Saturday, 23 June 2018

chapter 3 : A new bundle of joy

She couldn't emote she felt choked for emotions. Armaan saw it. He took a picture of the screenshot and then removed the gel off her stomach. She was just unable to move. It was as if the heavens were showering blessing upon her, upon the two of them. 'So much happiness in a moment,' she thought to herself. It was unable to control. He constantly kept repeating her name, "Riddhima Riddhima Riddhima" she finally heard it… n she saw his face. She tried to get up and sit straight… She knew he loved kids and was waiting for one of his own since a long time… but their work commitments had kept them busy and then that night it happened and this day today. She saw tears in his eyes. She started crying herself. She started crying and smiling at the same time ... and laughing and kept
looking at him. "Armaan" she finally said it. He said, "Yes Riddhima … this is the happiest moment in our life." She laughed a little, he laughed a little and then they just let each other go into each other's arms and hugged each other tightly N then she said, "Armaan………… we are going to be parents soon". She cried, "and all this while we were planning for it and then this."

He broke the hug and looked at her, his arms still touching hers, "I know Riddhima" he cried, "all this while we were planning and this news today. I m the happiest man ever to be alive today." She smiled and wiped her tears but it seemed that there was no dearth of them at that moment. She kept looking into his eyes n then fell into his caressing arms again. "Thank you Armaan" she said. He said, "No Riddhima thank you. U don't know how happy I am." Riddhima said, "Mom dad will be so happy to hear it… we must tell them." Armaan said, "I know, even Billy n mom would be glad to know about it...we will tell them but tomorrow. Today you are all mine n I m all urs". Riddhima says, "not anymore." He's surprised, then he realizes, "and our baby between us Riddhima... I am so happy. I am going to take the day off and stay with you."

Riddhima says, "No Armaan you must not do that… go to work. Someone's life is depending on you. You must go". He stopped. Hugged her again and kissed her on the lips. "I will try to be home as early as possible and we will celebrate." She nodded a yes and then he said, "but before I go" he came close to her took her hand in his, kissed her hand and touched it on her stomach. She smiled and just kept looking at him. Then she kissed his hand, touched it to the baby and touched it on his lips n whispered, "love you." He whispered, "love you" n left with a heavy heart'.

He opened the door and left the cabin. She was still sitting on the patient's bed still touching her stomach with the hand he had kissed. Subra came in but Ridz was just too happy to notice…

She came to her and said, "Riddhima". This brought her out of the trance .She kept her hand on her stomach and signaled Subra to come closer to her. Her best friend the one she ever had… and the one who had given her such wonderful news in the best possible manner came closer. Riddhima held Subra's hand in her hand and made her touch her stomach."Subra" she said "I am going to be a mother (Subra smiled a yes). Subra he was the happiest I have ever seen him. (She smiled at her) Subra we are going to be parents soon. I still cannot believe it. Subra, we are finally going to be parents…. I saw it in his eyes. The way he just touched the baby, I felt his desire, the desire of playing with a child. Subra (there were tears in Ridzi's eyes) we are finally going to be parents."

Riddzi is about to thank her when Subra says, "don't Riddhima… thanks bolke paraya maat karna. Come let's sit there." She helps her get down the bed and they sit in the chairs. "I wanted to tell you yesterday about this news but then I consulted my husband and he suggested I should do this. I was apprehensive as to how would Armaan react but I knew that he always wanted to be father n it would be special for the both of you. So I called him up simultaneously after I called you and told him about it and told him to keep this a surprise. I must tell you ur man is a tough person. He knew about it since yesterday but he controlled all his emotions until today for this special moment between u too." Riddhima cried out... n hugged Subra, "thanks lakszz this was special for us and it was possible only because of u. I can't thank u enuf" she interrupts and says, "don't thank a friend… ever." Ridzi smiled. Subra said, "If u want to take an off ur most welcome... I will take ur patients."

Riddhima said "no I think I will work. Patients are important n besides I would never like to burden such a sweet friend like you"... they hug and then Ridz goes to work in her cabin.

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