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part 62 :Aradhana - Anmol Bandhan

Kripa was helping Armaan and Ridhima by gathering all stuff together in one place for Kartik and Misthy's wedding. Angad grabbed her hand and pulled into a room while she was walking into the main mandap hall. He pressed her to the wall and tightened his grip over her hands. Kripa furiously tried to release herself, "Yeh kya kar rahey ho? Chodo mujhey." Angad brought his cheek to hers and softly rubbed together. "Chod doonga, First let me know if you are happy now." Kripa frowned, "Happy? kiss baat keliye?"

Angad sighed and played her nose with his, "Mom ne maafi bhi maangliya maama se. ?Tum wahi chahti thi na!" kripa heaved a sigh out aloud, "Yeh koyi tareeka tha maafi maangney ka? You are so weird, Angad! Pata hai kitni sharmindgi huyi thi mujhey? Mama toh abb tak daant rahi hai."

Angad was confused, "Daant rahi hai? For what? You only asked about all this. You refused to talk to me, marry me without Mom's apologies. Abb yeh naya problem kya hai?"

Kripa released her hands and turned back, "Aise koi maafi nahi mangtey hain sabke saamney? Ghar ka mamla ghar mein rehna chahiye. Sabke samney laaney ki kya jaroorat thi? You should have done within our family circle not in public. When will you learn to do things in right time and right way? Tumhari wajah se main mama se daant khaa rahi hoon. You embarrassed me in front of everyone. Sab meri taraf aisa dekhrahey hai ki mainey koyi guna kiya tha." She wiggled her head and walked away leaving Angad in dilemma.

"Yeh ladki toh bahut badal gayi hai. She is not my bavi anymore. Har samay ladney ki bahana doondti hai." Angad sighed inwardly and followed her. Armaan caught him on the way, "I'm searching for you, Man! Kahan ho abb tak? Chalo sab loge wahan mandap mein tumharey liye poochrahey hain."


Kartik  and Angad greeted each other with thumbs up as everything going well in time. Misthy and Kartik drove all attention from audience with their matching wedding dresses. Everyone praised that they were made for each other.

Angad's eyes automatically searched for kripa. Armaan noticed and nudged him, "wahan rahi tumhari dulhan." Angad's eyes fell on a group of young beautiful ladies who were enjoying themselves with giggles, jokes, teases among them. "Don't you think meri dulhan jyada khubsoorat hai!" Armaan teased Angad as noticed his admiration over kripa. Angad blushed but didn't try to move his stares from kripa.

Kripa was glooming in her blue attire while Ridhima equally gorgeous in pink dress. 

Ridhima felt Arman's heated looks and turned to him. She waved her hand and blushed when he reciprocated with a flying kiss. Kripa wondered at Ridhima's sudden blushes and noticed Armaan drooling over her from far. "Sapna! Yeh deewani toh gayi apni ashiq ke ankhon mein khojaney ke liye. Chalo hum kayi aur chaltey hain." Sapna giggled, "uski baat chodo tell about you. Tumhara aashiq bhi wahan chupke chupke tumhari khubsoorati ko aankhon se hi pee rahey hai." Kripa frowned and checked for Angad at the way Sapna pointed out. Her face turned beet red at Angad's heated looks. Sapna nudged her, "kyon tum bhi jaogi wahan Ridhima ke saat saat?" Ridhima and kripa startled and coyly exchanged looks. Kripa walked away to avoid their teasings as followed by others in a moment. Ridhima was left alone and slowly reached Armaan as escaped by others. Angad followed kripa and reached behind kartik in pretext of helping kartik.

"Tum bhi na sabke saamney yeh flirting kya hai? Sharam nahi hai?Wahan tumhari behen ki shadi horahi hai. Jao, tumhara wahan hona jaroori hai, chalo." Ridhima softly scolded him and pulled him to the mandap.

"Hayi jaan! Kya karoon. Tum itni sexily taiyyar hokar mere samney aagayi toh main sab kuch bhuljaata hoon."Armaan pulled her closer by dropping his hands around her waist.

