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chapter 11 & 12 : A new bundle of joy

She starts feeling dizzy, he quickly rushes outside and so does Rahul, Armaan rushes to her side,"Riddhima tum..yah.." She doesn't even let him complete his sentence and shrugs him off… She stumbles … he hold her again.. she shrugs him off again… and is about to fall.. He becomes angry and holds her lifts her and takes her inside Rahuls cabin while Rahul held the door for him. Rahul said I wil just brign water you stay with her. He makes her sit on the chair and is about to ask, "Riddhima are you o….."She just removes his hand from her and tries to get up but the dizziness just brings her down. He comes down on his knees…. Riddhima….please….. tum yahan.. aur tumhari

tabiyat thik nahin hain… please …baith jao…Riddhima gets up and stumbling and holding on to things walks towards the cabin.. he tries to stop her… but she listens to him no even once… she keeps moving all along the corridor stumbling and moving with the support of the wall….but doesn't let him touch her… He is crying and saying Riddhima please stop….but she hears no more.. Dr. Keerti  sees her stuggling and tries to help her but she says no and keep goin alon….Keerti just looks on… Riddhima goes to the parking lot….him following but not touching her as she prohibited her…she runs holding on to her tummy…. He says Riddhima careful please don't punish yourself….. because of me.. she runs in the car…..and locks it.He tries opening the door but because she has locked it he cannot open it.She puts her head on the driving wheel and cries.He is trying to bang on the window for her to open it but she doesn't…. she looks up from the wheelturns towards him and he sees her crying…She brings her hand to the window…….he brings his almost to where her hand is…. The other hand she touches on her stomach and then her heart and brings it to the window. He brings his hand to hers and she just keeps on crying.. He keeps telling her to open the window and let him talk… but she just keep crying….Its liekas if they were in a trance… then suddenly breaking off the trance she starts her car andgoes and he just kept on running after her saying Riddhim.. please no be carefullllllll btu she drove fast and he couldn't catch up. He sttod there just watching….

After half an hour he got a call from Subra," Armaan Riddhima has been into an accident please come soon she need you…" Armaan just drove quickly to Nanavati.. n asked for Riddhima… the nurse said there is no one admitted by that name. He just screamed at her…….. Subra came running there and said Armaan go in room 305 they are operating her there please hurry. He just rannn he went to the room but it was dark.. He screamed Riddhima Riddhima tum kahan ho Riddhima.. why is it so darkkk doctors.. I want my wife back… At that moment the lights turned on he saw Riddhimastanding in front of hm sound and clear.He ran to her..Riddhima tum thik ho….. I was scared but then that phone call… I am glad nothng happened…. Riddhima said"Armaan I asked Subra to make that call" Armaan asked, "What? Do you even realize what you mean to me how could you do something like this?"Riddhima got angry on this, "You are saying this to me. I mean everything to you. Out baby means everything to you. But did you not realize how much you mean to me Armaan. I have been trying to find out why have you been acting so strange since morning. I knew you were hiding something from day one. That day. I didn't tell you about my dizziness and you got mad.. how do you expect me to react to this Armaan……… you hid such a big thing from me… Whyyyy????? Did you not consider me your own..(Armaan said, "Riddhim no you know you are the world to me." )No I am not…otherwise you would have told me about ur illness. (She goes to him and catches his collar) M I UR NOONE…… Armaan…. N If not me then…(she held his hand and touched her belly) is this ur nobody…. I aksed you to swear on ur baby now I know y u didn't take the oath….(She jerks off his hand) U never considered us ur own….(she started walking towards the other way He started walking towards Riddhima… and tried to hold her hand..)

Armaan: Riddhima…. Listen to me… first sit down… all this excitement is not good for you…and the baby(Riddhima interrupts… don't tell me that… you know what is good for the both of us…. That the baby's daddy doesn't lie to us…. But daddy u did that….)Riddhima listen to me I wil tell you everything… but first sit down(He made her sit and told her everything about the tumor how he found it and hetried to tell her but the news of the baby and then the other day whatever happened..)

