accepted him as your husband. The problem is you never admitted it. I know from the day one that you belong to me and I belong to you. Meri aur Ridhima ki shadi bhi galati hai. Ridhima Armaan ki hai aur Armaan Ridhima ka. No one can separate them. Undonon ka pyar tumhari ristey se bhi pehla bana hua hai, purana hai. So, nothing went wrong with you now. Jo bhi hua hum charon ke liye acha hi huva."

Kripa's eyes moistened at his explanation. "Haan, main manti hoon ki mainey kabhi unhey apni ooper koyi huq nahi diya, unhey pati ki nazroan se accept nahi kiya. Wo huq nahi depayi jo hur pati apni patni se maangta hai. Magar Ismein mera hi puri galti nahi thi. Wo bhi toh mujhse door raha. Apni khudgarzi ki wajah se. Phir bhi mainey kabhi yeh nahi socha ki hum donon alag hai. Mainey unkey saat ek ghar sansar sajaya. Mere sapney banne se pehley hi toot gaye. Abb wo ghar mera kuch bhi nahi lagta. Sirf tumhari wajah se. You ruined my marital life. Main kisi ki nahi raha. Na bachpan ka pyar  mila, na shadi shuda sansar. Main sab kuch haar gayi." She couldn't control her emotions and started hiccups. She wiped her tears while took a breath from her accuses. Angad tried to wipe her tears. She threw his hand and hit her chest, "why did you do this to me? Kyon door hogaya thay. Kyon abb wapas agaye ho? Wo bhi tumhari ghar walon ki izaazat ke bina? Kya paap kiya mainey kissi ki pyar nahi mila?"

Angad moved at her innocent questions. "Kripa! Please, aisa mut socho. I love you from core of my heart. Humari doori ki kaaran hum khud hain. Na tum mujhey wapas bhejti na main uss shadi mein phas jaata. Abb main khud aagey kadam le chukka hoon aur tum phirse mera kadam rok rahi ho." Kripa looked tearfully at him. His eyes welled up to see her tears too.

"Mujhey darr lagta hai sapney dekhney se. Kahin koyi phir se rukavat agayi toh. Aaj tak Naina aunty ne mujhey dil se accept nahi kiya. Aur tum mere peechey pad rahey ho. Buzarg ke ashirvad ke bina yeh shadi horahi hai. Jab badoan ke izaazat se hua shadi ko tootne mein pal bhar nahi laga tho iss shadi ka kya bharosa? Main ek aur Ridhima nahi bann-na chahti hoon. Tab mujhey sambhalney wala koyi nahi hoga. Duniya mein ek aur Angad, ek aur Armaan hongay nahi na? Kya bharosa hai? Tumse door honey ki darr humesha lagta hai mujhey. Main phir se dooriyan nahi seh paoongi. Nahi seh paoongi." She collapsed on his chest expressing her fears. Angad's hands circled her tightly. His tears wet her hair as she wet his neck with her tears. She circled him tightly as continued her hiccups. He kept caressed her till she lessened her pain in his arms.

He composed sooner than her and kissed her neck. He lifted her face and wiped her tears. "Tum kamha kha dar rahi ho. Aisa kuch nahi hoga. Abb humey kissi se darney ki jaroorat nahi hai. Now about mom; whether she liked this marriage or not, kya farak padta hai jab humney faisla karhi liya  hai? Ek baar pehley un buzarg ko badapan de chukka hoon aur uska natiza bhi bugat chuka hoon. Abb jo bhi hoga wo sirf humarey izaazat se hoga." She relaxed as sniffed her tears.

