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"SHEENA!!!" Cam yelled as he broke down the door to her room and saw her sitting in the middle of the room with her knees close to her chest and arms around them and in front of her were some photographs….as he advanced closer he saw that on one side she had placed all the photographs of Atul and Anjali while on the other side were Armaan's photographs…..she was looking very intently at them oblivious to the fact that the room was on fire and the fire was getting closer to where she was sitting.

Without thinking any further he moved forward and picked her up in one swift move and dodging the broken pieces of furniture and trying to protect Sheena in his arms he carried her out of the room and then allowed the fire extinguisher crew to do their job. He took her to his room and placing her on his bed he shook her hard and yelled at her "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING IN THERE???? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU SHEENA??? YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY YOU HAVE FINALLY PUNISHED ATUL'S MURDER……THE GUY WHO RUINED ANJALI'S LIFE…..WHAT WAS ALL THAT ABOUT?"

Sheen slid down to the floor with her eyes as hard as steel and a distant look in them…and finally she spoke "You are right I should be happy that I punished jiju's murderer but you see Cam that I am not happy….isn't this really weird that I have been waiting for this moment my whole life and when finally the moment came I am not happy….its really funny." Riddhima started laughing loudly…exclaiming in between that how funny the whole situation is….

She was still laughing when Cam noticed the tears coming out of her eyes and he moved forward to comfort her but she suddenly stood up and wiping the tears away she smiled and moving towards the fridge she took out a champagne bottle and spoke "Let's celebrate Cam…..its time for celebration." she pored out the drink in two glasses…handing over one to Cam and sipping the other one herself and than she again continued….chuckling a little "I have finally…finally punished Raj khanna….the murderer but with him I have also punished Armaan….the guy I unconsciously fell in love with." Her voice got lower, barely audible as if she was speaking to herself….

"I was planning my life with him….kids….I was planning that we'll have a little kid who will play with harsh and we'll adore him and pamper him to bits….that Armaan will love me and I will take care of him always but look what I did instead I threw him in jail….OH MY GOD!!! I threw him in jail." her hand went to her open mouth and her eyes widened in shock and even before Cam could register what was happening around him he saw Riddhima run towards the door still muttering the same thing "I threw him in jail…I threw my Armaan in jail…I have to get him out of there and we'll find Raj khanna soon." She had just stepped out in the corridor when Cam grabbed her arm and dragged her inside and bolting the door behind her he slapped her on her face…trying to get her back in her senses and then he yelled at her "He IS Raj khanna. He hid his real identity from you….he is a drug addict and Atul's murderer….you saw all the evidence yourself didn't you? I know you loved him but what about Anjali and Atul? What about the oath you took before joining the force? You did your duty Sheena." Sheena looked up at him…and slowly she loosened his grip on her arm.

She went and lifting the sheets she got into them and placing her head on the pillow she closed her eyes and spoke "Leave me alone Cam….I assure you I'll be fine."

Cam nodded and was about to move out of the room when he heard Sheena say "and Cam thanks a lot for whatever you did for me today and also that pretense in front of Armaan….it was necessary….I wanted him to know that I hate him. Thanks Cam."

Cam just smiled and left the room. Closing the door he stood in the corridor with his hands on his waist and he muttered to himself "she really loves this guy and I think he loves her too but unfortunately they are not meant to be…. Even if I get him back for Sheena still she wouldn't be happy with him because than her conscience wouldn't let her live in peace knowing how this Raj or Armaan whoever he is murdered Atul but there has to be someway I can cheer her up…..I just cannot see her like this.."

Cam paced the corridor for some time but than finally smiled and spoke "Of course….I'll take her sightseeing and shopping tomorrow….yup…that would do her good."


