Tuesday, 19 June 2018

first part : "Aaj main bhi khushi chunoongi...hum teeno ki khushi..." AR OS

Siddhant had left her. He had actually left her.

Only this thought crossed Riddhima's mind as she turned the divorce papers around and around...willing to make sense of this moment, of her life, of everything...but nothing could make sense, nothing would make sense...

As she fingered the papers, the bell rang again...and the married woman in her hoped that Sid had come back, that he would accept her...that the sins with which she accused herself would wash away with his acceptance...her eyes flew to the door as someone entered it...


Armaan looked into Riddhima's tear laden eyes and a deep grief encaptured his heart. He could not bear to see Riddhima in pain.

"Kya hua, Riddhima?"

"Armaan...mujhe...Sid ne mujhe divorce de diya, Armaan! Divorce!"

Armaan stared in disbelief. He was but a human and for one fleeting moment hope and happiness and relief filled his long desiring heart but seeing the distress in Riddhima's persona, all of it extinguished under her tears and Armaan felt dirty and disgusting to think that he had felt pleasure, even if for just a moment, in Riddhima's pain and so he drank his hope away and turned his back to her.


"Kahan jaa rahe ho?"

"Sid se baat karne...woh tumhe apnaayega. Tum khush rahogi, Riddhima...itna toh main kar hi sakta hoon na, tumhaare liye..."

Riddhima could not believe her ears and more than that her life, her fate. Here were two men who loved her so immensely sly that all they thought about was her happiness and nothing else mattered to them and here was she! She, who was so selfish that all she thought about was the society and their reactions! But not anymore!

Lunging forward, she grabbed Armaan's hand in hers, stopping him in his tracks!


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