Riddhima: (she waited for him to finish)Armaan(she touched his face) I am not that weak…… you thought I would  be unable to take the streesss and something would happen to me and the baby.. but no we are fine.. we have such a loving daddy.. (she pulls his ear ) And what the baby did yesterday was just to grab your attention(I know but it could have taken ur life)No it would not have….. u were there for me… N its ur baby.. it has to be extreme in love na…(she smiled… It made him smile too) Now first things first… we have to go for the operation….. and that too soon….(Armaan said hmmm)no hmmm let me talk to Rahul..he must be worried too(he called Rahul and said Rahul I am ready for the operation…..but give me one week with my wife please…Riddhima takes the phone from him) Rahul this is me Riddhima….yes I am fine… thanks.. Rahul don't listen to him.. we will do his operation as soon as you are ready..(Rahul said that great.. give me a days time and we will go for his operation) Thanks Rahul… thank u so much for everything….. we must all meet one day… brign your wife too.. thanks…

Armaan: Riddhima…..( he smiled at her) lets go home today. I want you to be with me.. N I want to be with u n our baby.(She smiled and said sure.. let me see how many patients are there…. And I will close earlyyy He agreed on on condition that he could stay with her in her cabin… she agreed)

After all the patients were treated they decided to leave….

They walk to the car….He said nahin ek min….


Chapter 12

He opened the door for her lifted her and made her sit….Riddhima said, "Armaann ..yeh yeh kya…"Armaan said, "bus yuhin zyaada pyar aa raha hain aaj.."Riddhima smiled…He asked aaj candle night dinner ho jaiii…She said sure… So they went home…to get ready.. She decided to look her best today for him… so that he always remember this day…. She put on asky blue saree with beautiful sequins but was wondering how to cover her tummy…. He came in she said" eye y Armaan no peeking in I am changing" He said" Well I am here with my wife so technically no one can stop me.. and he came n hugged her.." She smiled and kissed him on the cheeks….then she asked, " Armaan how do I cover my huge tummyyy It looks so bad…" He said" no it doenst A woman loks her best when she is pregnant… you know nothing about dressing up…(she laughsss)let me dress you up…He removes the pin on her shoulder that was holdingher pallu and it exposed her bare stomach… he came down to it… kissed it.. She just closed here eyes and followed his touch… hedrapped her pallu from the behind and then covered it in the front covering her stomach and kissng her on the stomach everytime…Her eyes still closed her hands went to his hair…she said, "Armaannnnnnnnnn"He said "Riddhimaaa" She whispered, "Your touch…… its soooooo pure….." Armaan comes up to her does her hair.. her eyes stil closed makes hersit…. N tells her don't open ur eyes….. he does all the sringar on her…then made her stand and comes around her….. touches her belly and tells.. akkhen kholo Riddhima…..He tells it again Riddhima aankhen kholo She slowly opens her eyes……and looks at how beautifully he had dressed her and then brought her hands on to his ……"Tumhe kaha sikha… saree ko aise drape karna.." He smiled… "Sikha kisise" She asked "kIsssee" He showed her the picture of a magazine.."yahan say" she laughed and said "but I like ur way better" They smiled  and then she said chale… he said" aab jane ka mood nahin nai" He smiled and said chalo….but in my way.. she asked n what is ur way…… he said u will know.." he picked her up….." and carried her all the way to the car..and made her sit in the car…"She smiled…. He sat in the car and started the car….and they went to the Restaurant… They came out of the car and in the restaurant…She asked" Armaan why is the restaurant empty" He said" Lagta mujhe dhoka hua hai.. ekdum third class restaurant hoga isiliye koi nai hai.." She laughed….The waiter came in and said" Sir Maam your table is ready this way please" They smiled and followed him. Then they ordered some food and he said… I will just be back in a minute… She said ok….

