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part 61 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Next day Kripa and Taniya were decorating Misthy for the Sangeet. Aaliyah, Prithvi, Anittah and Mannan were busy in selecting the songs on behalf of their group. Sapna came with a pad and pen into the room where Misthy was getting ready. "Kripa! Go and Quickly get ready for the sangeet now. Aaliyah, Anittah and all people from groom side were busy gathering all kinds of songs. They have Prithvi and Angad to help them. You know they are the best singers. No one is there in our side to face them." Misthy and Kripa smiled at her concern. "Tumhey kya lagta hai, Sapna! Humarey paas koyi nahi hai? Kripa bhabhi akeli saari kami puri kar sakti hai. She is the best of all best singers here. Dekhtey reh jayengey wo log." Taniya proudly mentioned the talent of Kripa. Kripa friendly slapped her head, "bahut hogaya bhabhi ki chamchi! Chup karo. I know Angad and Prithvi are the best ones. Phir bhi, as you mentioned we can face them easily. Chalo, Misthy! You are ready to go."

Angad and Mannan walked into their room and settled their throat as challenging them. "Toh shuru karein humara sangeet?" Angad mischievously challenged Kripa stretching on 'humara sangeet'. Kripa was still angry on him for his easy go away attitude ignoring her pain. She clinched her teeth and challenged him by throwing her head arrogantly. Angad's heart skipped a beat at her attitude and felt like elope with her right away. Kripa arrogantly turned her face and pretended to give touches to Misthy's make-up.

Mannan winked at Angad as whispered, "lagta hai tumhari bavi is in full mood to fight with you. Mainey inki yeh roop kabhi nahi dekhi.  Chalo, maza leley?" Angad chuckled and rolled tongue in his mouth as punched his stomach playfully.

"Chaliye bhabhi! Sab loge Sangeet mein intezaar kar rahey hain. Kartik toh aap ke surat dekhney ke liye baichain hai. And let's see who wins in this sangeet." Angad's his eyes still hovered on Kripa.

"Tum chalo, Misthy! Main aati hoon," Kripa said to Misthy and stayed behind when Misthy stepped forward to leave the room.  Angad let Misthy walk with Mannan and others and stayed back with Kripa. "Kripa! Tum nahi aarahi ho sangeet pur?"

Kripa turned to him arrogantly, "Kyon aaoon? Tumharey chahney waley toh hai na wahan. Mere aaye na aaye kya farak padta hai?"

Angad frowned, "What do you mean? You know what you meant for me. Kyon itna tevar dikha rahi ho?" Kripa rolled her eyes, "I want to follow meri saas. Abhi se practice kar rahi hoon." Angad clenched his jaws as he understood Kripa's anger on his mother. "Tum wo baat bhulogi nahi," he mumbled, "Main tumhara intezaar karta hoon," he walked out looking back at Kripa till he left the room.

Misthy waited at the door with smiles enjoying at their challenges. Mannan enquired Sapna with his eyes about Kripa's behavior. Sapna shrugged her shoulders innocently. Tanya also enjoyed the new atmosphere as if she was watching a movie.

 Kripa sighed as twitched her lips. She raised her eyebrows at everyone as if she was not at fault and walked along with others to the hall where everything was set for the most gracious ceremony of the wedding. Saxena family and some of Arman's and Misthy's colleagues already reached the bride group side. Kripa looked around for Ridhima and Armaan and enquired Tanya in whisper. "Jao, Armaan aur Ridhima ko lekey aao." Somewhere jealous feeling pinched her heart thinking about the newly wedded couple. At the same time Angad accompanied by Ridhima and Armaan. Ridhima and Armaan greeted Kripa and Angad thanked Kripa with his eyes. Kripa ignored his greetings and all walked together to their respective sides.

Kripa frowned when Devyani pulled Gayatri on groom side. "mama! Aap ladki walon ki taraf se hain. Yahan ajayiye."

Naina and Devyani exchanged looks at kripa's demand. Kripa ignored Naina and pulled Gayatri to her side. Naina smiled as ignored Kripa too, "haan, jao, Gayatri! Shayad wahan ganey wala loge kum hain." She knew Misthy had very small and close knitted family than extended Khanna family. "Nahin Aunty! We also have a big group to participate in Sangeet. Aur mama toh humarey taraf se hain. And I still belong to Misthy and her family."  She confidently replied to Naina and took Gayatri to bride side. She sat between Armaan and Misthy while Ridhima took other side of Armaan.