He smiled and patted her cheek, "chalo kahin koney mein chaltey hain. I want to talk to you." He pulled her hand before her objection and stepped towards elevator. In the elevator, she shyly lowered her eyes as occasionally sniffed her nose and wiped her tears. He held her hand tightly without taking away his eyes from her. He was relieved now at her confrontation. He took her to top most floors and settled on the floor in a corner of roof garden. All waiters cleaned the tables and chairs and left for their night. He dropped his hand around her shoulders and pulled her closer. He closed her palm in his and caressed her nails. He kissed her cheeks and touched both heads. She silently swallowed her tears and allowed him to play with her fingers.  He kissed her fingertips, "I love you, Kripa! Main tumse bahut pyar karta hoon. Aaj tumhari baatein sunkar sukoon milraha hai. I was worried before if you consummated your relationship and I'm ignorant in anyway." She didn't respond to him and leaned back on his chest. He caressed her temples, cheeks and kissed her head.

He lifted her chin without releasing her palms from his, "Waisey tumney suhag raat ki taiyyariyan karney ki socha hi kaisey? I thought you didn't want to see them together." He rolled his tongue when she frowned, "Mainey kab kaha mujhey acha lagta hai wo sab karney mein?"

He twisted his brows as confused, "matlab?" 

She twitched her lips and shrugged shoulders.  "pata nahi pichley janam mein mainey kya paap kiya iss janam mein kissi ki pyar nahi mila. Kissi ko apna pyar nahi baanta saki. Socha iss punye karney se kuch toh phal hoga aur mera pyar mujhey sahi salamut wapas mil jayegi."

He caressed her lip line; His tone filled touch of mischief. "Pichley janam ka bahana kyon leti ho? Jo bhi kiya issi janam mein kiya tha. Tumhey behud pyar karney wala tumhari bava ko tumhi ne door kardiya wapas bhejkar. Bechara yeh socha tha ki tumhara ghar ka jamai banker tumhari saat aram se zindagi guzardega." She lowered her eyes in shy. He softly kissed her eye lids. "I'm glad you changed. Darrta tha ki tumhey mananey mein kitna waqt barbad hojayega. Abb sukoon se shadi kar sakta hoon. Aur apni suhag raat ki taiyyariyan bhi kar sakta hoon. Kahi wo raat bhi tumney sajaney ki plan toh nahi kar rahey ho?" He mischievously teased her.

She heavily lifted her eye lids with shy and angrily looked into his eyes at the same time. "Mazak udha rahey ho? Kuch bhi andaza hai kitna dard sehrahi hoon?"

He laughed softly, "yeh dard nahi tumhari ego hai. Tumhari ehem ko chonte pahoonchi thi. If you know that I'm waiting for you, you would have waited for me too.  Kya kerein, you left without leaving any contacts."

She frowned, "so saari galati meri hi hai. Tum bahut innocent ho!" she chided him. He laughed heartful seeing her bavi back into mood. He kissed her upper lip, "main hi galat hoon, theek hai? I should have searched for you come what may. Magar apni biwi ki, Ridhima ki, khatardari mein samay barbaad kardiya tha."

She pushed him away and moved her lips sideways as mocked at his admittance, "abb aaya samjh mein! Ek aur galati kiya tumney. Jo rasta chuna tha mujhey paney ka, wo bhi galat tha. Ridhima ko lakar mere hi ghar mein rahogey? Aur Armaan uss se kaisey door rahe payengey? Wo bhi chotoo ke barein mein jaan ne ke baad? You were wrong to come to my house and do all dramas. I was shell shocked to see them so closely. OHH." She put her hand on her heart as trying to compose herself.

Angad pulled her back despite of her protest, "phirse kafa mut hojao, bavi! I cannot bear it anymore. Jo huva so huva. Abb hum kuch sudar nahi saktey. Just accept the present and enjoy your future."

She moved her lips as mocking him, "kehna bahut asaan hai. Meri jagah khade hokar socho samajh ayega." Angad sighed, "phir shuru mut hojao. I would say all is in your mind. Ussey samjhao tumhey sukoon milegi. You will say I'm right."

