Friday, 29 June 2018

chapter 10 : A new bundle of joy

She lay on the bed staring at him while he had his back turned towards her but was still awake. Armaan was thinking of whatever had happened today and the fact that he could not tell her anyways now and wait for the baby to come into this world even if it meant hurting himself. He was thinking about detaching himself from the baby and from Riddhima so that when they come to know about it it would be less painful for her. He decided that he would stay away from Riddhima and the baby for their own sake even if it pained him to do that, but he would still do it. Riddhima was awake as well and still looking at Armaan, she thought that now he would turn, then he would turn and talk to the
baby, touch her belly. She was feeling as if a part of her body was missing. She was thinking that its maybe because of what happened today and that maybe tomorrow he would be normal. Thinking that with a clear mind she slept. Him on the other hand couldn't sleep all night. After like 2 hours he turned towards her to see her fast asleep just as he had expected. He stay there looking at her face, her beautiful face. He wanted to caress her, make her feel special but he was stopping himself. He looked at the belly and felt the urge to touch it but controlled himself because he knew if he grew anyclose it would create problem for Riddhima. All night he kept looking at her.

Riddhima woke up an hour late today. She got up and turned to see Armaan but his side was empty. She was worried as to where did he go this morning. She slided on the bed towards the table on Armaan's side where there was a letter addressed to her.

The letter: Riddhima I have a surgery today and hence I am leaving early. I have kept your breakfast on the table. Subra will come and pick you up and drop you off in the evening. I won't be able to come to pick you up as I have a late night shift. So finish your dinner and don't wait for me. Take care. Armaan.

Riddhima just kept looking at it. Armaan had never reacted like this even if he was tight on the schedule. She decided to call him but it went on voicemail so she left him a message, "Armaan I need to talk to you. Please give me a call back. Bye. Love you." She waited for a minute to see if he calls back but he didn't. Reluctantly she went to shower, once out she immediately went to check her phone but no miss calls. She went downstairs to eat and saw that he had done everything and left food for her. She sat down to eat it and while eating remembered all the moments when he pulled her back and made her eat, when she was acting to feel dizzy and he helped her. She was missing all that, missing him. He baby kicked her inside…. She felt happy and was like I know baby you agree with me. She called him to tell him that their baby kicked her for the first time but it was still on voicemail, she left him a voicemail, "Armaan, While eating breakfast today I was remembering you and you know our baby kicked me. Come home and I am sure she will kick again after all she wants to show it to her daddy too. Love you. Missing you already." She waited for him to call back. But he didn't. Subra came in. She helped Riddhima do the Dishes and then took her to the hospital. Riddhima told her what happened yesterday And how Armaan was acting today. Subra said that it is definetly visible that hes upset but you must not let him alone. Just let him know that you are there for him. Riddhima said that she is trying to reach him but he is not picking up. Subra said that I will try to talk to him. Riddhima then went to her cabin and engrossed herself in work. Subra went to her cabin and called Armaan. Armaan picked it up N Subra told him that is he ok? She said that she doesn't want to interfere in his and Riddhima's personal life but she just wanted to tell him that Riddhima is trying to reach him since morning. Armaan said I know Subra but I am just busy in work. Subra said I understand but you know that she needs you and you them both. I don't know whats preventing you from talking to her but please do talk to her she looked a little sad and its good for her and your baby to be sad, Armaan. Armaan said ok I will talk to her.

He was in Rahul's office when he was attending the call. He ended the call. He told him about the call. Rahul listened to him very patiently and then said, " Armaan I understand your pain. But what you are not realizing is that the tumor is killing you every minute. You have to tell her one day."Armaan screams at him that , "You are not realizing how this is going for me. I saw how strongly the baby reacted to my absence. N if I go through the operation I know what I would have to go through after that. She would need me then. How can I leave her helpless like that."They hear something break outside. They turn. He sees her , she sees him. She just stands there shocked. And he whispers, "Riddhima."

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