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Sheena walked inside her hotel room and locked the door behind her… she walked to the full length mirror across the room and stood in front of it… she took of her glasses and she saw the reflection of her red, swollen eyes… and the past came rushing back to her….

12th December 2002

"Di!!! Anjali di!!!" Sheena yelled on the top of her lungs and searched her whole house but there was no trace of her di anywhere and just when she was about to call her papa….she felt her cell vibrating and she saw there was an SMS from anjali. She quickly read it…

'Sheena I am extremely sorry that I left like this but I had no other option. I love you and papa a lot but I love Atul as well and I cannot marry Vivek so please try to understand… I and Atul are leaving this city but once we are settled and married I'll call you. Tell papa that I am fine and make him understand my situation…. I really hope you both will forgive me.



Sheena's hand shook with shock…. Her di and papa had had a huge fight last night.

Anjali di wanted to marry her college sweetheart Atul but her father was against it as Atul was a middle class guy and he had promised his childhood friend that Anjali will marry his son Vivek but di had vehemently opposed the idea…. There was a lot of yelling and crying in the house. Sheena had tried to reason with her father but he had not listened and had left the house early in the morning for a meeting…

The moment she had woken up she had left to talk to her di but now she knew that she had eloped with Atul…

Sheena really liked Atul. He was a very nice guy and really loved Anjali but still running away with him was no solution to the problem and she was dreading her father's wrath now.


"WHAT?????? She has run away? Show me the message." Sheena handed over her cell phone to a very angry Shashank, her father. Shashank was enraged… he threw the cell away and paced the room angrily and then he spun around and faced Sheena…

"Anjali is dead for us. Do you get it? You have no relation with her nor will you try to contact her…. That girl is dead for us." With that he left the room leaving a shocked Sheena behind…. She wished her mother was alive but she had died a year back due to cancer and her father had hardened ever since and was really strict… he was no longer the same happy, loving man…. His wife's death had taken away every happiness from his life….

Sheena knew she could not, no matter how hard she tried, break her relations with her di. She loved Anjali way too much to forget her and assume her dead…. Sheena loved her di to bits and would continue to her relationship with her even if it meant going against her papa's rules….

But she would not tell her papa about it.

Riddhima sighed heavily and gathering her cell's broken parts tried to assemble it back knowing that her di might call her anytime.

15th January 2003

"SHEENA!!!" Sheena had to move the cell away from her ear…. But when she realized that the shrill yelling voice belonged to her di she quickly gripped the cell tightly and almost glued it to her ear….

"DI!!!!!!! How are you and where are you? Why didn't you call me? I was worried sick and why the hell did you run away…. Papa is so mad at you? When are we going to meet and OH MY GOD did you guys get married?" Anjali chuckled once Sheena had fired all the questions at her and than spoke "Chill Sheena…. Okay now I'll answer all your questions. I know I shouldn't have run away like that but I had no other option because you know papa would have never accepted Atul… and yes I am fine and very happy. I didn't call you before because we were trying to get settled here and yes I am married now… I wanted to invite you but couldn't coz it all happened really quickly but anyways I am in Bangalore and I want you to be here as soon as possible. I can't come back. I still don't have the guts to face papa but I really want to see you Sheena so please come soon."

Sheena had tears in her eyes…. She wasn't really the kind of a person who cried on every little thing but the news of her di's marriage and everything that she went through just made her really emotional and she decided she will take the next flight to Bangalore.


27th May 2003

Sheena stood at the Bangalore airport ready to go to her di's place a second time. She had come here a few months back after receiving Anjali's call and again Anjali had called her giving her the best news ever.

Anjali had called her a day back and had informed her that she was going to become a massi…. Sheena's joy knew no bounds as she came to know that her di was pregnant and was going to become a mom. She had booked the very next flight to Bangalore and was glad that she wasn't working at any case at the moment.

Sheena Smith was a CBI officer and was passionate about her work and hated leaving it hanging in the middle so she was really happy that she was done with all the cases for the time being.

Sheena looked around… trying to locate Atul or Anjali but there was no one on the airport. Anjali had told her that Atul would come there to receive her but there was no one. She had tried calling them but no one was picking the phone.

She hailed a cab and left for their place.

The moment Sheena reached their place she was shocked…. She looked at the beautiful house in which her di and jeeju lived…… it was surrounded by police cars and there was a crowd of people standing around it. She quickly got out of the cab and rushed towards one of the cops but he tried to push her away… fortunately she was carrying her id and when the guy came to know that she was a CBI officer he took her inside the house and Sheena was greeted by the sight of her jeeju's dead body lying on the floor covered in a pool of blood. Riddhima froze on the spot….. Her face went white and her circulation stopped for a moment… she staggered a little while the officer gripped her elbow and took her to a couch nearby. She kept looking at her jeeju's body hoping and praying that he would get up and say that it was just a joke but nothing like that happened and slowly the fact started to register… a tear trickled down Riddhima's face but before she could get carried away by her emotions she remembered that she is a CBI officer. She stood up and turned towards the officer and spoke "Where is the rest of the family?"