As soon as he left… the lights turned off she got scaredd..she said Armaan,  a spotlight cam on him and music started playing in the back….. Na hai yeh paana… Na hai yeh khonaaa.. Tum se hi din hota hai.. tumse raat hoti hai tum se hi tum se hi……She kept looking at him………and smiling.. He slowly came to her and asked her for a dance.. she said in this condition he said sure y not…. She smiled and they danced. The soft music kept playing….. they both stopped…. No one was there because he had booked it on her name and had special instructios so as not to disturb them…They both were standing on the floor in each others arms… the music still playing and them coming closer…… they were about to kiss.. when they heard a trolley come in …. They came out of it.. and he said shall we and took her to dinner… The ate their dinner all the while discussing about their baby… at the end.. he paid the restaurant and thanked them for making his evening beautiful… he then took her by hs hand and then they left the restaurant……he picked her.. and placed her on the car bonnet…..n he himself climbed on it…He asked" So Mrs Riddhima soon to be mother to Junior Riddhima…." She smiled and said" Yes Mr Armaan soon to be father to Junior Armaan.." he smiled too… they just stared into each other laying there on the car their fingers intertwined into each others.. he pulled her closer… Are you happy She nodded she asked him are u.. He said U r happy our baby is happy so I am happy… She then yawned… Armaan I think the baby needs sleep.. He smiled noddedgot up helped her down made her sit in the car… n then he drove back….Back in the home… they changed and they went to bed… He turned towards Riddhima who was lying on her back and about to sleep and started patting on her tummy..She smiled held his hand….in hers kissed it he kissed it back… and put it on the tummy and then they both felt it….Armaan smiled… did she just kick…. Riddhima smiled… baby did that in the morning too when I called u.. he said sorry for everything  she said no need… smiled and said just keep ur hand here…. U will feel it she will feel good too he asked how do u kno it's a girlshe sadi I toldu na girls love daddy more than moms ehhe.. he said acchhaa she smiled.. he saida ab tum so jao…. N she smiled she went off to sleep with his one hand in hers and the other on the baby. This was one of the many best nights he had shared with the baby and Riddhima. He watched her sleep away and felt content that he didn't have to hide anything now….Riddhima woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to drink water……she saw his hand was still in hers and on her tummy she smiled kissed on his forehead a smile passed his face….. got upand set on her bed…. Drank water and juststayed there…looking at him. He got up and said Riddhim tumhe kuch chahiye… She said nahin.. he said then y r u awake… she said.. I got for water .He lloked at her…she said kya hua he asked tumhe need nahin aa rahi kya… she said.. yeah…he moved to her lap and held her hand played with the fingers… and they talked all night.. about the baby about their future life what would they name the baby etc etc.. Suddenly she touched her stomach.. she said.. Armaan u kno whatmonth is this.. he said yeah its still ur sixth month.. y.. she said.. can we have a premature delivery. He asked her y are u asking this… she said.. cuz I feel some movement in my stomach.. he moved up lets go to the doctor..she said.. no I m sure this is nothng but still I feel  something…. He said lets go we are goin… In their night dress he drove her to the hospital… all the while he kep asking her…. U r felling ok na… or is is paining too much… she smiled and said.. I m fine…. Its just a little….they reached the hospital and went to her doctor….. they checked her gave her medications and then told them that this is normal in pregnancy. The babys weight is coming on the uterus and hence I believe this…. U shld try not to stand a lot and support ur belly… that shld reduce thepain. The doctor smiled and said take car.e..and then they came back home…. He asked her I am doing the operation fro u n our baby can u do one thing for me.. she asked yes Armaan just name it.. he said..plz stop working….for a few months… it might affect u I m afraid.. she assures him that its not because of work….but that it happenes in pregnancy..he stil tries to make her understand.. but she says… I don't want my patients to suffer…n then she tell sthe story of one of her patienssts who was working right before her delivery.. but before Armaan could say anything she said… I wil stop working in the 9th month don't worry… he smiles a bit and said fine….and they went to sleep.

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