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Kash os : Connected by pain, locked in love

"You will regret Karan, I am warning you. This time you are willingly letting your love walk away form you. Dont do this son, it won't earn you anything. Call her back, hold her back.Dont let her go please," the woman pleaded.

"What are you saying Maasi?I cannot make any sense out of your words,"Karan replied, looking away.

"You love her don't you?"

"Its nothing like that Maasi, I don't love Shona"

"Who said I am talking about Shilpa? And why don't you ever call her by her name? Why is always Shona for you?"

"Whoever you are talking about Maasi, I don't love anyone. I only know how to hate. I hate everyone. No one is any exception." Karan said. Struggling to shut his heart screaming out  its disapproval.

Maasi grabbed his arm and turned him to face her. "Then I assume you hate Shilpa as well?Great then! Can you please explain me why are your eyes dark with pain and agony?Why is your heart flinching at Shilpa's departure- so much so that that not only is the pain reflected on your face? But your eyes are shimmering and voice choking at the threat of tears? Can you explain me that Karan?" Maasi screamed at the top of her lings, demanding an explanation.

Unable to hold back any longer, Karan fell on his knees as tears oozed out of his eyes.Covering his face in his hands, he spoke between his sobs, " I wish I could hold her back, I wish I could seeher, I wish I had told her, I wish…" Lifting his head to look at Maasi, Karan stood up, shell shocked at the sight of him.Musing whether he had gone demented and was having illusions, he blinked his eyes, only to find the pair of green eyes still staring back at him- conveying an osmosis of emotions he could not comprehend, or could he?

"Shona," was all Karan could manage to utter.

Seeing Shilpa nod while tears streamed down her face, he gave a watery smile, still not fully convinced.

Gathering some strength, he asked, " Why are you here? I thought you were…"

"About to leave?" Shilpa completed for him.

Still dazed at her presence, Karan noded confusingly.

" I was on my way to the airport Karan. But I could not leave. For some strange reason I felt as if I was leaving behind something. I did not know what. When I took a U turn to come here, I felt as if I was coming closer to the thing. I did  not know what. Finally when I came here and saw you, I realized what I had left. So here I am, back to you, to claim my possession.

Seeing him rooted like a statue, Shilpa stepped forward. Bending down a little, she kissed him on his chest, just where his heart was thumping.

" I had left behind my heart here, and I have come to get it back. Or else I cant go Karan. I'll die if I go away form you, because my heart resides in you. Please give my heart back Karan, please?"Shilpa begged, as the ruthless tears blotched  her pale skin with the mascara.

Flabbergasted at her gesture and stunned at her words, Karan lips finally twisted to a smile as realization dawned him. He smiled with content!!!

" First you snatch my heart and run off with it. And now you are blaming me? I see you haven't changed a little ever since our second meeting Shona. You still nurture your habit of doing the crime and confidently put the blame on others? Well then I must tell you that I was a fool then to fall in your trap for once and land in jail. But now I am a bigger fool to fall in your trap and land in lifetime imprisonment of your love" Karan said smirking, mischief lurking in his voice.

This time it was Shilpa's turn to be confused.

Pulling her closer, he heard her gasp as Shilpa held her  breath. Seeing her cheeks turn crimson as she looked down, he whispered, " If I have your heart, you have mine too. I was a nitwit to reject your love, a turkey to overlook my love, I stupid to let you go, and a LOOSER as you put it to loose my heart in the beautiful game called love, to this beautiful angel in my arms. I have fallen head over heals in love with you Shona, I just couldn't help. You walked into my life when I needed someone, but I pushed away everyone. I wanted to love and be loved, to pamper and be pampered to the hilt, to hug and be hugged. But I was scared…of being alone…being snubbed…being refused…being rejected. I built an invisible world of anger and hatred to shield me from my fear and insecurities. I made myself a repelling personality.If I didn't allow anyone near me, nobody took the initiative t take me toward them. Except you. You not only broke my wall and came close to me, but magnetically drew mw towards you.Evryone aroune me were happy Shona, yet nobody pulled me away from my world of desolation. You had your own share of tragedy and pain. You were forlorn. Yet you put aside your sorrow and embraced me in your love, engulfed my sorrows every time I misbehaved with you, venting out my pain. And before I realized, you broke of my shield and tied me in the knot of your love. I am very exhausted Shona, I am scared. I am worn out. But you are a fighter, always full of life. I can never be like you. We are opposite, connected by pain, locked in love. I want to be healed Shona, will you heal me? My pain is a disease which only you can cure. You are my cure. Will you cure me? I promise I wont take much of your time. Only this lifetime I promise. Please heal me Shona, Please love me. Don't leave me please?"
They joined their foreheads kissing each other's tears.Moving away Shilpa said, "Only if you will never change, not for me, not for anyone, for no one.You will still scold me, misbehave with me, vent your anger on me, but you wone shield youself away from me.You wont ever go out of your way to please me.You will resume your old life, you will do street fights, bike race, but just for fun.. You wont  hure yourself.You will spread love around you, and let everyone love you.Can you do this much? If you can, you will get immediate admission to Shilpa Anand's Cure Centre, I promise you the best treatment, Shilpa stopped smiling playfully, filling the room with her unique naughtiness and mischief.

Engulfing her in his embrace, Karan buried his face in her hair, breathing in her scent.She was perfect…he knew it now.

" Do you know how perfect we are?" Karan asked, still holding her in his arms as they moved to his house.

" No, you say," Shilpa replied, her face glowing at the feeling of completeness Karan's companionship was giving her.

" WE are as perfect as the pices of jigsaw puzzle put together."

" No we are not that perfect," Shilpa pouted, moving out of his arms.

Seeing him frown, she got back to his embrace, Wrapping his arms around her shi murmured, "We are impeccably perfect".
Smiling, Karan pulled Shilpa closer to him, her petite figure almost crushed within his  hard frame.

Feeling something cold touch her skin, she looked at her left hand which was resting on Karan;s chest. The ring finger was shining at  the majestical glow of the sapphire centered platinum, ring edges bordered with miniature diamonds.

" Karan," Shilpa seemed to be at a loss of words.

" Placing his forfinnger on her lips, he silenced her. Here we go with your first wish fulfilled…that of a sapphire ring. The next one will be tour to Switzerland…the Alps…we will have our honeymoon there." Karan paused to see her staring at him with a mixture of  surprise, shock and bewilderment.

" Maasi told me," he answered Shilpa's unasked question.Without giving her any time to react, he continuedwith his story, " So as I was saying, once we are in Switzerland we will work on my dream….of seeing you bloom up into a drop dear gorgeous expecting mother, with our love grow up inside you for nine months before stepping into this world.
Will you walk with me in this journey? I promise to remove all the thorns that will block our way."

" The ring and the trip to Switzerland is too alluring to let go. So it is a yes form me." Shilpa teased.

Both burst out laughing, embracing each  other, looking forward to spend a wonderful life ahead…a life which might not be as perfect as they are…but is definitely full of unconditional love…KaSh love…

Sacred Shirine

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