Friday, 22 June 2018

chapter 1 & 2 : A new bundle of joy

Chapter 1

Being married for 2 years now they had developed a mutual understanding amongst themselves. She would understand his basic needs even without him mentioning them. For him however, he had always understood what she wanted and he always wanted it to be like that.

He woke up and touched upon the side of the bed but didn't find her. But this was not unusual. In these two years he had seen the many sides of his jaan and one of it was getting up early so that she could be ready herself and make things ready for him something which he never asked but she always did. He was going to brush his teeth and take a bath when he heard her, something that he always wanted to be the first thing he heard in the morning. She said, "Ammy, take your shower and come downstairs. Breakfast is almost ready." He replied, "Yes Jaan, be there in a minute." He went on to shower.

Downstairs in the kitchen, she was making omelet and toast for him, which was always his favorite and something that he himself had taught her. In her mind she was thinking about the doctor's phone call that she had received yesterday while returning from work. And she was praying to God that everything turn out good because there was no one else to take care of Ammy besides her. Suddenly she felt two hands coming up and touching her belly. She knew who it was. He said, "Morning jaan" and kissed her on her cheeks. She kissed him back on his cheeks and said, "Morning Ammy. Sit. Your breakfast is ready and here it comes." She brought his breakfast on the table and turned to go around but he pulled her back into his lap and made her eat one bite and said, "I know you must not have eaten. Come and sit with me and eat." She smiled and knew this was coming. She brought coffee for him and for herself and sat at the dining table in front of him.

Armaan: This is lovely. You make it better than me now. (She smiled at him)

Riddhima: I have learned it from you only. (He smiled at her)

Armaan: I have a surgery today with Dr. Keerti. It's a case of acute Liver cirrhosis. Dr. Keerti said it's going to be tough and hence she wants me to be early to discuss the case.

Riddhima: (nods) I wonder why people don't stop drinking when they already know the circumstances.

Armaan: (while eating) Yes that's why I try and tell all my patients to reduce the alcohol intake because excess of anything is just bad. (Finishes his breakfast) Chalo jaan. I have to rush. Take care. I will see later. You have a long case lined up today?

Riddhima: No Ammy. Don't forget your lunch.

Armaan:  hmmm.. Let's go for dinner tonight' Yes jaan I won't''.

Riddhima: Sure …

Armaan: I will pick you up as soon as I leave from work.

Riddhima: Sure jaan. Take care. (He kisses her forehead and then leaves)

Riddhima then return to her task of cleaning the kitchen, fills her lunch and gets ready to go to the hospital. She thinks I have to meet Dr. Subralakshmi as soon as I reach the hospital. She drives to work and all the while she keeps thinking why did she call her yesterday and say that she wanted to say something to me? She reaches the hospital, parks the car and is about to go to her office when she meets Dr. Subralakshmi.

Dr. Subralakshmi: Hey Riddhima. I was waiting for you only. Come in my office. I have some news for you.

Dr. Riddhima: Subra is everything ok.

Dr. Subralakshmi: (looks at Riddhima with a tensed look) I am afraid Riddhima I can't talk anymore here. Wait until we go in the cabin.

They reached her office.

Dr. Subralakshmi: Riddhima I will just be back.

Riddhima says ok and waits for her to come back. She slowly turns impatient and starts to look here and there. Suddenly the light turns off. She worries and tries to go towards the door. The door appeared locked.


chapter 2 : 

She was about to scream when the hands that had always felt comforting touched her. But her reasoning questioned her. How was it possible? He was at work and had a meeting with Dr. Keerti. She still took a chance and waited to see what happened next. She didn't say a word. He picked her up and laid her on the bed. She wanted to struggle to scream, but somewhere the touch had made her calm, as she sensed it to be his. She waited. Finally he spoke, "Riddhima, don't worry I won't harm you." She wanted to ask him a thousand questions as to what was he doing here, what about his meeting, and if there was no meeting then why did he lie to her but all she could do was stay still. He gently applied a gel on her stomach and she was about to say, "Arm…….." when he shushed her and told her to keep quiet for a while. She hesitated. She said, "No Armaan. Tell me what are you doing here and why did you lie to me in the morning." She was about to get up when she suddenly felt dizzy. Armaan immediately switched on the lights and rushed to help her. He took her into his arms to prevent her from falling but she twitched his support off.

Riddhima: Don't touch me. Why did you lie to me about the meeting and things when you just wanted to be here and play pranks on me?

Armaan: Riddhima... I didn't lie. I had a meeting but… I… received a phone call yesterday… and the meeting is there just not at the time I told you.

Now Riddhima wonders, 'What phone call is he talking about?' Did the doctor tell him what illness I have? Is that why he came here rushing. He touched her face with the hand which was free, "Riddhima" he said, "I love you and I would never do something to hurt you. Now please lay down and this will be done over with." She listened to him and lay down.

Riddhima: Did Subra say something to you about me?

Armaan nodded while rubbing the gel on her stomach.

Riddhima: Is it serious?

Armaan: yes

And then he moved a monitor so that he n Riddhima could view it.

Riddhima: But y are u using this device? It is used when ... (she thinks of all the possible conditions like cancer, ulcers etc etc)

Armaan: Sssshhh

He tells her, "Ok Riddhima! Now look at the monitor." She looks at the monitor and sees nothing. He moves the device that he had on her stomach. She feels vibrations and hold on to his hand. He moves it all around on her stomach and then he spots it. He looks at Riddhima and smiles because instead of looking at it she has her eyes closed. He calls her name, "Riddhima" and kisses on her forehead, "look at the monitor." She slowly opens her eyes and sees it. At first she doesn't recognize what it is but this was her profession her major… she knew what it meant. It was the happiest moment in her life and in his.

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