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Intro & Part 1 : The Way I Loved You (Arsh)


17th Feb 1986. I was born. 17th Mar 1986 you were born. You were 1 month younger then me. But you were always more mature then me. Though I always thought you were just on of those stupid geeks. Nerd. But little did I know I was 110% wrong. It still makes me laugh on how idiot crap I was.

It wasn't my fault. Neither was it yours. Our destiny was written that way. I never ever in this past 23 years thought that I will fall so hard for you, that getting up would be like waking up in hell.

Our houses were just opposite to each other. As our parents being bestest friends wanted. Padma Aunty, your mom, is one of my favorite people in my life. I loved her more then my mom.

I had always hurt you. Never thought about how will you feel. And I didn't even know that hurting you will hurt me more.

I always got scolded by my parents since you were always smarter.

"Armaan, bahot bigad gayye ho tum, dekho Shilpa kitni smart or achhi hai." mom will say, whenever I will do something bad.

"Mom'what did I do? What can I do if she is smart'I am more popular in school" I will whine. And mom just shake her head and go away. She always thought shifting to New York was the worst Idea. But dad never wanted to go back. He wanted to complete his business here.


Part 1

"Hey buddy, how was your day today?" dad would say coming home in the evening.

"awesome know my coach said I can join basket ball in middle school. He thinks I am a really good player." I will say with a wide smile on my face.

"are wah! My son so smart"

"Smart my foot! He got 77% in his science test, and Shilpa got 98%, cant he work harder  on that." Mom will scream from the kitchen.

"its ok Jiya, he will do better next time! Hai na beta?"

"dad I tried, Shilpa doesn't know Basket Ball, does she? I will retort back at them.

On that no one will speak anything, and I will run to my room. I was trying. I will look through my window, just to see you standing in your balcony. I had balcony, but I hated to go their. I will slam my window shut, so that I couldn't see your face.

Next day Padma aunty came home in the afternoon after school, and I was so happy to see her. But turned gloomy again when I saw you walk behind her with a book in your hand.

"wow. She is such a geek!" I would mumble under my breath.

I went back to my video game after giving hug to Padma aunty. You looked at me and gave me that sweet smile that hated back then. I didn't smiled back but just went back to my game. That's when Padma aunty gave the worst idea ever.

"Jiya mein soch rahi thi, ki Shilpa toh waise bhi studies mein achhi hai, toh kya Armaan use Basket ball sikha sakta hai? I will pay for it."

Mom looked at me and then said. "Padma, isme pay karne ki kya baat hai. But is gadhe ko kuch samaj nahi hai. Mujhe nahi lagta yeh maanega!"

To her surprise I jumped up from my game and went towards them.

 "Ofcourse aunty, I will do it. But how much will you pay?"

This made her smile at me.

"hmm! I will pay you $10 per hour."

"ok then, c'mon Shilpa, lets go right now, we will start  in 10min."

I said acting like a coach.

This way, we started playing everyday but we never talked in school. I always made it like I don't know you. you never liked that. I could make from your face. But I an idiotic crap as usual wanted popularity.

One day it started snowing before we could go out to play. So we decided to do something indoors. We went to your house. That was the first time ever I went to your room.

It was just like you. Simple, 'clean', and everything was on its place.

I was amused by how can you live in such a place.

"how do you find all your stuff in this room?"  I asked

"Armaan this isn't your room. Even I wonder how can you find all your stuff in that messy room" you said as in matter of fact.

I just shrugged it off and started looking around for something interesting. I found that Jay sean poster on your wall, and on the other side of it was, Selena Gomez. I smirked at that.

"what is that now Armaan?" you said turning around from your closet.

"nothing, what you doing?"

"trying to find something that could interest you!"  you said goi back to her closet. I went behind you to see what in their. It was all books and some board games. Neither of my interest. you sighed and went towards the other side of the room. I went behind you but then gave up.

"can I sit on your bed?" I asked. You looked at me and frowned.

"yeahhh' if you wanna!" you said and went back to your closet.

"alright, I have just this game, and nothing else that may interest you." you said and gave me the box of unopened Nintendo latest version.

"are you kidding me?" I said

"what the hell are you talking?"

"I mean I wanted this version, but dad said I need to get good grades first" I shrugged.

"well, you can have it, I don't really play"  you said.

"oh my god' really? You will sacrifice this game for me?

"wait, no'I am not sacrificing anything. Its just that I don't want it ok!"

"ok, but still thanks!" I smiled at you. Maybe for the first time. And you gave me even bigger grin.

We played that for a long time, and then Padma aunty called us to eat parathas. Though I loved American food a lot, nothing could be compared to Padma aunty's parathas.

"wow aunty, you are the best!" I said with my mouth full of parathas.

"but I like Jiya aunty's parathas more." you said.

"no way! Nothing could be compared to your mom!" I said with a grin.

You said nothing then.

After that evening when the snow stopped we went out with our friends, abhi and nikki. I had always hated abhi. But nikki, she was really sweet but not simple. Her nature was just like you, but she was a lot modern.

We were playing out in the snow, that's when you fell down and was hurt. Well, I forgot to mention that you fell down because of me. I threw the ball at you so hard that you lost your balance.

Abhi went up to you and helped you up your feet. But you whined, coz it hurts. I stood their shock to death. I knew I was wrong and I should have said sorry. But I seeing you in pain didn't allow my guts to move.

"I hate you Armaan!" you exclaimed,

'Ouch!' that verbal attacks hurts more then actions Shilpa.

But I was actually glad that you didn't stop playing basketball with me. Not because of money but, I loved playing with you. That's the way things worked till we were teens. I thought high school will change you. But no. you were just as it pleased you. Simple Indian girl. Nikki and Abhi were always with you. They were your good friends.  We stopped talking then. I always tried to avoid you. But the more I tried the more I would sneak peeks at you. of course when no one was around. In the sophomore year I joined basket ball boys varsity. I thought you will join too as you were pretty good, better then me maybe. But you didn't.

That day I was in basket ball court in the recreation center of New York when you came there.

"Hey Shilpa. What are you doing here?" I asked out of surprise.

"Playing basket ball..duhh!" you said giving me an attitude that actually said you were ignoring me.

"oh..kay! Lets play a match.."

"naahh m not in mood" you said non chalantly again.

"Darti ho kya?" I asked mokingly.

You sighed and looked at me with ball between your fingers rolling tit constantly.

"No! But I am thinking about your so called status! Mr.Armaan Mallik. I don't want to be the one to ruin it." You threw the ball behind you that landed perfectly into the basket without touching the rim. My heart skipped frequent beats as you walked away living me hurt and guilty with you verbal kicks!

Prachi Patel

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