Ridhima angrily looked at him, "stop it, Armaan! Sab kya sochengey." She tried to move his hand but in vein.

Arman ignored her warnings and walked towards mandap without leaving her waist.

Sapna noticed Angad beside them and pushed kripa towards him. Kripa couldn't balance herself for unexpected action and ended up in Angad's arms. All youngsters giggled and made fun of kripa. "Sambhalo, kripa! Angad Kartik jaisa sida sada aadmi nahi hai. Mandap se hi uthakar lejayega."

Kripa furiously stared at sapna and tried to move away from Angad. He tightly secured her in his arms and warned the young women. "Don't worry, Sapna! Aaliyah, Anitttah! Kripa jaldi adat daal legi. Aur do din baki hai humarey shadi mein." Angad reminded kripa about the upcoming event.

Aaliyah and Anittah responded in unison, "haan, bhai! Aur do din intezaar karna. Tumhara tapsya puri hojayegi. Next turn is yours, kripa! Kal sangeet aur parson shadi."

Angad slowly relased kripa as noticed her embarrassment. "Kal tak kyon aaj hi sangeet kar detey hain. No sleep tonight!!" Atul barged from nowhere as pulled Anjali also with him. Anjali stomped his foot and warned him to shut up his mouth. All young women giggled again, "We are ready, Atul ji! Naya dulha dulhan ko toh raat bhar soney ki jaroorat nahi hai. Hum bhi kuch enjoy karey, kyon, Angad!" Angad stroked his hair and thoughtfully looked at kripa. Kripa flared her nostrils at their teasings and stepped back from the group.

Kartik religiously put sindoor and mangalsutre among sacred chants and Aaliyah tied 'khatbundan'. Kartik and Misthy became husband and wife in front of sacred fire and blessings of all guests.


"Kya kar rahi ho Ridhi jaan! Yeh kya bottle se pila rahi ho? Tum khud apni paas hi nursing karti thin na?" Armaan bent on Chotto and kissed his forehead.  Chotto stopped drinking milk and gave a big smile to his father as drooled his milk.

Ridhima softly slapped his shoulder, "kitni baar kaha mainey ki dood pitey waqt chotoo ko kiss mut karo." Arman widened his eyes with a big grin and kissed Ridhima before she realized his intentions. He left her when they needed breath to continue, "kitna madhur kitna madhur tera mera pyar'!!" he hummed and moved forward to kiss her again. Ridhima stopped him by pushing him away, "Common, Armaan! Sambhalo. Tum din pe din uncontrollable hotey jaa rahey ho. Can't you see, Chotoo ko dood pila rahi hoon. Kabse ussey sulaney ki prayas kar rahi hoon. Tumne aakar sab bhigad diya hai. You were not like this before. Pata nahi itna uncontrollable kaisey bangaye ho." She scolded him adorably and put chotoo in position to continue to feed him.

Arman chuckled and rubbed his face to her arm, "kya karoon, jaan! I realized how much I missed you after our separation. Abb ek inute ke liye  door rehna bhi bahut mushkil horaha hai."Ridhima didn't change her expressions from frown. He stroked her brows and lips, "cool down, baby! Tum meri jawab nahi diya. Why are you feeding him from bottle?" Ridhima twitched her lips, "yeh koyi poochney ki baat hai? Since our marriage was fixed am I getting any time to spend with Chotoo? Whatever little time I get to feed him you spoil it." she blamed his entry at that time.

Arman caressed Chottoo's cheek, "kyon chotoo! Did I disturb you? Nahi na? Dekho tumhari maa kamkha blame kar rahi hai. She doesn't love me as much as I love her." Ridhima sighed, "Armaan! You are disturbing him again. Ussey soney do jaldi. I have some work to finish. Misthy ki suhaag raat ki taiyyariyan karni hai. I'm getting late." Armaan nodded his head as a goodboy and lay on her waist as circled his hand around her waist. Ridhima smiled and caressed his hair. Armaan lifted his head and kissed in air with a big grin.

