Friday, 18 May 2018

part 9: With U

With U: Realisation??????????


Ridhima meets with an accident, armaan and his cute little sister Tia has a talk about ridhima, and Dr Kreeti calls armaan and tells him that ridhima met with an accident. Armaan comes to the hospital and his been told that he needs to take care of ridhima's case. Armaan spends the whole night beside ridhima's bed crying and remembering all the good times

Armaan quickly gets up as he sees ridhima's hand moving

Ridhima slowly opens her eyes and the first thing she saw was armaan's face which looked like he couldn't be bothered

Ridhima remembered what happened yesterday

Her eyes were fuming in anger as she remembered how armaan and prachi were so close to each other and how they went home together last night

Riddz: tum yaha kya kar rahe ho? (angry)

Armaan: Dr kreeti ne kaha ki mein tumhari case handle kar raha hoon (he moved to the reports)

Riddz: Dr kreeti ko kaho ki mujhe koi aur doctor chahiye

Armaan looked at her suprisedly but now he knew that it was time for him to get back to the same old armaan

Armaan: kyun tumhe koi problem hai BASKET???????

Riddz looked up and saw his mischieve grin

Ridhima was going to say something back

Just then anjali came running in with the others, prachi aswell  and dr kreeti

Anji: OMG riddz (she said hugging her) u scared the living s**t out of me, gadhi teek se chala nahi sakti kya?????????

Riddz: sorry di (holding her ears) dyan kahi aut tha (looking at armaan) but i'm fine now, bas todha dard hota hai

Dr kreeti: dr ridhima i hope your fine now,aur dr armaan app ka case handle karega

Riddz: But dr kreeti

But kreeti interupted her

Dr kreeti: aur ek baat dr ridhima, i know that u and dr armaan fight alot and u might need a lady doctor as well .................................

Hearing the last bit ridhima face lit up thinking that maybe muskaan or anjali would be with her

Dr kreeti: so i was wondering, kya app dr prachi armaan ki help karegi???

"NO way not prachi, why lord prachi kyun, when i don't wanna be with the 2 people, app mere saath aise kyun karte ho" riddz thoughts were struggeling

Armaan knew that ridhima didn't like it one bit, but its the old armaan thats back sooooooooo

"hmmmmmmmm DR ridhima shashank gupta, ab ayega asli maza" armaan said grinning to himself

Prachi looked at armaan

Armaan looked at prachi

Prachi looked at ridhima

Ridhima looked at armaan

Armaan looked at ridhima

Armaan, prachi, ridhima looked at dr kreeti

"PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE say no, gannu bhaiya please make her say no" ridhima was praying to herself

"come on prachi, say yes, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i wanna show that ridhima that how 'CLOSE' we are, and when she comes to know the truth then i will never forgive her, pleaseeeeeeee prachi, mere bhena pleaseeee haan kardo" armaan said in his head

"prachi, prachi, mein kya karu, haan kahu ya nahi. Agar haan kahu toh armaan ko bura lag jayega, Na kahu toh dr kreeti mera jaan nikal degi. Kya karu, HAAN ya NA" prachi's mind was racing with questions

Dr kreeti: dr prachi???????????? App ka jawab

Prachi: hmmmm woh mein.............................................. HAAAN

Armaan & ridhima: KYAAAAAAAAAAAA,

Armaan said 'KYA' in total happiness, cause now it was time for ridhima to come to know about the truth and this time no way he was going to forgive her for what she had done

While ridhima was sooooooo unhappy, she didn't wanna see armaan and prachi together she hated her now, hated her tooo bits, cause she took HER armaan away from her

Dr kreeti: OK so, dr prachi app aur dr armaan, ridhima ki case handle karege, IS THAT CLEAR

Prachi: yes mam

Armaan: ji dr kreeti

Dr kreeti left the other interns to talk to riddz

Atul, anjali, muskaan, rahul were talking to ridhima

About how she was feeling

Annocement: dr atul, dr anjali, dr rahul aur dr muskaan nurse station pe report ki ji yeh

Atul: ok riddz hum chalte hai

Anjali: yeah riddz jaldi teek hona OK (hugs riddz)

The interns left, except our doctors prachi and armaan

Prachi: so ridhima how are u feeling now

Ridhima looked at her, giving evils from inside

Armaan could feel how ridhima was feeling right now and this was the prefect time for jeolousy

