Sunday, 10 June 2018

Bas...Yun Hi... (AR os)

  Armaan eyes travelled over the couple as they danced close to each other and he felt a hard piercing against his heart, strangely accompanied with a heart felt prayer for the couple. He closed his eyes and whispered silently to himself, "Aaj tera kaam poora ho gaya, Armaan...aaj tune Riddhima ki zindagi uske hisaab se theek kar di...usko woh khushi lauta di jo unchaahe, unjaane hi usse cheen li thi...ab teri yahan kissiko zaroorat nahin hai...Sid Riddhima ko khush rakhega...Riddhima ko uski khushi mil gayyee hai ab." He glanced once more at the women whom he had loved since before he could jolt his memory back...with her, he had become better and now he had to repay her with her happiness, even if it was not him. So he said a silent goodbye to her and prayed that she may always have a smile on her face and dreams in her eyes and may God always fulfill all her desires. May her choice keep her happy till eternity and may she forget the past which had hurt her so much even if that meant that she forget him and the millions of moments they had shared because Armaan only wanted her happiness, her smile and if he himself was the cause of her sadness then he had no right to make those eyes fill up with tears.

"Khush rehna Riddhima. Hamesha, hamesha yeh smile tumhaare chehre pe rahe aur tumhe ek beautiful family milen...bilkul tumhaari tarah...aur ho sake toh mujhe maaf kardena aur agar chaho toh bhula dena...ek kamzor sapne ki tarah...sirf wahi karna jis mein tumhaari khushi ho. I will always lo...pray for you. Usse khush rakhna, Sid. Ho sake toh mujhse zyaada pyaar karna aur mere jitna kabhi usse dukh mat dena. Dono khush rehna." Armaan tried to convey his thoughts to them, through the medium of the heart and turned on his heels...listening to her laugh, her heart beat and wishing...just wishing...


Siddhant and Riddhima were lost in each other's arms and Sid, although intoxicated, was still aware of their proximity and a smile etched itself on his face as he saw her swaying in his arms, with Armaan no where in sight. He reflected on how much pain Armaan must have gone through to get them back together but he did not really want to think abut anyone but himself and the woman in his arms at the moment and he clutched her waist tigher, hugging her against his chest as she continued to giggle...and a sigh left him...a happy, content sigh...


Riddhima turned in someone's arms, she had no collection of what was happening around her - her head felt dizzy but her heart was liberated at last. She swirled once more and then looked into the eyes of her anchor at the moment and smiled in a thank you...and parted her lips to finally let it out - "I love you.."


Siddhant's words got caught in his throat as soon as her heard her whisper those three words that he had been dying to hear for so long, the words that even he had not said out loud and he let out a low laugh - appreciative and in gratitude.


Armaan's steps slowed in pain as his highly Riddhima-tuned ears caught the words which came out of Riddhima's mouth and a tear left his eye as he remembered how one Holi she had said them to him but now everything had changed...he was no longer the recipient - she had truly moved on and he felt as if all breath had been knocked out of him and he felt the need to double up in the acute pain but he held himself, he had to be strong, he had to get away...and he quickened his pace.

Riddhima was in a trance as she repeated those words again, she had finally said them, finally came clean and nothing she had feared had happened, no one had screamed or cried or been hurt, just everything seemed light and breezy...and so she said it again, "I love you...I love you, Armaan..."


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