Angad's eyes still fixated on Kripa. Kartik praised Misthy's beauty with his eyes. She blushed as reciprocating his greetings.

"Chalo koyi toh shuru karey," Naina authoritatively requested the crowd.

"Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna…"Prithvi started the event on behalf of Kartik. Aaliyah and Anittah teased Kartik for borrowing Prithvi's voice. Kartik blushed and looked meaningfully at Misthy, "Meri dulhan ko bhi kissi ki madat lena padega. I never heard her singing. So we are made for each other." He proudly announced. Misthy shyly looked at Kripa for help. Everyone laughed and asked the opposite group to take their turn.

Everyone looked at Kripa eagerly for her choice of song. Angad's eyes fixated constantly on her from the beginning. Kripa looked at Misthy as if took permission and started singing in her melodious voice as to respond Prithvi's song.
.Kripa glamorously danced giving heart breaks to Angad on every move of her steps. Armaan praised Kripa's singing while Ridhima and Sapna gave support to her as chorus. Aaliyah and Prithvi teased Angad and Kartik. Armaan pulled Kartik at the end of the song and made him dance with Misthy.

Kripa challenged groom side with an immediate song while groom side discussing about their next song..
..." Kripa pulled Misthy into the center and danced around her along with Sapna. She teasingly nudged Misthy in between while signaling Kartik about Misthy's feelings. Kartik's eyes fixated on Misthy as she reciprocated him with shy. Both swung in their own dream world. Kripa's eyes lowered at the end of her song when her eyes fell on Angad. Angad's heart raced to merge with Kripa's. He felt waiting two more days for his wedding was a sweet torture.

"Chal re sajan nadiya ke paar..Armaan whispered in Ridhima's ear making her blush. She playfully slapped his thigh, "chup karo sabke samney sharam nahi aati? Don't romance in public." Armaan smiled with a wink, "everyone knew we are newly married couple. Kissi ko himmat nahi hogi kehney ki?" Ridhima widened her eyes as warned to stop him. Armaan shook his head carelessly and dropped his hand around Ridhima's shoulders. Ghoosebumps ran through Kripa's body seeing them so close. She turned her reddened looks away from them and tried to divert her mind by chatting with Sapna about next song. Angad noticed her turbulences and immediately brought Armaan and Ridhima to the center as started singing the song…
 when Aaliyah gave support to him. Armaan and Ridhima immensely danced forgetting their surroundings. Kripa's face reddened seeing them closer though Angad gave assurance to own her soon.

The sequence of songs went smoothly for an hour. Sweets and savors were served along with cold drinks. Devyani pulled Dilip and Armaan pulled Gayatri while Prithvi and Aaliyah sung the song on 'samdhi-samdhans."

More wedding songs sung by Prithvi while Angad mostly sung romantic songs for Armaan and Ridhima, or for Kartik and Misthy or to express his heart to Kripa.

. Angad expressed his love craving for Kripa's kindness. Kripa stayed stubborn though her heart wrenched at the love and pain in his singing. Both Groom side and bride side parties including Armaan and Ridhima signaled Kripa about Angad's confession.

Everyone felt his love while Angad's eyes spoke to Kripa throughout the song. Sapna and Misthy took Kripa's hands in theirs to hint her about his intention. "Arey Kripa! Bechara ko itna mut satao. Dekho kitne pyar se gana gaa raha hai." Kripa ignored and carelessly looked at Angad as remembered their conversation from last night. "Pyar toh baaton mein hi dikhayega. Apni mom ko toh mana nahi sakta, Itna jo hua wo toh asani se bhul jayega magar main kaise bhooloon? Papa toh aaj tak theek se nahi chal saktey hain. Itna dard unlogon ney, unki mom ney, diya tha, main kaisey bhuljaoon?" Sapna and Misthy understood the reason behind her anger.

Kripa still showed her attitude and just took a song immediately after Prithvi's song while she ignored to reciprocate for Angad.
\ Kripa took a chance to tease Angad and rejected his love through the song. "Lagta hai tumhari bavi aaj tak naraz hai. Tumharey ganey se aur bhi reserved ho rahi hai." Prithvi, Aaliyah and Kartik teased Angad. Angad challenged them to pacify her with his songs now. He took one by one romantic songs for her.

