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part 8 : With U

With U: An accident good or bad????


Ridhima over hears prachi and armaan talking about them and she misunderstands them and armaan slaps ridhima on the terrace

Arman left the terrace with tears flowing everywhere

Ridhima was back and back untill she was leaning againist the wall, she nevr thought it could hurt so much.

Ridhima : (to herself) was armaan right should have i  gave him a chance to explain or should i have just got it over with, mein kya karu kuch samj me nahi ah raha

Just then 2 ridhima's came up in front of riddz, 1 bad and the other good. The bad one wore a black salwar and the good one wore a red salwar

Red: ridhima, armaan ko ek mokha do

Black: nahi riddz armaan just used u

Red: no ridhima he does love u, he will never betray u

Black: don't listen to her riddz

Ridhima was soooo confused  she felt like to scream as loud as she could

Red: riddz give him a chance



Ridhima: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (she screamed)

Ridhima opened her eyes and saw only the red one in front of her smiling to her

Red: ridhima do what's right

Riddz looked high up and knew what she had to do

Riddz: I WILL

Saying that she turned round and saw armaan's car leaving, she ran down as fast as she could they whole hospital looking at her

Anjali saw ridhima leaving she was very worried so anjali ran after her

Ridhima ran outside and saw armaan's car leaving with prachi with him, that made ridhima even more mad

Ridhima ran to her car and sat and drove away, anjali saw riddz she knew this wasn't going to be a good thing so she took her car and went after riddz

Ridhima took a different direction away from armaan's root, anjali followed her

Ridhima kept on thinking of what armaan siad : "understand me ridhima" did she give him enough time to understand him

Thinking and thinking ridhima didn't consertrate on the road she didn't see a truck coming her way and


Ridhima banged the tree and her head was leaning on the wheel with bood coming out, anjali got there right in time


*Scene fades *

In the hospital, ridhima is on a streacher and anjali is crying

Anji : dr kreeti

Kreeti: anjali riddz kya hua?

Anjali: (crying) riddzie ka accident hua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kreeti: anjali plz control urself OK i'll take care off riddz

Back with armaan's house

Armaan came i, he just dropped prachi at her house

Armaan's mum and dad are out for dinner

Tia: hiiiiii bhaiya

Armaan didn't look at tia he just ran to his room

Tia: ajj bhaiya ko kya hua? Well tia has to find out

Tia knocked on armaan's door, but no answer, she found the door open

Tia: wait bhaiya never leaves the door open

Tia walked in she saw armaan is tears on the bed, covering his head in the bed

Tia: (scared) bhaiya

Armaan woke up, from the bed and turned around
tia looked at armaan, she ran to him and huged him

Tia: bhaiya bhaiya, kya hua bhaiya?

Armaan: (crying) tia................  tia................. woh L

Tia: woh kya bhaiya???????????

Armaan: woh, she doesn't trust me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tia: kaun bhaiya????????????????????

Armaan: RIDHIMA........................


Tia slowly brought armaan out of the hug

Tia: bhaiya ridhima app se??????????


Tia: bhaiya plzzzzzzzzz!, mujhe batoa kya hua?

Armaan told her everthing about what happned between them on the terrace

Tia: KYAAAAAA?????????????????????? She thinks that u love prachi didi

Armaan: haan tia, how can i love prachi, she's like my 2nd sister

Tia: OMG bhaiya calm down u need to take away her missunderstanding

Armaan looked up with anger in his eyes

Armaan: NAHI, i will never talk to that that......................... urgggggg............. I HATE HER

Tia: bhaiya plzzzzzz, samjah karo plzzz

In the hospital

Kreeti was doing the operation on riddz

Dr shashank is out for a busness meeting

Padma came running to anjali who was crying her hecks out

Padma: anjali kya hua????? Ridhima !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anjali : (crying) aunty ridhima ka accident

Padma: KYA?????????????? Kaise????????????

Anjali: pata nahi aunty

Just then the operation's red light went off and dr kreeti came out

Anjali got up

Anjali: DR Keeri, ridhima????????????

Kreeti: she's out of danger

Padma and anjali hugged each other

Kreeti: anjali, mujhe lagta hai ke tumko ghar jana chahiyeh

Anjali: but who's gonna take care of riddz

Kreeti: well i can't let u handle the case because your too close to her, and ridhima now your not the shape to do this

Padma: your right dr kreeti

Kreeti: who shall i give this case u anji?


Kreeti: armaan????????????

Anjali: yeah, his the closest one to me, i know him really well, he will take good care of ridhma

Kreeti: OK then i'll call armaan

Back at armaan's house

Armaan is lying on tia's lap, and tia is caressing his hair

Tia: bhaiya??????????

Armaan: (lil crying) haan tia bolo

Tia: app ridhima se kitna pyaar karte ho??????

