Wednesday, 30 May 2018

part 7: Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Sid walked out of the hospital that day, with his vision blurred, due to the tears that threatened to spill and his eyes showing nothing but sorrow.. he went into the sanjeevani parking lot and got into his car, to get back home..

he had tolerated enough already.. one on side, he couldn't imagine riddhima forgeting him and moving ahead, and on the other hand, he had seen her with this Dr. armaan throughout the day..

he just went home and sat back on his bed... recalling all those wonderful moments that he had spent with riddhima.. this only added to his pain.. but what did he expect? Riddhima coming back and accepting him back in her life with a smile? He knew that wouldn't be the case.. he knew he had to suffer.. but he had continued searching for her because somewhere deep down he believed that one day she would come back in his life..

 he believed that she would wait for him... he believed that she wouldn't be able to move on with her life... but he was wrong.. another tear escaped his eye as he looked at a photoframe which had his photo along wih riddhima's.. had he really lost her forever?

@ riddhima's

Riddhima:OMG armaan i dont believe it.. we're business partners now? Awesome

Armaan : ya

Riddhima was suprised at his response.. she was so excited about the merger and all he says is a "ya"? she looked back at him, and noticed that he was reading something on his mobile..

 with curiosity getting the better of her, she quitely got up from her seat and stood behind armaan.. she leaned down to look at what he was was some text but she coudln't make out what.. the font was too small for her from such a distance..

she leaned down further with her head right next to armaan's.. she knew that the chances of her getting caught were very very high, but she would get to read the text atleast... she could make up any excuse after that couldn't she?

Armaan's POV:

I said yes and looked back at my phone and the boring text document that i had just opened..  i couldn't possibly reveal how excited i was at this moment.. i had to hold my excitement and distract myself before i did anything stupid due to this excitement..

but i was taken aback when she came and stood right behind me.. i could smell her frangnance and it was driving me crazy, just like it did that night... i clearly remember that night.. I had gone upto her room when she had come to know of the suprise party i had arranged for her...

The same fragnance was increasing my heartbeat.. I tried hard to concentrate on the document infront of me... document.. when she leaned closer and her face landed on my shoulder.. she may not have noticed that with her curiosity,but that one action of hers drove me crazy... literally...

Ok armaan relax.. take a deep breath.. relax... and concentrate on the document.. document...

" armaan" riddhima said, almost into my ear..

That actually shocked me as i was trying to concentrate on my work and i certainly didn't expect her to shout into my ear like that

As an impulse, i turned my head towards her...... that was when she realized the position we were in...

She was about to back away, when she lifted her gaze and looked into my eyes... and we were lost yet again...

After some time, i withdrew from the eye lock, and looked down... only to be welcomed by her lips...

i looked at them, she noticed my gaze...she seemed to be lost somewhere... i kept staring at them, and she closed her eyes...

i sensed her approval, and came closer to her...our lips were just inches apart from each other...  i took another step forward, and touched her lips,

when someone barged into her room......

@ riddhima's POV

Just then, abhi barged into the room... i came back into my sensed and moved back... i could feel myself blushing... but abhi just stood at the door... with his mouth open in shock...

 I stole a glance at armaan.. he looked annoyed?... i probably knew why... it was always abhi.... even that day in the room... she blushed at that thought... he had caught them thrice that day... and for the fourth time today...

 God.. what was i supposed to tell him now? Oh god... please save me from abhi's questions now

** riddhima's POV ends**

Abhi : ridzi..  come i'll introduce you to all the doctors and interns that work over here.. you have obviously met sid and me.. but there are others you know...

Ridzy: yeh like nikki, who can't keep her eyes off armaan

Armaan heard that and smiled.. so she was jealous of nikki ? good going armaan...

Abhi : nikki aur armaan?? Lekin nikki to...

Ridzi : nikki kya?

Abhi : nikki toh aek intern hai yahan par.. she wouldn't dare to do something like that

Ridzy : i wish

 Abhi : waise tu ye armaan ke saath kar kya rahi thi?

As they heard that, both armaan and riddhima turned to face each other...  they turned away immediately and looked down... both turning a bright shade of red..

but why was abhi asking them that question? Wasn't it obvious?

Abhi : abhi kyun sharma rahhe ho? Tabhi toh sharam nahi aa rahi thi?

Ridzy : abhi stop it now..

Abhi : ridzy tu sachme badal gayyi hain yaar.. tu ab woh riddhima nahin rahi

Riddhima smiled as she heard that.. ofcourse she had changed.. what had he expected anyway? That she would be the same riddhima after all that drama 3 years ago ?

Ridzy: pata hain abhi.. waise all set for the revenge step number 2?

Abhi : mujhe kya prepare karna hai? Tujhe aur armaan ko karna hai prepare.. mujhe to sirf sid ke saath rehna hai.. joh karna hai tum dono ko karna hai

Riddhima  blushed again as she heard that...abhi would never stop teasing her would he?

Abhi : waise chal.. abhi pure doctors se milna baaki hai... armaan.. why dont you come along?

Armaan : ya sure abhi.. waise abhi?... tere aur nikki ke beech mein kya chal raha hai?

Abhi : mere aur nikki ke beech mein?kuch nahin kyun?

Armaan : nahin.. woh riddhima jab nikki ka naaam li toh tu laal laal sa ho gayya tha

Riddhima grinned as she heard that piece of information.. so she had something to tease abhi about now..

Abhi : chod ye sab abhi.. chal interns se milva ta hoon tujhe

Riddhima and armaan : chalo

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