Sheena woke up with a pounding head ache probably because of all the crying she did once Cam had left the room…..she opened her eyes with great effort and was surprised to see a bunch of balloons and flowers on the bed beside her…. She touched the flowers and smiled seeing the balloons and instantly a face flashed in her mind…she was about to turn around when she felt someone's lips on her cheek and her smile deepened, turning around she spoke "ARMAAN!!!" but her smile faded when she saw Harsh frowning at her and than he sat down on the bed Indian style with his legs crossed and arms crossed across his chest and he spoke grumpily "Armaan is not here…..he left without informing me…I hate hi…" Sheena placed her hand on Harsh's mouth before he could finish what he was about to speak

"Don't say that Harsh….he really loves you and he wouldn't have left had his work not been important…ya he told me before leaving that he has some important work. He was equally upset about leaving like that and you know what he left some chocolates for you…they are in my bag. I'll give them to you but before that…."She picked harsh in her arms and placing a kiss on his cheek she spoke "Thanks a lot for these balloons and flowers."

"I didn't get them….Cam uncle did so if you wanna thank and kiss someone its him."

Harsh told Sheena and just than they heard a voice from behind them

"Yup the kid is absolutely right….I did all this knowing how much you love balloons and flowers so you can thank me and kiss me for that." Cam grinned mischievously at Sheena and advanced towards them….Harsh looked from one to the other and spoke "Look guys do all that later but before that tell me where are we going today? I want to have fun though it won't be the same without Armaan and I hope he comes back soon….anyways where are we going?"

"We'll go to some beaches and malls today." Cam informed Harsh who smiled and left the room to get ready.

"Thanks a lot for the balloons and flowers Cam." Sheena smiled at him and was about to move out of the room when he came in her way and spoke "Hey wait…..thank you isn't enough….what about my kiss that you mistakenly gave Harsh" he raised his eyebrows at her but she just grinned at him and ruffling his hair she left the room….

When she left Cam congratulated himself for finally making Sheena smile though it wasn't over yet….he would make sure that she would keep smiling like that.


Sheena wore whatever clothes were left…..almost her entire luggage got burnt in the fire but thankfully she had handed over her id and revolver to Cam or else they too would have gotten burnt.

She bought some chocolates and gave them to Harsh saying that Armaan left them for him…..she knew Harsh and Armaan had developed a very good bond….they were buddies now and Harsh was missing him a lot and so was she but she had to remember that Armaan was her jiju's murderer……her mind and heart were in a dilemma. Her mind kept telling her that Armaan was a fake, a murderer, a criminal…..somebody who she was supposed to hate being a CBI officer and someone who she should hate being a sister coz he ruined her sister's life…..but her heart always defended him. True love comes only once in your life……and that person could be anyone. Sheena knew she had fallen in love with a wrong person but still it felt so right….she tried to be angry on him but instead she would break down remembering how much he loved her…..she was sure that his love for her was true….she had seen it in his eyes but than why had he hid his past from her….maybe he was waiting for the right moment……he never knew that she is a CBI officer and she too hid her identity from him.

Riddhima covered her face with her hands………she was broken and utterly confused….she wanted to go and talk to Armaan but she knew she would break down at the very sight of him but she also knew that Armaan was the only man she would ever love and at the same time the only man she would never be able to have in her life.

She will have to remember that he is Raj khanna………a murderer.


Sheena looked at Harsh running towards the game area…..they had come to the mall to buy her some new clothes. She followed Harsh to the game area and saw him jump on the bike race game….the one he loved…..the one she and Armaan had played together and she had pushed Armaan down. His face and the ice-cream on his butt flashed in front of Sheena's face and she smiled.

"Common Sheena we have to buy you some new clothes…..Joanne will take care of Harsh."

They walked towards the garment store and bought a bunch of clothes for Sheena…..they were all of Cam's choice because Sheena was least interested coz every time she would look at a dress she would remember hers and Armaan's shopping trip and would get upset…..everything around her was Armaan's memory and he was the only one on her mind despite of everything that had happened between them. She sighed and waited for Cam to finish the shopping so that they can leave.

Krati Mehra 

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