Armaan: (smiling) BOHOT TIA, apne jaan se bhi zayada

Tia: sach mein bhaiya

Armaan: haan meri cutie, such mein

Just then armaan's phone rang

Armaan: itne raat ko kiss ka phone hogo

Tia: dekho  bhaiya

Armaan picked up the phone

Kreeti: dr armaan

Armaan: ji doctor kreeti

Kreeti: armaan sorry, agar mein tumko disturb kar rahi hoon?

Armaan: no dotor kreeti, not at all

Kreeti: kya app abhi sanjeevani ah sakte hai?

Armaan: haan, dr kreeti, lekin kyun????????? Konsa case hai

Kreeti: DR RIDHIMA KA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Armaan: kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ??????????????????

Kreeti: haan dr ridhima ka, accident hua     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Armaan: WHAT

Kreeti: haan dr armaan, and ur incharge of the case

Armaan was too scared, how was he going to face riddz

Armaan: yeah dr kreeti.

Dr kreeti and armaan hanged up

Tia looked at armaan who wad lost in his own thoughts

Tia: Bhaiya kya hua???????????

Armaan: ............................. in his thoughts


Armaan came out of his thoughts

Tia: bhaiya kya hua???????????

Armaan: tia ridhima....................... (still in shock)

Tia: ridhima kya?????????????????

Armaan: ridhima ka accident hua

Tia: kya???????????????????????????????????

Armaan: tia, i have to go, i'm in charge of the case, will be ok at home alone

Tia: yes bhaiya, tia will be ok, u go quickly

Armaan: ok sweety (kissed her on the for head) thanks

Tia: no probs

Armaan ran down staires quickly getting dressed at the same time

Tia was on top of the staires

Armaan: ohey tia, take care

Tia: i will bhaiya

Armaan ran outside, when he opened the doorhis parents we there

Sonia: armaan where are u going

Armaan: (hurriedly) hospital mom

Suyesh: at this time

Armaan: yeh dad

Armaan ran into his car and went off

Tia was laughing  lot

Sonia: tia beti, armaan ko kya hua????????????????


Sonia & suyesh: PYAAR...................

Tia: (laughing) haan mom, his in love.............

Saying that tia ran to her room leaving her parents very confused

In the hospital

Armaan came running in

Armaan: dr kreeti dr kreeti

Dr kreeti saw armaan and came running to him

Dr kreeti: thank god your here dr armaan, app ridhima ki case handle karoge OK

Armaan: lekin dr kreeti, what about anjali?

Dr kreeti: dr armaan i don't think she'll be able to control herself in front of riddz, and she told me that your the only intern she trusts

Armaan: ok dr kreeti

Armaan took the case file and went to ridhima's room

He saw her first through the glass window then slowly he walked in and saw her sleeping peacefully

Tears started flowing down his eyes. He started remembering the momments they had together

Guys here's a song from atif aslam, called tere bin

Tere bin main yun kaise jiya

Kaise jiya tere bin

Tere bin main yun kaise jiya

Kaise jiya tere bin

Lekar yaad Teri raaten meri kati – 2

Armaan remembered the first time the met, on the dance floor the danced together, they didn't even know each other but how close they got while dancing. Then he remembered how riddz left running away leaving her necklace and earrings with him.

Mujhse baaten Teri karti hai chaandani

Tanha hai tujh bin raaten meri

Din mere din ke jaise nahi

tanha badan tanha hai ruh nam meri aankhen rahe

Armaan remembered their second meeting, how their cars crashed into each other, how he got in a stress with ridhima's driver and when she came out how she was just staring as him not saying anything and then when she finally came out of her trance she got into her car quickly and went away

aaja mere ab rubaru

jeena nahi bin tere

Tere bin main yun kaise jiya

Kaise jiya tere bin

Tere bin main yun kaise jiya

Kaise jiya tere bin

Armi, remembered their date, DATE, sooo romantic for him, he thought about how they were so close to each other in the cinema and how they went on the beach really close, how ridhima made him wet (armaan laughed to himself) and how he was on top of her and when they were about to kiss Anjali phone (damn he thought)

Kabse aankhen meri raah mein tere bichhi - 2

bhule se hi kahi tu mil jaaye kabhi

Bhule Na mujhse baaten Teri

Bheegi hai har pal aankhen meri

Kyun saans loon kyun main jiyu

jeena bura sa lage

kyun ho gaya tu bewafaaa mujhko bata de wajah

And then today how could she think that i could betray him, every moment of what they had on the terrace how she said all those stuff about him saying he had no feelings just playing around with girls. (Tears got really warm in his eyes)

Tere bin main yun kaise jiya

Kaise jiya tere bin...

Tere bin main yun kaise jiya

Kaise jiya tere bin...

was their relationship over, he remember everything together from the first day till now

armaan: was their reletionship over, does she still have feeling about him, i have to get rid of the missunderstaning (he thought to himself) but this time it won't be me to bring her back she'll come back herself (smiling to himself)


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