"Armaan! Main ek baat poochoon?" Ridhima hesitantly asked as placed Chotto on the bed. Arman nodded his head, "poocho," after settling beside Chotto. "ussey disturb mut karo abb," she pulled him away from Chottoo. He turned to her and lay in her lap. She caressed his hair and kissed his forehead. He caught her face and kissed her lips for long time. He groaned after satisfied with his long kiss, "you are saying something." Ridhima wiped her lips and smiled, "tum kahan baat karney detey ho," she blamed and continued, "Tum kripa se ek baar kyon baat nahi karte? She is behaving so weird. Angad uski pechey bhaagta hai, uski ek nazar ke liye taras jaata hai. But she shows no interest I him at all."

Armaan sighed, "Phir wahi baat? Wo koyi choti bachi hai samjhaney ke liye? She loves him a lot too. Nahi toh mujhse itney din door nahi rehti. She might have tried to grab my attention or would have tried to seduce me. She is upset for the things appeared in front of her. She will be fine once the wedding knot is tied with Angad. You must have noticed her dressing and blush seeing Angad."

"Phir bhi Armaan! I want you to speak ot her once. I want to see her cheer up on wedding time. Not with frown. Angad ka dil bahut dukha rahi hai wo." Ridhima didn't convince by Armaan's explanation.

Arman nodded his head, "okay, I will try." Ridhima left to see the arrangements for first night for Misthy and Kartik.


"Mama! Yeh sangeet wangeet, mujhey nahi chahiye. I don't agree for these things. Kitni ajeeb lagti hai sabke saamney gana wo bhi jaisey yeh humara pehla shadi hai, jaisey humarey beech kuch hua hi nahi. It is so embarrassing." Kripa was irritated when Gayatri explained about the plans for next day.

Gayatri tried to convince her, "Dekho beti! I can understand your feelings. Magar Naina chahti hai sab kuch pehla jaisa hi ho. Shayad Angad dbhi yehi chahta hoga, wo kabhi apna pehla shaadi enjoy nahi kiya hoga."

"Angad!!"kripa grunted her teeth as mumbled his name, "Ussey pasand hai toh unhey enjoy karney do. Mujhey kyon force kar rahi ho? I don't want to participate in this sangeet. Mujhey acha nahi lag raha hai, mama! Baaki aapki marzi."

"Kripa!" Armaan entered as heard the arguments form the room. Gayatri and kripa invited him with smile. After exchanged formal conversation of arrangements for upcoming wedding,  Arman took Gayatri's permission for a long drive with Kripa.

"Kripa! I know how you are feeling now. I heard your arguments with aunty. But think about us. Think about your parents. Kiss baat ka gussa hai tumko? You forgave me and Ridhima but can't you forgive Angad? Kal tum donon ke shadi hojayegi, chahey tum accept karo ya na karo. Angad toh peechay nahi hutey ga. Phir tum ussey kyon accept nahi karpa rahi ho? Tum.."

Kripa interrupted him, "Baat accept karoon ya naa karoon ki nahi hai, Arman! Mere mann per bitey huvey jindagi ko bhula nahi paa rahi hai. Khaash Angad ne yeh sab pehle hi karliya hota. Jab wo Ridhima ki barein mein jaanta tha tab hi tumharaey liya agaya hota. I could have convinced my heart to live with you. And all of sudden you ' "she paused and swallowed her pain, "Main Angad ko accept karliya hai. But it takes time to behave normal. Mujhey yeh sangeet aur kushiyan achi nahi lag rahi hai. I want to be alone. Mujhey kyon aap loge akela nahi chod detey? Main kaisey bhuljaoon papa ki aaj ki stithi ko? "

Arman pressed her hand in his, "Uncle will be fine soon, I promise you. He will recover soon after your wedding. Tumhey kush dekhkar wo sab kuch bhuljayega. You should do all this for him. Karogi na?"

Kripa nodded her head though not completely convinced for Sangeet.


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