Sapna and Ridhima pulled Kripa to dance with Angad and Aaliyah supported them. Kripa joyfully joined Angad as got another chance to give dejection in her song. Angad lifted her at the end of the song and swirled around while Kripa fisted on his chest to release herself. Everyone thought it was romantic while Arman, Ridhima, Sapna and Kartik noticed her anger. Angad dropped her down slowly and winked at her with love filled eyes. Her heart stopped beat at his affection but tried to hide her feelings while settled in her seat without looking at him.

"Issey kya hogaya hai?" Naina noticed Kripa's reserved behavior atlast. "Kuch nahi, mom!Bus kuch ishq ladaiyan hain donon mein." Kartik tried to lighten her suspicions. Everyone left for dinner and Naina caught Angad in the corridor to the dining hall. "Angad! Tumhari aur Kripa ki beech mein yeh kya horaha hai? Sangeet mein wo ek baar bhi kushi se bhari dikhayi nahi di thi. Kya Yeh shadi ussey pasand nahi hai? Tum kuch jaldbazi toh nahi kiya na uski barein mein? Kahi wo Arman se pyar.." Angad interrupted her, "Nahi mom! Aisi baat nahi hai. She just needs some more time to accept the truth. She never expected her wedding will break. Kuch shock toh lagegi na." Angad wanted to tell about Kripa's condition but hesitated.

Naina frowned, "Badi ajeeb ki baat hai! Mainey socha wo bhi tumhari raah dekh rahi hai. Yeh aur kitna waqt legi sab samajhney mein? Tum toh sochte ho wo tumse pyar karti hai magar wo apni pati ko bhula nahi sakti. How could it be possible, Angad? How could she marry you and adjust with you when she cannot forget the past? Mujhey lagta hai tumne kuch jaldbaji karliya hai uss se sagai karke." Angad didn't want to argue with her and fell into thoughts how to tell her about Kripa's wish.

Naina took his hesitation as his approval to her thoughts. "Angad! Abhi bhi waqt hai, sochlo. Kya tum Kripa ko mana paogey. Kya wo tumse kush reh payegi? Abb Armaan ko toh wapas nahin de saktey ho magar ussey aisey chod dena chahiye. Main nahi chahti tumhari zindagi phir se adhoori rehjaye.."

"MOM!" Angad painfully looked at her as confused at her wave of thoughts. Naina continued as caressed his arms. "Haan, Angad! Sochlo. Ek baar tum unjaney mein aisi ladki se shadi karliya tha ki wo kissi aur ko chahti thi. Phir dooserey baar Kripa bhi.." Angad couldn't stop himself anymore with hesitations. "Nahin, Mom! It is not that Kripa loves someone else. She is angry on me for not waiting for her. Aur ek baat hai unki narzgi ki. Wo yeh hai ki ….aapkey wo…wo case…..maama ke khilaf. Mama ko daura pada tha wo sab unexpected situations ko dekh kar. Aur wo aaj tak chal nahi paa rahein hai. Kripa ko uss baat ki gussa hai hum per. Aur wo chahti hai aap maama se uska haat mangey. Aap maama se unn sab galatiyon ki maafi mangna chahiye tha." He paused as Naina opened her mouth with astonishment. She didn't expect Kripa had such conditions and expectations. Her face became pale with embarrassment when Gayatri and her other children reached there at the same time. She clenched her teeth and furiously looked at Angad. Angad stole his eyes away from her. Aaliyah and Kartik understood the tension and clarified with Angad with their eye signals.

"Mom! Ismein humarey badapan hi rehegi na. What's wrong in asking for Kripa's hand? Maama ji toh humara apna hi hai na. Aur humarey galatiyon ka maafi mangna koyi buri baat toh nahi." Kartik supported Kripa's wish as he already knew about it from Angad. Gayatri and Padma reached them and invited to join for dinner. Naina was still fuming as her mind spinning with the latest news.

