Thursday, 31 May 2018

part 8 : Giving Love A Second Chance(AR)

Riddhima went into the general ward, with abhi and armaan, in order to meet the other interns and doctors of sanjeevani... 

as she entered the ward, she saw the most shocking sight in front of her.. there were 4 interns, (with their backs facing riddhima) who were literally screaming at each other, and nikki, who was sitting in one corner of the room with her hand on her head..

armaan looked at nikki and chuckled, while riddhima heard that and gave armaan a deadly gare.. he knew that riddhima didn't like nikki's very existence.. but it was just a misunderstanding, and he was sure riddhima would understand that quite soon..

Riddhima looked at the scene infront of her again.. the interns were in the centre of the room, shouting and swearing at each other, while their patients were wide awake, their eyes wide and their hands on their ears.. riddhima sighed and went forward, to discipline these interns of hers..

Riddhima : INTERNS!

They all turned back... and both, the interns and riddhima were shocked at what they saw!

Riddhima : MUSKAAN, ATUL, RAHUL, SAPNA ? tumlog yahan kya kar rahe ho?

Muskaan : hayye rabbba? Tu padma maam ki beti hain?

Riddhima : haan lekin tumlog yahan kaise?

Muskaan : yaar tujhe itne saalon ke baad dekhke bohot khushi ho rahhi hain... yaad hain? Humlog aek hi college mein padte the? Tum humari senior thi? Humlog ko pata chala ke tu yahan pe internship kar rahi hai, toh humlog bhi 2 saal pehle yehin par aa gayye, par tu toh phir dikhi hi nahin... mujhe kya pata tha, ke tu is rand roop mein humare saamne ayegi?

Riddhima: god.. my happiness today knows no bounds.. first sid's tears and now i found all of you.. it's just been an amazing day

Muskaan : yaar tu bhi nikki ke jaise baat karne lagg gayyi hai

Atul : haan yaar aek nikki kaafi hain

Muskaan : aek kahan? Idhar toh already 2 angrez hain.. aek ye nikki aur dusri iss rahul ki girlfriend

Rahul : oyye uske baare mein kuch mat bol

Abhi : aur nikki bhi itni bhuri nahin hain..

Riddhima, armaan : oooooooohhhhh

Abhi : shut up ridzy yaar.. waise in sabko jaanti ho?

Riddhima: haan muskaan, rahul , atul aur sapna mere hi college mein padte the.. juniors the, lekin phirbhi ache dost the.. aur muskaan aur rahul ka jhagda tabse hi chalu hain

Rahul : waise ridzy, tu kirti maam, sid sir aur shubhankar sir ko bhi jaanti ho?

 Riddhima: kirthi, shubhankar , abhi aur sid.. hum sab ne internship saath mein ki thi sanjeevani mein.. waise kirti ki toh shaadi ho chuki hai na.. woh abhi bhi idhar kaam karti hain kya?

Atul : kya? Unki shaadi ho chuki hai?

Riddhima looked at abhi.. and his facial expressions said it all... there was something wrong.. something fishy.. as she looked at him, he signalled her to keep quiet and told her that he would explain it to her later

Ridzy: woh sab chod.. tumlog batao kaise ho? Aur sapna amit kaisa hai?

Muskaan : oyye! Ab wo iska patidev hai.. shaadi bhi ho gayyi iski.. aur usne poore 3 din ki chuti li.. puch mat mein atul aur rahul ko kaise bardash karti thi jab wo nahin thi..

Ridzy : oh congratz sapna

Sapna: thanks yaar.. waise, tu kidhar thi ye 2 saal?

Ridzy: mein france mein thi.. apne behen anjali ke saath

Muskaan: lekin teri ki behen thi hi nahin?

Ridzy: lambi story hain.. kabhi aur batoungi.. (for all those who dont remember the story, read part 2 again )

Armaan and abhi were still at the door, waiting for them to finish their long conversation.. but no, they just kept going on and on and on.....

Nikki was hell shocked now.. riddhima had to be her crazy interns' friend? The senior doctors would favour them instead of her now.. it would all change now... but there was still a ray of hope.. she looked at abhi.. she could impress abhi to get everything in her favour, couldn't she? But abhi seemed to be too busy looking at riddhima to even notice her discomfort right now.. but then she remembered how he had approached her that evening, during the party..  there was still a ray of hope she thought

Riddhima finally ended their conversations saying that she had an urgent meeting and abhi , armaan and riddhima went into her cabin... meeting? Well it was the starting of step 2.. they had to do it.. and these conversations could take place later too...

Riddhima: armaan you ready?

armaan : when wasn't i ready to....(he was cut short by riddhima)

riddhima: good.. now abhi, call sid to sanjeevani

abhi : yes your highness

abhi left to call sid, while riddhima locked the door to her cabin.. well it was all a part of the plan

------- 20 minutes later-------------

sid and abhi came into sanjeevani, and abhi took sid to riddhima's cabin.. they tried opening the door, but it was locked... sid was told that riddhima was in danger, and needed his help immediately.. so he went to the window, to look at her condition, and he was left shocked..

he left the place immediately with tears running down his face.. he went into his car and drove back home, but all he could think of was the scene he had seen.. accepting his defeat, he stopped the car ,put his head down and cried as much as he could... he wanted to get all his sorrows out of him for once.. he cried and cried like there was no tomorrow...

------ flashback (after riddhima locked the door)------

riddhima locked the door, and moved towards armaan.. nervousness clear on her face.. she looked at armaan, who shook his head, to reassure riddhima that this was needed to go ahead with the plan..

riddhima came forward, and was now almost leaning onto armaan

riddhima closed her eyes and so did armaan.. armaan came forward and captured her lips for a passionate kiss.. At first, they both thought of it as a part of the plan, but as time passed, the passion grew , and it was no more for the plan.. but for their unknown desire..

the kiss lasted for what seemed forever, and that is when sid came to sanjeevani and saw them.. at first, he wasn't able to believe his eyes, but abhi being the actor that he is, was able to convince him that this was no imagination , and that riddhima was actually kissing armaan with all the passion she possessed  ...

a few minutes later, riddhima broke out of the kiss, as she was left breathless... armaan was still in a daze and came forward to capture her lips for the second time... and she gave in yet again.. and this time, very well knowing that it was not a part of the plan 

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