Armaan: ofcourse cuttie, oops sorry mera matlab dr pachi, she must be fine now, because she has the most adorable doctor ever, YOU

Prachi: awwww armaan i just LOVE you

Armaan looked at ridhima as he saw her eyes fumming in anger

"chal armaan, lets out a bit more fuel on the fire" armaan said smirking to himself

Armaan: prachi your the little cuttie

Armaan went and hugged prachi,  armaan looked at ridhima who looked the other way

"perfect, ab ayega asli maza, DR RIDHIMA GUPTA"

It was afternoon now

Almost getting dark and time for armaan's big surprise, jo ridhima aur prachi ki hosh udagi

Armaan and prachi are in ridhima's room

Armaan's phone rings

Armaan: prachi, tum ridhima ki check up karo mein abhi atta hoon

Ridhima: armaan u know its not allowed to talk in the hospital (ridhima said angrily)

Prachi: ridhima tum armaan ko nahi janti, he never listens aur the word 'rules' is not in his book

Armaan: excatly prachi, u know more about me than me (he said kissing prachi on the cheek)

Ridhima was past boiling now her head was leaking, she couldn't take it anymore

Armaan: ok mein abhi atta hoon

Prachi: byeeeeee

Armaan left leaving a awkwardness between prachi and ridhima

"hmmmmm lets see how much this prachi know about armaan"

Ridhima: so prachi, tum aur armaan kab se dost hai?

Prachi: since we were babies but then i had to leave to go to US, so i just missed him loads

Ridhima: OK

"since they were babies and how dare she still my armaan and armaan that cow how dare he do such thing to me, i won't leave him, i'll get my payback "

Prachi: ridhima kaha ko gayi ho

Ridhima: kuch nahi, bas soch rahi thi

Prachi: KYA?????????

Ridhima: tumahre aur armaan ke barre mein

Prachi: oh, me and armaan like one life,humko koi alag nahi kar sakta

Ridhima looked up, u could see how much she hated prachi for what she did

Outside with armaan on the phone

Armaan: ohey, kab ah raha hai

Person: bas airport pein hoon

Armaan: ok, so airport se, ghar joa, aur phir sanjeevani mein anna Ok

Person: teek ahi baba

Armaan: haan aur, reception mein joa, aur kaho ki tum ridhima gupta ki room janna chata hoon

Person: ok lekin kyun

Armaan: kyunki mein aur prachi, ridhima gupta ki case handle kar rahe hai and remember the CARDS and give one to ridhima too

Person: armaan whats the problem, tum aur ridhima

Armaan: i'll tell u when u reach here

Person: ok

Armaan: aunty aur uncle kaise hai?

Person: india mein hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Armaan: wow aunty aur uncle bhi ayye hai !!!!!!!!!! (excitedly)

Person: haan

Armaan: ok toh see u in a few minutes

Person: ok, aur jab mein waha paucha toh tum mujhse kuch nahi  chupaiga

Armaan: ok ok

Armaan hanged up

And walked inside the room

Inside the room, ridhima and prachi were talking to each other while prachi was doing her check up

Armaan: hey cuttie, sab teek toh haina?

Prachi: yeah armaan ridhima is fine, we can discharage her tommorow

Ridhima: such mein wow

Prachi: ok mein yeh good news, interns ko suna ke atti hoon

Armaan: prachi ruko toh sahi

But prachi already left

Leaving armaan and ridhima by themselves

Armaan: toh miss gupta, app kaisi feel kar rahi ho (said formally)

Ridhima: fine (coldly)

Armaan: dekho ridhima, i'm your doctor, and it would be great if we kept aur personal and professional life seperate

Ridhima looked at him in utter shock

Ridhima: armaan how could you, u destroyed my life (urge on crying)

Armaan: no ridhima, u destroyed our life and if u thought that our relationship would last then u were wrong, because in a relationship u need to have trust which we had nothing about

Armaan left the room

Trust, earned or lost
Do you have it from the beginning
Do you earn it
Does it take long
I think trust in earned and lost
It must never be questioned
For questioning trust is questioning your friend
If you have to question your friend did you ever really trust them to begin with
If trust is lost, will you ever get it back
Will you ever be close to that person again
Will you ever hear their secrets
How will it ever be the same
They might not ever fully trust you
I know how this feels
I have lost people's trust many a time before
Why on earth don't they trust me
I wish they did but I understand

Ridhima recalled his words

"no way armaan, u broke my trust"

Just then a man entered the hospital

He walked in looking as hot as ever

All the nurses were going fida over him

Nurse 1: omg he is second on my list after dr armaan

Nurse 2: totally phele armaan phir yeh

He walked in towards the reception desk

Guy: hmmmm excusme

The nurse at the reception was day dreaming in his eyes

Guy: *clicking* fingers in front of the nurse

Nurse: ummmm sorry................... woh.................. mein, ji app ko kya chahiyeh

Guy: could u tell me where ridhima gupta room is????????

