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kash os : And its time the world knew about it..

All ready for the party, she was giving a final touch to her make up, scrutinizing every detail of her look. She was looking at the mirror when the door suddenly opened, and she saw him enter.

All ready for the party, he came back to the hotel after catching up with some friends in the lounge. Struggling with the cuffling, he looked at the mirror to find her staring at him.

It had been two hours, two hours and two minutes to be exact, she was seeing him. He was wearing a black suit, hair spiked- Karan's masculine cologne changed the aroma of the room. He was looking damn hot, no doubt. But was that why she was staring at him?

Draped in a white chiffon saree, Shilpa stood there looking absolutely stunning. The jet black hair falling over her slender back, the little make up, and not to forget, the diamond set Karan had exclusively ordered from DE Beers on last birthday- added an extra glow to her beauty. She was all set to drool everyone on her tonight.How would he resist himself- he pondered as he gazed at the beauty staring at him through the mirror. But was that the ONLY reason he was gazing at her?

Silence dropped in the room ever since Karan had entered. All that disturbed the silence was the ticking of the clock. However if you heard closely, you could hear a thumping noise coming form their heaving chests. One heart was beating in two bosoms-in one rhythm, in one beat.

Both of them were in a daze-a captivating daze that had locked them, despite them struggling to free themselves. While Karan's gaze was making Shilpa weak at the heat of the love and passion radiating from those blue eyes, she was wrenching his soul as she stared at him with moist eyes- tears threatening to spill any moment. If it hadn't been the phone call jolting them out of their reverie, they would completely have lost themselves.

"Yes, we are coming and we have worn as per the dress code. Now if you kindly put down the receiver we can start," an APPARENTLY enthusiastic Shilpa answered the phone.

"Umm, it's getting late. We should start," a visibly shy Shilpa said, trying to avoid her husband's piercing gaze on her- a gaze full of warmth, love, passion, desire, lust, and'pain'

As she hurriedly tried crossing him, she felt a tug on her pallu. Impulsively, (without turning back) she clutched the tugged pallu with her left hand while the right reached up to grab her neckpiece, as if her life depended on it.

As he closed his eyed inhaling her lavender scent as she swept past him, Karan felt something stuck on his right cuffling. Impulsively, he looked down on his hand, and upon sensing what has happened, his looked up at the mirror to find his lady standing rooted to the spot.

Raising up his right hand, he slowly started pulling it towards him, at the same time moving forward with long strides.

Suddenly Shilpa felt her being pulled backwards and in no time she felt something rock hard pressed against her soft back. Eyes still closed, she felt her whole body go wild with the sensation erupting form around them- creating havoc inside her. Hey heart started thumping erratically as she felt two hands making their way around her petite waist and resting as they reached her tummy. A gush of blood ran on her face and neck as she felt him using his nose to draw lines around her jawbone.

Getting wild at their sultry proximity, Karan found it difficult to resist his burning passion. He knew he should stop; they should stop, as they were already late. But he also knew he won't be able to stop unless she takes the initiative. Shilpa knew it too. Then why was she letting them drown in their sea of desire, and pure desire? Did she want it too?

" Ladna zaroori hain kya?" his husky voice against her soft ear jerked out of her reverie.

Sensing that Shilpa would at once try to get out of his grip, Karan quickly added, while continuing to tease her with his nose, "It has been more than two hours Shona, how long would we torment ourselves like this? Haven't we had enough?"

That was it! Both pf them knew she wouldn't be able to hold back any longer. She turned around and hugged him tight, pouring out all her pain as the pearl-like tears made their way to his shirt. She clutched his collar tightly, and with every hiccup pressed herself further onto him- a gesture which only he could interpret. No, it was not out of any sexual desire. It was out of her fear and insecurity of losing him because of their fight. She was trying to hide herself from this fear'inside him'.

Patting her hair lightly, Karan pecked Shilpa's ear, pulling her gently yet tightly mort into him-implying something which only she could understand. It was a gesture assuring that he would love her and be with her no matter what, and small tiffs like this cannot tear them apart'They are tied in the forever lasting sacred bond of marriage.KaSh are one soul trapped in two bodies'

Slowly Shilpa stopped pressing herself on him. She realized that he had held her very tightly, signaling that she need not struggle to hold onto him. His hold was stronger than her small delicate hands could manage. No one can snatch his angel from him'No fear'No insecurity'No fight'Nothing'

Feeling her settle down as she fiddled with his buttons, Karan decided to give a try. " Jaana zaroori hain kya?" he asked.

An extremely reluctant Shilpa tilted her head to look at her husband. Despite her puffy eyes, red swollen nose, mascara stained face, she managed to blush as she found him gaping at her with nothing but pure love'and desire'and temptation'

Vexed at the ruthless tears for ruining her beauty, Karan bent and kissed them away, swallowing the pain their fight had given her earlier that evening. Cupping her face, he whispered, "I think we need to be with each other right now. Only us, without the world.

Placing her hands on his well toned chest,Shilpa replied, " We have to go Karan. We have promised them. We cannot back off now."

Even though she tried to conceal the desire burning inside her, he saw that inside her eyes. But he too knew that they have to go. So a very UNENTHUSIASTIC Karan agreed for  the party.

" I think you need to give another final view to your look before we start," Karan suggested.

Adjusting her pallu and putting on some more  concealers around her eyes to hide the dark circles, she turned  to look at him.

" How do I look?" she asked him smiling and waiting impatiently for an answer. Even though Shilpa knew she would have all the eyes set on her tonight, a compliment from him was no harm! It would enhance her beauty by widening her smile-the smile that has been plastered on her face for the past 30 minutes'

Seeing her smile like this made his day. This was what he fell head over heals for at the first  sight, when they met 4 years back' and to this day, the magic has gracefully retained its blissful charm to enthrall and drive him frenzy all over her again.

" You look ravishing Shona, I am insecure now." a melodramatic Karan said.

Shilpa smiled gleefully at Karan's honest remark.

" But something is missing. You look gorgeous yet incomplete.", he probed her.

Turning back at once to face the mirror, she adjusted her pallu while making faces at herself as she studied her look meticulously.

Seeing Shilpa frown like this, Karan went ahead and hugged  her from behind. " Look at yourself, now you LOOK complete," he murmured against her cheek, kissing and licking and sucking them in between.

Gasping, she placed her hand on his. Opening her eyes, she looked at their image on the mirror. " NO, now I AM complete," she whispered; smiling ecstatically, she went back to closing her eyes, feeling his warmth.

Not satisfied with her answer, both of them opened their eyes together and caught themselves frowning. Immediately, both of them burst into laughter, filling the room with radiance of joy and content.

"Now WE are complete," They both said in chorus.

Soon, they set off for the party, hand in hand, looking forward to being with each other, with the world accompanying them.

The world stood still, admiring and blessing the couple called Shilpa and Karan Singh Grover -as they made their way to the red carpet of the launching party of their comeback show "Mill Jaatein Hain Jo Bane'Ek Duje ke Waaste". That night they had officially disclosed their relation to the media.

They knew they were one, because they were meant to be'

And its time the world knew about it..

Sacred Shirine

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