Kripa frowned, "kabhi nahi kahoongi. You are wrong. Actually I'm wrong to forgive you. Tum sab ek jaisa hi ho. Sari batein mujhse chupakar natak kiya tha. Main bhi kitni budhu hoon, dadi se itni ghamand se sharat rakhdiya ki Naina aunty khud haat maangi toh main shadi ke liye taiyyar rahoongi. Nahin, aisa kuch nahi hua. Wo papa ko itni takleef di thi phir bhi papa ne unhe asaani se maaf kardiya. Magar wo kabhi ek baar bhi maafi nahin maangi saki. Aur tumne bhi asani se kehdiya 'chod do'. Chod deti hoon tumhey." She stood up in haste and ran downstairs.

Angad ran behind her yelling her name. "Kripa! Oh My God! Itna gussa. Please ruk jao. I will make her apologise. Don't leave me like this."

He gave up when she took elevator and left. "Kripa! Dekhta hoon kab tak kafa rahogi. Main bhi koyi kum ghamandi nahin hoon, After all I share the same genes with you too. I will make you mine chahey tum rutho ya maan jao." His dream of spending hours in each other hands till dawn was not fulfilled. He cursed himself for prolonging their conversation on the same matter. He should have stopped and talked something related to his future plans. He kicked himself and left for his room.


Armaan carried Ridhima in his arms and swirled in excitement. He put her on bed and kissed her aloud, "I can't believe you are with me. Yeh humara suhag raat hai. I just can't believe."

Ridhima caressed his cheeks, "main such mein hoon tumharay saat. I should thank Angad for this. I couldn't have reached you without his help."

Armaan nodded his head as agreed, "ussey bhi uska pyar mil jayega."

"Pata nahi Kripa kuch jyada hi kafa hai uss se. Bechara upset hai." Ridhima showed her sympathies on Angad.

Armaan twisted her lower lip, "don't worry wo maan jayegi. Hum donon ke beech mein toh kuch hua hi nahi. Wo jaroor ussey pyar karti hai. And I know he will pacify her soon." Ridhima nodded her head as agreed about Angad.

'Yeh humara suhag raat hai aur hum kissi aur ke barein mein soch rahey hain. What a wonder." Armaan smiled. Ridhima blushed. He kissed her red cheeks, "shuru karein apni pyarasa cutesa ladli ke liye?"

Ridhima frowned, "ladli? Abhi se naam bhi chun liya?"

Arman licked her lips, "mmmmmm," he showed his satisfaction aloud,  "kyon nahi. Agar mera beta ka naam tumney mere bagair chunliya toh main apni beti ki name khud kyon nahi chun sakti?"

Ridhima chuckled., :toh yeh baat hai. Aap naraz hai chotoo ka naam apke bagair dediya hai! Koyi baat nahi main theek hoon ladli se." both laughed at their innocent thoughts and kissed each other. "Armaan! Chotoo ko akela chod diya. Char dino se uska dekhbal theek se nahi karpa raha hoon. We should have brought him here." Armaan stroked his hair confusingly, "you mean here in this room? wo kya karega yahan? Aram se naani ki godh mein so raha hai. kyon ussey yaad karkey rulati ho? Waisey bhi wo aya toh humara ladli ka shuruvarth kaisey karpayengey?" he turned into mischievous again.

She blushed and pinched his nose, "Mere pyare Arman! Don't worry about shuruvarth. Wo toh kabki ho chuki hai." Armaan made big eyes, "What do you mean? Are you sure? Ofcourse you will be. Khud Doctor ho na! Magar kaisey?

Ridhima smiled with shy, "gut feeling Arman!"

Arman kissed her neck, "phir bhi mera kaam adhura nahi karna chahta hoon. What if your gut feeling is not right? Aur yeh humara formal suhag raat hai. Issey ignore nahi karna chahiye. Paap lagega. Chalo, kiss me." he seriously ordered her and made her kiss all over his face one by one. She fulfilled his wish obediently. Both soon got busy in getting ready for bringing 'Ladli' into their beautiful family.


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