Nurse: ummm america se ho

Guy: ji

Nurse: ridhima gupta ka room, 1st floor pe, specail ward mein aur  NO. 13

Guy: thanks

Nurse: mention not

The guy gave a sheepish grin and went away

He knocked on the door

Riddz: ji kaun hai, come in

He walked in

Riddz: app kaun

Guy: neev sharma

Riddz: neev sharma???????????

Neev: ji

Neev walked forward and gave her a card

Riddz: yeh kis liye

Neev: open kar ke dek lijiyeh

Ridhima opened the card, she was in deep shock

Riddz: engement????????????????????

Neev: haan meri aur dr prachi ki

Riddz: KYA????????????? Lekin............................

But just then prachi walked in

Prachi stood there in WOW

Prachi: NEEEV?????????????????????????? OMG tum yaha par

Neev: yes princess, kya hua? U don't want me here

Prachi: OMG i'm just sooooooooooo happy

Prachi and neev hugged like they met after  a thousand years

While ridhima's head was racing with all kinds of question

Ridhima: EXCUSME  (ridhima interuped)

Prachi: oh sorry ridhima, this is my boyfriend neev!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neev : a sweet guy loved prachi to bits
best friend of armaan shares everthing with him

Ridhima: BOYFRIEND?????????????????????????
Neev: haan, kyun, is there anything wrong with me

Ridhima: nahi. Nahi, nothing like that but mujhe laga ki prachi aur armaan are dating with each other

Neev and prachi looked at each other, and started laughing

Prachi: OMG really???????????????????, me and armaan are like brother and sister, we are really close but not life lovers but like friends

Ridhima was now feeling the guilty

"OMG what did i do, meine armaanko kya kya kaha aur woh sab................ OMG how could, i never trusted him"

Prachi: ridhima kya hua?????????

Ridhima: kuch.............kuch nahi

But then armaan came in

Ridhima had no guts to look up in his eyes

Armaan heard everthing from outside

Armaan: ohey neev!!!!!!!!!!!! Kaise ho yaar

Neev: first class armaan. Lekin yaha kcuh gadbab hai

Prachi: haan ridhima ko lagta hai, ki hum dona ek couple hai

Armaan looked at ridhima, whose eyes were leaking with tears but tried to hide it

Neev: aur ek baat ridhima, app ko engaement ko zaroor ana hai

Prachi: engaement???????????????

Neev: yes sweety, so parso hai!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Prachi: KYA???????????????????????

Armaan: haan

Prachi: armaan tumhe pata hai???????????

Armaan: haan, mera surprise acha laga

Prachi: bohot armaan

Neev: ok armaan mein chalta hoon, cards sabko deina hai

Prachi: teek hai, mein dr kreeti se milna hai, so i can ask for leave

Armaan: kyun???????

Prachi: kitni sarri tayari karni hai na

Armaan: OK, bye then

Ridhima looked at armaan

Ridhima: armaan mein woh

Armaan: mujhe kuch nahi suna ridhima

Ridhima: armaan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ridhima tried to move out of her bed

Ridhima: ahhhhhhh

Armaan ran to her

Armaan: tum teek to ho na

Armaan slowly laid ridhima on the bed again

Armaan moved to get off

Ridhima: ahhhh armaan

Armaan: kya hua

Ridhima: mere baal tumahre, shirt mein

Armaan: umm ek minute

Armaan sat down beside ridhima, cause they were far away from each other they couldn't get the hair out

Armaan pulled ridhima closer to him

Ridhima's lips were touching armaan's neck, armaan closed his eyes

Ridhima put her arms around him

Armaan quickly took out her hair and got out oft he bed

Ridhima: armaan.........................???????????????????

Armaan: nahi ridhima, hum kabhi ek nahi ho sakta

Ridhima: armaan (crying)

Armaan left before he could weaken

Ridhima: armaan mein tumhe wapas leker aougi, tum sirf mere ho, sirf mere


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