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chapter 7 & 8 : A new bundle of joy

Chapter 7

Ridz is now 6 months pregnant

Ammy was in his car talking on the phone with Dr. Shubhankar about the case on Liver cirhossis and Ridz came by and sat in the car. He told Dr.S hubhankar that he is gonna drive and will talk more abt the case in the hospital.

Ammy started the car and looked at Ridz'. Ready .. she said yes.. lets go' they smiled and he drove. While driving he had to change the gear, he looked at Riddhima who was looking out of the window on the road, took her hand in his and changed the gear. She immediately looked at him smiled and
said, "accha yeh sab badmashi karne keh liye u don't want me to drive" He smiled and said, "no but if u want me to I can defn keep on doing it " and saying that he teases her some more. They have a cute moment and keep driving . He finally reaches the hospital and its time for her to go. He doenst want to let her go neither does she. They look at each other and are aboutto kiss when someone honks in the back. e asked her do you ha a few min to spare. She replied a positive and he drove towards a quiter place. They walked out of the car towards a bench where no one was sitting and sat there. He held her hand and just looked in front at the water in front of them. She kept looking at him. She closed towards him and said,"Armaan tumhne abhi tak woh vaada complete nahin kiya." He asked her innocently" Which one Riddhima" She pulled his hand in hers and placed it on the baby. She looked at him and said, "This one" He looked at her and then just kept staring at the baby which was covered by their hands. Riddhima, " Bolo na Armaan. " She pushed his hand harder into the stomach. Armaan, "Riddhima don't do that it will hurt the baby." sHE loosened a bit and and said ," Bolo na Armaan" He could say nothing. He just kept looking at her eyes and kept feeling her anxiety through the baby that he was touching. They stared at each other in silence.

After a few minutes Armaan's phone rang'. Coming out of the moment he picked up the phone

Dr. Shubhankar: Armaan. Where are you? We are waiting on you?

Dr. Armaan: I am coming Sir.

Dr. Shubhankar: Do make it fast Armaan.

Dr. Armaan: Yes Sir.

And he hung the phone. Riddhima started loosening her grip on his hand and said, "Chalo Armaan."

He held her hand tightly and brought it to his heart, "You trust me here'"She said, "You know the answer." Yes he knew that she had always trusted his heart, he said, " This heart will never lie to you. I will never lie to you." She said, " I know you never won't but then why don't you take the baby's oath." He hesitated and said, " I don't want anything to happen to our baby. You trust me , don't you? I will never and never have lied to you Riddhima." They hug each other and then leave towards the car. He drops her at the hospital and said ..I will come and pick u up by the evening. She nods and goes into the hospital.

Armaan goes to Sanjeevani where everyone was waiting for him and in the rush of the operation the oath topic slipped his mind. By evening, it was time for him to leave Sanjeevani and pick up Riddhima on his way home. But before that he had to answer the call on his phone. It was important .

Armaan: Yes Doctor I am just leaving. I will be in your office in a jiffy.

He walks across the hallway all the way towards the end.

Cancer Ward.

Chapter 8

Yes. The place where he used to come to meet his mentor Dr. Rahul and where they used to share numerous jokes was now only a place where his memories were filled only  with one word cancer. He walked in Dr. Rahul's office.

Rahul: Hi Armaan. Are you feeling good today?

Armaan: you know how I feel.

Rahul comes to him and makes him sit down.

Rahul: Armaan I know yo are going through tremendous pain and it is hard for me to even imagine what you are going through. But you have to let her know. It is high time Armaan. You should have told her already. You know the more you delay it the more it is affecting your life.

Armaan: Rahul I had made up my mind to tell her everything on that day at night.. but that phone call changed everything. I didn't want to ruin her happiness. I can die for her you know.

Rahul: N you are dying every minute even as we speak Armaan. She is in the best stage of her life where in theres a life being brought up in her. Yu think she would be that weak. If you tell her she will become your support. If she finds out from somewhere else.. can you imagine her condition at that point. She will feel betrayed. Armaan you have to tell her. N if you don't then I wil definetly. I cannot delay this anylonger. We have to perform your surgery soon. Your tumor is expanding already. N no more delays' u tell her today or tomorrow morning the first call that she gets will be mine.

Armaan: Please Rahul I cannot do it. You kno it. She is in such a beautiful phase ..nnnn

Rahul: N if you hide it anymore from her'.. it will hurt her.. don't u get it'..

Armaan just stands there quite. Thinks. And then he finally says. I will talk to her tomorrow morning but just let me be with her like a normal person in her eyes.. tonigh.

Rahul: You are normal Armaan,. This is just a disease that we have to get cured'.

Armaan nods: You are too sweet but I am aware what I would have to go through once after the surgery. Just this one night''' let me be with her' as her Armaan'. N tomoroow morning I wil tell her

Rahul agrees' n then Armaan takes his leave and goes to pick up Riddhima.

While Driving to Nanavati Hospital where she works as a Gynac he remember the night he was coming home n the phone call he had received:

Rahul : I want to meet you now. Come at Sanjeevani. Saying that much he had hung up.

Armaan was worried and thought what must have happened.

He reached Sanjeevani and went to Rahuls cabin.

Rahul : Armaan I was afraid of this .

Armaan just looks at him asks of what Rahul. What happened

Rahul: Armaan you wil have to bear this news with a lot of strength . Its not going to be easy for you neither for me but I have to tell it to you.

Armaan just wonders and waits for him to finish what he is saying.

Rahul: Remember, the day you felt dizzy during the operation' and then you said that it happened to you regularly.. I was afraid of this but I wanted to be sure of that before I said nything to you that's Y I asked you to do those tests and the results are in my hand. Armaan'. With a heavy heart I have to say this' that you have Brain tumor.

Armaan was just shocked. He couldn't believe it. At first he just thought that Rahul is kidding  bu when he looked at the reports he realiseddd that gravity of the situation.

Rahul: But we can still treat it'. We would have to perform a surgery and you would be fine after that. But you kno what happens after the surgery. It will take you time to recover. And hence I want you to tell Riddhima about it soon and then we would go on with the surgery.

Armaan thought about it. About Riddhima but he knew this was curable so he didt cry.. he knew Riddhima was strong and would be there to support him' so he told Rahul.. I will tell her tonight' saying that he hugged Rahul and then left.

While drving back to his home he received a call from Subra and that just changed everything. The confident Armaan just broke. He had heard a news earlier that was affecting him and this second news just brought down the heavens in his lap he was happy'. Very happy nnnn then thee realization stukc him'.he couldn't ruin this moment of thiers' he had to hide about his illness from him. He knew if her told her'. She would sacrifice her health and her well being over his.. n her didn't want that'. So he hid it from her'..

Back to present.. he reached'. The clinic and Riddhima was waiting for him. She came and sat in the car.

Riddhima: (she smiled at him) It was a long day today. But a satisfying one. How was urs.

Armaan: thought abt what Rahul had said'. It was good( he said)

Whle they were driving back he didn't say a word, didn't tease her, didn't play with the baby'.. Riddhima found it odd.

She touched his hand and asked, " Armaan. Kya hua. Anything serious at work."

Armaan said no Riddhima just tired'. She hesistated.. then said ok. N then removed her hand from his hand and sat there in the seat just touching her tummy which was already bulging. She sensed something was not right and so decided to do soemthign on her own.

Riddhima said" Armaan stop the car."

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