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chapter 9 : A new bundle of joy

Chapter 9

 He got worried, "Kya hua Riddhima. Is everything ok. Is the baby ok." Riddhima laughed, " Yea the baby is fine. I just need fresh air. Can we sit somewhere where theres quite before gong home." Armaan said, " but yahan. This is so freaky ." She said, " ok then not here somewhere else that more beautiful." He agreed and took drove her on the mountain side towars the top from where they could see the entire city. As the started on the mountain. Her breath started becoming heavy. He said, " This completely crossed my mind. We should not drive on hill top. Its on a height its gonna make breathing heavier for you." She said" still breathing heavily.. No Armaan I want to go there'. Take me there'" Armaan interrupted but she insisted'. He thought he shouldn't have thought about the idea'.. He drove slowly all the way and then gently helped her out of the car. She hold on to his hand and they walked towards the egde. He said be careful don't go allthe way towards the egde. Wait let me brign out the chairs and Riddhima stay here don't go towards the egde.

He ran back to get the chair and his head started hurting'. He quickly hid behind the car' and said not now god not now please'. Give me time until tomorrow morning'' eh took out the medicine from his car and drank it'. Sat for a sec then picked up the chair and left' coming by the cliff edge here Riddhima sit.. n he helped her sit in the chair'.. n then he opened his chair and sat. they both kept staring at the city that looked so beautiful

Armaan asked her' are you hungry cuz I have some fruits in the car I can brign it out. She said No Armaan we ill go home and it. He asked the baby are u hungry.. Riddhima laughed and nodded'. Armaand smiled and went to the car'. Took the apple washed it the water he had and brought itfor her' Riddhima asked' aur tumm' He said main tumhari mummy ke saath ghar par khaunga'. N they both laughed'.. She was eating and he kept looking at her'.Riddhima asked him tumhe baby toh touch nahn karna aaj' Armaan inched in closer with his chair so that he could feel the baby and toucher her Tummy. Riddhima released a sigh. Riddhima said, " You kno aaj pura din tumhare baby ne mujhe tang nahin kiya.. kyunki use pata tha end main papa milenge hi na'" He smiled at her innocence but inside cried at the thought that the baby is becomgin so attached to it'..n that is soemthign happened to him during the operation how willthe baby control'. He jus tsat quietly and looked at the stars.. Riddhima said, "tum aaj bade chup ho.. I know you are tired and all but biwi bacho ke samne toh bol hi sakhte ho na'" Armaan laughed'." Ha aap toh main biwi baccho wala hone wala hoon na'." they both laughed and stared away in the front at the view'. Armaan said that let me bring you water and he removed his hand from her tummy. She nodded. But just as he left she started feeling a little pain.. At first she ignored it' but then it just ran thorugh her stomach really bad and she screamed, " Armaan''''.." H dropped the bottle and rushed towards her' "Riddhima kya ho raha hain tumhe'.(seeing her screaming in pain)' abhi toh time hain na'.(talking about her delivery..) are you okyyy'.. let me take you to the doctor'''. ( he lifted her'..and made her sit in the car'.. her pain was uncontroable.. she was trying to control her pain by pulling on the seat in which she was sitting'. Armmaaannn she screamed'..  I can't bear this pain''.. He quickely put the chairs in the car and rushed to the drivers seat'..)Riddhima tumhe kuch nahin hoga' main abhi tumhe hosp le jata hoon( He quickly started the car and started driving'.. he was driving so fast it was worsening her condition' she said Armaan.. breathing heaving'.)Riddhima(he started crying.)Kuch nahin hoga tumhe.. kuch nahin hone doonga main..(Riddhima pain was just unbearable'. She touched her tummy and said baby' quite'. Kyun pareshan kar rahe honn'..she said that and her pain just sharpened''''''''.)Riddhima don't say anything'. Don't worry I am gonna take you to the hospitalll''.(Riddhima.. said Armaan'.. her pain was too much he coudltn see her like that.. her rushed his car'. They reached the hospital')Nurse hurry She is in pain she need a doctor.. if subra is here please call her'(the nurse helps Riddhima on the stretcher' and they take her to the Emeregency room. Subra was not there because she was busy in an operation''Armaan was just tensed..)Nurse goddamit where is your doctor' call the doctor'.. (the nurse said that the doctor is coming'  the doctor quickly came from the back) Doctor please look at her'  We were at the hil top she was eating an apple I went to get water for her and her pain started suddenly'.. she is not even due yet' please doctor.. look at her'(the doctor told Armaan not to worry his wife was with them now.. she quisy gave a couple of instructions to the nurses to check the pulse put on the glucose and cehkc the heart beat of the baby''.. the nurse said'. Doctor the baby is sinking.. we are loosing her heart beat'''.. Armaan was shocked) how is this possible we were just normal a few in agao..( doctor was worried too '. This had never happened in her  career before' Armaan wasa figeting'. Riddhima was going to sleep.. the doctor said Armaan don't let her sleep .. he toldher..) wake up Riddhima.. he slapped her cheeks wake up Riddhima.. looo the baby is calling you (and saying that he touched the baby'.immediately the ECG monitors started changing'.. everyone saw the change he sa it.. he started talking to the baby.. baby'.. listen to daddy' u hv to live for ur mom for ur dad'(its as if that brought back the baby'.. Riddhima was about to go into sleeppp.. n that could hv been dangerous' when Armaan'..told her)Riddhima look the baby is fine'.(hearing that as if soemthign inside her ticked to be back' she opened her eyes'..and stared at Armaan saw him touhing her belly saw the doctors n then again at Armaan.

