Sunday, 24 June 2018

chapter 4 : A new bundle of joy

All the time her patients sensed that she was hppy and they were happy to see her happy n when anyone would ask her dr why are u so happy she would blush and tell them that my husband is happy today n hence I am '.

After work'..Laksz went Ridzzi because she wasnted her to be safe and said that from tomorrow don't drive I will come n pick u upnnn she laughed n besides Armaan wont let u drive'.

Riddhima said no subru really its ok'. I just turned pregnant n not 9 months hehe

Subru said I forgot to tell u u r two months pregnant so that means out of 9 2 gone.. so u hav to be careful I wil come an pic u up tommo'.. n if u do a zid I will make sure Armaan doesn't let u oout..

Riddhima just smiles at her sweet friend' and goess home'..with her'

They reach her house'n its all dark inside. Subru says take care ridz I will come n pick u up tomm n I m sure he must hv something plnned for u n she winks at her'

She smiels and winks back says bye to her and then turns to walk towards her house. But before going in she decided t check the garage'yes Armaan car ws here that means he was home.. so she decided to wait outside' cuz she knw he must have planned something in'.

She sat on the bench and just stared at the stars'. It was so serene to look at the starts all glittering away their light to the night' she looked at the moon that was surrounded by the stars' n then she felt it'.a movement in her stomach.. she was sure that it was soemthign else cuz the baby momvent was not to be observed this early during pregnancy' she sensed maybe it was just her anxiety the was showing up like that'.She touched her stomach and it reminded her of the morning. She closed her eyes'.and remembered everything'..he was watching her from behind but didn't want to disturb her emotions'. He waited patiently'.She remembered him toucheing her stomach' his eyes'.that cried'n the words that he said'I am the happiest man alive' it felt blessed'it brought a smile on her face'' n then she felt his hand touch hers on her stomach'.she didn't open her eyes but said Armaan'and then turned towards him'Hecame close to her'.smiled and came and sat next to her' she wanted to lay in his arms.. he knew it was cold so he brought a shawl for her' and out it on her'she loked at him and smiled'.his hand and hers were still together not wanting to let the baby stay away from their touch'.She gently and gradually slipped onto his lap her head resting on his lap and he caressed her head'.with the other hand''they stay there in that silence for a long time'It was as ifall their emotions had come out in the morning and now they felt content with each other'. About this new feeling' He just touched her stomach more closely. She breathed a heavy breadth and finally broke the silenece'Armaannnn'''

He was staring ahead not looking at anything but just in thoughts'he replied.. Riddhima' they took a long pause'she looked at him directly in his eyes and called his name again..Armaan'this time he was more attentive to her voice' He looked into his eyes caressed her face and said Yes Riddhima' She kept looking into his eyes and him into hers' Finally she spoke' " Are you happy?" She knew the answer but she wanted his assurance'.. he smiled moved a slick of hair on her face behind her ear'and said' Riddhima I have never in my life been more happier than this'he kissed her hand N said N my love for you grows stronger' he smiles cuz now I have to share it with our baby too N she blushes'.he kisses her hand'.and touches her stomach again.. she again breathed a heavy sigh'

Armaan''.she said, he replied.. hmmmm'. She continued'ur touch' does something to me very intimate'..n now it is doing it to my baby'. He moved his hand away' she pulled it back on her stomach.. no  no I mean I love ur touch and what it does to me' but now its doing the same thing to our baby'.n then she just cried.. Armaan.. she gets off from his lap  n holds both his hands in her'and asks him Armaan' promise me'..promise me that you will never leave me alone'saying this she hugs him' still holding on to his hands and just keeps on crying' she is unable to control her tears'.. Armaan lets her cry her heart out and then she wakes her from the hug'.touches her face and says Riddhima' meri aankhon main dekho'..( she is unable to look into his eyes because she is afraid to look into them)Riddhima( saying that helifts her face up )aankhe kholo(she finally opens her eyes'.. he looks into themmmshe looks into his'.they don't speak'.but she keeps looking into them.. its as if the eyes are speaking to her'.they are saying that I will never leave you alone'.Armaan speaks) main tumhe apni jaan se jyaada pyar karta hoon'..aaj tak maine tumhara saath kabhi nahin choda'..aage bhi nahin chodunga'..tum meri ho main tumhara hoon aur yeh jo ane wala hai yeh hamara ansh hai'..( he feels that she is still not assured) He says, "Riddhima tumhe mujhpe yakeen hai'(she nods and replies a soft yes)toh mere saath chalo'.(he holds her handwraps the shawl tightly around her.. and then walks her into their house''She walks in and sees how beautifully he had decorated the house for her. But he takes her away from all that near the mandir'. He asks her Riddhima tum diya chalu karooo'she looks at him and wonders but follows' she lights the diya does a prayer and then looks at Armaan'.He holds her hand and with her hand in his he bends down and touches her stomach' she wonders what is he doing'but waits for him to finish'.he then gets up n with her hand in his he puts it on the diya he brings the hand back onto her stomach,.on her head and near his heart'..then he prays along with her'.they do the namaskar to god and leave'..

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