Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Kash os :A Day off with KaSh in KaSh land

"Arrghhhhhhhhh…….bhishummpaaaammgarrrrrrr……..Tha Tha ……,"she yelled at the top of her lungs, sitting on her daddy's tummy.

" Okay meri maa, here you go with your pacifier. What  Angel? I took a day off for you and thought you are going to talk to Dada, but …Ouch," before he could finish she punched him hard on his nose, while trying to learn how to grab his nose with her little fingers.

" Karan, are you okay? Did it hurt much? Let me see," a sweet angelic voice screamed in panic, while slowly moving Karan's hand away from his  eyes to see what happened. His other hand was still holding the baby. She  hadn't yet learnt  to sit without any support.

" Open your eyes slowly and let me see," the voice insisted, still in a state of panic.

As he opened his eyes and adjusted his view, he caught sight of his gorgeous wife staring at him. The big almond shaped eyes were widened in fear.

" Hey Shona, I am fine Honey. She is still learning, doesn't have much control over her limbs yet. She is only seven months old…needs some more time." Karan smilingly assured her.

Smiling back at him, they both turned to look at their daughter, their baby Angel, as they fonldly called her. She was the reason for their living, their existance. Getting married after four years of courtship made them think that they were complete…their love  story  was complete. But this little soul proved them wrong as she came into this world. She completed them in the ultimate sense of the word, as the souls were tied in an eternally lasting bond called Angel Karan Grover.

Seeing both her parents staring at her, baby Angel understood that she must have done something wrong. Utterly scared, she twisted her lips and started stifling, expressing her apology.

" O le le le, what happened to my baby pie?Why are you  crying my baby jaan?Dada momma knows you didnt do it on pulposh…My baby ish shtill little na? She doeshn't know how to use her  hands properly. You didn't hult Dada baby… Angel can nevel hult Dada…" Karan soothed the little one while she rested her head on his chest.

As the three of them lay on bed, Shilpa's head on Karan's left chest and Angel's on the right, Angel was stifling from time to time. Karan's one hand was continuously rubbing her back to ease her, while the  other was playing with Shilpa's bangs.

After a while Angel yawned. " Awww…my baby ish sleepy now? No worries. Today Dada is home with us, so we both will put our baby to sleep," Shilpa bent and pecked Angel's tiny nose… Momma will shing for my baby bird  while Dada will pat you to sllep, okay Plinshesh? Shilpa asked her lovingly, while ruffling her silky curls.

" Ummummm," a cranky Angel approved.

Shilpa started singing Angel's favorite lullaby. Soon Angel drifted off to sleep, but unaware of it, Shilpa continued to sing.

" If you keep lulling her so sweetly, even I will fall asleep." A mischievous Karan said,chuckling.

" Oh really? I thought lullabies are for babies. I didn't know I have married a 26year old baby of 5'10'' height," Shilpa replied back with equal mischief. She knew she had hit the right cord.

" Tch Shona, how many do I have to tell you that I am not a baby?" Karan pouted.

Hearing him, Shilpa burst out into a paroxysm of mirth, irritating Karan to the limits. She kept laughing and rolling on the bed till she was put of breath. She had even moved out of Karan's arms while rolling. This annoyed Karan even more.

" Have you gone crazy? You will wake her up?" an extremely irritated Karan spat back at Shilpa, cuddling his sleeping Angel closer to him and wrapping BOTH his arms around her little body.

After almost  10 minutes of the violent laughter session, Shilpa stopped, or at least tried to. "Okay I will stop, " she tried to suppress her laughter, and continued, " But  what  do I do? Evrytime I call you  a baby, yoou start defending yourself just  like small babies do.They hate themselves being called a kid, and yor are being just the same," She began laughing again.

" This is the last time I am warning you  Shona, I am NOT your  baby." Karan growled.

Seeing him pissed so much, Shilpa smiled. It was such an adorable sight. She removed Karan's hand ( which was earlier holding her ) away from Angel went back to laying on the bed. Placing her head on his chest, sahe wrapped the arm around her waist, and snuggled closer to him. Her lips were touching his neck, her warm breath kissing his skin.

 " I love our baby the most because she was inside me for 9months before coming to this world, and I love you the most  because you had always been inside my soul ever since I came to  this world. You are  my  baby, Karan, because no one can love you more than me, just the way no one can love Angel more than us, because she is OUR baby," She  held his face in her hand and whispered against  his lips.

Grinning from ear to ear at the depth of  her words, He cuddled both his angels closer to him and pecked each on their forehead. Soon the trio slipped off  to their dreamland…of love…and only love…KaSh love…

Sacred Shirine

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