Doctor said to Armaan this is really something never known of but I think the baby is attached to your senses'.. to your touch'. She and the baby are fine now.. you could take her home in a few mnutes but we have do some tests on her first' but I will give you guys some time before the test so you can talk to each other' saying that she smiled at the both of them and lef.t'

Armaan just cried'.. Riddhima cried too'she said..Armaan'.. the baby loves you more than me' It is definitely a girl' ur girl'' look how she troubles me everytime'.. she just kept on crying'.Armaan said, Riddhima I don't kno what to say he talked to the baby' baby I kno u love me N I love you too.. but you must not trouble ur mom like this' kno how scared I was'.for the both of u' he cm closer and kissed the tummy'.. from now on I will not touch you.. Riddhima interrupted No Armaanabut he interrupted saying.. Yes Riddhima.. the baby is troubling you so much' I was scared to death when this al happened. No Riddhima' the baby has to live without my touch' Riddhima said no Armaan neither can the baby nor I live without youuu'. Armaan just cried broke of the contact with Ridz hand with the baby and went outside' he saw the doctor' n the doctor said.. I was gona take Riddhima for the tests yo can wait in my cabin  unti then.. he nodded and went.. He sat there' not crying not emoting just thinking' what happenend today was something he has never seen.. the baby was so attached to him' if he went for the surgery now.. Riddhma would be alone' who would take her care'. Who would' make the baby understand'.. no he had to wait until the baby cam into the world   then there would the babys nana nanis, dada dadis to take care of her.. but now he had to postpone it'. The doctor cam in his room with Riddhima.. Armaan got up and helped Riddhima sit down'. And then the doctor said.. this was very unusual today..but as I mentioned b4 Dr,Armaan the baby is used to ur touch,' u must not stop that unlike ho u mentioned to Dr. Riddhima.. (he looked at her that u told the doctor')she didn't tell me I heard it when I was about to walk in'.Look Dr. Armaan' this is extreme but its just a case of love'. Ur baby loves u n u hv to love her back'. Cuz u r the one I believe to made her used to ur touch.. n now u must not stop it..So now smile.. the reports will be in by tomorrow.. so u both must come in tomorrow.. I m sure its nothing out of the ordinary'. But I had to be sure.. after all its ur baby (they smile andtake the doctors leave' He helps Riddhima get out of the chair'. And takes her to the car makes her sit in the car and then drives back home safely')

At home, he parks the car, helps Riddhima out of the car and they go home. She tells him not to worryyy.. Its just that his baby is learning to love right from the inception. He smiles she says let me go n change then we wil eat. She goes to change' he is still thinking.. he makes a call'to Rahul and explains all this he says Rahul I cannot do it'.(Riddhima hears the last bit..she asks what can u not do Armaan..he quickly changes the topic..)I cannot perform the operation' It's a bit risky and we have to look at the details first.. (Riddhima realizes that he is talking abt his patient she goes into the kithchen)Rahul I really cnnot do this'(Rahul understands and says I wil have to talk to my team n the n I wil let u kno')

He goes in the kitchen and sees Riddhima lifting the bowls to brign them at the dining table.. He goes and takes it away form her. makes her sit and then serves the food' They eat and she keeps smiling at him. He asks her why are u smiling' She says nothing'I m just smiling at whatever happened today'. He said nothing'.jsut kep eating silently' she knew he was worried when all that happenend n she should probably have notsaid what she did. So she just continued eating'.. They finished eating'. He did the dishes not letting her do anything'. While she sat there on the chair'. Just looking at him' and then he walked with her to their bedroom'  He told her' a lot happened today'. Take rest go to sleep'.. and asked her when wil u be taking ur leave from her.. she said that she had time and that she would work until 8 months.. he said I kno' but I want u n the bab y to be safe' she said don't worry I hv a very loving husbnd who would care for me if something ever happenend' He just looked at her' angry'.Riddhima said.. sorry baba.. bhul jao jo hua aab now come play with ur baby'.

Armaan said no I m tired today.. N I cant' saying that he turned away from her turned off the lights and acted as if he is sleeping' She lay on the bed just staing at Ammyyy

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