"His wife is pregnant. She had fainted and we had to take her to a hospital…. She is still unconscious… the neighbor had informed us about the murder."

Sheena looked sharply at the officer as he mentioned that it was a murder…

"Murder? Who did this?" her blood was boiling… .she wanted to kill the person who did this to her jeeju and destroyed her di's happy life…

"The gun has some finger prints on it and they belong to Raj khanna…. Atul joshi's friend… the neighbor informed us that he was the only person who was living her with them and he had himself seen him run of the house after which he had come here and had seen the dead body lying here." Sheena nodded at the officer. She asked him to continue his work. She called up her senior in Mumbai and asked him to give her the case but he refused as he knew that she might get carried away knowing that she was personally related to the victims but was allowed to work along with the officers there.

Sheena left for the hospital immideately along with one of the cops who took her to Anjali's ward. She saw her di on the bed… the doctor informed her that she had slipped into a state of shock and was not responding to anyone or anything. Her eyes were open but she wasn't moving them nor was she noticing anyone around her.

Sheena went closer to her di hoping that she would at least respond to her but she didn't. Riddhima sat down next to her on her bed…. The doctors informed her that her baby was fine and hopefully she too would be fine soon.

She gripped Anjali's hand and bringing it close to her face she kissed it…. Slowly tears trickled down her face and in no time she broke down in violent sobs placing her head on Anjali's chest.

"DI!!!!" she yelled and cried the whole night hoping that her di would wake up and would wipe her tears just the way she used to when they were young. But Anjali didn't move and was like a dead body the whole time… Sheena felt the baby inside her stomach and prayed to god that it would remain safe inside her and might help bring her di back to life.

The next day she went back at the sight but the case was already solved…. Raj khanna was the murderer…. His finger prints had been found on the revolver used to commit the murder. It was on his name and it was also discovered that he was a drug addict….. But they had failed to find him… he was nowhere to be found.

Sheena couldn't concentrate on the case because every time she would try to focuse on it she would either get really angry or would break down… she organized Atul's funeral and than stayed away from the house…. Not wanting to remember the time that she had spent with her di and jiju in that house. The house was locked up and the keys were given to Sheena who had taken up and apartment near the hospital.

1st February 2004

Sheena picked up the little boy in her arms. Her di had delivered a beautiful baby boy who looked a lot like his father… Sheena had tears of joy in her eyes… she was finally a massi and her di too was recovering.

Sheena was startled as she saw the nurse rush out of her di's ward…. The nurse told her that anjali was having difficulty breathing…. Sheena rushed inside the ward and saw her di breathing heavily… She rushed to her side with the little baby still in her arms.

Anjali raised her hand and placed it on the little boys head and smiling she spoke "H…..ha…..harsh……." Anjali paused for breath while Sheena's face was covered with tears… she knew at the moment that her di won't survive for long.. But she controlled her emotions because she knew that her di wanted to say something…

"She….sheena….. Sorry….. Papa…..I…am going…..to Atul…..but Raj……." Anjali closed her eyes while Sheena's breath stopped expecting the worst but suddenly Anjali opened her eyes and continued with great effort…

"letter…. Harsh…. Book…….

With that Anjali took a long breath and her body went still…. Her face paled and Sheena knew that Anjali was dead…. At the same moment the doctors rushed inside…. The nurse covered Anjali's body with a white cloth and took Harsh away to the nursery… Sheena kept standing near Anjali's body and once the doctors left she slid down to the floor and covering her face with her hands she cried for a really long time….

Sheena came back to reality…. She remembered how she had searched the whole country to find Raj khanna but she had failed… she was later not allowed to be a part of the case as she was getting aggressive with all the suspects.

She was later told that he had taken political asylum in another country and was in some rehabilitation centre and the government weren't very cooperative.

Later they came to know that he had escaped after recovering from his addiction and there were no traces left.

Sheena had sent Harsh to Chicago fearing that Raj might harm him also not knowing what kind of enmity he had with Atul. She was scared of loosing Harsh.

When her father had came to know about everything he had suffered a severe heart attach and had passed away in his sleep after a couple of months leaving Sheena absolutely alone…

She had taken a long leave from her work and had started singing in her dad's club…

Later she would go to her office and would work on the cases but she never visited the crime scenes…. She hated the sight of the dead bodies…


She looked at her reflection and the tears slipping out of her eyes… her gaze fell on the pink sari gifted to her by Armaan. She walked towards it and taking it in her hands she kept staring at it for a very long time… she saw the lighter lying on the table… she picked it up and set fire to the sari and without looking she threw it in the opposite direction and it fell on the bed setting the sheets too on fire and before she knew anything the whole room was on fire….


Krati Mehra

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