Thursday, 21 June 2018

"Aaj main bhi khushi chunoongi...hum teeno ki khushi..." AR OS (Continued part)

Armaan was shocked by Riddhima suudenly stopping him and looked back at her...a little frustration seeping in...did she not understand what she did to him?! He loved her, damn it, LOVED her! And he couldnt be with her because she did not want to step out of her marriage for the sake of the society and her family and Armaan had been trying to make peace with this fact ever since she had admitted that she loved him and only him but she could not turn her back on her responsibilities and duties as a wife...but all this...all this was making it so bloody hard! Her stopping him, crying nonetheless...just made him want to tear his hair out and then envelope her in his arms...never letting go...but Armaan knew that none of the two were possible and both because of Riddhima...he could not be sad in front of her because of his promise and he could not be lost in her...because of their destiny...

"Ab kya hua, Bas...Riddhima?"


Riddhima stepped closer to him, still not leaving his hand and looked at him squarely in the eyes, taking in all that he was trying to hide from her...and her heart swelled with pride and overflowed with love and remorse for this man in front of her and the man who had just left...this was the time...she had to say everything today, take a decision today.

She took a deep breath and said, "Tum kahin nahin jaaoge. Sid ne jo bhi decision liya hai woh uska decision hai. Hum kaun hote hain usse har baar rokne waale? Nahin...Armaan, mujhe bolne do! Aaj please meri poori baat sunlo!"

Armaan gave her a sad smile, "Main toh hamesha tumhari baat hi sunta hoon..."

Riddhima laughed a soft, self mocking laugh and continued, "Toh aaj meri aakhiri baat sunlo! Maine tum dono ko bahut dukh diya hai...aur uske liye main maafi tak nahin maang sakti kyonki woh galti maaf karne layak hi nahin hai! Maine har baar kaha ki main decision lookngi par kabhi nahin le paayi kyonki main apne liye toh faisla kar hi nahin rahi thi aur tum dono ke liye bhi nahin...main faisla kar rahi thi toh doosro ke liye!"

Hot tears fell from her eyes and dropped straight on Armaan's heart but he did not know what to do...what was permissible for him to had laughed at him yet was a woman he loved so dearly and he could do nothing to stop her from letting out those precious tears!

"Riddhima...maine kaha tha na ki tum jo bhi kahogi woh sar aankhon tum please meri chinta mat karo! Mere liye sirf tumhaari khushi maayne rakhti aur uske liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon! Main abhi Sid ko samjha ke le aaoonga! Par please tum aisi baatein mat karo and please...dont cry..."

Riddhima lifted his hand so that it was right below her chin and encased it with her other free hand and keeping her forehead down, cried hard on his fist...

"Riddhima...please!" Armaan had also started crying...he wondered how many goodbyes did he have to say to Riddhima in this life time...yet the pain never matter how hard he tried, how hard he cried...

"Main bahut bura hoon na! Tumhe har baar rula deta hoon! But I promise ki aaj ke baad tumhe kabhi nahin rulaoonga! Abhi Sid ko yahan leaoonga and then I will go away, I promise!"

Riddhima only cried harder, leaning on his hand now...


"Nahin, Armaan! Tum bure nahin ho! Nahi Sid bura hai! Buri toh main hoon! Main hoon buri! Sirf aansoon diye tum dono ko! Par ab, ab nahin! Aaj main faisla loongi aur society ke liye nahin, hum teeno ke liye! Aaj main khushi chunooongi, hum teeno ki khushi!"

She was looking up now, his hand still in hers..."Sid khush rahega agar main uski zindagi mein na hoon...woh bahut achcha hai aur uska haq banta hai ki usse pyaar mile! Uske saath agar main rahi, toh main kabhi usse waisa pyaar nahin de paaongi jaisa woh mujhse karta hai! Aur ye uske saath unfair hoga...isliye main divorce papers sign karoongi, usse iss dard se free karoongi! Aur yeh hope karoongi ki uski zindagi mein koi aisa aaye jo sifr aur sirf usse pyaar kare!"

Armaan looked at her...confused...

"Aur meri khushi tumhaare saath hai...sirf tumhaare saath...kyonki maine aaj tak sirf tumse pyaar kiya! Jab jab tumhe bhoolna chaha tab tab bhi sirf tumhe yaad kiya, tumse pyaar kiya! I love you, Armaan...and I will always love you!"

Armaan couldnt believe his ears...was this for real! He wanted to take Riddhima in his arms right now and make sure that this was not a cruel joke of dreams yet again but Riddhima continued...

"Par tumhaari khushi, tumhaari khushi kis mein hai? Main jaanti hoon ki tum mujhse pyaar karte ho par kya tum mujhe apna sakte ho? Kya itna sab ho jaane ke baad, tum mere saath khush reh paaoge? Kya tum - "

"Really, Riddhima? Tumhe yeh poochne ki zaroorat par rahi hai? Kya tum mujhe ek dum nahin samajhti?"

"Samajhti hoon, Armaan...par jiske saath zindagi ne itne mazaak kiya hain, woh ek baar poochega to na? Kya tum mujhe apnaooge, Armaan?"

Armaan pulled her closer with the hand still enveloped in hers and kissed the lovely bond...and with tears in his eyes said, "Hamesha."

Riddhima threw her arms around Armaan's neck as she finally finally let her heart feel the pleasure, relief, love she had been denying it for so long!

Armaan buried his face in his Basket's hair as he took in her scent which spelled love, contentment, relief, life to him.

AR forever! <3


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