"Kya hua? Is everything okay? Aap loge kiss soch mein padgaye hain?" Gayatri enquired as noticed the tension among them. Kartik stroked his back of neck and Angad silently looked at Naina for response to Gayatri. Naina glanced at Angad, "Kuch nahi, Gayatri! Kuch important customs bhulgaye they humlog. Uski barein mein baat kar rahey hain. Main abhi aati hoon." She walked away giving sharp stares at Kartik and Angad. Gayatri was puzzled and enquired Angad, "kya hua beta? Sab kuch theek toh hai na?" her concerns turned immediately towards Kripa and her reserved behavior. "Kahin Kripa ki taraf se koyi galati toh nahi huva na? Kuch hua toh bata do beta! Main unki taraf se maafi maangti hoon." Angad and Kartik immediately warned her, "nahin maami! Aisa kuch nahi hain. Bus mom ko kuch yaad agaya tha."

Naina came in couple of minutes with a tray filled with some items. Gayatri was confused at the sari, flowers, fruits and some jewelry boxes in the plate. "Naina bhabhi! Yeh sab kya hai? Yeh shagun jaisa taiyyariyan Kiskey liye? Aur iss waqt kissey dena laaye hain aap?" Naina smiled sarcastically and ordered Prithvi authoritatively, "Prithvi beta! Jao, Maama ji ko lekey aao. Haan, tumhara dad  ko bhi." Prithvi immediately left to bring Surya and Dilip. Gayatri still stood worriedly while Padma watching them curiously. Angad stroked his ears neck and widened his eyes and brows at Kartik. Both reassured each other with eyes. Sapna heard about the whole scenario through Taniya and pulled Kripa towards them, "chalo mere saat."

"Kya hua? Kahan keench ke jaa rahi ho?" Kripa irately asked her while she responded seriously, "chalo, tumhari honeywali saas aur honeywala pati ney kuch drama kar rahey hain wahan."

Surya came within 10 minutes. Naina walked forward to receive him,  "Aao Surya! Main ek rivaaz bhulgayi thi aur tumhari beti ney yaad dilayi thi." Kripa confusingly looked at Sapna. Her eyes fell on Angad who was staring at her with a grin on his face.  Naina held the plate up in front of Gayatri and Surya while Dilip stood beside her. "Surya! Kya hum tumhari beti ki haat humarey betey Angad ke liye maang sakti hoon? Aur jo bhi humarey beech mein hua ussey bhulaakar Yeh shagun sweekar karkey humari laaz rakhiye." Surya and Gayatri swallowed hard as exchanged looks. "Bhabhi! Yeh sab kya hai? Undonon ki sagai toh ho chuki hai Aur abb yeh sab .." Naina flared her nostrils and smiled sarcastically, "haan sagai toh hogayi thi. Magar main Surya se maafi mangna bhulgayi thi. Haan bhul toh kiya tha mainey. Yeh sochke ki mera beta meri baat ki laaz rakhega. Magar bhagwan ney aur kuch sochliya tha. Khair wo sab chodo. Abb kaam ki baat karein. Aap mujhey maaf karkey Angad ko apna beta samajhlijiye." Gayatri confusingly looked at Kripa and took the plate from Naina. Both hugged each other formally while Dilip patted Surya's back, "Badhayi ho."

Kripa understood what might have happened and angrily looked at Angad. She lowered her eyes when Naina came to her and took her hands in hers. "Kripa! Tumhey yeh rista pasand hai na?" Kripa was puzzled at her soft behavior and embarrassingly looked at Gayatri. Gayatri went to her to rescue, "yeh kya baat kehrahi ho, Naina! Kripa aur Angad ek dooserey se behud pyar kartey hain. Beech mein undonon ka rista mein darar agaya tha, magar bhagwan ki Kripa se yeh rista phir se savarney lagi hai." She turned to Kripa, "Kripa! Sabki ashirvaad lelo." Naina tightened her lips and silently watched them.

Kripa touched Dilip and Naina feet. Kartik warned when she tried to take his blessings. Aaliyah and Anittah hugged her. "Angad ka bhi pranam karo, Kripa! Yeh rivaaz hai wo tumhara honeywala pati hai." Gayatri reminded her at the end. Kripa angrily stared at Angad and bent to touch her feet. Angad authoritatively blessed her and she secretly pinched his toes. He jerked at her touch and smiled away to hide his reaction. Kripa hid her smiles and joined Sapna behind.

Kartik secretly patted Angad's back for the success of his trials. "Abb sab kuch theek hogaya hai. Toh hum khaney chaley?" He took all elders to the dining room. Aaliyah, Sapna, Kripa and Angad left in the scene silently.

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